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What Is American Culture?

March 16, 2017

What is American culture?

Well let’s just make a list:


White supremacy masked as Christianity








Media brainwashing and propaganda

Toxins in food (GMO and additives), water (fluoride, lead) and air (chemtrails)

Prescription painkiller addiction

Degradation of women

Feminism which is misandry and destruction of the family

Taxation without representation

Religious brainwashing

Vaccination to destroy children

Sugar poisoning

Poor body self-image

Prison industrial complex

Military industrial complex

Gay agenda

DNA manipulation

Central Banking fiat currency with no gold backing

And people are proud of this?!?!?!?! U!!!! S!!!!! A!!!!! Whatever……we’re doomed because Satan always loses. Apparently they don’t teach that part in catechism.


How Jews Ruined Your Life

April 4, 2015

Jews expelled from over 100 countries in Europe for usury.

Christopher Columbus the Jew comes to America with financial aid of Jews King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Slaughters indigenous peoples.

Jews start Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Jews get Lincoln to end slavery to keep their US Corporation intact as military base for future Israel.

Jews assassinate Lincoln for trying to use greenbacks free of charge instead of debt dollars.

Jews start civil rights movement using blacks as a front for their agenda.

Jews use a Hitler trick and get flourinated water approved by bribing FDA.

Jews (Steinem and Freidan) start the feminist movement  well funded to destabilize the family institution and create single female consumers.

Jews create Federal Reserve in 1913 and begin charging Americans to print our own money, a violation of the Constitution.

Jews fake the Holocaust at the end of WWII using Stanley Kubrick as director of staged footage.

Freud and Kinsey tell us we’re all sexual psychos who want to have sex with our parents, which is really them.

Jews consolidate media through sayanim infiltration and self-promotion by excluding Gentiles.

The New Atheist movement started. The new God becomes money through consumerism and manufactured needs. Women targeted.

Jews takeover legal system and overturn all sodomy laws. NAMBLA created by a Jew.

Jews own the porn industry and use internet to spread it everywhere creating rampant masturbation.

Jews promote filth on TV and Hollywood. Thugs and metrosexuals replace real man.

Men made to appear as violent and oppressive while Obama pushes the Jewish gay agenda and Biden the feminist agenda.

Gays replace blacks as front for civil rights.

Gay marriage promoted by Jews.

Jews control interest rates (Alan Greenspan) and purposefully destroy the American dollar.

Jews capitalize on resulting crime by trading prison stocks on Wall Street making more billions.

Jews create political correctness and identity politics to further fracture families and friendships.

Jews takeover NBA (working on NFL) to keep Americans distracted and give them outlet for anger Roman gladiator style.

Jews take over pharmaceuticals and start selling us toxic medications that don’t work.

Jews takeover Monsanto and start selling us GMO toxic food.

Jews takeover military and get them to start dropping toxic chemtrails on us.

Jews did 9/11 to start War on Islam.

Jews get Congress to leave borders open to promote race-mixing and drive down wages.

Jews fake shootings starting with Gabby Giffords to get Americans’ guns and overturn Second Amendment.

Jews get US military to invade Afghanistan to steal the opium to keep Americans drugged on prescription painkillers.

AND HERE WE ARE……..ALMOST DEAD…….STUPID……..The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was real.




33 Things I Would Do If I Ruled The World……..

May 27, 2013

1) Disband the state of Israel

2) Outlaw royalty and secret societies under penalty of death.

3) Outlaw chem-trailing and other forms of geo-engineering like HAARP.

4) Outlaw wireless wiretapping.

5) Legalize all drugs and prostitution.

6) End the Fed and allow the government to print greenbacks for free.

7) Impeach the president and vice-president, arrest all former living presidents and vice-presidents for crimes against humanity and try them at the ICC.

8) Remove fluoride from all drinking water.

9) Remove control of the media from Jewish hands.

10) Ban brainwashing music that fuels violence and crime for the prison industrial complex.

11) Eliminate the prison industrial complex and prison stocks.

12) Revert to organic foods for everyone.

13) Disband Monsanto, Goldman-Sachs, the IRS, the FBI and the CIA.

14) Remove all Supreme Court Justices and all Congressmen from office and try them for crimes against humanity.

15) Forbid lobbying and ban special interest groups from Washington DC.

16) Make it a punishable crime for police to racially profile.

17) Create a living wage at 10 dollars per hour.

18) In-source jobs back to America from India and China.

19) Revamp public education so the truth is taught instead of historical revisionism.

20) Make Malcolm X birthday a national holiday as well.

21) End the federal income tax since it is voluntary anyway but Americans don’t know or are afraid of IRS.

22) Rename Reality TV to Fictional TV since that’s what it really is.

23) Ban antidepressants until long term testing can be completed.

24) Ban microwaves and teflon.

25) Ban vaccines. (They cause autism in children)

26) Ban chemical food additives until a long term study could be completed.

27) Redesign cell phones so that they don’t bake your brain.

28) End fracking.

29) Mandate gas mileage minimum to 50 mpg.

30) Ban high fructose corn syrup, sugar substitutes (besides xylitol and erythritol)  and trans fats. (Watch diabetes disappear).

31) Track down Mossad for the murder of 3000 Americans on 9/11.

32) Eliminate soft money and political contributions over 1000 bucks.

33) Arrest all doctors (removing their license) and lawyers (disbarring them) that have violated their oaths.


Prison Labor Booms in US as Low-cost Inmates Bring Billions

December 10, 2012

Why Blacks Should Vote For Romney

November 2, 2012

Make no mistake about it…..the electoral system in this country, including the electoral college, is a complete sham. There is no reason at all to vote other than, intentionally or otherwise, to lend credence to this phony status quo whereby Americans pretend that pushing a button for one of two corporate career politicians actually represents democracy. No one should vote at all. No one….period. Then the people would at least get the attention of the elite behind the curtain with a demonstration of unity.

The last four years under Obama has been pure hell for black folk. We fallen behind further and further in every facet of American life. Our incomes are down. Prison incarceration is up. Dropouts are on the rise. Single moms are on the rise still. Now the media is promoting interracial relationships to delete the gene pool and destroy the one remaining thing  that can unite people against a common enemy: race. You saw a good example of it with the Tea Party. They weren’t united for America or freedom or anything positive. They were just united against the nigger in their precious White House.

This anger from conservatives trickles down into every walk of life for blacks from an angry white man in traffic to your boss being overly critical of you for no good reason. I want Romney in the White House. Give the white man his White House back. We are taking too much abuse at the hands of angry racists who think Obama actually has the power to make decisions. They don’t understand that white men, including European Jews, have destroyed them…..not a single blackface puppet playing his role as CEO of the America Corporation. White males need to vent and project and black males are and always have been the recipient of that aggression. These racists never take a look at who is really pulling the strings because they’d rather be screwed over by another white man than a “mongrel” like Obama. He not only represents black males in general but also Arabs and interracial relationships in their eyes with a white mother and black father.

Since who is in the White House changes nothing and Americans are determined to choose one of these losers blacks should vote strategically. Obama will not help us. He’s one of them. All he did was slap us in the face and every time we go back for more like an abused puppy. When will we learn? Never. The history of racism against blacks go back too far and too deep. The majority of blacks will always support a black Democrat no matter what and Democrats know that since Republicans are viewed as the party of the KKK and lynching. If anything Obama has been lynching blacks for the past four years and we honor him for it just because he has a phony magnetic personality and speaks to us like a gospel preacher. We go for all style and no substance.

I’m not saying that Romney would benefit blacks at all. I’m saying it would be a symbol to the white man that everything is going to be ok now so they can calm down and stop venting their hatred on us in harmful ways on a daily basis through job discrimination, racial profiling and the like. Four more years of Obama and we literally might be back in chains. Forget the mental ones that most of us carry around all day like a badge of honor. Remind me to renew my passport.


The Real Reasons Behind Marijuana Prohibition

January 14, 2012

So many supporters of the legalization of marijuana think that they can appeal to some non-existent moral logic of the powers that be and eventually sway them to legalize marijuana. They think that once they see the tremendous amount of wasted money and ridiculous incarceration in the War on Drugs that they will somehow realize the error of their ways and do the right thing. Listen folks. America is 100% about doing the wrong thing because doing the wrong thing always results in greater profits. That will continue for the foreseeable future. Evil doesn’t just wake up one day and regret everything it has done.

The War on Drugs may cost us a heap but it doesn’t cost the government a thing. In fact the elite make gobs of dough just the way it is. We hire more police and we pay for it. They throw people into jail and prison who work free for major corporations. The prison stocks are traded on the stock exchanges. Mo money. The big banks launder billions of dollars of drug money every year. That’s pure profit for the elite and for the military that protects their interests, foolishly believing themselves to be patriotic while promoting their own enslavement. No one cares about your stupid logical argument fellow tokers. Amorality overrides logic. Logic is not even part of the equation. If marijuana is ever legalized it will be because the elite want it legalized because they are making more money from doing it than not. Nothing will change until then. Nothing. So keep making your logical arguments that assume political beneficence and observe them being continuously ignored until the elite choose to pretend to care and then legalize pot for other malevolent reasons.

At first the argument against legalized pot played on the sexual insecurities of white males. The newspapers would run ads claiming that blacks jazz musicians wanted to get your white daughters high so they could bang them or gang rapte them or whatever. Now take a step back. If that was the real reason then why would the elite Jews that own and control Hollywood now be promoting interracial everything (except for themselves) on TV? That was not the reason that pot was outlawed. Amongst other things pot was made illegal because alcohol was made legal. They both cannot be legal at the same time. Otherwise the elite lose money until their global government is completely in place and announced to the entire world.

Another argument that NORML and other have used is that legalization continues to fail because the government cannot regulate the manufacturing. In other words people can grow their own weed a lot easier than they can make moonshine so the government chose to outlaw the one that is easiest for people to do. On the surface it seems to make sense. Underneath it’s just more bullshit. If the government started regulation to production and sale of marijuana they would put drug dealers out of business in a week. There are already government facilities all over the country that grow super weed in controlled greenhouses for people who have medical marijuana prescriptions. There is a major one in Raleigh, North Carolina. This is a strawman argument. They already regular tobacco and spike it with poison. How much harder could it be to add marijuana to the list? The government says they cannot control the production because they are not willing to try en masse yet, even though they are secretly doing it already on a smaller scale across the country.

The other major argument against legalization is that marijuana is a gateway drug, meaning that people who smoke will eventually end up on harder drugs. That is completely inaccurate and illogical but the government doesn’t care as long as Christians believe marijuana to be some devil weed. What is there problem with something that God created? The statistics clearly demonstrate that people who smoke do not normally graduate to harder drugs. I smoke myself and I’ve never even considered doing any harder, except for an occasional roll when I can find quality stuff. How could smoking pot make you want to do meth or heroine or LSD? It’s so stupid on so many levels but mainly biological. For one thing marijuana is not physically addictive. It is psychologically addictive to those who smoke a lot but who is that hurting. A study was released the other day that proved that moderate smoking poses no threat to your health at all over time.

We already knew that but the media reporting it means that the elite are getting close to legalizing it for their own benefit.

So what is the real reason that marijuana is still illegal in 2012? It’s two reasons that are really the same reason. Marijuana and hemp are healthy for us and actually benefit mankind by allowing us to get in touch with out spiritual side. The elite are non-spiritual beings who have been limited by “The ALL” to the lower three chakras. They cannot acccess the fourth or heart chakra or any other the other three above that. They have to make themselves gods here because they cannot leave. They have chosen to reject God and never ascend and return to the ALL.That is their choice to make but they are attempting to also make the choice for mankind because without a kingdom they cannot be kings.

The other half of the same reason is that alcohol is extremely unhealthy. That’s why the media keeps telling us how healthy it is to have a drink or two every day. They know most people will not stop at one or two. Alcohol destroys your liver and over time cause cirrhosis. These health issues cost Americans hundreds of millions of dollars per year and it’s more profit for the health insurance industry. Alcohol dulls your senses instead of stimulating them and that is what they want, an anesthetized  populace. Alcohol also makes many people violent. They don’t care about drunk drivers killing anyone. They already know the cell phone drivers kill far more people than drunk drivers because they are on the road all day long instead of primarily at night. Everyone has a cell phone. In other words alcohol is still legal because it kills us and controls us while marijuana does the exact opposite. They want us to suffer and they want to make a profit at the same time. It’s that simple. Their intentions are evil because they are Satanic. Try reasoning with Satan and see how far you get.


How European Jewish Elites PERMANENTLY Destroyed The Black Race

July 2, 2011

Black people in this country have been systemically destroyed by Jewish supremacy. They always get us first and then white Gentiles second. Most of us blame whitey for our problems, if not ourselves, and there are plenty of whites who hate or resent blacks and will do everything in their power to prevent our quality of life and independence. Those whites are also victims of Jewish supremacy because they see blacks or other nonwhites as their enemies when in fact they have been brainwashed by the Jewish media just like blacks to believe everyone is their enemy except for Jews or Israel. There is one and only one common enemy to all of mankind and it is the Jewish elite who own and run the international banking cartel that has each and every one of us enslaved to it in perpetual debt servitude.

How did they do it? Well it wasn’t easy and it took some time but they are a patient bunch if nothing else. Blacks have been the major Jewish tool of exploitation ever since our arrival on slave ships in America, those who didn’t die fleeing in Africa or from sickness during the voyage and were dumped overboard. Who financed the ships that brought us here? European Jews. There would have been no TransAtlantic Slave Trade, or at least a much smaller version of it, without Jews as the financial backers. By the way Columbus was a Jew too.

The first thing Jews had to do was destroy the black family and all of our African traditions. By lynching black men, splitting up the slave families, raping black women, etc. Jews (of course they paid whites to do most of the dirty work for them) were able to make black males appear as less than men. We are still in that condition as a whole today with the Jewish promotion of black men being on the “down low”, prison rape and the gay agenda wholeheartedly espoused by Obama who I believe is gay himself. Willie Lynch was the blueprint and it worked. It is ironic that although black men have been almost completely emasculated by this plot that black women are still largely attracted only to black men sexually even though they simultaneously hate us for our infidelities. Black men have succumbed, myself included, to the Jewish media’s recent promotion of interracial relationships to dilute the gene pool and make us all easier to control. Black men are portrayed as being either gay (Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence in drag) or after white women (Lamar Odom, Ice T, etc), despite the fact that the vast majority of black men are straight and date only black women. I would never date a black woman or a white woman anymore but sex and dating are not the same thing.

Most Americans don’t know this but the concept of using race as a tool of social stratification began in Virginia less than two hundred years ago. The Jewish elite basically offered the white working class a plea bargain. If whites would cease their alliance with blacks and building unions in exchange whites would receive white privilege. Whites took the bait and accepted their higher rank based on skin color and America has never looked back. If it after this betrayal that the worst racial atrocities occurred including lynching, Jim Crow, church bombings and the like. It was a trick of course and the Jewish elite still have whites and most blacks fooled today.

Feminism was started by and promoted by Jews. We all know about Betty Freidan and Gloria Steinem……both Jews. Feminism didn’t free women from male oppression. It just told them to ignore their feminine instincts and to emulate men. It was never intended to give women a choice in anything. It was designed to make woman the equal of man by legally destroying gender norms and roles. Now the single mother rate in the black community is over 70%. Black men are many times unable to provide for their families while black women are getting college degrees and corporate jobs that pay well. The black male is hence further emasculated worsening an already bad situation. Before feminism women were forced to stay home and raise kids by social stigma. Now under feminism women are forced to get a job and raise kids without a husband by social stigma. If you act like a woman who needs a man you are viewed by feminists as weak and backwards. Sickening…….Men and women complement each other. We don’t replace each other. Feminists knew what they were doing when they presented women with the alternative of another false choice. Women took the bait.

From the time Africans were sold into slavery or simply stolen from Africa Jews have hooked blacks on Christianity, a Jewish plagiarized myth. Each generation of blacks forced each successive generation to believe the hymie and now the black race is a bunch of Jesus freaks who fear “God’s chosen people” even though no one in the entire Bible of lies is even European. Do the names “Matthew”, “Mark”, “Luke” and “John” sound like Hebrew names to you? Of course not. They sound like the Beverly Hillbillies or Beverly Hills 90210. The word “Jew” never appears in the Bible because it was written and corrupted by the Jews before that word even came into use by the Jews. Now Christian blacks live in fear of hell after death for not obeying the Gentile mitzvoth of the Bible including homophobia and forbidden fornication nonsense. Then they give us phony black leaders who tell us to forgive our enemies and turn the other cheek and we obey like Jesus freaks. Forgive not seven times but seven times seventy the good book says. Of course this was even further ensconced into blacks with the Holocaust fallacy taught in public miseducation at the end of WWII and even to this day. We are taught that non-Jews are bad and Jews are good, no matter what their actions are because God simply likes them better. What a fucking ridiculous notion but repetition eventually overcomes the common senses of most men. Everything on TV and in Hollywood re-inforces the holohoax lies. The Nation of Islam would have us believe their religion is different but it’s another Jew religion. They all are including Buddhism and Hinduism.

Let’s dig even deeper. Jews convinced blacks that voting is a privilege that can change things when in fact every so-called right that is ever granted to blacks is gutted of any efficacy before doing so. Joel Spingarn is the Jew that started the NAACP to distract whites from Jewish infiltration. It worked and it’s still working. Jews are behind the eugenics movement that sterilizes black females without them even knowing. These organizations were eventually banned during the 60’s and 70’s but re-emerged after their rebranding under the same Jewish management, including Margaret Sanger, as Planned Parenthood. You go in for counseling and you come out impotent. Nice huh? Maybe they’ll get drive-thru service soon too?

What blacks don’t understand is that the damage done to us collectively is generational and cumulative. It doesn’t go away because you didn’t experience it yourself. It is passed on genetically and spiritually to the offspring, although they have a hard time putting a finger on it for obvious reasons. They are never told or taught the truth. Now the prison industrial complex is a multi-billion dollar booming business using blacks for free labor…..again! Slavery ain’t over. It just changed from overt to covert. If black women can’t find a good black man then maybe they should start looking in jails and prisons. That’s where many of us are. If that wasn’t enough now the state can legally seize your children when you are unable to take care of them. The fathers can be jailed for not paying child support, as if they will make any money while incarcerated. It is no longer even denied that crack cocaine was dumped into the black community by the CIA. They admit it. Our response? Nothing.

Our children continue to suffer at the hands of the public mis-education system of indoctrination that ignores black and African contributions to history which dwindle those of all other races. Our children are put into remedial classes and held back grades. They are hooked on to drugs like Ritalin that further stunt their growth and ability to learn. Jews are masters of inventing conditions like ADD/ADHD that do not really exist and then making a poisonous drug to treat the phony condition. That’s all AIDS is. AIDS doesn’t kill you because it’s not real but the drugs they give you to treat AIDS are real. They are toxic and have never failed to kill anyone taking them as prescribed. How do healthy people get diagnosed with HIV? Blacks have a higher concentration in our blood of the chemical used to return positive on the HIV test. This is eugenics all over again but one again it is now covert instead of overt.

Everything that is toxic in our air, food and water supply is in higher concentrations in black neighborhoods. That includes fluoride, lead, manganese in drinking water (which makes you angry), chemtrails, mercury and the list goes on. Why do you think fast food restaurants are always open 24/7 in black neighborhoods but never in white neighborhoods? We get poison 24/7. That’s efficient genocide.

The media has successfully portrayed all black women as angry, crazy and violent. They are portrayed as golddiggers who really hate black men but use them for their sperm and then chase white men for the money. This has actually become largely true thanks to the Jewish media and BET. Money worship and prosperity gospel are the order of the day in black America. Get rich or die tryin’. Black women worship money so intensely that I have seen some actually have an orgasm from simply being in the presence of it. That is a sickness that only God could cure.

So while all of this Jewish carnage is going on what do most black men do who are not in prison or jail? We watch sports and play video games to escape from what we perceive as irreparable damage to our people. We are probably correct but that is not reason to capitulate to evil. When you do so you damn yourself to the same fate as your Jewish oppressors. I’m starting to believe one part from the Jewish Bible and that is the curse of Ham. We sure as hell are a cursed people who refuse to unite about anything like other races do. We are damned. In fact we are Goddamned!!!

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