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President Pence The Jesuit Not Far Away

May 18, 2017

This is what they planned all along folks. You fell for Jews playing both sides again. Jesuits outrank the Freemasons so Trump is out. There is no conflict between Trump and the media. They are ALL faking it. The global elite are one group that has no physical or geographical boundaries people. It’s just one huge global soap opera of misdirection. Benevolent beings are killing the elite. They just killed Roger Ailes on the heels of David Rockefeller. This level of evil in the Jews cannot be allowed to continue to exist.

Once Pence is in office he will go as far as bringing back chattel slavery. Also pedophilia will become legal just like no one thought gay marriage could ever be. This is what happens once the Jewish infestation reaches this point. It is going to kill the host. America is the host. I couldn’t be happier. This is not the land of whites. All of it belongs to native people. I don’t know who or what created whites but their time is up. You cannot treat nature like your enemy or else nature kills you. It’s that  simple.

This is not your land Europeans. You stole it and slaughtered all people of color and then lied about it. You stole all of your knowledge from Kemet. This land is OUR land and it is going to continue slaughtering Europeans until they either do the right thing (they won’t) or until they are all extinct. Whites just don’t get it. You are not God. God is God and it doesn’t like ugly. Technology means nothing to God. It controls everything……….everything. There is no greater power and none greater is possible. Europeans are doomed for their continued defiance of the Creator. Goodbye and good riddens. Hell awaits you.


Color Confusion: Black, Dark, White and Light

May 10, 2017

Americans have serious mental disorders and they should from all Jewish brainwashing filth they ingest from the media on a daily basis. There are so many different types of light and we only can see a slim bandwidth we call the visible spectrum. We have confirmed that there are an infinite amount of other frequencies but these are tuned to our five senses so we can sense things and avoid danger and injury….fight or flight.

Once whites were assisted in their rise to power by force all of sudden the concept of skin racism had been invented…naturally by the Jew……who was thrown out of Afrika and then migrated to Canaan where they mixed with whites losing their dark melanin and hence connection to God. Then they came up with plan to destroy God’s people since they were jealous now they had been stripped of their melanin. That’s when slavery went into full effect. Now the Jews control everything we see on TV, internet, social media, etc mostly because of that psychopath Rupert Murdoch.

Now everyone, especially Afrikans (meaning blacks too inclusively), believe white is good and black is evil. Wrong. Whites are devils and the devil always does everything in reverse. Everything they hate about themselves is projected onto others so the evil is them not us.

Light is just a generic term for Spirit just like the Water of Spirit. You have to differentiate between this material 3D physical realm and higher more spiritual realms when talking about dark and light. Everything is born from the darkness of the waters of Nun….everything…….no exceptions……even the white devils that have degenerated to their sorry, perverted and violent state. In 3D dark is just the absence of light. 3D light is just ROYGBIV (red orange yellow green blue indigo violet) because God always manifests in sevens. There is no such color as white in a humanoid body. White reflects the spiritual Light of God because the dark melanin is missing. If something reflects God that automatically makes it evil just from that.

There may be no humanoids that are white but there are plenty that are very close to pitch black or what I call KEM. Their melanin is the densest and most powerful of all. They excel at all areas of life embarrassing all other races at any endeavor they attempt. Jews have everyone brainwashed thinking the “dark side” is evil and that darkness is the same thing as black. Black is just how the darkness of Nun manifests in physicality.

Whiteness is a genetic deficiency. It has nothing to do with Light or purity or snow or anything else that reflects all or most light. The Light of God is pure unmanifested Light in the AIN and has ZERO to do with Europeans. White is not Light but Black comes from the Darkness. Darkness is good. Whiteness is evil…….it is a sign that God has excommunicated your ass and now you have to work ten times as hard to get back in its favor……the same way whites do blacks on the job every day and then we die at 50 yrs old from stress and heart disease working for the Devil.

Star Wars is one of the world’s favorite series of movies. Why? Whites love the dark side. Why? Because they are the true dark side when it comes to evil but in reality the darkness is good when you are talking metaphysics. In that case the Jedi (Jewish Levis) and Yoda are positively evil by trying to make themselves supreme over the Republic. Anakin had it right before he became Lord Vader. The Jedi really are evil. They just don’t look evil so idiot Americans assume they’re the good guys. They aren’t.


Why People With Souls Require Sidereal Astrology

February 10, 2017

I never really looked too much into sidereal astrology because I thought it meant that I would need to learn Vedic astrology. Wrong. Tropical and sidereal are just whether the stars are considered in any astrological system. The two are mutually exclusive. You can have tropical in Vedic and sidereal in Western. There is a tendency to try to make yourself fit into your Western birth chart but sometimes things just don’t fit even though you know you have a highly accurate birth time. So I decided to look at my Western chart using sidereal. Boom. There it is.

It is said that over 3 billion people on this planet have no souls. I cannot confirm that but I sure as hell don’t deny it either. Yes some of them are YOUR friends and relatives….mine too. My point is that the stars must be considered when there is a soul present because all souls come from stars regardless of skin color. It is my personal belief that blacks come with souls and it is up to them to claim them. I believe that whites do not and so they have to earn one and then also claim it. In other words tropical astrology works best on those who are soulless. Those with souls will find that sidereal generally works best. I have not tried to prove this because science cannot prove anything. It’s just a bunch of theories…..ALL of it!!!!!!!

Do not assume that you have a soul just because sidereal fits you best. That’s not what I said just like you should not assume you don’t just because tropical works best for you.


Proof Trump is Illiterate

February 1, 2017

Wow I guess he really does represent his base. His favorite word in his massive vocabulary of 100 words is AMAZING!!!!!!!!


Coach and Slavemaster Gottfried Proud of His “Boy”?!?!?!

January 24, 2017

I watched NC State beat Duke last night and this post-game celebration comment from the coach made me sick. Clearly he was raised around some serious rednecks and racists. Whites always get so comfortable with their privilege that they forget Jewish political correctness “trumps” theirs. Dennis Smith is a grown ass black man…..not your GODDAMN boy you racist fruitcake!!!!!! Go get some lessons in PC or lose the job.


Walking Dead Whitey Lynch Syndrome

November 15, 2016

Please tell me I’m not the only that sees this or else I’m applying to be in Castaway Part II. Americans still don’t get that YOU are the Walking Dead. The virus is the dollar or Federal Reserve debt notes. Debt equals death. That’s why Trump said he loves debt. Every time you spend money you are giving more and more of yourself over to the parasitic elite when it is not done consciously. Fiat currency is black talismanic magick. You don’t have to believe in it for it to work on you. Your beliefs BE-LIES.

Anyway now that Rick has found a liking to his chocolate Samarai female let’s have a look at what the psycho Jews are really trying to say since they know who black people really are. It was bad enough all the interracial implications but now we have Negan, aka Nigger or Negar meaning to negate, in all his black with his tan skin and dick bat. Rick has been emasculated, now twice, in front of his black woman. She still has her sword dick but Rick’s dicks are all gone. Negan took all their guns. Hell even his son had some balls to stand up to Negan aka Nigger but Rick made him back down to save lives. Rick even had to admit the baby isn’t even his. Now he has zero balls left. Negan broke him……just like they used to break horses and slaves (not from Africa but from black native American tribes).

Notice that there are no black males in major roles. The stick man and the Rasta with a tiger are off chasing Carol the psycho old ass white bitch. For what I have no fucking idea. Let that bitch die!!!! Who cares? She ain’t ISIS. Now the fag ass preacher is back spouting that Jesus bullshit that has blacks in a mental and spiritual prison all over the planet. It seems the black woman is now in charge…..again…….just like single black mothers of America because the former black man, now Rick, has become a feminized version of his former self. The rest don’t fuckin’ matter. Even when there are no blacks around it’s still all about us. They have to manipulate us to stay in existence. Once we get free they disappear from the history books forever. This land is not their land. They stole it. Stealing something doesn’t make it yours. It makes you a goddamn criminal ass genocidal thieving maniac.


Proof Cops Planted the Gun in NC Shooting

September 24, 2016

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