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The Astrology of the Satanic “Royal” Wedding RITUAL of Harry and Megan

May 18, 2018

Think the psycho parasitic elite haven’t planned the date of the upcoming “royal” marriage for a reason?


It’s on Saturday (Saturn’s day or Satan’s day) 5/19 one day before the sign of Taurus the bull/Orion of money ends. Mars will have just moved into Aquarius giving them more energy in the Age of Aquarius we are presently in. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn again and also Uranus the planet of chaos. Mercury, the lower octave of Uranus will also be in Taurus and trine Saturn in Capricorn where it is home….more communication about money, power and false authority or government. Jupiter in Scorpio (expansion of transformation) will be trining Neptune in Pisces (subconscious selflessness). Most importantly, however, is that Venus will be moving into Cancer with the Moon where the Moon is home and opposite Pluto in Capricorn. That’s three planets in their home signs: Saturn in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces and Moon in Cancer. It’s the Saturn-Moon Matrix that David Icke talks about. It’s more power for them since people keep worshiping them to their own demise. Royalty has no power. They are merely used as symbols to keep the Rothschild and their ilk in power.

Megan is born on 8/4 making her a Leo leonine older masculine female. Harry is born 9/15 (He’s Freemasonic 33 yrs old) making him the Virgo feminine virgin. It’s gender  role reversal.

Rachel Meghan Markle (born August 4, 1981)

Henry Charles Albert David born 15 September 1984


It’s all about the money (moon-ey) and control by the Rothschild pedophile banksters. Yes I know the Jesuits and Black Pope have more power but I’m talking about the people who actually carry out their orders.

The “royal” procession is just more cultural plagiarism of Kemet’s ancient processions, ceremonies and festivals….namely the Festival of Opet. Whites and Jews only practice cultural plagiarism. They have no culture but murder, theft, lying and rape.

Whatever they do they want to mirror it with the public using these black magic rituals of mind and subconscious control. Everything is a ritual to keep you under their control……..everything. Fight it.



The Karmic Specter of Mutual Parasitism

May 17, 2018

Allow me to explain. Whites and Jews have been stealing and whitewashing everything they stole from blacks all over the planet they have conquered by nothing but brute (brutish=british) force, death and deception. They have been nothing but a parasite on our people since they appeared a few thousand years ago. Now those in the know bemoan their Jewish parasite.

Of course Jews parasite off blacks as well. They even pulled a Trading Places with the Kemites from so-called ancient Egypt. I do not consider whites and European Jews to be the same “race”. The Jews are an even more extreme reptilian version of their white brethren counterparts. Everywhere whites conquer there is the Jew financing it and in the end reaping all of the benefits under their global central banking Matrix scam like an electric grid covering the entire planet. I believe they poison the actual bills that are printed as well. Who knows what poison is on it but I’m pretty sure it ties into the black magick on the front and back of the bills themselves.

serveimage (4)

Debt is death plain and simple. Jews know that whites are hyper-materialists that only see life worth living when they have tons of worthless fiat debt notes to buy things they don’t need. Whites rarely spend time on any spiritual pursuits. Their pursuit of happiness is the pursuit of money. Whites males believe, falsely, that they need money to get white women. White women DO love money because they are white. Everyone else chasing paper is just out of their fucking minds brainwashed to live this western, and now global, way of insanity that will shortly be destroyed either by some higher power, aliens on this planet or the very system itself. It is unsustainable. The planet is sustainable. Money is tied to time. The planet is eternal. Whatever upsets the balance of nature must be exterminated to return the imbalanced to balance. Europeans cannot exist on the same planet with blacks. It is an abomination to the entire Universe to live for nothing but material possessions but Jews take it many steps further…..all the way to child sex trafficking, stealing opium for the heroin trade for war funding, blood rituals on the dark web, snuff films, eating baby corpses after drinking their blood, etc. I could go on because it gets worse………much much worse.

serveimage (6)

My point is that Jews have largely insulated themselves from white attack with their falsehood Holohoax bullshit and the 9/11 caper by Mossad and company not to mention the bullshit original sin story of the altered non-original Bible (buy-bull). Jews always blame some other group for “anti-Semitism” and whites believe it because whites are stupid. They do not understand that public education is mis-education, lies and propaganda because they want to feel like they are part of Greece and Rome even though they both stole everything from Kemet. Cultural plagiarism is the most pathetic disease in the entire Universe.


Jews know whites only worship the dollar and kicking around blacks to make themselves feel superior. They even have a name for it. Hell they have two names for their white supremacy (which is really white inferiority): Jesus and Christianity. They wallow in it. It’s all Satanism.

serveimage (1)

Blacks are too asleep to see religion for what it is…….an excuse for  whites to keep kicking us in the ass while we keep forgiving them and turning the other cheek. Whites and Jews don’t owe us shit if we have turned the other cheek as Jesus freaks and forgiven them for all of their heinous crimes against humanity. By worshiping Jesus you are saying that all is forgiven and no reparations are required or needed or wanted. Thanks a lot lot dumb ass black Christians aka black Satanists in disguise!!!!!!!!


Pyramids and Heiroglyphs in Amen-RA-KA aka Kemet

May 12, 2018


Earth Not Round Or Flat….Is It Toroidal?

May 8, 2018

This world is doomed in case you haven’t figured it out already.  We need to be trying to figure out how to get the fuck out of here so the Creator can slaughter all of these animal hybrid races like whites, Arabs and Asians, who have poisoned the planet and plagiarized the Afrakan culture for thousands of years. We are surrounded by greedy frauds at every turn. I don’t want to fix this place because it cannot be fixed with the soulless materialists in charge and we don’t have the unity to battle them effectively. Once the few of us that are still conscious have evacuated the Creator can kill the billions of non-blacks who continue oppressing us non-stop to make a “buck”.



Dogs Have Human DNA (And Whites Have Dog)

May 6, 2018


Lincoln Didn’t Free Slaves…..Slaves Freed Themselves!!!!!!!!!!!

May 6, 2018


Amos Wilson on White People and Greed

April 26, 2018

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