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Trump Will Bring Back Chattel Slavery

March 4, 2017

The new “GET OUT” movie directed and produced by Jordan Peele means black people need to get out of country. The Wall will keep blacks from escaping south as opposed to north like before. The slavery movies are preparing whites with predictive programming to support it. FEMA camps have been ready for a long time with plenty of body bags and coffins. Whites need our dark melanin and they are tired of paying $600 an ounce on the “black” market after stealing it from aborted fetuses and corpses at the morgue. Yes they harvest organs from your dead loved ones and then send the rest to the funeral for show.

If you’re into pop culture and paying attention to the distractions you will never see them coming. That means the Beyonce fans, Nicki Minaj fans and the rest. You are going to perish….and rightfully so. Those two clowns will be performing at your official re-enslavement ceremony free as a bird and with corporate sponsors. You will never see the “whites” of their eyes. This entire existence has us in a temporal loop and we don’t recognize it because we don’t study enough history to see how it is repeating artificially instead of the natural cycles of nature and soul growth.

The Emancipation did not free slaves. That’s an outright lie. Emancipation in Blacks Law dictionary tells you it is a transfer of property. The “elite” use only the etymon not the colloquial meaning. Blacks were transferred from southern plantation Jewish slave-masters to the federal government which then was taken over by Jews after they killed Lincoln for trying to print greenbacks instead of their dollars. Lincoln was actually a Melungeon Jew himself and was very sympathetic to Jews but the Ashkhenezim wanted the currency so they don’t mind offing their own if they have to. Black is a legal status of slave. Never select black of African American on anything. Always choose native American or white. We are prisoners of war people. Britain invaded, stole everything, committed genocide against red and black natives and then invited the rest of Europe to come get their white privilege here in our Land.

The objective truth is that ALL whites are illegal aliens as we have not naturalized them to our land but anything we do has to be as a unit and I can see we are too divided so it will NEVER happen with so many sellouts and white lovers among us. Why do you think cops get away with killing us when we are supposed protected by the Constitution? Because we are NOT. The Constitution is null and void. Obama cancelled the entire thing with executive orders. There is no habeas corpus anymore. Politicians are actors. They are pretending that what I am saying is not true. Besides no one besides King George and Founding Fathers were party to the Constitution so it only applies to them……..high level Freemasons. It doesn’t even apply to the average white person either. Their skin privilege has been destroyed to make us all the same……….SLAVES……. Wake up…..and get out!!!!!!!!!

Fact check anything you want. Trump and the HBCU crowd? Come on….Those are the future house Negroes who will be in charge of keeping the black masses in perpetual lockdown. If you refuse to make money your god (like me) the Matrix is going to come for you. Be afraid….and then take action with that energy. Paralysis never changes anything.


The True Meaning or Etymology of Brit

February 21, 2017

Yup the British are still coming folks. In fact they’re already here because they never left. Still chopping off penises at birth just like they do with the strawman birth certificate Ponzi scam/scheme to keep us in debt/death to Rothschild and British Jewry.


or Berith, Brit, Bris

[Sephardic Hebrew breet; Ashkenazic Hebrew bris; English bris, brit]
Spell Syllables
noun, Hebrew.

the Jewish rite of circumcising a male child eight days after his birth.
Compare Brith Milah.
bərīth literally, covenant

ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

November 19, 2015


The Blacklist and The Player Foreshadow Paris False Flag Attacks

November 19, 2015

If you watch the right TV programs and Hollywood movies you will see exactly what the Jewish elite plan on doing to us next. On the very night before the attacks on 11/13/15 (which by the way 11+13+15=39 another numerology favorite of theirs) on the Blacklist Mossad was attacked. The female Mossad agent’s brother turned and became a jihadist. He had a Mossad safehouse bombed. No Jews died of course. Arab double agents.

So on the night before Mossad attacked us they put a TV show on where they got attacked? hahaha………yeah right……The week before they even had the nerve to bring up the Protocols of Zion as a fictitious and debunked document. We already know it’s real because it mirrors the reality of what has happened since it got mistakenly leaked. So either it’s real or someone has a time machine.

Then next The Player came on and the theme was gang warfare. The problem was that the two gangs were being pitted against each other by a hidden hand. Sound familiar? Yup the Jewish elite’s favorite Art of War is divide and conquer. Make everyone destroy each other and then present yourself as the Saviour of the world. That is exactly what is happening right now. There it is right in front of your damn face and you didn’t see it.

They have to tell us what they are doing in some way and they choose the media because they control it and they can make us think it’s fiction


Why Jade Helms” Military Exercise” Begins on July 15th

April 22, 2015

On 7/15/2015 the Jade Helms military exercise will begin. I’d like to thank Walmart for providing the bases. Asshole Waltons. Anyway, the Moon, Mars and Mercury will all be conjunct in a Cancer stellium with the Sun a few degrees away and Pluto will be opposite in the 3rd house of communication. Remember America is a Cancer from her birth date 7/4/1776. What planet rules Cancer? The Moon, the mother of emotion. We are all lunar beings until we incarnate Christ and become solar ones like the example of Jesus. These are also all conjunct the Midheaven on the cusp of the 10th house.

Transit Pluto Opposition Mars

During this period of time, you feel a great surge of physical energy and determination to achieve your goals. Projects demand your full attention and are not without problems and frustrations. You’re capable of a great amount of hard work and will often be unaware of how much energy you’re actually expending. You may suffer from exhaustion at times, but be unwilling or unable to slow down and catch your breath. You’re driven by ambition and the promise of great rewards, and have to be very aware of your motives. Your desire for power, wealth and success may lead you to use unfair or manipulative tactics to get what you want, and you’re capable of being quite ruthless, especially if you’re normally inclined in that way. You may see any opposition as an excuse to fight, and have to deal with intense anger when things don’t go your way. You may use anger to dominate other people and bend them to your will, or have to deal with another person who’s expressing unbridled anger toward you. This will be most apparent when you’re dealing with professional partnerships or involved in negotiations and contracts. There’s great potential for coercion or intimidation and although your powers of strategy are formidable, you may meet your match. If you put yourself in dangerous situations you may be exposed to violence, and in extreme situations, be the victim of violence. You also have the opportunity to direct this focus into ventures that serve a greater good, which is the most positive use of this energy. There’s no guarantee your project will succeed now, but any change you experience will clear the path for greater achievements in the future.

jade helms

Here’s what these planets and houses mean here in mundane astrology:

The Tenth House– The monarch or president, the government, people in authority. Royalty, eminent and famous persons. National trade. The national reputation, credit, and power. Public employment rate.

The Third House– All means of inland transit, locomotion, or communication, such as railways, road and river traffic, cars, etc. All means of disseminating news and information, such as the Post Office, communication networks, internet, telephones, faxes, newspapers, magazines, ephemeral publications and periodicals. It also rules neighbouring nations.

The Sun– represents the Prime Minister, monarch, aristocracy, magistrates, judges and all persons in authority and of distinction, Cabinet ministers and the like. It also represents public heroes and national champions.

The Moon– denotes the common people, women generally, crowds, and all matters of a common or public nature. The position of the Moon in a mundane chart will show where the public’s attention falls.

Mercury– governs the literary world, newspapers, publishers, ambassadors, trade and commerce, and the intellectual world. The nation’s communication and telecoms industry. Local transport issues.

Mars– governs the military, soldiers and noted military and naval men. War, terrorist attacks, industrial disputes, strikes and conflicts. Opposition forces. Fire, fire services, arson and incendiarism.

The elite will use this planetary energy to scare the living shit out of everyone, probably a nuke false flag somewhere. Then martial law will be declared. The Jewish elite eat FEAR for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they monitor astrology for energetic timing of events. Our fear fuels Saturn (Capricorn ruled by Saturn where Pluto is currently) and the Moon Matrix we live in. Remember again that America is a Cancer and this will be an attempt to control our emotions. Every time there is a false flag event Mars and Pluto are key figures because Mars provides energy and Pluto the transformation…….for better or worse. We know which one in this case. The exercise completes on September 15, four days after the 14th anniversary of 9/11 and two days after 9/13 when some horrific false flag is expected.

We could have avoided all of this folks if you would just wake the fuck up!!!!!!!!!


How To Stop The Jews…..Now and Later

January 26, 2015

Many people think the Jews are unstoppable. They are not. No one but God is invincible. Only love is indestructible. Some say we need to take back the media. That won’t work because Jews own almost all of it including the alternative movement on the internet. They pit the alternatives against each other so they forget about what they all have in common: STOPPING THE JEWS!!!!!!!!

So how do we stop the Jews? Well you can do it actively or passively.


1) Learn how to astral travel and attack them in the 5th dimension when they sleep. You can see what’s in the Vatican. You can see where they put all of our gold. You can locate undeniable proof of 9/11 like the tower debris that was shipped to China or documentation of meetings with Mossad with Cheney and Chertoff. Learn astral travel and go find the proof!!!!!!!

2) Set up a international private fund for providing money to whistleblowers and their families so they can survive once they are labeled an anti-Semite…..and they will be! It would be even better to move them out of the country and establish new identities for them like a Jew Witness Protection Program. This would be great for the police and military since they have access to many of these secrets.

3) Undermine the Jew the same way they do us. Infiltrate them with sayanim and move our people into positions of power and influence over them.

4) Create a secret international group of highly trained freedom fighters to counter Mossad and handle those nasty little details that we won’t mention here.

5) Use astrology to determine to weak points and times in the birth charts of the elite and then exploit it with a public scandal gone viral.

6) Put the video “911 missing links” everywhere you can on the internet along with the holocaust videos that show they were worker camps not death camps.

7) Listen to the archives of Charles Guiliani on the no longer active web site for Oracle Broadcasting.

You can also listen to John Kaminsky or read his ongoing essays about Jewish exploitation of mankind.


1) There is a cosmic awakening happening. The Great Sun at the center of the universe is now rising but it will take thousands of more years to reach its peak. We just turned the corner on the darkness. Not a good option.

2) Wait on the Jews to make a major mistake that will be undeniable except to the most hardcore Zionist or Christian conservative. The Jews fuck up all the time. Remember Larry Silverstein saying they pulled WTC7 and no one did anything about it? How about the dancing Israelis that got sent back home after filming 3000 Americans die by the hand of Mossad?

3) Wait on the Jews to implode from all the infighting. It is happening but no one knows when they will collapse.

4) I believe a mammoth natural disaster is going to occur in early 2022. We can wait on that and see what happens. Again not a great idea.

5) Hope that aliens take pity on mankind’s brute savagery and stupidity and help us eliminate the reptilian, inbred Jew from our planet Mother Gaia.

6) Hope that nature herself can filter out the Jew parasite somehow without killing the rest of us.

Clearly we can hope all we want about the passive stuff but we need to take action right now to undermine the Jew and its influence.


More Chomsky Left Gatekeeper Bullshit At UN

October 22, 2014
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