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Khalid Muhammad on White Genocide

September 19, 2017

I couldn’t agree more. Ase Brother Muhammad. Long live Jean Jacques Dessalines!!!!!! Souls never die. We multiple. Whites cry and then die……..goodbye.


Questioning the Motives of White “Rescuers”

September 1, 2017

First of all you do not save anyone’s life unless you actually save their life. Some people may die without being rescued so rescuing them is the right thing to do…… reduce suffering. But not everyone being “rescued” would have died. They just needed a ride to a shelter. Remember whites saying that they rescued “black” people from Africa? Yeah right. If we were still there then this mess may have never happened to begin with. Most so-called blacks are descendants of Afrikans who mixed with black natives long before the “reds” showed up pretending to be us. That does not make us African Americans however, especially since that is a legal term that indicates chattel property with no rights (along with the term black, Negro and colored).

The last time I checked Texas ranked number one in executions of “black” people. The last time I checked they stole that land from Mexico and now want to put up a wall to keep them from coming back to what is home for many of them. The last time I checked Texas voted largely for Trump the white orange-face apathist who has to appeal to overt racists to keep himself from getting impeached. The last time I checked Texas tried to secede from the Union because they are still pissed that Lincoln ended “chattel” slavery, even though he really just transformed it into something more insidious hidden in Satanic legalese. Lincoln was a Jew himself and we all know Jews started slavery. Why would a Jew end slavery? One reason and one reason alone: control.

Whites are known for wanting to do minor things for blacks so they can use that as reparations in their minds to ease their guilt complex for their global savagery of the past that continues unabated today. You cannot claim you saved anything or anyone when you are the one that put them in danger in the first fucking place. Demons. If we had been paid the reparations owed to us then most of those blacks that died from Katrina would still be alive. Whites are just ramping up folks. They have the technology to create many more super storms even outside of hurricane season. They will steer those storms toward the Gulf coast, kill and abduct as many of us as they can and then harvest our body organs, blood and melanin for the elite to keep them alive and strong. This is what is happening…..MELANIN WARS!!!!!!!! Our eumelanin sells on the “black” market for at least $400/gram. Didn’t know you were so valuable did you? They do. They even have batteries with melanin now because they last longer than lithium. Look it up. You are a food and fuel source for the psychopaths that rule the planet. The revolution will not be televised. Jews own the damn TV.

All this and we are still practicing the white man’s religion giving him all of our power through attention. Sickness. You cannot save yourself worshiping another man’s gods people. It doesn’t work. It never has and it never will.


98% Of African Americans Are In Fact Native Indians And Are Owed Millions

August 9, 2017

Never use the terms black, African American, Negro or colored. They all have legally codified to indicate persons with no rights……in other words….property of the government. The reds are NOT the original natives. They are con men who formed alliances behind our backs with pink skins to steal your status, identity and land. Now many of them are rich with casinos and laughing all the way to the bank. Their karma will be severe. It’s already started. Lincoln did not free the slaves. Pink skins only lie. Emancipation can be used to mean liberation or in legal terms it can also mean a transfer of ownership. This is how pink skins use the term in reference to slavery. We are still listed as chattel slave property. This is also why cops can blast us and get away with it every single time. Of course God ignores pink skin stupidity but this is the sickness they are operating from so we need to be aware of it.




Where the word “black” originated

August 5, 2017

God gives all human beings rights. The only way to NOT have rights is to relinquish them. Even the savage Caucasoid understands this. When you classify yourself as a color or a crayon like “black” then you effectively just gave up your rights. Now you need the 14th amendment for your citizenship and a Voting Rights Act (there is no one to vote for so it’s useless anyway)  for your waste of a vote. You did it to yourself. My people perish for a lack of knowledge and without vision the people perish. That is us…..Afrikan and native indigenous people of all skin tones.

bleach (v.) Look up bleach at Dictionary.comOld English blæcan, of cloth or fabric, “to make white by removing color, whiten” (by exposure to chemical agents or the sun), from Proto-Germanic *blaikjan “to make white” (source also of Old Saxon blek, Old Norse bleikr, Dutch bleek, Old High German bleih, German bleich “pale;” Old Norse bleikja, Dutch bleken, German bleichen “to make white, cause to fade”), from PIE root *bhel- (1) “to shine, flash, burn,” also “shining white.”

The same root probably produced black, perhaps because both black and white are colorless, or because both are associated in different ways with burning. Compare Old English scimian meaning both “to shine” and “to dim, grow dusky, grow dark,” which is related to the source of shine. Intransitive sense “become white” is from 1610s. Related: Bleachedbleaching. The past participle in Middle English was sometimes blaught.

Yup……..bleach. It means white because they are black in their souls. The devil does EVERYTHING backwards or reversed. Memorize that. The Jews even tell you this much in their bullshit movies. Now black means anyone that is owned by the government as chattel and has no rights. So why are Afrikan and indigenous people still referring to themselves as black? White means rights. It has nothing to do with skin color. If whites claimed blackness then the cops would shoot them in cold blood too. Learn the  Neanderzoid’s legalese or at least some of it. It changes all the time too. African American is also now on the list of no rights chattel property and we keep referring to ourselves are slaves even though Lincoln pretended to end chattel slavery.


Being White is Great….For Whites Only – Louise CK

August 4, 2017

Even Louis CK knew this time would come.


The Sun of RA is Burning Up “Whites”

August 2, 2017



Pink skins Using Melanin for Batteries (just like the Matrix said)

July 23, 2017

We are at the end Kemites. Fight or die.

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