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What Is American Culture?

March 16, 2017

What is American culture?

Well let’s just make a list:


White supremacy masked as Christianity








Media brainwashing and propaganda

Toxins in food (GMO and additives), water (fluoride, lead) and air (chemtrails)

Prescription painkiller addiction

Degradation of women

Feminism which is misandry and destruction of the family

Taxation without representation

Religious brainwashing

Vaccination to destroy children

Sugar poisoning

Poor body self-image

Prison industrial complex

Military industrial complex

Gay agenda

DNA manipulation

Central Banking fiat currency with no gold backing

And people are proud of this?!?!?!?! U!!!! S!!!!! A!!!!! Whatever……we’re doomed because Satan always loses. Apparently they don’t teach that part in catechism.


Why Whites Behave The Way They Do

February 20, 2017

Black people who are against white supremacy (which includes Jewish supremacy) are always running around with Band-Aids trying to figure where to put the next one or which little media racism fire to put out next. Of course we have Sharptons and Jacksons, who are actually white supremacists now, that make a living out of exploiting these highly visible but largely meaningless propaganda circuses and melodramas that are televised in the Jewish media. We take pleasure in using political correctness against whites to get them fired when they say something inappropriate in the public sphere. After a brief hiatus they are almost always back on the air and sometimes even more successful after that because the racists start buying more  of their products and it increases their listener base. There are only a few things that conscious blacks need to know about whites and Jews. They are not a complex people. They are just good at taking simple concepts and making them complex because they have little to no Spiritual understanding of anything. How hard is “Do no harm”? And yet they do not comprehend it one iota.

We need to be aware of the weakness of the European and exploit it at every turn.

  1. Whites and Jews will always put money first because the material world is their god. Morality rarely if ever has anything to do with any of their decisions so asking, pleading and begging them to do what is right just does NOT compute with them. Don’t bother. You’re wasting time, effort and attention. They are what they are. They will not change because of your incessant, childish pleas. They are the children so stop treating them as adults.
  2. Whites and Jews are NOT family oriented. They abuse the young and discard the elderly. TV lies and says the opposite. They use their families as a means to continue their genetic existence. There can be no true family when there is only materialism. True family is based on Spirit and they are missing it. Once again IT DOES NOT COMPUTE with them. Don’t try to explain something their melanin cannot understand. This is why they make so many movies about how they love each other and all that crap….because precisely the opposite is true. They are pretending to be US!!!!!!!!
  3. European men and women hate each other and they have taught people of color the same ungodly battle of the sexes. White men and women use and then dispose of each other. The men are emasculated and the women are always screwing men of other races so there is zero trust. When Europeans evolved in colder glacial climates they had to live in small packs to survive. There was no time for bonding. The closest they ever get to love is romance (roman+ce) which is simply pretending to be in love until you want someone else…..walks on the beach at sunset, diamond rings, blah blah blah….empty, shallow, hollow. There was not enough food for large communities so they remain to this day trapped in the reptilian fight or flight instinct still in the false scarcity belief that there is not enough of the planet for everyone. This survival fear is another one of their weaknesses.
  4. Europeans need blacks (and other people of color) around……not all of us but enough of us to constitute a continuous threat to them so they can unify their goals as a race. They also need us so they can feel good about not having exterminated us completely. In the absence of other races Europeans divide themselves into factions and turn on each other until they are all annihilated using warfare technology. If we get out of their way they will destroy themselves. People of color need separation from Europeans. They are a genetic aberration (just like being gay) that is normally destroyed by nature itself but since they received help from someone/something they were able to survive the last Ice Age and then wreak havoc on the entire planet with their non-stop aggression born out of their separation from Divinity. When you cannot hear God you do everything you can to find a substitute although nothing will ever quench the thirst for Spirit in Matter. Whites and Jews dissect and divide everything in this perpetual longing. It is the nature  of the Afrikan to unify and commune. Very important!!!!!! WE ARE POLAR OPPOSITES!!!!!!!
  5. Whites love to be complimented. Whether it’s telling a white woman she has a big ass or telling a white man he is a genius…..they love it. Once you schmooze their Ego they will do whatever you want most of the time. They have a God complex and nothing makes them happier than when others agree with them. Most people hate butt-kissers because they know the same people will later become backstabbers. Not whites and Jews……they eat it up like the raw red meat and pork they gobble up like the cannibals and savages they are. Pork inside the black body causes the immune system to go crazy and start producing massive amounts of white blood cells. In whites we do not see this level of immune response because they are used to the degeneracy of the pig. Notice De-Gene-Racy. De is from. Gene is gene. Racy is race.
  6. The truth means nothing to Europeans. They hate it. Their whole existence is based on a lie. Trying to get them to understand or value truth is a wasted enterprise. Spirit is Truth. If your soul is disconnected from Spirit then they why the hell would you value truth? Public mis-education is all lies. White HIS-STORY is all lies. Tell-a-Vision is all lies. Expect them to lie. They are of their Father the Devil so the Devil would never willingly tell the truth unless it hid a larger lie for money. Do you expect water to feel like sand? Nope. You expect it to feel wet….not dry. So why are you expecting something that can ONLY lie to tell the truth? Use your brain people.
  7. Money is their primary god but they also worship perverted sex and powerful drugs including meth, painkillers, alcohol, etc. To the degree what we do is the degree that we have been compromised by the sickness and psychological depravity. They love porn and pedophilia and sex trafficking and Xanax and Roxies and on and on. The missing link is their disconnection from Divinity so they use whatever they can find to simulate a connection to God. That is getting high and the animal orgasm devoid of Love.
  8. Europeans know that when they die there is really nothing great awaiting them. They know their karma is heavy. Their job is to enjoy this material existence as much as they can before they expire. This is why the futurists and transhumanist freaks like Ray Kurzweil are seeking to integrate flesh and machine so they can live forever in the material world and just avoid God and Spirit. It will never work obviously. There are cosmic laws that cannot be violated no matter how powerful they believe themselves to be or how powerful they brainwash us into believing they are. They are a weak, weak people. This is what it means to be genetically recessive. They represent us at our worst during the spiritual fall. Whatever you give your attention will eventually manifest in physical form. If you give it to materialism then eventually whites will appear because they are 100% Matter in physical form.
  9. If you want to hide anything from whites you can encode it metaphorically and/or spiritually like our ancestors did and they will never be able to figure out the true meaning. They are filters of the Spirit. They simply cannot comprehend anything at a high vibration outside the range of their tiny intellect. They resonate at such a low frequency (since they came from OUR spiritual fall) that their behavior is 100% compulsive. They have no idea what they are doing. They just go through the motions. Their only mission in life is to exploit others for material and sexual gain. How can you negotiate with something demonic like that? Why would you even want to? Study Neely Fuller’s writings if you are unfamiliar with how to deal with the doomed recessive. It is an art to be able to deal with the Devil although preferable to not deal with them at all. You have to follow the rules and the #1 rule is LEAVE YOUR EMOTION OUT OF EVERYTHING!!!!!!! It will blind you and then the Devil will con you. The result: poverty, prison or physical death.
  10. Nothing matters more to white men than having a legacy. They want to be immortalized after death for whatever they do during this life. It’s almost like they know they die the Second Death and will NOT be coming back so they want to live on in HIS-STORY and through their children. Any substitute will do since they don’t have the real thing.
  11. Animals come before people….even their own people. They will spend their entire life savings on an operation for Fido or Friskie but not a dime to help people of color recover from hundreds of year of abuse at their hands. They take no responsibility for their collective crimes whatsoever. They do not believe in reincarnation. They only believe in evolution even though they will never experience it. Involution is the opposite of evolution or some say devolution. Whites equate spiritual evolution with technological advancement. That is just stupid and completely wrong. What we typically see is that when material technology advances spiritual progress halts or retrogrades. Anyway you know how to expect to be treated by someone that puts a dog before you. Enough said.

More to come……..Theories are useless without application. Study the Laws of Djehuty falsely called the Kybalion by Europeans. Study it and then integrate it into your daily behavior. Things often take time to manifest but at least get them started and watch them unfold over time.



Coach and Slavemaster Gottfried Proud of His “Boy”?!?!?!

January 24, 2017

I watched NC State beat Duke last night and this post-game celebration comment from the coach made me sick. Clearly he was raised around some serious rednecks and racists. Whites always get so comfortable with their privilege that they forget Jewish political correctness “trumps” theirs. Dennis Smith is a grown ass black man…..not your GODDAMN boy you racist fruitcake!!!!!! Go get some lessons in PC or lose the job.


Walking Dead Whitey Lynch Syndrome

November 15, 2016

Please tell me I’m not the only that sees this or else I’m applying to be in Castaway Part II. Americans still don’t get that YOU are the Walking Dead. The virus is the dollar or Federal Reserve debt notes. Debt equals death. That’s why Trump said he loves debt. Every time you spend money you are giving more and more of yourself over to the parasitic elite when it is not done consciously. Fiat currency is black talismanic magick. You don’t have to believe in it for it to work on you. Your beliefs BE-LIES.

Anyway now that Rick has found a liking to his chocolate Samarai female let’s have a look at what the psycho Jews are really trying to say since they know who black people really are. It was bad enough all the interracial implications but now we have Negan, aka Nigger or Negar meaning to negate, in all his black with his tan skin and dick bat. Rick has been emasculated, now twice, in front of his black woman. She still has her sword dick but Rick’s dicks are all gone. Negan took all their guns. Hell even his son had some balls to stand up to Negan aka Nigger but Rick made him back down to save lives. Rick even had to admit the baby isn’t even his. Now he has zero balls left. Negan broke him……just like they used to break horses and slaves (not from Africa but from black native American tribes).

Notice that there are no black males in major roles. The stick man and the Rasta with a tiger are off chasing Carol the psycho old ass white bitch. For what I have no fucking idea. Let that bitch die!!!! Who cares? She ain’t ISIS. Now the fag ass preacher is back spouting that Jesus bullshit that has blacks in a mental and spiritual prison all over the planet. It seems the black woman is now in charge…..again…….just like single black mothers of America because the former black man, now Rick, has become a feminized version of his former self. The rest don’t fuckin’ matter. Even when there are no blacks around it’s still all about us. They have to manipulate us to stay in existence. Once we get free they disappear from the history books forever. This land is not their land. They stole it. Stealing something doesn’t make it yours. It makes you a goddamn criminal ass genocidal thieving maniac.


Man Holding Door Shut At Orlando Gay Club

June 12, 2016


Why Most Women Get Banged and Dumped

May 29, 2016

Most men I talk to already understand this but for some reason most women either don’t care, cannot comprehend it or simply don’t believe it. They refuse to believe that TV and Hollywood actually shapes their personality and behavior. They don’t get the connection between watching a heated “Housewives of Atlanta” episode and then going out and get into a fight at a bar because someone has similar outfit to theirs. The media is almost completely owned and run by Satanic Jews. These creatures or whatever they really are know how to send messages into our subconscious so that they sprout back into the conscious over time to alter our behavior. They know women are more vulnerable to this approach than men although men are developing serious low body self-images too now. You can tell by the rise of anabolic steroids. Without a six-pack some women won’t even talk to you. Haha…….I’m not kidding either. That’s how pathetic they are.

The perfect example is how they splatter Nicki Minaj all over TV and the internet. Men take a look at that and say to themselves “Give me five minutes with that big ole booty!!!” Now the shallow attraction and objectification has been planted in our minds. Next women see the attention that Nicki gets from men on TV and in her videos. It probably doesn’t even happen like that in real life but TV makes you think it’s real. Most women cannot separate the two. Because of the phony attention that Nicki gets women, out of low self-esteem, then want to look and act like Nicki so they can get some of that attention too. What they don’t realize, foolishly, is that men want to bang Nicki and dump her. They don’t want to date a drama queen like that. No man does….not a sane one anyway. They might take her money and that’s it. Sex gets old real quick when a woman has nothing else to offer. Now both seeds are planted.

Call it a Friday night at a club. Now the Nicki wannabees show up the club decked out with their bog ole booties in Saran Wrap. Guys come up and start hitting on them. They have a few drinks, smoke a blunt in the parking lot and the next thing you know they are hitting it from the back. After busting a few nuts they exchange numbers and part ways. Some females don’t even expect to hear back anymore because they don’t feel they are worthy of more than a booty call. They still religiously put on their stripper-like Nicki gear, go out and find a thug or thug wannabee in proper attire and bang the night away. They never  figure out the reason they never hear back from men is because the guy just fucked Nicki in his mind and that’s all he wanted. They don’t even know or care one bit who you are or anything you stand for which is probably not much. As long as women allow it men are going to do it and most women show no signs of letting up or learning whatsoever. In fact by all accounts the situation is worsening. Thanks for the memory. It won’t last.


“Gnosticism and The Secret Roots of Feminism” – J. Adam Snyder

April 27, 2016

in the Biblical symbolic story of Genesis that most are familiar with, the deity of Eden is a powerful and authoritive father figure who provides for his creations as long as they don’t partake in the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Along comes the sinister Serpent who beguiles the female and, in turn, beguiles the male into gaining this knowledge and are then ruthlessly shunned and cursed by the deity for all eternity.

The female was thus forced to burden the guilt for bringing about the downfall of mankind, being violently and dogmatically oppressed throughout the ages. The idea of a strong, educated, sexual, and liberated woman was seen as being the living antithesis of the deity’s divine plan; fearing such a woman would only bring further sinful destruction upon the world, the profane felt that through making the female feel weak, insecure, dependent, and guilt-ridden that she, along with her inherently flawed sinful nature, could be controlled and the world spared by further wrathful punishment by the deity.

In Gnostic theology however, the symbolic story of Genesis tells a vastly different tale. The deity in Eden is not God, but a lesser and false deity known as the Demiurge. The Demiurge was an aeon, one of many forms of life created by the true God. Aeons were spiritual beings that had been given free-will just as mankind, and as such some chose to be benevolent and others chose to be wicked (again much like mankind, the aeons were also imperfect and flawed of character). One of these wicked aeons went into the mortal plane of existence and begun trapping other higher souls into it for the purpose to be ruled over, and to worship him as the deity. This aeon became known to the Gnostics as the Demiurge, whose personal character is as tyrannical as it is egotistical.

The Demiurge is a jealous being, desiring to be seen as God and manipulating the physical world to ensure that he is seen in a deity manner by the lesser lifeforms below. By keeping mankind ignorant of their true inner divine nature, the Demiurge keeps souls forever trapped in the physical plane of existence (which was initially created by the true God as a place for souls to mature and grow) through an endless cycle of reincarnation. He is insecure, controlling, and prone to angry bursts of violence and genocide.

For the Gnostics, the brutal deity of the Old Testament in the Bible is not the true God but instead the Demiurge, and not the same God that Jesus spoke of in the New Testament. They cite many blood thirsty statements in the Old Testament texts that are in direct contradiction with the teachings of Jesus such as the mass destruction of the world in the flood, the dividing of a utopian society called Babel simply due to mankind advancing peacefully, the encouragement of slavery, the commanded order to rape women and dash their infants in half with their swords upon the rocks (Hosea 13:16), and the misogynistic treatment of women as prime evidence. Jesus by contrast was a peaceful figure who taught mercy, love, and grace above all things, as well as countlessly defying the laws of the Old Testament.

In Eden, the Demiurge imprisoned Adam (meaning “mankind” in Hebrew) and Eve (meaning “breath” or “breath of soul”) within it. Here life was entirely ignorant, and saw the Demiurge as the true God, thus furthering his ego. He also made them physically immortal, as to not allow their souls to mature and eventually escape upon death back to the realm of the true God.

However due to the Demiurge not being an actual deity, he was not actually all powerful as he wanted his followers to believe. For within the artificial paradise the true God created the Tree of Knowledge and came in the form of the Serpent, the Demiurge lacked the power to destroy or remove it, and thus could only attempt to frighten Adam and Eve away from it instead. In many ancient cultures the Serpent was not seen as a devious animal of vice or temptation, but was seen as being a symbol of divine light, wisdom, and immortality. This was especially the case in ancient Sumeria and Egypt, who had secret mystical and symbolic religions based around the worship of the Serpent.

The true God, Gnostics believe, comes into the physical world through a variety of different forms, cultures, and time periods to rescue the world during mass darkness to bring the Light back. Gnostics look not only at the Serpent, but Jesus, Krishna, and the Buddha as being physical embodiments of the Light from the True God, speaking the same true message to different groups of people in a way that particular group will understand. The true God however believes in free-will and as such does not force mankind to listen, accept, or abide by his message. Nor does he destroy the Demiurge for the true God detests all forms of hate and violence, and instead wishes to reveal to mankind that they too are divine have the power to overcome the Demiurge on their own, build a better world, and ascend. Illumination, therefore, is entirely a choice for the individual.

The Serpent, being the first Light-Bearer of the world, spoke to the female and offered her the Knowledge of Enlightenment where she would no longer exist as an ignorant slave for the Demiurge and his ego but as an individual who had become aware of her own divine nature and celestial origins. She then offered to share this enlightenment with Adam, who then also accepted. Upon discovering this, the Demiurge threw a tantrum as his deity-complex plan had been foiled and burned Eden to the ground and exiling mankind from it forever. Despite life being a struggle away from Eden due to the Demiurge corrupting the world upon their exile, Adam and Eve were now forever free. They could now sustain for themselves, Illuminate their souls, and engage in romance and reproduction, thus having the power to continue life independently.

The female in the Gnostic Genesis account is not the harbinger of sin and all the ills of the world, but is a spiritual liberator and bringer of enlightenment and salvation. She is independent, taking the first step to think for herself and to challenge the dogma that ruled over her. She is also sexual, learning how to reproduce through her enlightenment and instructing the male. This is why within Gnosticism females and males were treated equally, as well as why they had always remained opposed to slavery and viewed sex as a magical and enlightened act and not a sinful or shameful practice for procreation only.

These core beliefs set Gnostics apart from the organized religions of their day, and as a result were violently persecuted and forced into hiding, adopting symbols and forming secret societies to continue their teachings. One of these initiated groups was a Jewish sect called the Essenes, which Jesus and his parents belonged to. The Essenes rejected all forms of organized religion and instead focused on spiritualism. They were also egalitarian, condoned all forms of slavery, and practiced Kabbalah.

It is from these roots of Gnosticism that egalitarianism was secretly passed along through the ages by presenting the female in a vastly different spiritual light, a light that would go onto influence the contemporary culture at large, and eventually give birth to feminism and human progression as a whole.

© – J. Adam Snyder

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