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You Are Supposed To Worship Who Made You

May 20, 2018

Black people have a serious problem that obviously most of us are not going to solve before the end of time. That problem is Jesus and Christianity. They do not understand that blacks worldwide are all connected so we are all descendants of the Kemites falsely called ancient Egyptian. They do not comprehend how Greeks stole their Osiris and Apis to make Serapis. They do not understand how the Romans took Serapis and made Christ, then eventually Iesus and finally Jesus Christ. Everything whites do is artificial because even whites themselves are artificial. Whites are born from the white woman’s womb but that is not a womb of true life because they have no souls. Souls come from the Supreme Creator and we know for a fact whites were NOT created in that way. If they had been they would have dark eumelanin like blacks and they would have a functional pineal gland and they don’t. When whites examine anything spiritual they only get the physical aspect. They do NOT have to ability to perceive anything in the higher realms…..PERIOD!!!!!! So what the fuck are you doing practicing a religion created by them out of our spiritual practices that has been filtered of Spirit because humanoid demons have zero access to the higher realms?!?!?!?!


What more do blacks need to hear? You worship the beings that created you. Whites were created by Satan so they worship Satan. Jesus is Satan and Christianity is Satanism. I don’t care what form of Christianity you practice, except for Gnosticism, it’s all Satanism. You cannot reform Satanism and make it something pleasing to the Creator and you cannot say that Jesus is Horus and Osiris so it’s the same thing. No it IS NOT because of the nonspiritual artificial creatures, namely whites, that assembled it through plagiarism of our ancient practices. The Creator hates things that are unnatural because it knows that man became arrogant and tried to become the Creator himself and in so doing created not life but an abomination just like Frankenstein.

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Blacks should be worshiping the supreme beings of our ancestors. Whites have only been around for a few thousand years and look how they have wreaked havoc on the entire planet. Why do we have so much respect for such a vile people? Why are the children of creation having babies with the children of the fallen ones? This is some sick shit going on people. Everything whites touch turns to shit. They are dogboy and doggirl…..and mixtures of pig, chimp and Neanderthal as well. You are having sex with animals if you fuck them. That is bestiality. Of course whites love bestiality. They fuck their dogs all the time. They even have bestiality brothels in Germany.  We all know about the global child sex trafficking that is going on right under everyone’s nose and Trump is fine and dandy with it.

Another thing that blacks don’t get it metaphysics. Everything is energy people. Whites have very little energy. Jews have even less so they both have to steal energy from Source through blacks in flesh. We are the Supreme in flesh….just largely in a coma at the moment. Your energy goes where you ATEN-tion goes. We give them our attention and then they are able to steal the energy from our eumelanin. Eumelanin is not just a skin pigment. It is condensed sunlight. The Sun is Ra and one of the forms of the Supreme Creator itself. This is why it is heating up and giving many whites fatal skin cancers. All you need for whites to get skin cancer is to burn one good time and then the process is underway. Sometimes it takes year to turn deadly.

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The UVB and UVC radiation of the Almighty Sun damages white DNA producing lesions. The ozone layer is gone so whites have ZERO protection against UVC which burns you up from the inside out. The lesions can be patched and repaired for a while but eventually with more solar exposure the damage becomes irreparable and malignant melanoma appears, usually after a few benign ones have appeared and been removed. This is more proof that whites are not natural beings. Why would the Sun, the thing that sustains life for everything natural, actually be the thing that kills you?!?!? It kills you because YOU are unnatural. You are of your father the devil….and you will be bound and tormented for all eternity……just like your father the devil.


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Black Eumelanin Deactivation Makes You White and Soulless

March 28, 2018

A lot of black people think that just because they have darker skin that it makes them black. Wrong. Black people are different from every other race on the planet because in our natural state we have the largest amounts of eumelanin and the least  calcification of our pineal glands. That puts us in touch with the cosmos and the Divine in ways that other races will NEVER be able to achieve in their present state as humanoid animal hybrids.

However when we eat crappy, inorganic or GMO food, get no sunlight, drink fluoridated water, use cocaine, get vaccinations, eat processed sugar like high fructose, etc our pineal gland eventually calcifies to the level of the Europoid Caucasian and we cannot hear the voice of the Universe and the Creator anymore. We still produce pigmentation but we are not producing levels of eumelanin anymore that give us our special powers. All of these superhero movies from Marvel and DC Comics are about black people’s superpowers. As usual whites want to be like us so bad that they pretend that whites can actually have powers like we do. They can’t. That’s a really bad joke. Whites know we have the powers and they do not. This is why they are always using whatever they can to keep us asleep and ignorant so their little fantasy charade can continue.

Christianity has proven to be their best weapon because it has comatized blacks and Africans on a global scale. They are shutting down our eumelanin people so then they can analyze it in their labs. They are going to interface AI with us to try to simulate our eumelanin in their futile attempts to synthesize the Creator. The Creator will always adjust to anything the Europoid does so no formulas and equations will ever be able to quantify or qualify the Supreme. They are wasting their time and all they have is time because most of them are soulless beings. They do not reincarnate like blacks and Africans do. They have one life of materialism and then they die……returning to the hell from whence they came. I celebrate their deaths because honestly something made in a lab is never really alive anyway if it never got its spark from the Origin. It’s just animated like a totem or a puppet. That’s what they are…….not human. They want to get rid of the black males or make them gay so white males have unfettered access to the womb of the black woman. (The Pope still worships the black Madonna in the basement of the Vatican.)

That is where they believe the secret to eternal life lies. It does live there………..for us………not them. They will never decipher it because it is not decipherable by a bunch of labrat monkey savage brutes. What they will meet is their complete and utter destruction.

When in Rome do not do as the Romans do. Get your ass out of Rome!!!!!

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