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Things Blacks Should Know About Whites

May 9, 2017
  1. Whites are light-skinned Afrikans. They lost their dark  melanin in previous lives from their defiance to God and excessive materialism. They are still stuck on stupid.
  2. Jews are Afrikans who mixed with whites in Canaan to get light skin. You can still see their curly hair and huge noses although now defective from the Neanderthal genes they inherited from whites.
  3. Whites do not have a developed pre-frontal cortex meaning they largely lack the ability to experience empathy, hence their disposition for war and violence.
  4. Whites are albinos of the human race. Normally albinos are discarded by nature but someone/something assisted them with technology so they could dominate the world for 6000 years….which is almost up.
  5. Whites get lice. Afrikan people do not.
  6. The Sun destroys the skin of whites because they have a different and recessive type of melanin.
  7. Psychology is an branch of medicine that deals with the mental issues of Europeans only. It does not apply to any races of color.
  8. Whites didn’t start the African slave trade. Jews did. They then used the profits to start Rothschild central banking to enslave everyone including non-Jewish whites.
  9. Since whites come from the spiritual fall of Afrikans they cannot exist without us. Once Afrikan people worldwide reclaim our original religion from Kemet and atone for our defiance to God the white race will disappear. This is inevitable and whites know it.
  10. Whites claim blacks are apes but the opposite is true. Primates have white skin and dark fur. Are we comparing skin to skin or skin to fur?
  11. Whites will become more and more violent the closer they get to their genetic demise so we should fully expect a drastic decrease in world population.
  12. Whites are born dead but their corpses are animated from draining the energy of Afrikan dark melanin. Without us they could not even move. They would all be stillborn.
  13. Afrikans taught whites how to stand erect. They still walk funny. Many of them still have the short big toe and long second toe condition called Morton’s toe. Whites used these the same way primates did to climb trees. You never see this abnormality in Afrikans…..NEVER.
  14. Some whites have a simian line on one or both palms. Normally there is a head line for intellect and a separate heart line for emotions/empathy. In some whites and many Asians there is only one line. They didn’t fuse together. They just never had a heart line. Heartless.
  15. Whites have no homeland because Afrikans had already populated the entire planet before the spiritual fall created demelanated Afrikans or whites. Hence whites claim Europe, America, New Zealand and Australia as their homelands even though they all still belong to the native indigenous.
  16. Whites believe civilization and technology are the same thing. They are not.
  17. When people of color are not around whites fight each other until all of them are dead.
  18. Whites requires alcohol to metabolize different types of nutrients. That is not a requirement of Afrikan people.
  19. Whites have had a negative birth rate for many years now. In other words they are not replacing themselves and hence are dying out. It is only a matter of time before they are extinct.
  20. Whites are still trying to duplicate melanin in their science labs. It will never work because melanin is the God particle and can only be made by God itself.
  21. White racism is a psychopathic racial disorder. Racism is a mental illness brought about by genetic disorders common in whites. Jews have even more.
  22. Whenever whites accuse Afrikan people of something negative (which is all they ever do) it is because they themselves practice the behavior not the Afrikan people. A perfect example is how they say the AIDS disease (actually a hoax) came from Afrikans having sex with monkeys. We already know whites had sex with the Neaderthal animal because the DNA is in their genes and not in the Afrikan’s.
  23. Whites are natural cannibals. Afrikans are natural vegetarians. The more we fell spiritually the more meat we began to consume.
  24. Ingestion of pork activate the immune system of Afrikans. It does nothing to whites since they are already dead……just like the manmade pig. If God didn’t make it then it’s dead.
  25. Whites know they are already dead which explains their love of vampires and zombies.
  26. Anything you see in the media is actually inside the mind of white people as a whole. Sickness.
  27. Afrikans taught whites how to build ships and sail. What did they do? Their explorers almost always got lost at sea and ended up at the wrong destination. We also know what happened to their unsinkable Titanic. God is still in charge people….and always will be. The white god complex is just that……a complex. It’s another one of their mental defects from their genetic deficiency.
  28. Yes whites really did live in caves once they were confined to Europe aka Your Rope. Once they were released into the world they used that same rope to hang Afrikan people and anyone resisting white supremacy.
  29. Afrikans taught whites how to bury their dead. In Europe they would just leave rotting corpses out exposed or even worse….eat them.
  30. White males and female never emotionally bonded because their genetic deficiencies and the harsh environment of their colder climates. That is why they still love the cold. It is also why the men and women cannot get along and hence Jewish feminism which nothing to do with people of color.
  31. Whites are extremely hairy because they come from colder climates.
  32. If you look at whites under UV lighting it will scare the hell out of you.
  33. Whites are cursed by God so they project that onto Afrikans and say we are under the curse of Ham in their fictional Bible (buy-bull). The Bible is 10% fact, 40% lies and 50% symbolism. Christianity is just a front for white supremacy.
  34. The pineal gland is the antenna for dark melanin found throughout the Afrikan body not just in the skin. Whites are missing the dark melanin and their pineal gland is largely calcified. This is karma from excessive materialism in defiance of God in this life and previous ones. A few of them can and will save themselves and re-gain their Afrikan status in future re-births but it will be much less than 1% of them. Once the downward spiral of hypermaterialism has you in its whirlpool almost no one makes it out. Whites are like AM radio. They get line of sight reception and although it can go long distances on Earth by bouncing off the atmosphere and using technology it cannot transcend. Afrikan people are FM radio. We modulate our frequency and can transcend space and time using our dark melanin. Whites are not cursed by God. Whites are Afrikans that cursed themselves.
  35. Sunscreen actually allows more UV radiation through when whites are tanning so it actually gives them cancer more than it prevents it. That was done on purpose by the Jews who still fear the Slavs (slaves) and the British (Brutish). They have no idea and keep splashing it on killing themselves in Heru/Ra/Sekhmet aka the Sun of God.
  36. NASA has never had a manned mission anywhere because whites cannot go into space. Space is dark melanin or dark matter as they call it. That’s us. Whites don’t have it so they cannot go. Everything you see on TV and internet is an elaborate and not so elaborate ruse. Whites believe it because they want it to be true. It’s not. We haven’t been anywhere. Blacks could go but they’re afraid we might gain some advantage over them and free our people from this global enslavement.

Remembering the Assassination of Malcolm X

February 21, 2017

It’s clear the Minister knew something and egged it on. Saviour’s Day 2017 on the day before the anniversary of the assassination too? Was there a definite plot he knew about? We may never know…..but then again we might. The Age of Aquarius will expose ALL of the liars and you know you who are. Your only escape is killing yourself but then God will get to you sooner that way. Lies are cancers. They spread until they consume the person who told them.


Malcolm’s daughter holds no ill will. Karma rules.


War of the Balls by Frances Cress Welsing

February 12, 2017

In the game of billiards or pool, there are eight colored balls, a white ball and a long dark stick placed on a table. The object of the game is to use the long stick in causing the white ball to knock all of the colored balls under the table. The last colored ball knocked under the table is the black ball. When the game is over, the white ball is the only ball that remains on top of the table with the long dark stick. Then the game starts again.

Bowling is also an interesting game in the white supremacy culture. Usually, this game is played with a large black ball being rolled forcefully down an alley where it is expected to knock down 10 white pins; the central pin is referred to as the “kingpin.” Clearly the bowling pins are white and, in shape, are phallic symbols. In other words, the pins are white phallic symbols that are knocked asunder by a heavy black ball, over which the bowler attempts to gain mastery. In symbolic fantasy, the bowler sees himself as master and possessor of the larger black ball and thereby in control of the harm it can bring to the white male genital apparatus (the white pins).

. . . It is not surprising that large numbers of white females hang around Black basketball and football players and that these Black males often are trapped into sexual involvement by these white females. The Black male ball players, in turn, also are conditioned under white supremacy domination to place brown balls in white nets (white vaginal orifices) as a mark of supposed true Black manhood, since Black males refer to white males as “The Man.” In placing brown balls in white nets and between white goal posts, the Black males in fantasy become “The Man.”

. . . Interestingly, golf, the most “elite” of all of the ball games in the white supremacy culture, is played with a long dark-colored stick or “iron” held between the legs. This iron is smashed against the side of a very small white ball. The object is to knock this small white ball into a hole in the black earth (black mother earth — the Black female?).

. . . Is it a reflection of white male self-hate and self-rejection and rejection of the inadequacy of the white testicles (“balls”) that the games played with small white balls involve the balls being attacked, hit, struck and knocked far way from the body-in an act of masochism; whereas by contrast, the games played with large brown balls involve holding onto and possessing the balls? No large brown balls are struck with objects in the white supremacy culture’s popular ball games. There is indeed significance in these facts.

. . . Is it not also curious that when white males are young and vigorous, they attempt to master the large brown balls, but as they become older and wiser, they psychologically resign themselves to their inability to master the large brown balls? Their focus then shifts masochistically to hitting the tiny white golf balls in disgust and resignation — in full final realization of white genetic recessiveness. It would be of further interest to ascertain the number of army generals in the white supremacy system who play golf (demean white genetic material) while planning for race war or the destruction of non-white genetic material.


Why the Caucasian Will Die Out Soon

September 26, 2016

There are so many reasons that African people will soon rule the planet again as we did a few thousand years ago before the advent of the European Caucasoid. First of all we created the Caucasoid race through spiritual degeneration. It started within us and eventually it got bad enough to manifest physically. That is how the Ego works. Now we are reaping the karma for dabbling with laws of nature instead of simply living in harmony with them. Genes are meant to be left alone and not tampered with, especially when toward nefarious, self-serving ends like the Caucasian often and only does. When we bred Caucasians we gave them an expiration date. The devil would be allowed to rule for 6000 years. That isn’t just Biblical nonsense like the rest of much of it. We actually coded an expiration in their genes in case they got out of control which they obviously did.

When we created Caucasians we knew they would have no spirituality because they had no dark melanin and no functional pineal gland. We created them to be obedient Star Wars clones but they ended up tricking us because they hybridized themselves with the Neanderthal. Sounds like karma again. Only God can create a spiritual connection and only God can create dark melanin. Caucasians are still trying to create it in labs and ALL attempts have failed and continue to fail. It can ONLY come from God and they are not that. They have some clumsy efforts like “melanotan” which supposedly gives them darker skin for long periods of time so they don’t develop melanoma while basking on our beaches when they’re supposed to be back at home in the cold cloudy weather of Europe where they were engineered and confined. Europe is YOUR ROPE but eventually they got released and no one is sure how or if one of our own sold us out. They had coons back then too.

Soon with the increasing radiation from the Sun the Caucasian will simply burn up like the vampire that they are. They cannot run from the Sun and they cannot run to another planet. Without dark melanin you cannot exist in outer space because outer space IS dark melanin or dark matter. They are one in the same. Regardless of the damage they cause it will always be confined to this planet thank God. Ever ask yourself who are the nomads? Nomad says no-mad as if someone is not mad but we know the European IS mad….literally. They wander all over the planet stealing resources and exhausting nature to its very limit before the encroach and invade another people just like Agent Smith said in “The Matrix”. What does nomad spell backwards? Damon or maybe it’s Damien from those horror movies about the Anti-Christ? hahaha……Damon is not Damon Wayan. Damon is demon. The vowels can go anywhere they need to because Hebrew doesn’t even have any. The nomads are demons and they love demon-ocracy or what we call democracy.

African people need to understand that if you want to hide something from Caucasians you just make it spiritual, metaphorical or symbolic. It takes spiritual intuition to understand that and Caucasians do not have it, at least until they mix with African people to some degree. Caucasians only have the mechanical material intellect and hence they cannot comprehend Kemetic Science to any significant degree. Even if we tried to explain it to them they would not understand. This is very important. Caucasians, whether they know it or not, want to be African. Everything that is created by something greater wants to be that greater thing just like we want to become like God ourselves and one day we will reunite with Divinity. Not the European though. They have almost completely outworn their usefulness to us. Whenever they say or do anything negative about Africans they are just projecting their hatred of themselves onto us in a vain attempt to keep us at their lower frequency to extend their time in the Sun. Don’t let that bullshit get into your head. If they say we are lazy it means they are lazy. If they call us murderers it means they are murderers. If they say we are cannibals guess what? They are the cannibals and history proves this.

Another failsafe that we have is being able to genetically annihilate them by miscegenation. Their women love men of color and their men love women of color. They already have a negative birth rate and time is accelerating. Bad news for the European home team. Caucasians are scattered but there are only 600 million of them and almost all of them live in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. They will be gone from our midst and eradicated from the planet shortly. They will not go down without a fight of course but it is a fight that they will certainly and completely lose because God is in control of it and they are a race of material atheists bred for war and conquest only. Their women are largely infertile because they were created by flawed men and not God. We got that part right but we actually engineered their material intellect TOO good and now are paying for it. The good part is they can never see beyond the physical. They have no native land because we created them but we had to put them somewhere. Africans are the natives of the entire planet so Europe was allotted to them so they would not burn up in the Sun. Now look at them. They couldn’t wait to leave and go kill themselves in the Sun and mix with other races. Even though they are highly intelligent they always undermine themselves. They improved upon the technology they stole from us but at a major expense to the environment. Now cancer is rampant. Their advances always comes with a huge cost to the environment that they themselves also have to live in. They are homicidal and yet suicidal at the same time.

Some historians and scientists say we are one human family. Wrong. Caucasians are not human because they are NOT men of HUE. We grafted them so they are made by man not God. Only God can create a real human. Caucasians are humanoids not HUMANS!!!!!! They are a a form of a hybridized black chimpanzee called troglodyte niger. That’s where nigger comes from. They always call us what they are because they want to be us like I said before. Look at their color of their skin. Does it not match the pink skin of primates? Look at their thin lips. Look at their eye color. Smell them when they’re wet. What is that? It’s sulfur. Dark melanin has selenium not sulfur. Sulfur is what primates have….and demons. Look at the more manly shape of their women who cannot compare to African women. Look at how filthy and perverted they behave. Look at excessive hair all over their bodies. Listen to the Slavic (slave) languages and German. Does that sound like a human language? Look at all the diseases they have and transmit to other races. Look how they are violent and how they steal things all the time. Look at how they love group and anal sex. They say it’s us. Look at them. They are what we bred them from… chimpanzees…..plain and simple….niggers. Even the DNA proves this but what do they say? They say we are the monkeys!!! haha……That music group “The Monkeys” was accurate as hell. I knew I used to like them for a good reason. That’s what they are and deep down they know it. Replace “nigger” with “cracker” in all rap songs and then they being to make sense.

If we sent them all back to Europe and left them there they would kill each other. That’s what they were doing before someone set them free with ships and other expertise to colonize the world and the mind of the African. I think some of the Moors were complicit in this but I cannot be sure. The European represents death and the African life. We just have not figured out how to completely pin them against each other except outside of the conservative-liberal paradigm nonsense that doesn’t work well. We need separation because when we are around it gives them an enemy other than themselves to project their psychotic negative impulses onto. In our absences those become self-directed inward toward their complete and total destruction. This is all well known by major African historians. The Caucasian does not have much time left. Natural disasters and diseases are already seeking them out. Even though they were made by man they are still bound by the planetary karma since that is controlled by the Ego or Satan. This is why they love money and nothing but money. They do not experience human emotion in any real sense. They cannot fathom altruism. Everything must be done for some personal benefit. Clearly that cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. They are a doomed race and I can already see it in their  eyes and faces. Their karma is heavy. It’s time to pay the debt…and not just the one their precious Jews created out of thin air.

One last thing. Don’t have sex with monkeys. Think about it. Do you want those genes in your gene pool? You may dilute them with dark melanin but it will take a few generations to annihilate through complete dilution and absorption. Monkeys should have sex with other monkeys. Humans should have sex with humans. This is the law of God. It is the law of Ma’at. Do not violate it or suffer the consequences. Those who have already given child to these monkeys will pay a price. It is akin to throwing the drowning devil a lifeline. Why would you do that? The European lives and breathes fear. Fear internalized becomes hatred externally. There you have the problem with the entire world. Love ain’t here no more.


The Holy Seven Might Get You To Heaven

August 21, 2016

Are you non-white and trying to wake the hell up?

These Holy Seven will get you on your path:

1) Dr. Rev Phil Valentine
2) Marimba Ani
3) Frances Cress Welsing (RIP)
4) Neely Fuller
5) Kaba Hiawatha Kamene (formerly Booker T Coleman)
6) Taj Tarik Bey the Moor
7) Sista Myra the astrologer

If they cannot get you on the path then no one can….not even God itself….because it sent them to do just that.



July 12, 2016

Whites cannot reproduce anything but themselves!  Through powerful propaganda and indoctrination we have been completely oblivious to what having white skin really means.  We have been skillfully mislead to believe that white skin is mankind’s anthropological model and should be coveted.  However, recent research paints a picture of white skin that is just the antithesis of what we have been brainwashed to believe.  The polar bear analysis that was done by the Discovery Channel helps prove my point.  If you shave the hair off a polar bear, the skin beneath is black.  In nature the skin of the polar bear is black to absorb as much heat and light as possible to keep the arctic animal warm in its environment.  It is also true for the Eskimo (Inuit). Human adaptation remains an insufficiently studied part of climate and climate change.  Scientists have tried for years to prove that the environment was responsible for altering heredity. 

Eskimos have brown skin.  Eskimos have broad, flat noses.  Africans have brown skin.  Africans have broad, flat noses.  Scientific studies have reported that people are dark because they live near the equator—not because they are Negroid or have a Negroid admixture. There are repeated arguments made by anthropologists when referring to Arabs being brown in color because of the equalitarian closeness.  So what about the brownness of skin that occurs in mankind who live the furthest from the equator—the Arctic?  Also, the Eskimos’ nose shape does not work to explain temperature-dependencies.  Broad, flat noses are more beneficial in hot environments—Oh really!

Scientifically speaking, Black objects absorb heat very well and also emit heat very well.  If heat wasn’t emitted at the same rate as was is absorbed, the black object would just get hotter and hotter until it melted.  A black beaker cools down much faster than a shiny beaker that does not absorb or emit heat well at all.  That is why snow does not melt in cold weather even when the sun is falling directly on it.  All of the incident light energy is reflected away and none (or very little) is absorbed.

If black absorbs heat and light and white reflects it, how can we say that white people are adapted more to cold environments than warm?  That insinuation that white skin is a result of environmental adaptation is the same orthodox dogma that we have been spoon fed for generations, however when subjected to scientific scrutiny it doesn’t hold water.  Reports FALSELY SUGGESTED that Senegalese troops during World War I and Ethiopian troops during the Korean War showed higher rates of frostbite and frozen feet in the African soldiers than their European counterparts.  The laboratory work of the researchers also suggested that black skin tissue was more prone to cold injury; however white skin also exhibited some damage.  After further research the following was indicated:  It was SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that samples of black skin tissue were less vulnerable to cold damage than the lighter European tissue.  This does not sound indicative of white skin being more suitable to cold climates.

Caucasians have a higher concentration of enzyme inhibitors that suppress melanin production, according to Halprin & Ohkawara, 1966.  White people also have calcified pineal glands.  You may ask how does this imply that white skin is a genetic defect…..The pineal gland secretes melatonin, which activates the pituitary to release M.S.H. (Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone).  It is in the melanocytes that melanin (Greek “melas”=black) is produced.  Melanin is somewhat analogous to chlorophyll in plants.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that melatonin is also related to fertility.  Those with pigmented skin have the highest counts of melanocytes in the genitalia and nipples.  The pigmentation in these areas can be influenced by sex hormones like estrogens and androgens.  During pregnancy, the nipples, face, and abdominal wall become darkened.  These areas of increased pigmentation during pregnancy are due to the increase in the production of estrogens.

Anthropologists try to account for the fact that the genitalia are darker by suggesting that protection is needed against ultraviolet radiation damage, and has been thus evolved through natural selection.  This means that protection of the genitalia against forces that may prevent reproduction was needed.  Similarly, in this view, the pigmentation of the nipples during pregnancy would be a defense against ultraviolet radiation damage to the nipples.  Supposedly, this type of protection would be needed while breast-feeding during the early evolution of humans in Africa.  According to Robins, 1991, darker pigmentation found in the genitals, may have evolved for the “protection of reproductive capacity”, in that the pigmentation protects gametes within the genitalia from ultraviolet radiation damage.  This is a direct result of why white people have the lowest birthrates of all people on the planet and are going extinct.  Their melanin deficiency is why their reproduction system does not work as efficiently as it should.

Whites attribute their failure of reproduction to behavioral or societal reasons. However, the reason is more a biological one.  Melanin is present at the inception of life:  A Melanin sheath covers both the sperm and the egg!  In the human embryo, the melanocytes (skin pigment cells), brain and nerve cells all originate from the same place; the neural crest.  Melanocytes resemble nerve cells and are essential for conveying energy.  When Melanin is missing or insufficient in the ectoderm of the early embryo (blastula), this causes the mother to lose her baby; in the case of whites, a defective baby is produced, and over time, through inbreeding, wears down the already pathetically low levels of melanin.  Reproduction stops altogether and virtual infertility is the end result.

As far as vitamin D metabolization, white people have the lowest bone density of all people on the planet probably because of the climate inhabited. Vitamin D is produced by sun exposure. The skin is supposed to convert sunlight to Vitamin D because of 7-Dehydrocholesterol.  However, white people reflect the sunlight so that the body compensates by depleting calcium from their bones.  It makes whites more susceptible to kidney stones than any other race of people.  The depletion of bone mass is responsible for their low bone density.  It is widely regarded that black people have the strongest bones of all people from infancy to old age.

Melanin has been proven to not only refine the human reproductive system and nervous system, but melanin also plays an important part in sight and hearing.  Blue eyes are simply eyes that lack melanin.  Blue eyes are more sensitive to sunlight and do not process light or produce sight as efficiently as brown eyes.  Isn’t it funny how many people place divine qualities with blue eyes that are nothing but genetically defective?

Melanin is also said to be linked with hearing.  Melanocytes are present in the inner ear, the eye, and in the membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord.  It has been demonstrated that melanin deposits in these areas are proportional to the amount of melanin found in the skin.  These areas of the body, similar to the skin, are exposed to high-energy free radicals that can damage the surrounding cells, and thus causes a lower threshold for hearing.  Evidence shows that black people, on average, hear better than whites, and that within both races, women surpass men.  A partial explanation of the differences may lie in the abundance in the inner ear of melanin pigments.  Also, numerous studies have found that people with light eye colors, such as blue, green, and hazel are more vulnerable to hearing damage than are people with black or brown eyes.

The late renowned Anthropologist, Dr. Margaret Meade, in an experiment with indigenous Australians, Black Melanesian Islander children and white Anglo-Saxon children in the US, revealed that the “memory bank” of black children was greater and their “instant recall ability” from memory, outstanding. She, like most renowned researchers, concluded that black children have a deeper memory bank and hence higher IQ than their counterpart European and American Biochemists have attributed this great phenomenon to ‘neuro-melanin’ – a chemical responsible for black.

In his book, “The Chemical Key to Black Greatness” American Biochemist, Carol Barnes, described melanin as, “a civilizing chemical that acts as a sedative to help keep the black human calm, relaxed, caring, creative, energetic and civilized”. Research also revealed that melanin enables black skin to actively interact with the sun, to produce Vitamin D from a biochemical substance, 7- dehydrocholesterol. The study also detected that, melanin has spiritual dynamics as well as physical, since it acts as a sensory ‘receptor’ and ‘transmitter’; communicating with cosmic energy fields in the vast universe converting light energy to sound energy and back. Dr. Richard King, MD, stated that, “melanin, by its ability to capture light and hold it in a memory mode, reveals that blackness converts light into knowledge”.

With all of this information, we can plainly see that melanin is ESSENTIAL for the efficient performance of all of the body’s natural functions.  It seems a little ironic, that white people deem themselves genetically superior with the oxymoron of white supremacy.  There is nothing supreme about a genetic defect.  White people are merely mutated inbred albinos.  This alone adds credence to them being an inferior stock.  To feel better about themselves they develop totally senseless propaganda to flatter them and to make they feel better about their genetic condition at the expense of people of color.  The doll test, where it has been reported that both white kids and black kids prefer WHITE dolls is solely out of ignorance, that I have termed  “centuries of BRAINWASHARY.”   It has clearly been shown that white skin is actually indicative of albinism.  Albinism is a genetic defect.  Who in their right mind would prefer a genetically defective condition to one that is Nature’s normal and has been proven more efficient? 

This is why we need to continue our crusade to decolonize the minds of the original genetic template (black people) to see through the nonsense propagated by white people to flatter themselves.  Total ignorance can be fought with knowledge.  A more recent tactic white people use to appease themselves is the “Implicit Association Test.”  They have devised a means to make it seem as though white people are supposed to be the most desirable people on the planet and that everyone wants to be like them and be around them.  If you can see through the nonsense, then you will know what I mean.  Would you want to be around a bunch of paranoid genetic defects with psychological problems and with intermittently inferior genes?  In a nutshell, black people, being the original genetic template are the only fully NORMAL people on the planet.  White people are albinos (recessive genetic defects) and other ethnicities are merely admixtures in between.

Always remember these points, and you should never have to hold your head down to any recessive genetic defects.  All phenotypes exist within the black family.  Asian people are only the semi-recessive descendants of their ancestors who were a black African tribe with slanted eyes.  White people are the albinos of a specific group of Africans and have inherited those people’s phenotypes.  They try to imply that their phenotypes were originally theirs and that if you see people of African descent with these features, they inherited them from white people.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Blacks are the genetic parents.  Remember, whites cannot reproduce anything else but themselves.  They cannot reproduce genetic material they don’t have…. melanin.  Therefore, they cannot reproduce us, but we can reproduce them and all others in humanity.

This should also convince you that all of the great civilizations from antiquity had to be started by us.  White people with their recessive genes and poorly refined reproductive systems, could not have lasted that long, seemingly that they are disappearing faster than anything now.  Breeding with us, or breeding without us.


Whites Genetically Weaker Than Blacks, Study Finds

July 12, 2016

This is eight years old but confirms for the 10,000th time what everyone knows and what whites and many racist non-whites refuse to accept. Africans and blacks have the greatest genetic diversity. Get over it. We are the original and everyone else is a copy and a sequel.

Blacks are fully aware that whites are trying to duplicate the melanin gene to correct some of the European mutations. This is why Jews have a bunch of them as well. It won’t work. All you will end up doing from screwing with God’s creation is mistakenly exterminating your own race. Nothing exists forever but God……the true God….not the phony money god most whites worship.

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