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Tom Meyer: Impeach the President

October 22, 2017


Black Leaders Are Funded By Jews (Satan)

October 1, 2017


What Is American Culture?

March 16, 2017

What is American culture?

Well let’s just make a list:


White supremacy masked as Christianity








Media brainwashing and propaganda

Toxins in food (GMO and additives), water (fluoride, lead) and air (chemtrails)

Prescription painkiller addiction

Degradation of women

Feminism which is misandry and destruction of the family

Taxation without representation

Religious brainwashing

Vaccination to destroy children

Sugar poisoning

Poor body self-image

Prison industrial complex

Military industrial complex

Gay agenda

DNA manipulation

Central Banking fiat currency with no gold backing

And people are proud of this?!?!?!?! U!!!! S!!!!! A!!!!! Whatever……we’re doomed because Satan always loses. Apparently they don’t teach that part in catechism.


Trump Will Bring Back Chattel Slavery

March 4, 2017

The new “GET OUT” movie directed and produced by Jordan Peele means black people need to get out of country. The Wall will keep blacks from escaping south as opposed to north like before. The slavery movies are preparing whites with predictive programming to support it. FEMA camps have been ready for a long time with plenty of body bags and coffins. Whites need our dark melanin and they are tired of paying $600 an ounce on the “black” market after stealing it from aborted fetuses and corpses at the morgue. Yes they harvest organs from your dead loved ones and then send the rest to the funeral for show.

If you’re into pop culture and paying attention to the distractions you will never see them coming. That means the Beyonce fans, Nicki Minaj fans and the rest. You are going to perish….and rightfully so. Those two clowns will be performing at your official re-enslavement ceremony free as a bird and with corporate sponsors. You will never see the “whites” of their eyes. This entire existence has us in a temporal loop and we don’t recognize it because we don’t study enough history to see how it is repeating artificially instead of the natural cycles of nature and soul growth.

The Emancipation did not free slaves. That’s an outright lie. Emancipation in Blacks Law dictionary tells you it is a transfer of property. The “elite” use only the etymon not the colloquial meaning. Blacks were transferred from southern plantation Jewish slave-masters to the federal government which then was taken over by Jews after they killed Lincoln for trying to print greenbacks instead of their dollars. Lincoln was actually a Melungeon Jew himself and was very sympathetic to Jews but the Ashkhenezim wanted the currency so they don’t mind offing their own if they have to. Black is a legal status of slave. Never select black of African American on anything. Always choose native American or white. We are prisoners of war people. Britain invaded, stole everything, committed genocide against red and black natives and then invited the rest of Europe to come get their white privilege here in our Land.

The objective truth is that ALL whites are illegal aliens as we have not naturalized them to our land but anything we do has to be as a unit and I can see we are too divided so it will NEVER happen with so many sellouts and white lovers among us. Why do you think cops get away with killing us when we are supposed protected by the Constitution? Because we are NOT. The Constitution is null and void. Obama cancelled the entire thing with executive orders. There is no habeas corpus anymore. Politicians are actors. They are pretending that what I am saying is not true. Besides no one besides King George and Founding Fathers were party to the Constitution so it only applies to them……..high level Freemasons. It doesn’t even apply to the average white person either. Their skin privilege has been destroyed to make us all the same……….SLAVES……. Wake up…..and get out!!!!!!!!!

Fact check anything you want. Trump and the HBCU crowd? Come on….Those are the future house Negroes who will be in charge of keeping the black masses in perpetual lockdown. If you refuse to make money your god (like me) the Matrix is going to come for you. Be afraid….and then take action with that energy. Paralysis never changes anything.


Mars Conjunct Uranus in Aries!!!! Somebody is going DOWN!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!

February 24, 2017

Oh yeah!!!! Let’s call Mars anger, Uranus chaos and Aries the self. I think you can see where this is going. Someone with a huge Ego is going down in the public sphere!!!! HARD!!!!!! in the next few days!!!!!!


I’m thinking Podesta the Molesta and Pizzagate on this one.



US Population Approaching Skull and Bones 322 Million

September 22, 2015

Here the Freemasonic Skull and Bones nutjobs go again. What are the odds the so-called “US population” would or could be approaching 322 million right when the IMF is supposed to announce a new world reserve currency replacing the dollar?

Don’t believe me? Check for yourself:


skull and bones

They’re probably lying about the population but they want their precious 322 to give them power:

-3 to the power of 2=9 +2=11.
-Genesis 3:22 (knowledge of good and evil, ye shall be as gods, lucifer).
-3/22, or March 22, is on or near the spring equinox.
-In numerology, the BBC is 223, a hidden 322.
-Sol-Om-On=3-2-2 (Sol=Sun, Om=mysticism, On=Heliopolis, the ancient Egyptian city of sun worship).
-U.S. Route 322 begins at Millionaire’s Row on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio, which runs through the City of Euclid (as in Euclidian geometry). John D. Rockefeller lived there from 1868 to 1884. The last stop on Euclid Avenue is Willoughby (a Twilight Zone episode). U.S. Route 322 extends to Atlantic City, New Jersey, home of mob wars and gambling casinos.
– 322 is the code for cancer in the medical record of diseases.
-In numerology, 322=2 × 161, 1+6+1=8, 8=the sun worshipper’s number, so 322=88. 88=racists’ code for white power.
– 322=(107 × 3)+1, 1+0+7=8, so 322=888 +1 (satan). 888=triple sun worshipper’s number.
– 322 = 2 × 7 × 23 (7 and 23 are prime numbers favoured in the occult).
– 3 to the power of 2 =9 x 2 =18 =6+6+6 =666.
-Plimpton 322 is a Babylonian tablet (c.1800 B.C.) containing the Pythagorean theorem (a2+b2=c2) prior to Pythagoras. In 2011, a film was released called Plimpton 322: The Ancient Roots of Modern Mathematics.

End is near folks. It always has been. No one took your rights away. They can’t. We gave them away. We left the fox in charge of the henhouse.


Why The Holohoax Is So Effective On Whites

July 19, 2015

It’s very frustrating in the “truth movement” or at least the small part of it that hasn’t been compromised by Jewish infiltration, to see people who still believe Hitler had an orchestrated agenda to mass exterminate the Jews and no one else in Germany at the end of WWII. It is a true testament to the power of the Big Lie. Once people get a thought form hammered into their brains, especially at a young age, not even science or a mass consciousness awakening can help many of them. They are stuck that way for the rest of their deluded lives. I feel bad for people that live in an alternate reality where Hitler was the worst man who ever lived. Personally I’m pretty sure that’s Henry Kissinger.

Anyway by the time Stanley Kubrick had faked the black and white footage of ditches of Jewish bodies that were really just Polish bodies, the mindset of fear of genetic annihilation was already being established in line with the Protocols of Zion, the Jewish elite document outlining the destruction of mankind and creation of global slavery. The Federal Reserve had already been commandeered and so Americans were already chasing their stupid dream which was nothing but a Jewish dream and American nightmare. Soon after the Second War began the indoctrination into sympathy for Jews and the so-called “survivors”. Forget the other millions upon millions of all races that died. Forget the Jews that actually served Hitler. Only the Jews matter or so it is framed historically. Then lie that Jews are God’s chosen people to buttress the other lies and it appears that Jews deserve to be rich because Hitler killed them all. Wrong. Didn’t happen. They lied. Less than 1.5 million Jews from the Holocaust. There were never even six million Jews in Europe at that time so how can you kill more than are alive. Lies. Even today the Jews control the NEA and keep printing textbooks with the six million figure even though the Holocaust Memorial has been modified to 1.5 million.

Now that whites had been terrified at the Phonycaust, they started thinking to themselves the same thing could happen to them, except through race-mixing. The Jewish elite refused to repatriate the ex-slaves back to Africa because he knew he needed them to racially dilute European Gentiles and that is why blacks are still in America today. We have been a tool since slavery and still are to this very day. Now you see all the racial incidents in the media and all the race-mixing on TV and the internet. They are fomenting racial hatred using the white fear of being racially annihilated. Whites already only exist in large numbers in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. They have a genetic fear of annihilation just like albinos in the animal kingdom but whites haven’t realized it until now. Jews are using that fear and magnifying it by tying it back the Holohoax. Whites are never the wiser.

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