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Neely Fuller – Why The English Language Is ‘Pure Evil’

January 21, 2018


Beating the Black Child – Young Pharoah

January 20, 2018


Fear of Failure – Sadhguru

January 20, 2018


How To Overcome FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) – Sadhguru

January 20, 2018


MLK Was a Philanderer, Drunk, Woman Beater, Plagiarist, Communist and a CIA Asset…..and NOT A DOCTOR OR REVEREND!!!!!!!!!!

January 15, 2018

If whites like him you know it’s bad for black people. Listen to what Malcolm X himself said:

I always hated MLK and that stupid pacifist Jesus crap bullshit. If he came back I’d kill him again. Black people are dumb as hell. Whites never would allow anything good for us and then give him a holiday after Bush Jr had him killed. Sharpton and Jackson were all part of it too. Then Farrakhan (fair or con?) turned around had Malcolm assassinated. They always infiltrate, separate and assassinate just like a parasite. MLK didn’t write those speeches. It’s been proven irrefutably. He also was a drunk, a woman beater and a liar. Why change your name from Michael King to Martin Luther King? Because whites worship Martin Luther is why and they want us to worship them and their gods like that phony maggot Jesus that never existed.

King was a thief and a plagiarist as well. He lied about his education. I Have A Dream was not written entirely by him at all. MLK was also a woman beater……especially when he would get drunk. Why are we celebrating this puppet ass loser? He was a CIA asset plain and simple. They used him to pacify and placate us just like the Jesus lie and then they killed him just to hurt us even more like the crucifixion which of course never happened because you cannot kill something that is not even real.

Look at the astro-numerology of this charlatan as well. He was born on January 15, 1929. That is near the cusp of two signs: Capricorn and Aquarius…both ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the father so they use that deeply rooted symbolism to get up to look up to him as an authority figure. 29 is a number of death. It is also 119 or 911 backwards. Bush Sr had him killed on April 4, 1968. That is 44 or 8 which as numbers of 3D reality and materialism. If you divide 4 into 68 you get 17 which is 1+7=8. Jesus the myth is also associated with the number 8 which is akin to Sagittarius the philosophical one. They are also ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion and even excess. Everything lined up perfect for the pink skin crackazoid to infect our minds with this gutless fraud. We still stuck in the fucking muck today. Anything whites celebrate is always bad for us…….by definition. Get it through your thick fucking heads people and stop with all that goddamn emotional bullshit. Only facts can restore Ma’at….not your crying or your emotional attachments to things from the past still lurking in our collective genes.



The Real Reason “Dark Matter” Was Cancelled

January 14, 2018

I used to love the Dark Matter show on Sci-Fi TV. Naturally they had to cancel it. Jewish Hollywood always cancel shows I love because they have too much truth in them. Remember “Resurrection” with Omar Epps? They cancelled it as well. When they start releasing too much information or anything that could be helpful to blacks they have to pull back and put those resources into something more clandestine and diabolical. Blacks are waking up and they don’t want to make it too easy for us.

But back to Dark Matter. There is no outer space except the inner space of mind but I still like space shows like Star Trek. I just realize that the Earth is a plane and almost everyone got brainwashed to believe the same. I laugh at it the lie but at least it’s entertaining. Most never conquer their false beliefs because they have emotional investment in being part of the in-group plus they’re too lazy to investigate it or simply don’t know how. Most people think research means Google and nothing more. Sad.

Anyway with Dark Matter I really just wanted to have an orgy with all the women…….especially the nerdy one with that weird constipated look on her face all the time. Part of the problem with the show is the title. Dark Matter is melanin……eumelanin specifically and they know ours is becoming Carbon 7 instead of the normal Carbon 12 because our single strand DNA is waking up to three strand and eventually twelve strand when fully awakened. They made the black guy all in love with the young nerdy chick and also the traitor to everyone at the same time. Then he had to make up for it to all the others. Black people don’t have to make up for shit……..except whatever we do to ourselves. So the black guy was re-born and that was becoming too Osirian for comfort. They don’t want black males realizing that they ARE Osiris/Wsir/Asar. Notice how they kept the black woman that was killed (on purpose of course) away from the black man. I forget their numbers now since it has been cancelled for months now but those are of unique significance as well. I do remember that One is the only one that got killed. He was a male in charge until the females took over everything so at least the Jews got their femi-nazi bullshit in there as usual.

They do the same type of mind control on Walking Dead. They killed Sasha and then she shows up as a disgraced nerd on Star Trek Discovery in love with an Arab. Huh????? Jews just never stop trying to confuse black people, and all people, but especially us. If you don’t control your mind then they will definitely do it for you……to your detriment and demise.

The main reason the show was cancelled was the blink drive. They were able to travel through space huge distances in seconds. Sound familiar? It’s the same damn thing they’re doing on Star Trek Discovery so the Jews were stepping on each other. One had to go and you know it ain’t Star Trek. One Jew probably stole it from another Jew. They are not so united  as to be beyond that. Money and shekels first with them. Traveling huge distances quickly is like advanced warp drive which amounts to time travel. The only difference is Dark Matter (think dark mater or dark mother the black woman) used only physical technology for their device. Star Trek uses lifeforms to power and control theirs. That throws in some transhumanism so Dark Matter didn’t stand a chance against that……plus the Friday night slot on SciFi has far less people watching than Sunday Night on CBS.

Either way………….Jews win…….we lose.


Oprah 2020: Set In Isis Drag

January 11, 2018

Oprah hates black males…..period. She always has and always will. She has her OWN (NWO backwards) network now so she can debase true black men (Osiris/Wsir/Asar) all damn day every day and promote faggot punks like Tyler Perry. Now she wants to take advantage of the sexism of white males to use black and white women to further her own agenda which ultimately will be to destroy women the same way Jewish feminism did using Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem. Females are idiots with male guidance. They never see it coming until it smacks them in their asses.

oprah tongue in weinstein ear

Look at her with tongue in ear (no tongue in cheek) of known pervert Jew Weinstein. I guess it’s fitting for the karma of this shithole stolen country to have nothing but perverted Jew-buttkissing celebrities in power positions. Make no mistake about it though none of them are pulling any real strings. They are figureheads to placate the masses of dumb asses and sheeple. Britain still owns, runs and controls everything from their ancient base of power. The Sun NEVER sets on Great Britain and their Square Mile in London. I can’t wait for every ounce of it to crumble to the ground. The Brits are really the Brutes. They’re animals who get off on control which is why they’re all sexual deviants and perverts into pedophilia, sodomy, BDSM, black magick, necrophilia and cannibalism.

Oprah is doomed. She’s already lost her soul in this Faustian deal with the Devil. I guess idiots are happy with a short life of material pleasures than an eternity of bliss in higher realms. You do the math. Maybe they just like to suffer. Who cares………

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