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What Is American Culture?

March 16, 2017

What is American culture?

Well let’s just make a list:


White supremacy masked as Christianity








Media brainwashing and propaganda

Toxins in food (GMO and additives), water (fluoride, lead) and air (chemtrails)

Prescription painkiller addiction

Degradation of women

Feminism which is misandry and destruction of the family

Taxation without representation

Religious brainwashing

Vaccination to destroy children

Sugar poisoning

Poor body self-image

Prison industrial complex

Military industrial complex

Gay agenda

DNA manipulation

Central Banking fiat currency with no gold backing

And people are proud of this?!?!?!?! U!!!! S!!!!! A!!!!! Whatever……we’re doomed because Satan always loses. Apparently they don’t teach that part in catechism.


How The Elite Use Sports To Keep Us Asleep

February 8, 2015

Sports serves many purposes for the global elite. One is obvious….money. Almost all of the NBA owners are Jewish and they are slowly but surely taking the NFL as well. Kraft the owner of the Pats is a Jew. They are gaining ground there because the NBA sucks and NFL is profitable. Both leagues make hundreds of millions on jerseys, caps, t-shirts, admission, overpriced arena food, sports decals, bumper stickers, etc. Of course you never hear about Kraft’s 100 million……just Brady’s or some other prominent player’s salary 1/10 of the owner’s profits.

Many Americans feel hopeless and helpless. Sports serves largely as escapism for them. They go to their slave jobs for minimum wages and benefits (if any at all) and then return home to their favorite sports team. They want to forget about how their life sucks compared to the lies they see on TV and the internet. Trust me………famous rich people are in hell. No one said hell was all homeless poor people. Stars are born in hell, live in hell and then die and go to hell because they have to sell their souls to the Jewish devils for financial success and fame….losing their souls in the process. A Faustian bargain indeed!

An overlooked aspect of America’s sports obsession is the elite’s goal of gender neutrality. Women used to rarely play professional sports when I was growing up. I’m glad they do although to be honest I don’t really want to watch it unless it’s tennis and rarely even then. Why? It ain’t sexism. Men are physically faster and stronger so it makes for a more exciting and competitive match. God made men that way so if you hate it then you hate God, not me.

Feminism ushered in an era of misandry. Most people don’t even know there is a word for women that hate men since we only hear misogyny all the time. Feminists are misandrists….just like anti-Semites aren’t people that hate Jews. They’re people who the Jews hate. Feminists are largely just a bunch of crazed lesb ians with penis envy. They hate their fathers and all men vicariously through him. Men have lost their manhood thanks to the gay agenda of the global elite of inbred incestuous perverts. Obama got it all passed for them. The blue collar jobs are gone. Women have college degrees now compete for jobs along men in the workplace. Women have become providers (along with alimony and child support from men) instead of being nurturers like God intended and now humanity is paying for it. Women can’t do both equally well. Children deserve the focus of a mother that is dedicated to them without splitting time with a career but Americans worship money and women don’t want to rely on a man for anything anymore. Now yelling at a woman can get you thrown in jail for communication threats. Thank Veep Joe Biden for such ridiculous legislation coming to fruition. He has done more to undermine true gender equality than anyone on the planet. Now we have this psycho Jew Tom Leykis telling men that women are all useless golddiggers and we should just fuck them and dump them unless they follow our commands like sex slaves. He’s clearly a Jewish plant meant to further the gap between the sexes. Why take advice from a man who has been divorced four times? hahaha…….He just provides a way for emotionally damaged males to vent on women. The problem is inside men….just like with women.

Sports was the last bastion of manhood for many men. Now we have to share that with women too. Women traditionally never gave a damn about sports but now the one solace men had has been taken away in the same of gender neutrality. Folks the genders are supposed to be equal in rights and pay….nothing more. If God wanted two genders exactly the same that then it would have made one asexual androgynous species (actually that’s what mankind used to be in previous periods).

SPORTS IS WAR…..except no one usually dies. It does, however, condition you to accept our military slaughtering lots of darkie scapegoats for America’s evil. Sports is the one thing that unites most Americans and it does so against a common enemy. That enemy is the opposing team. Think Bush Jr’s “You’re either with us or against us”. It mentally reinforces US military dominance and Gentile genocide all over the planet. When you hate the Patriots it’s easy to also hate those evil Arabs that have done nothing to us except defend their homeland after America was brainwashed with Jewish false flag attack lies. It’s too late for America. Get out if you can and save yourself. Jesus ain’t gonna do it for you. I predict the final “BIG LIE” false flag will occur on 3/22/2022 44 days after the Queen’s platinum jubilee on 2/6/2022. I’m hoping the old inbred bag-o-soon-to-be bones dies before that. Pluto will align on 3/22/22 very similar to the way it did with the original 9/11 Mossad false flag.

If you want to survive after that you have to leave the country. Who do you think all those zombies on TV are really referring to? YOU!!!!!!!!!! We’re already dead. The next wave of chemtrails has already been released on us. People are falling ill all over the country. It’s not unvaccinated kids. That’s the lie to cover up the more toxic chemtrails. It’s already here….in late January…..called Operation Indigo Skyfold. There’s no telling what it will do to us. They are not even visible in the air anymore like the first wave. I can’t say I won’t be somewhat happy to see the naysayers finally get their comeuppance. Conspiracies happen all the time. Just because we aren’t behind closed doors with the elite when they are plotting it and designing the compartmentalization doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Seeing isn’t always believing. I hope all of your deaths are quick and painless. Next time don’t drink the Kool-Aid. History is only history when it’s actually true.


33 Things I Would Do If I Ruled The World……..

May 27, 2013

1) Disband the state of Israel

2) Outlaw royalty and secret societies under penalty of death.

3) Outlaw chem-trailing and other forms of geo-engineering like HAARP.

4) Outlaw wireless wiretapping.

5) Legalize all drugs and prostitution.

6) End the Fed and allow the government to print greenbacks for free.

7) Impeach the president and vice-president, arrest all former living presidents and vice-presidents for crimes against humanity and try them at the ICC.

8) Remove fluoride from all drinking water.

9) Remove control of the media from Jewish hands.

10) Ban brainwashing music that fuels violence and crime for the prison industrial complex.

11) Eliminate the prison industrial complex and prison stocks.

12) Revert to organic foods for everyone.

13) Disband Monsanto, Goldman-Sachs, the IRS, the FBI and the CIA.

14) Remove all Supreme Court Justices and all Congressmen from office and try them for crimes against humanity.

15) Forbid lobbying and ban special interest groups from Washington DC.

16) Make it a punishable crime for police to racially profile.

17) Create a living wage at 10 dollars per hour.

18) In-source jobs back to America from India and China.

19) Revamp public education so the truth is taught instead of historical revisionism.

20) Make Malcolm X birthday a national holiday as well.

21) End the federal income tax since it is voluntary anyway but Americans don’t know or are afraid of IRS.

22) Rename Reality TV to Fictional TV since that’s what it really is.

23) Ban antidepressants until long term testing can be completed.

24) Ban microwaves and teflon.

25) Ban vaccines. (They cause autism in children)

26) Ban chemical food additives until a long term study could be completed.

27) Redesign cell phones so that they don’t bake your brain.

28) End fracking.

29) Mandate gas mileage minimum to 50 mpg.

30) Ban high fructose corn syrup, sugar substitutes (besides xylitol and erythritol)  and trans fats. (Watch diabetes disappear).

31) Track down Mossad for the murder of 3000 Americans on 9/11.

32) Eliminate soft money and political contributions over 1000 bucks.

33) Arrest all doctors (removing their license) and lawyers (disbarring them) that have violated their oaths.


Weiner Is A Real Dick. He’s Also A Whiner.

June 8, 2011

You literally cannot make this up. A Jewish Congressman married to a half-Indian, half-Pakistani woman gets caught tweeting dick picks over the internet. What are they not reporting is the real question? Nothing but a distraction here folks. The funny part is how he keeps asking for forgiveness. Didn’t God forgive the Jews a million times and yet they still keep returning to pagan deities like the dollar? Isn’t the porn industry run by Jews? Maybe Weiner chose the wrong line of work? There is no more forgiveness for elite Jews. They slaughtered millions and millions of men, women and children all over the planet in the past centuries.They wrote the Bible which is why it’s full of mistranslations to mislead Christians who are simply feeding their energies into the black magick used by the elite to maintain power and control. This is all unbeknownst to Christians. They are literally being used as batteries to fuel their own destruction. Jews are NOT God’s chosen people and the Holocaust never happened. It’s a holohoax. Were Jews killed? Yes… were blacks, whites and every other so-called race of people. There weren’t even six million Jews living in Germany so how could six million have died? Now they say it’s one and a half million but that’s still way overboard. What they don’t tell you is that all the Jews that died were poor Jews. None of the elite Jews lost anything or shed a tear because they actually foment and fund all major wars, including WWII. It’s time to wake up to this folks. We are nearing their end-game for humanity. Fuck Alex Jones!!!!!


A Shortcut To Waking Up (Not Alex Jones)

May 29, 2011

These guys will tell you everything you need to know. In fact you could choose only one of them and get almost everything you really need to know. People don’t have time these days to read lengthy treatises and research the veracity of internet claims in depth. I’m giving you a short cut so you would do well to take advantage of it of you’re a newbie or anyone that still thinks they’re getting the whole truth from Alex Jones and company.

Charles Guiliani –

Josh Reeves –

Max Igan –

Michael Collins Piper –

Mark Passio – (also


Los Angeles and the Great Flood of 2011

February 21, 2011

Words, especially English words, serve a dual purpose. One is their literal definition and the other is their occult or hidden meaning. This symbolism is undetectable by the conscious part of the human brain so most of us deny its existence or that it can possibly have any real influence over human behavior and our interpretation of reality. We’re so wrong and the elite are so glad that most of us are so unwilling to venture outside our narrow frame of mind to consider things unseen.

Look at all that is happening recently concerning Los Angeles (The City of Angles). What’s up with the 135 degree angle in the shape of California? That would make an octagon (or a stop sign) if you drew it out completely. Eight is the number of total domination in Jewish gematria and occult symbolism. It is also the infinity symbol when rotated 90 degrees.

The Rose Parade is held every year in Pasadena which is right down the street from LA. The rose is the bush as in George Bush. It is a symbol of the Luciferians and their Christ resurrection myth that has Christians brainwashed worldwide. The rose is also a symbol on the 2012 Olympics in London, the headquarters of the Luciferians. See the web site and the rose symbol built right into the logo The Rosicrucians and the Knights Templar are the same group under different names.

Battle LA is being released on 3/11/11. Why that date? Three is the number of the deity and eleven is the number of death. Hollywood never stops trying to create fear. The Luciferians feed off of that fear. It sustains them. Hollywood is rife with water and death symbolism in the past few years and Hollywood is LA. The Jews won’t be there when the carnage happens of course just like they were warned to stay away from the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001.

Ray Allen just became the all-time leading in 3-point shots. Look at his name. Ray like the sun. More sun god worship from these Luciferians. Allen is basically LA backwards. The two L’s remind me of the Twin Towers. Also El is present which is the father of all deities. Of course what a coincidence that the Celtics were playing the Lakers when this record was broken. The Jewish NBA owners know exactly what is going on.

The NBA All Star weekend just completed yesterday in LA. Blake Grffiin won the slam dunk competition. Blake = B+ Lake. Lake is another water reference. A griffin is a mythical creature have the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. Eagles are water symbols and the Lion is just another light reference to El, in others words Lion = El + ion. On top of all this Griffin is half-Haitian. You’ll remember the recent man-made earthquake in Haiti. It’s been proven that our Navy was performing tectonic testing right before the earthquake happened. If that wasn’t enough for you then guess who won the MVP? You guessed it. Mr. Laker himself Kobe Bryant. If you can’t put this obvious symbolism together then you are brain-damaged beyond repair. The elite are planting subliminal suggestions to drown LA later this year on 9/11/11 or possibly 11/11/11 or maybe even both. 9/11/11 falls exactly six months after the release of their Battle LA suggestion.

The last major flood in LA happened in 1938. That’s 1+9=10 and 3+8=11. Ten is just an intensity factor and eleven is death. Now let’s take a look at this year: 2011= 20+11 = 2×10 + 11. That means twice the intensity and death as the 1938 flood. To top things off the Israel Film Festival happens later this year unless the entire city gets flooded out. If you look at a topology map of the area you will see that the lowest lying areas are the poorest areas. That means Long Beach is a prime target as well. See for yourself at Flood even suggests death to fools. FLOOD = FOOL + D= Fool Death.

Needless to say this is full of biblical symbolism to Noah’s flood and the great sacrifice. Notice how the abbreviation for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration spells NOAA or Noah. The subliminals break through whether we want them to or not. The water supposedly cleansed the earth of all its sins. Those sins were humanity itself. Las Vegas, Sin City itself, is only a few short hours away. The water is really just a reference to the blood that will be spilled. Will the flood happen six months after 3/11/11 on 9/11/11 or eight months later on 11/11/11? After all six is the number of the beast (Be + A + S + T = Be a sexual/serpent sacrifice) but eight is the number of total domination or infinity on its side. One thing is for sure LA is doomed.

Katrina (the Big Easy) and Haiti were just practice runs for what they are about to do in California (think fornication). Long Beach is another port like New Orleans that is at or below sea level. The 1933 Long Beach earthquake of magnitude 6.4 killed only 120 people. The worst damage was in the mostly black area Compton. It happened on March 11 strangely which is the same day as the release of the Jewish filth “Battle LA”. Blacks are always housed in the lowest lying areas to maximize the numbers of us that drown during floods. Do you think the Jewish elite would not do this? These are the same people that financed the ships during the Transatlantic Slave Trade and now sit atop the world from hundreds of years of free labor. On top of that they demand the world pay them reparations something that never happened to them, as if they didn’t have enough money already.

The death and the blood sacrifice are what the Luciferians need to keep this 3D illusion of reality alive. That is what the first 9/11 was, a blood sacrifice. Our reality is a 3D illusion built on the lies of light manipulation. It is the ion and the arc of electricity as in Noah’s Ark or arc that gives them power. Our bodies run on electricity. Our brains are fed light images that make us perceive this world as real. You are not in control of your own thoughts. Lucifer controls them unless you wake up and fight back. Dont’ get it? You will soon because the Khazars were sent by Lucifer itself to ensure that you do. Lucifer is not Satan. Satan is just another of Lucifer’s lies. Lucifer is merely a thought form but the fake Jews in power know how to control it using the dark secrets they stole from Egypt and from Israel under the Dome of the Rock. Now we are at their mercy unless a greater power intervenes.


Top 50 Ways To Know You Don’t Have A Clue

February 10, 2011

1) You think Obama is Christian or Muslim. (He’s Jewish, gay and born in Kenya)

2) You think our military is good. (We kill innocent men, women and children routinely for profit. They’re dying and screaming at this very moment regardless of when you read this)

3) You think European Jews are God’s chosen people. (They are Ashkhenazi Khazars from western Europe that converted to Judaism in 420AD to avoid being overrun by neighboring tribes)

4) You think fluorinated water is ok to swallow. (It destroys brain cells and kills babies….even the toothpaste labels warn you it’s not to be swallowed because it’s a poison)

5) You trust your doctor even though they all have God complexes and get paid handsomely to lie to you after years of medical brainwashing. (They’re paid to make money for the pharmaceuticals and kill you if you can’t produce profits)

6) You think taxes on wage labor are legal. (Taxes are only legal on corporate profits)

7) You think Lady Gaga is a woman. (It’s a hermaphrodite)

8) You only speak English and you’re proud of it. (Speaking more then one language helps you see past the symbolism of English and the alphabet system)

9) You think Al Qaeda is real and carried out 9/11. (It was Mossad with help from neocons)

10) You believe the Haitian earthquake was a natural disaster. (Nope HAARP tectonic weapon warning Chavez and Venezuela to back down)

11) You think the levies were destroyed by flood water during Katrina. (They were blown. I’ve seen the bomb residue up close and personal)

12) You consume sugar substitutes and think they’re harmless. (They cause cancer and they tell you they cause cancer but I guess we think it only happens to labrats. We’re the labrats now.)

13) You believe recent climate change is because of carbon emissions. (Nope chemtrails and HAARP)

14) You think America is a democracy or a republic. (Inverted totalitarianism or totalitarian democracy or friendly fascism or corporatism or plutocracy or kakistocracy. You pick.)

15) You think Alex Jones is a freedom fighter. (His wife is Jewish and he’s funded by them as well.)

16) You think that you control your own thoughts. (They are given to you by the media.)

17) You think chemtrails are contrails. (It’s barium and aluminal to numb you to your enslavement, not to protect us from space radiation or the global warming fraud)

18) You think high fructose corn syrup can be broken down in the body like sucrose or glucose. (It clogs your veins and arteries just like cholesterol)

19) You think vaccines and flu shots protect your from disease. (They destroy your ability to defend against disease and plant a virus backdoor that can be exploited later by another engineered disease)

20) You think AIDS is a real disease. (Complete myth it’s the drugs they give you after falsely diagnosing you HIV positive that kill you)

21) You think the earth is overpopulated. (We have more than enough of everything for more than twice the earth’s inhabitants and then some)

22) You think fossil fuels can be depleted. (Even completely dried up oil fields refill in a matter of decades, some even less time. Media refuses to show you the pictures but I’ve seen them)

23) You think your government can be reformed without violent revolution. (Only money and force influences government now. Anything else is wasting your time.)

24) You think a good god is responsible for major religions. (Lucifer invented all religions)

25) You think tv and movies don’t change your brainwave patterns. (They turn you into a zombie without you knowing it)

26) You believe public education teaches children to think for themselves. (It’s indoctrination for slave labor)

27) You think professional sports is important. (Bread and circus while they rob you.)

28) You think all “natural” food means it’s good for you. (It’s still full of poison most times)

29) You believe in evolution. (We are pulled into this world via bad karma by Lucifer to be its servant and his children are the Jews)

30) You think the Holocaust happened just like they say. (There was no organized effort to kill European Jews and the death camps are a proven fraud)

31) You think Ron Paul wants to audit or eliminate the Federal Reserve. (He’s part of New World Order and even does their secret Freemason handshakes and signs)

32) You think the next president won’t be Sarah Palin. (She’s a shoe-in since last one was Democrat)

33) You think karma only affects those who believe in it.  (It affects every living creature regardless of your beliefs)

34) You think Jon Stewart is your friend. (He’s complicit in the Jewish conspiracy just like Matt Groening and Seth MacFarlane)

35) You think that the elite are heterosexuals. (They’re pedophiles who rape and sacrifice children for the power to keep us in their control.)

36) You don’t know the NFL and NBA are owned by mostly Jews and crypto-Jews.

37) You don’t know that all presidents even until today are blood relatives.

38) Sorry Natalie Portman knows all about this.

39) You believe when trees falls and no one is around that they still make a sound. (They don’t unless it is perceived by something living)

40) You think time is real because your body ages and clocks say time is passing. (There is no spoon.)

41) You think that you exist separately from others as an individual. (One consciousness. One mind. One God)

42) You think anti-depressants work as advertised. (They destroy the liver and cause psychosis)

43) You don’t think that anything disastrous will happen on 9/11/11 or 11/11/11.

44) You think Satan and Lucifer are the same thing. (Satan is the mythical opposite of God. Lucifer is the real deal)

45) You think that the god that created light in Genesis is a good God even though Lucifer means the light-bearer.

46) Even though European Jews have been removed from over 100 countries throughout history you still think it’s because people hate them for no good reason. (They are parasites who practice usury, destroy their host and find the next victim which is China right now)

47) You think you will see your loved ones again. (There is only one, not ones)

48) You think Jesus was real and divine. (Jesus means Jew-Zeus. Nothing more)

49) You believe what your parents tell you. (They’re deceived too)

50) You think a good God creates a brand new soul for your child via conception. (There is only one. Conception conceals a piece of God in a physical body in this 3D realm)

If you are guilty of believing in half or more of these hoaxes, social engineering and depopulation techniques then you are lost. There is nothing anyone can do to help you besides yourself. You will die and be reincarnated right back in this world or some lower realm and your suffering will continue until you wake up. Don’t believe me. Reality does not require your consent. You will believe or you will die.

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