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MLK Was a Philanderer, Drunk, Woman Beater, Plagiarist, Communist and a CIA Asset…..and NOT A DOCTOR OR REVEREND!!!!!!!!!!

January 15, 2018

If whites like him you know it’s bad for black people. Listen to what Malcolm X himself said:

I always hated MLK and that stupid pacifist Jesus crap bullshit. If he came back I’d kill him again. Black people are dumb as hell. Whites never would allow anything good for us and then give him a holiday after Bush Jr had him killed. Sharpton and Jackson were all part of it too. Then Farrakhan (fair or con?) turned around had Malcolm assassinated. They always infiltrate, separate and assassinate just like a parasite. MLK didn’t write those speeches. It’s been proven irrefutably. He also was a drunk, a woman beater and a liar. Why change your name from Michael King to Martin Luther King? Because whites worship Martin Luther is why and they want us to worship them and their gods like that phony maggot Jesus that never existed.

King was a thief and a plagiarist as well. He lied about his education. I Have A Dream was not written entirely by him at all. MLK was also a woman beater……especially when he would get drunk. Why are we celebrating this puppet ass loser? He was a CIA asset plain and simple. They used him to pacify and placate us just like the Jesus lie and then they killed him just to hurt us even more like the crucifixion which of course never happened because you cannot kill something that is not even real.

Look at the astro-numerology of this charlatan as well. He was born on January 15, 1929. That is near the cusp of two signs: Capricorn and Aquarius…both ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the father so they use that deeply rooted symbolism to get up to look up to him as an authority figure. 29 is a number of death. It is also 119 or 911 backwards. Bush Sr had him killed on April 4, 1968. That is 44 or 8 which as numbers of 3D reality and materialism. If you divide 4 into 68 you get 17 which is 1+7=8. Jesus the myth is also associated with the number 8 which is akin to Sagittarius the philosophical one. They are also ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion and even excess. Everything lined up perfect for the pink skin crackazoid to infect our minds with this gutless fraud. We still stuck in the fucking muck today. Anything whites celebrate is always bad for us…….by definition. Get it through your thick fucking heads people and stop with all that goddamn emotional bullshit. Only facts can restore Ma’at….not your crying or your emotional attachments to things from the past still lurking in our collective genes.



Oprah 2020: Set In Isis Drag

January 11, 2018

Oprah hates black males…..period. She always has and always will. She has her OWN (NWO backwards) network now so she can debase true black men (Osiris/Wsir/Asar) all damn day every day and promote faggot punks like Tyler Perry. Now she wants to take advantage of the sexism of white males to use black and white women to further her own agenda which ultimately will be to destroy women the same way Jewish feminism did using Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem. Females are idiots with male guidance. They never see it coming until it smacks them in their asses.

oprah tongue in weinstein ear

Look at her with tongue in ear (no tongue in cheek) of known pervert Jew Weinstein. I guess it’s fitting for the karma of this shithole stolen country to have nothing but perverted Jew-buttkissing celebrities in power positions. Make no mistake about it though none of them are pulling any real strings. They are figureheads to placate the masses of dumb asses and sheeple. Britain still owns, runs and controls everything from their ancient base of power. The Sun NEVER sets on Great Britain and their Square Mile in London. I can’t wait for every ounce of it to crumble to the ground. The Brits are really the Brutes. They’re animals who get off on control which is why they’re all sexual deviants and perverts into pedophilia, sodomy, BDSM, black magick, necrophilia and cannibalism.

Oprah is doomed. She’s already lost her soul in this Faustian deal with the Devil. I guess idiots are happy with a short life of material pleasures than an eternity of bliss in higher realms. You do the math. Maybe they just like to suffer. Who cares………


The Top 20 Lies Of All Time

January 5, 2018
  1. The Earth is round. Nope it’s a damn dome just like those stupid snowdomes we used to love as children.
  2. We went to the moon. Nope we cannot escape the dome. God knows whites are crazy and won’t open it until they’re all dead and gone.
  3. We can explore space in spaceships. Nope. There is no space so we don’t need spaceships. You can walk or fly to any other planet right from here.
  4. 911 was done by Al Qaeda and now that has become ISIS. Nope. Proven Mossad/CIA job. Check out and ISIS is just Israeli Secret Intelligence Service plus they love to degrade black women and Isis from ancient Egypt/Kemet was the black queen of Osiris. They have to keep blacks asleep or the jig is up and we awaken to supernatural that can destroy them instantly.
  5. Gravity keeps us on the ground. Nope. We are not pulled down. We are pushed down. The core is not molten or solid because there is no core. Hell is below.
  6. Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves. Nope. It transferred them as property from the Jewish plantation slavemasters to the Jews in the Federal Government. Blacks are not citizens and still 3/5 slaves. Whites can kill us whenever they want because property has NO rights. Also we have to be granted voting rights because property has none.
  7. The Holocaust really happened the way Jews moan, groan and whine for more money. Nope. Hitler killed millions of all races but there was NEVER a concerted attack specifically to eradicate Jews. None. It’s a lie. Hitler wanted them out of Germany because they always rig the financial system and steal everyone’s money. Look what they have done to America and the world now under their Rothschild central banking. Jews even had to change the Holocaust Memorial to say 1.5 million Jews because they found out from the census at the end of WWII that there were not even six million Jews alive in Europe. hahaha……….Liars!!!!!! Just like their father the Devil.
  8. America became independent on 7/4/1776. Nope. America is still a British colony……..nothing more. They own everything…..even you on paper.
  9. TV was created for entertainment. Wrong. It emits frequencies that entrain your brain to alter your behavior toward unhealthy activities like homosexuality, narcissism, drug use, overeating, become a shopaholic, etc. Unplug and save your brain.
  10. Microwaves are harmless. Wrong. They kill the nutrients in healthy food so basically you get empty calories after about 30 seconds in there.
  11. Owning a home is part of the American dream. Wrong. More like nightmare. Mortgage means dead pledge. When you sign it Britain owns you, your land and your house just like a tenant in an apartment. They pretend that you own it because the interest is 300% and it goes to them in a yearly tribute to British Jewry on 4//15 affectionately called Tax Day.
  12. Jesus was a real person. Nope. Ptolemy I invented Serapis from Osiris and Apis to unite the people he had conquered. Later on the Romans stole the myth and converted it to Jesus Christ aka Julius Caesar. Jesus is late as hell because Hebrew has no J in it people. Get real. Where do you think the word Jew came from?
  13. You owe taxes. Nope. The IRS is the collection agency for the IMF. You owe nothing but Pope Boniface and his papul BULL say that the Vatican owns all souls. From that  false assumption they convert your birth certificate into a bond at birth and monetize your ass on the stock market using the all caps version of your name. You have accounts with tons of money in it they will never allow you to access although you CAN discharge debts of the strawman they created. Look at your license and passport and Social Security card. All caps right? That’s your strawman!!!! (or straw-woman for the femi-nazis). The real person is the mixed case but you are held responsible for the debts of the strawman because you have the compelled benefits of using dollars, Social Security, etc. They force you to use their system and then illegally apply implied consent that you are ok with it when in reality most people just don’t know shit about it. In 1929 FDR (a Jew like his cousin Teddy) stole all the gold and put all Americans up as collateral to pay the interest on the debt every year in that 4/15 tribute to British Jewry and Rothschild. You are property….just like blacks but at least whites used to have some rights. Those are gone too. We are under unannounced martial law (Walmart backwards and sort of forwards too). It basically started when they shut down those Walmarts for military use.
  14. Whites were in Kemet ( falsely called ancient Egypt by stupid Greeks). Jews and the Hyksos stole everything from Kemet and so their Hollywood movies lie that whites were a huge part of the peak of Kemet civilizations. Lies. The devil always lies unless telling the truth would conceal a larger lie. Kem means black. Kemet means black community……not black land or black silt. Kemites were purple black and could simply eat the Sun as a race of solaroids in the early periods. The Sun kills demelanated people aka whites. Melanoma is drastically under-reported.
  15. Dollars are money. Wrong. They are debt notes and legal tender for goods and services. They are not backed by anything….no gold, no silver, no platinum….no nothing. Fiat currency is basically worthless unless we agree that it isn’t. Dollars are also black talismanick magick which is why Kemet/ancient Egypt is all over them and why people worship them. “In God we trust” means in Satan we trust. God does not come from the word “good”. God is a German word that means the Devil. It’s all Kabbalism folks. Learn some.
  16. Lone gunman. haha……It’s never lone gunmen. It’s always the CIA, FBI, Mossad and MI6 who take out high value targets like JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcolm X. The Jew News is a damn lie.
  17. Pizzagate is a conspiracy. Wrong as hell. It’s a global child sex trafficking ring run by the global elite including the Rothschilds who abduct children, sodomize them, torture them, murder them, drink their blood and then cannibalize them often as well. They think it helps them stay young and in power. These people need to die……NOW!!!!! The Vatican is at the front and center of all of it. Catholics are seriously deluded.
  18. Chemtrails are another conspiracy. Wrong. They’re real as fuck and they’re not contrails either. The government has already admitted that the military is spraying them on us. The reason is where the stories diverge. They say it’s to cool the Earth because the Sun is making us too hot. Bullshit. The Sun knows what the Earth needs. They’re lying. The spray contains heavy metals like strontium, barium and aluminum. We get sick when we inhale this crap or eat food contaminated by it. In short they’re killing you and culling the herd because they’re terrified we’re going to figure out how to get rid of these parasites.
  19. Jews are the chosen people. haha…….Chosen by whom  may I ask?? They stole everything from Kemet/ancient Egypt and then did a Trading Places on black people. Now they pretend to be what blacks really are. It’s in the Jew-vies. It’s on their magick money really just debt/death. It’s everywhere with those with an eye to see. Your public miseducation is 100% lies.
  20. CERN is not just a hadron collider or particle accelerator. It opens portals to other planes or dimensions and now negative entities are flooding this plane and possessing people….as if we didn’t have enough of them here already. It’s not just you noticing this global strange behavior. People are acting strange as fuck. They’re possessed. I’m staying home and burning sage.

Iran, Syria and North Korea Only Countries Left Without Rothschild Central Bank…GET IT NOW?!?!?!

January 3, 2018

The Man Who Solved 9/11 (Yes Israel Did It)

December 25, 2017


The Real Definition of Politician

December 24, 2017

If you ever want to know the real meaning of a word start from the last definition and work your way backwards. Case and point below.


[pol-i-tishuh n] 

a person who is active in party politics.

a seeker or holder of public office, who is more concerned aboutwinning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles.

a person who holds a political office.

a person skilled in political government or administration; statesmanor stateswoman.

an expert in politics or political government.

a person who seeks to gain power or advancement within anorganization in ways that are generally disapproved.

Will Trump Be Assassinated? Yup…….

December 24, 2017

In short yes. It’s only a question of when. We already know it will be the Jesuits behind it…..of which Mike Pence is one and will there after assume the presidency even though it’s just a puppet position of the elite scum pedophiles. Trump is just a useful idiot much like the Tarot Fool card bearing the same name. Trump’s luck is about to run out. He has tons of bad karma from how he has treated people in this life and keeps racking up more and more on a daily basis. At least the blood will match those red ties he always wears that were  made on cheap Chinese labor. Of course he may be poisoned instead of shot. What difference does it make? Why does God even allow moronic orangutan savages  like that to exist? The answer will reveal itself to melanated people once we realize that we are what we have been seeking. Hidden in plain sight fam.

the real holy trinity

Understand that this is ALL a pointless attempt to prevent the Asarian Resurrection. Heru will be re-born and pink skin cave maggots cannot prevent it. They are pulling out all the stops with fear and diversion tactics. Don’t fall for it. All is Mind. Control yours and you control them. Give up Jesus or die eternal.


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