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The Stupidity and Parasitism of British Royalty – David Icke

May 18, 2018

Give me a fucking break with this royal shit!!!!! These people are demons and that’s all. Demons only feed on others. They have no real power except what we give to them. They have no Light. They have no souls. They are energy parasites and manipulators. They trick you into giving them what they want by lowering your frequency down to theirs where they can feed on you. They use chemtrails, food additives, fluoridated water, miseducation, porn, alcohol, drugs, money, etc. Anything you desire can be used against you.

majesty (n.)
c. 1300, “greatness, glory,” from Old French majeste “grandeur, nobility” (12c.), from Latin maiestatem (nominative maiestas) “greatness, dignity, elevation, honor, excellence,” from stem of maior (neuter maius), comparative of magnus “great, large, big” (of size), “abundant” (of quantity), “great, considerable” (of value), “strong, powerful” (of force); of persons, “elder, aged,” also, figuratively, “great, mighty, grand, important,” from suffixed form of PIE root *meg- “great.” Earliest English us is with reference to God; as a title, in reference to kings and queens (late 14c.), it is from Romance languages and descends from the Roman Empire.


Who Created The Matrix – David Icke

May 18, 2018


The Big Three Jew Lies

May 2, 2018
  1. The Great Depression
  2. The Holohoax
  3. 9/11

There have never been three more significant lies in the his-story of mankind (whites are a kind of man and not humans).

Think about it. FDR purposely bankrupted the American people by allowing the Fed to monetize us at birth via the strawman all caps name on our birth certificates. While they were faking the Great Depression they stole all the gold and now we pay taxes on the interest of the debt every year or else the IRS (really the IMF) comes after us. The orders came straight from the Holy See of the Vatican.

The so-called Holocaust never happened. It just didn’t. Kubrick faked the black and white footage of bodies in ditches. Those were not Jews. No one should have ever assumed that they were. Jews lied….period. They lied about six million. Now they are lying about 1.5 million. Only about 100,000 Jews died and mostly in service to Germany. Far more people of other races died. This is all documented. There were not even six million Jews in Europe at the end of WWII so how could that many die. The Jewish population actually increased at the end of WWII. They lie in the text books. They lie in their media. They just wanted sympathy so they could ingratiate themselves into positions of power…..namely finance and media which they did. Now look at us…..pathetic.


911 was a Mossad job. You don’t have to be an expert on anything to see it clear as hell. These two sites show you all you need to know:


911 was a mass ritual sacrifice, a theft of gold, a coverup and a false flag for the War on Terror to fuel the military industrial complex. Note how they did it on Wen Renpet which is the new year of the Kemetic calendar. Note how they use Kemetic symbols of the paper money (it’s really a cloth now and not paper anymore). They traded places with the Kemites who today are known as black Americans. Pyramids are all over this country along with massive ancient cities. Blacks built those. The reds are stupid and had no such technology. Whites have stolen or hidden all of this knowledge and artifacts so we believe the bullshit that we ALL came from Afraka. The only time we came from Afraka was when there was one huge continent and then it separated over time into the ones we have now.



911 A Dark Occult Ritual Sacrifice – Mark Passio

May 1, 2018


The Real Reason Trump Still Has Base (aka bottom) Support

April 30, 2018

At this point even the dumbest redneck call tell Trump has sold the entire country out to Russia. Russia and China are friends too so guess what’s next?!?!?! Most people are perplexed as to why redneck racists would support someone that has sold them out but they never analyze the psychology of white idiots to deduce the answer.

serveimage (1)

Redneck racists don’t care anymore that they have been screwed out of the American dream. They pretty much gave up on that a long time ago as jobs were sent overseas and the banks were bailed out to their dismay. The reason they still support Trump is because they want Trump to hurt people of color……and the darker they are the more damage they hope he inflicts. MAGA = Make Anglos Gullible Again.

serveimage (2)

It is no longer a matter of lifting themselves up but only a matter of dragging others down. Whites cannot live with themselves when too many people of color have more money than they do. They become suicidal and that is what we see happening with  middle-aged white America. To them money is a symbol of whiteness. To a certain degree they are correct but what they ignore is that it is a symbol of white elites……and not their dumb broke asses. That’s the trick they always fall for…….wink wink… Trump will look out for  their interests behind closed doors against those of blacks, Latinos, Indians, etc.

Trump will NEVER look out for anyone but himself and whoever he has forged his financial dealings with to make more loot for himself. It’s the same thing when they say people who cannot lift themselves up will always try to drag others down. It’s childish as hell. It’s also like the angry ex-boyfriend who sees his ex back in good shape after their breakup and with another  guy and then gets angry. He doesn’t want her but he doesn’t want anyone else to have her either. “If we’re going down then we’re taking all you niggers with us too!!!!!!!!!!” Nothing but parasites on humanity.

serveimage (3)

These rednecks are clueless. Maybe it’s all the heroin they do. When your entire life centers around not improving your own but only making it miserable for people of color you cease to even have a life. You’re the Walking Dead. You are just a permanent spectator at a gladiator competition hoping the white guy kills the black guy at the end so you can go home and feel like a man screwing whatever will screw you back…..female, male, child or animal. Pathetic….and not even worth the time I spent to expose it.


Bush Funeral Freak Show

April 22, 2018

Look at these pedophile, tranny, pervert, faggot, pillhead, cokehead genetic misfits. Daddy Bush should be going any day now. Wouldn’t that be perfect. They had to put his perv ass in front to stop grabbing ass and pussy like Trump. Hillary looks psychotic as usual. Bill has his thumb up Jr’s ass. Obama is holding his breath from Hillary’s farts. Melania and Laura are high on pills as usual….Melania from being trafficked to marry Trump and Laura from murdering her ex-boyfriend with a car before Bush Jr had it all erased from her record.  Tranny Michael…..I mean Michelle wearing black to hide her big ass dick. And of course cokehead Jr still doing coke pretending to be a real man because he has a ranch. Sickness. Say hello to your leaders America. You’re all a bunch of dumb asses for getting rid of inbred royalty and then inviting it right back into America………just like dumb ass Cromwell did with the Jews and England.


There Is No White Jesus (There Ain’t No Black One Either)

April 17, 2018
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