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Selections from Instruction of Ani

December 16, 2017

Kemites knew every damn thing……..Europeans know nothing. We are the egg that they scrambled and now it’s eggs benedict.

“Truth is sent by God.”
“Even if he were an important person, a man whose nature is evil does not know how to remain upright.”
“Celebrate the feast of your God and begin it at the correct time. God is unhappy if He is neglected.”
“Be careful to avoid the mistake of lying: it will prevent you from fighting the evil inside yourself.”
“…choose what is good to say and keep evil words prisoner in your body.”
“Keep a loving heart whose words stay hidden. He [God] will provide for your needs. He will listen to what you say, your offering will be acceptable to Him.”
“Everyone can master their own nature if the wisdom which he has been taught has made that nature stable.”
“A lazy man never gets around to doing anything. He who knows how to make plans is worthy of consideration.”
“Do not join a crowd that you meet when it has gathered to fight. Keep away from rebels.”
“Give back in abundance the bread your mother gave you. Support her as she supported you.”
“Pour out the water of libation for your father and mother who rest in the valley of death. The Gods will bear witness to this just act.”
“Scorn the woman who has a bad reputation in your town, do not look at her as she passes. Do not try to sleep with her.”
“Marry a woman when you are young, and let her have children while you are young.”
“All will go well for the man whose household is numerous.”
“Distance yourself from the rebel, do not make a friend of him. Make friends with the just and righteous man whose actions you have observed.”
“Build your own home for yourself and do not assume that your parents house will come to you by right.”
“Do not eat bread without giving some to those near you who do not have anything to eat, since the bread is eternal while man does not last.”
“Do not sit down when there is a person standing who is older than you or whose rank is higher than yours.”
“You will know happiness if your life is lived within the limits set by the will of God.”
“Do not fill your heart with desire for the goods of others, but rather concern yourself with what you have built up yourself.”
“When death comes, it embraces the old like a child in the arms of its mother.”
“Do not lose yourself in the exterior world to the extent that you neglect the place of your eternal rest.”



Christianity is Satanism (You’ve Been Duped)

December 15, 2017

Even some whites realize that Yahweh from the Old Testament is Satan and blacks still keep worshiping Satan. Christianity is Satanism idiots. Blacks will never rise again until they 100% reject the religions of Europeans. Europeans cannot know God without dark melanin. They imitate us from our days of glory and then feed our religion back to us without the Spirit in it because they are soulless. They are feeding off us…..literally. Why else would they be so obsessed with vampire and werewolf movies people. The Jews are the Synagogue of Satan. Even the Bible says it. You’re killing the black race until you give up this Jesus bullshit. It’s not Jesus. It’s Heru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Brother Jabari Message And Break Down For The Hebrew Israelites Community

November 24, 2017

Busted……..give up the Jesus myth and the Bullshit Buy-Bull (aka Bible) black family or you are going to lose your soul. You don’t want to know what that feels like.


Battling Racism On Our Own Turf and Terms

November 2, 2017

Don’t believe anything that is officially reported or excepted as “fact” in the Jewish media or in public miseducation. Whites are dying off in record numbers at record rates. Blacks and Latinos are soaring in birth rates despite all the poison, police killings, prison, etc. The lies coming out of pink skins are comical because they live in a complete delusion where they have been lied to about what they really are from birth. They are nothing but demonic energy using a humanoid flesh body. They have NO soul whatsoever so now they all want to mix with brown people to save themselves genetically. They thought they were gods but eumelanin and a functional pineal gland are what make you a god not material possessions or weaponizing everything out of your insecurities from genetic  inferiority.

Point blank. Whites will all be dead by 2025 (we are not in 2017) or sooner as the Earth completes its shift to the 4th dimension where demons cannot exist. That will also collapse this 3D matrix we have been living in for several decades now created by the psycho-elite many of them false Satanic Jews. It’s time to shift attention away from the Causasoid devil. They cannot go where the awakened live and breathe. Their destiny is hell from whence they came. However, we should do any and everything in our power legally to hasten their collective demise. When we lift ourselves up it automatically destroys the pink devil because we are polar opposites in duality.

Here’s my growing list of things I do:

  1. Pray to the Orisas nonstop to destroy these white cave monkeys and maggots. Pray to Obatala, Chango, Yemaya, Ogun, Eleggu, Orunmila, Oshun. Set up an altar at home with incense and candles. Pour libation. Sing. Dance. Envision a world without pink skin devils in it and over time it will manifest.
  2. Pray to the Neteru of Kemet  to destroy pink devils…..especially the warrior gods and goddesses like Sekhmet, Anhur, Maahes, Nit, Sopdu, Montu, Heru et al.
  3. Give up devil religions like Christianity, Islam and Catholicism. They are all Satanism and make the pink skin devil stronger because they invented it to be a slave religion.
  4. Learn how to astral travel. Murder is not a crime in the astral realm. When you go there consciously when your body is asleep repairing itself you can kill whoever you want and they will never wake up just like in Freddy Kruegger movies.
  5. Increase your vibrational frequency with yoga, alkaline water, mantras, pranayama, tantric sex (if you can find a partner). It makes everything you do more powerful and potent.
  6. Stop or decrease smoking, taking prescriptions (if you can) and drinking alcohol. They lower your frequency. The higher your frequency is the more effective your stealth tactics will be. The body heals itself. The medical industry’s job is to keep you sick to get money for Big Pharma. They take the Hypocritical Oath not the Hippocratic.
  7. Most blacks will never give up meat completely unless they were raised vegetarian. Try to only consume poultry like chicken or turkey. Most fish is poison these days from Fukushima in the Pacific and the ongoing but not reported anymore BP oil spill in the Gulf. We already know that red meat and pork are foods of the Devil. They sit in your colon and give you cancer. Why do that to yourself? Let whites eat the poison and die. Eat green and organic to live.  Drink alkaline water. We are too acidic and it causes disease.
  8. Meditate daily and learn how to focus your intent like beam coming from your 1st eye pineal gland falsely called the 3rd eye. When you encounter whites send a message to them to commit suicide. Eventually you can kill them directly with a psionic blast.
  9. Take daily baths in salts like Epsom (look up voodoo and salts) that purify, bring good fortune and remove negativity, provide protection, reverse hexes and spells, etc. This will keep your energy charged and ready to do battle. This is a clandestine war for the most part. They show us the tip of the iceberg only. They are doing everything they can to steal our eumelanin thinking they can fool God into letting them into heaven like some phony driver’s license at a 21 and over dance club or something. It won’t work. They will fail. They will all die. Count on it. Know it. Live it. Preach it.
  10. It’s critical to learn a powerful mantric language. Mantric languages have the power of God….the Divine and Supreme inside you. English is a programming language that is used to trick your subconscious into modifying your behavior with via hidden meanings in the etymon. For example people think family is a good word. Not in English. The etymon means “house of slaves”. Get it? Try learning Medu Neter, Amharic, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Yoruba or whichever one floats your boat. Even Spanish will help some because it was not designed specifically to keep people in mental bondage.
  11. Stop giving so much attention to money, sex, sports and rap. These all drain the energy from eumelanin. Jews are experts at that. Never have sex with them. Do I need to explain why God should never have sex with the Devil?!?!?! I hope not. Don’t touch them. Stay away from them if at all possible. They are draining your eumelanin whether they know it or not.

When you astral travel or do any type of ritual think like a computer hacker. Discover more of their weaknesses. Invent new ones. Plant viruses. Leave behind trojan horses so others can find their way in and cause even more damage to them. Whites are not that familiar with any higher realms because they have never been. They only read about them. They spend most of their time either in hell or creating hell wherever they have invaded the same way viruses and parasites always do. Use your God-given powers to annihilate them. Show no mercy……not even on children….just the way Jean-Jacques Dessalines did to liberate Haiti in 1804.

The Haitian flag bear the motto L’Union Fait La Force  or translated into devil English “Unity Makes Strength”. All the guns, jets, bioweapons, espionage, police, military, bombs, boats, naval submarines, etc in the world are no match for the supernatural powers of melanated people. Once awaken we shape the reality because we become one with the Supreme Neberdjer (Bondye in Voudon and Olodumare in Yoruba). This is why whites are so paranoid and terrified of us awakening even though they cannot prevent it only delay it. Once it happens they’re dead automatically. There is nothing that their lame ass toxic technology can do to stop us from wiping them out in a single breath…..just like blowing a bunch of ashes from an ashtray. They’re already dead anyway just like a bunch of sick vampires and zombies. We’re just finishing the job and sending them back home to hell where they belong. The animals at the zoo have been loose for too long. The children have been in charge of the parents for too long. Once whites are all dead we go after the coons and sellouts in full force!!!!! Show them the same brutal mercilessness for betrayal. Accept no apologies!!!!!! None!!!!!!!!!! We’re coming for you Clarence Thomas and former Sheriff David Clarke. There is nowhere to hide. You don’t deserve your eumelanin. We’re taking it back bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck this fag flag!!!!!!!!!


This is your flag!!!!!!


Need even more inspiration?!?!?! Read what these faggot maggots did to Mary Turner, a pregnant black woman, back in 1918.



Assassin’s Creed: Origins (Kemet Duh…..)

October 26, 2017


Why We Call God……God…..Not What You Think

October 25, 2017


Bobby Hemmitt: Jesus Christ is Really The Devil

October 22, 2017

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