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Pink skins Using Melanin for Batteries (just like the Matrix said)

July 23, 2017

We are at the end Kemites. Fight or die.


So-called BLACKS are NOT Citizens of US Corporation but ARE Natives and Nationals

July 7, 2017

You know a tree by the fruit it bears. If we were citizens we would be afforded protection and not under assault by the police. Clearly pink skins are working from a different script while “blacks” are assuming they have the same rights as pink skins. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





More Pink Lies About Kemet

June 25, 2017

Pink people just give it a rest. You are nothing. We are everything. This was the end of Kemet when Alexander invaded and Ptolemy ruled without favor. It’s also when he invented Serapis (Kemites and Kushites basically ignore it) which Rome would later elevate to the phony Jesus mythical figure that has most Afrikans out of their damn minds still today. Kemet existed in glory for tens of thousands of years. Only the worthless European that can never invent anything good would come in at the very end during the fall and claim credit for all of it when they did absolutely nothing.


There Is No Black Or White Jesus

June 24, 2017

Here’s what the Bible (buy-bull) says about the skin complexion and hair of Jesus.

Revelation 1: 14 The hair on his head was white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire. 15 His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters.

Clearly this is NOT pink people but neither is it so-called black either. Black means you are the lack of something. We do not lack anything. Pinks lack everything that matters. Even their eye color indicates a lack of eumelanin. They cannot look at the Sun. We can. Pinks lack everything spiritual which in the end is everything. Our genes have been poisoned and diluted with non-human pink genes through rape of our women and through willful interracial sex mostly for the white male’s money or filthy sex with the pink devil she-dog. Now we are God mixed with the Devil. Our job is to get rid of the Devil part of us.

Greeks made up Serapis under Ptolemy I in Kemet to centralize his rule but the Kemites never fully recognized the silly idea. Then the Romans took it a step further and modeled Jesus after Serapis and Julius Caesar. In other words pinks believe themselves to be God. How can there be a black Jesus when everything was made up by pinks for pinks? This is Afrikan delusion and mental disease. You have the facts to allow logic to dictate. Why do you allow emotion and false tradition to continue enslaving your mind? Christianity is a religion of slavery based on skin color. How can you free your mind when you practice a religion that tells the slaves to submit to their masters? We are the masters and pinks are the Slavs aka Slaves.

We have to stop using the white man’s lingo when discussing issues of race. Whites are not white. They are pink. Those that can tan turn bronze-ish but never brown or black. Blacks are not black except for people who have maintained their Afrikan dark melanin genetically. Hundreds of years of rape by the white male monkey means almost everyone is somewhat mixed up with some part Neanderthal variant in our DNA. Hopefully that can be removed as the Earth ascends to the 5th dimension. It definitely cannot go into those higher realms. God don’t like ugly.

Whites don’t understand (because they never comprehend anything spiritual being genetically inferior and eumelanin deficient) that the ascension process is based on your personal frequency. That means 95% or more of current so-called mankind (whites are monkey-kind) will not transition. Everything is mental and everything vibrates. Djehuty already explained this a million times in his seven laws falsely called the Kybalion by the Greeks who stole everything from Kemet and then claimed authorship. Both the Greeks and the Romans were nothing but cultural pirates and plagiarists. They were and still are larcenous liars of the first order.

Your gods are the Afrikan gods of Kemet and Yoruba. The words matter. You cannot just say it’s the same thing because they co-opted everything from Kemet and Kush. Study them and liberate yourself from this Matrix of insanity and depravity. Pinks have no business on this planet. Let’s get rid of them…….NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Neberdjer helps those that help themselves. Put everything you have into it and you will have no financial difficulties. Spirit first and the Matter or money takes care of itself. Backwards does not work. The devil’s money cannot come before the Spirit. Know this and know thyself.


Philando Castile…RIP…How Many More Will It Take!?!?!?!?

June 22, 2017

Afrikan people!!!!!!  We are at war and have been for hundreds of years!!!!!!! They plan our deaths in private and execute!!!!! When they execute it’s our execution!!!

serveimage (1)

Protect ya neck!!!!

By any means necessary!!!!!!

This is survival of the fittest!!!!!!!

RIP P……See you when you get back in another body!!!!!


The Only Three Reasons Whites Ever Help Kem/Afrikans

June 18, 2017

Afrikan people should know by now that whites can never be trusted at any time in any way. They are obsessed with Ego and Materialism. Nothing else matters to them. They do not love God because they do not know God. You cannot know God without dark melanin and a functional pineal gland neither of which they have. So why do they pretend they want to help us? Because it benefits them. Don’t fall for their phony smiles and empty sentiment. It will come back to haunt you if you do.

Here are the only reasons they pretend to care about us and our cause to liberate this planet:

  1. Assuage their guilt over 400 years of slaughter of us by them and their ancestors which still continues to this very day with no end in sight.
  2. Fear of God and the massive amounts of karma they will have to pay and have already started paying.
  3. To spy on us and see what we’re doing so they can report back to COINTELPRO and have us infiltrated and separated.

Whites NEVER want to help us. NEVER. They are jealous of us and the things we can do and have done in the past…which of course they omit or give credit to themselves for. They want our melanin to bring them back into the favor of God but it doesn’t work that way. Some things cannot be stolen. They must be given. I ain’t giving them shit. Melanin is a weapon that can be used with pyramids. Once we realize this and combine our energies we can annihilate the entire white race instantaneously without lifting a finger, firing one bullet, marching one more useless march or throwing one punch. The white man’s job is to make sure our melanin stays asleep since they cannot use it as a weapon against us. Melanin is the God particle that gives us eternal life…..and whites are soulless demons who want to become eternal but currently only get one life. Let’s make sure this is their last one…..and end that one prematurely. If you have sex with them you are killing your own people by extending white existence. Never forget that. You are diluting God with the Devil. That carries a heavy karmic penalty with it.

This planet is ours and I’m taking it back.


Afrakan People!!!!! NEVER DONATE BLOOD!!!!!!

June 17, 2017

Europeans use it to study melanin and try to reproduce it. They also use it to see how different engineered viruses will respond to melanated blood. Don’t fall for no sweet talk or bedside manner. Just get sunlight, drink plenty of distilled water and eat leafy greens without pork or red meat in it. That is enough to feed your melanin. Their pills kill and they also steal all of your money. Don’t put anything artificial into your body. They know how to make it bond to your melanin to make you an addict. This goes triple for cocaine.

Also make sure you check the bodies of your loved deceased ones at the morgue and funeral homes to make sure ALL of their internal body organs are there. Europeans steal those too as another source of melanin. Melanin is not just in your skin. It’s in your entire body in all of your organs even your eyes.

They’re all in it together whether they know it consciously or not. It’s one huge sick pack mentality to keep our population minimal but not destroyed so they can continue to feed off us. Don’t let them or this will be heaven compared to what they do to your children.

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