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What Is American Culture?

March 16, 2017

What is American culture?

Well let’s just make a list:


White supremacy masked as Christianity








Media brainwashing and propaganda

Toxins in food (GMO and additives), water (fluoride, lead) and air (chemtrails)

Prescription painkiller addiction

Degradation of women

Feminism which is misandry and destruction of the family

Taxation without representation

Religious brainwashing

Vaccination to destroy children

Sugar poisoning

Poor body self-image

Prison industrial complex

Military industrial complex

Gay agenda

DNA manipulation

Central Banking fiat currency with no gold backing

And people are proud of this?!?!?!?! U!!!! S!!!!! A!!!!! Whatever……we’re doomed because Satan always loses. Apparently they don’t teach that part in catechism.


Thinking Outside of the Box: Why Is Everything Square?

February 27, 2017

Ever notice how almost nothing in nature is perfectly square or even perfectly round except for the Sun and the Moon? Nature  has a certain random appearance to the physical eye and in that exists the beauty of it but nature follows patterns. Some call it the Fibonacci sequence but only those of higher awareness notice it. Now go into any city in America and take a look around. What shapes do you see? There will be plenty of corporate logos using symbols that tap our subconscious for marketing purposes but the majority of everything is shaped in squares? Why?

Squares are 90 degrees. 9 is the number of return.

9×1=9 9×2=18=1+8=9 9×3=27=2+7=9  and so on……..

That means it keeps you locked down into current paradigm energetically. So how about 180 degrees. Once again 180=18=1+8=9. The same happens with 270 degrees and even 45 degrees. The square always has you making right and left turns trying to get somewhere. There is no continuity of purpose to it. It is just a reaction minus any intuition.

So how do we break out of the cycle of 9’s or is it even possible? Well anyone you can think of is possible just by the very fact that you thought about it. So the question then is reduced to how? Are there several techniques that must be combined like fasting, meditation, etc.? Are there rituals that we can do at certain times to certain gods and goddesses (that actually reside within the consciousness of all melanated people).

Let’s look at the circle now. We now have continuity. There are no hard angles and the path is a mystery not a formulaic calculation. We now talk about pi and radius/diameter. Pi is not random but it never repeats. Europeans still cannot figure it out. It is likened to a never-ending sea of experience within the consciousness of the Universe. In the center of the circle we have the triple dot black consciousness almost like an eye with that being the window to the Soul. Nature is all about cycles or circles. Sometimes they are ellipses or spirals but the fundamental nature is cyclical, not square or rigid or predictable. Why do you think people still refer to stiff people and nerds as squares? They cannot feel the natural ebb and flow of the Universe and God-consciousness. Their circles had been squared off. That is what happens when you have little or no dark melanin and your pineal gland has largely been calcified. That is Europeans. Afrikans have to round the square back to where we were as an ancient people by rejecting European culture, if you can even call it that. Their “culture” is hyper-materialism and nothing more.

Whites probably don’t do this consciously. It’s likely compulsive like most of their aberrant behavior in violation of Ma’at. Squares keep you locked down in the Matrix and cut off from the natural curves and shapes of nature. Why do you think black women and Latinas are so curvy and white women were not until they started mixing with Afrikan blood? As above so below. We don’t need to mix with Europeans to regain power. That would only corrupt our blood and make the situation worse like it is now. The only solution is to physically separate from whites on our own land. Otherwise it is too difficult to repair the damage to ourselves since we are under constant influence by them and monitoring by their paranoid schizophrenia.








Why Women Destroy Nations (all races and any nation)

February 25, 2016


Are White Women The Source Of The World’s Problems?

January 11, 2016

I love to come up with provocative topics. I’m given this one quite a bit of thought. I’ve always had a healthy interest in white women….well at least until a few years ago. I’m black by the way. I can remember in 3rd grade there was a white girl named Tammy Exum and I thought she was hot. Later in 5th grade there was a chick named Monica Maddux. I think she was Italian. Then later Lauren Jackson and Erica Wolff in high school. I was pretty much the only black in the advanced classes so I really had no selection of non-white women. My parents swore this was good for me. Whatever. They had no fucking idea. They always equated success with book learning and association with whites…… other words… Wrong…..wrong….wrong. My dad’s dead and my mom still doesn’t get it. Never will. Not in this life. Maybe no future ones either.

Anyway I started thinking about this when I realized that we all put white women on a pedestal. It’s not just white men that do it. We think of them as angels but then when you look at the porn industry and prostitution and stripping it’s 99% white women. Who walks around all day in tights with their tits hanging out? This obviously is real life contradictory evidence. White women are anything but angels unless Satan has some too. I believe white males and females have never properly bonded with each other and because of that there is a severe lack of trust between them. White men seem to view their women as property. Jewish feminism has largely undermined that legally so now the division is even worse. The white male reaction is violence…toward anyone and anything.

I cannot prove this but I believe this goes back to when the Nephilim fell from having sex with white women. They even ruined demi-gods. White men lost all trust in their women way back then. Now the Jewish media is promoting interracial relationships through media dominance and the trend is getting worse and worse. It seems that white women mostly use white men for money but when it comes to having a “good” time they almost always want to stray outside of their own race. This was there far before Jews took control of the media. It was happening during African slavery in America too. White women would sneak down to the slave shed at night or when their husbands were away and bang the hell out of those big bucks. That’s how they ended up with mulattos that were allowed in the house. White men know their women are whores but at the same time they struggle to maintain the obvious contradiction that they are somehow pure and chaste. Hog-fuckin-wash.

This damaged relationship between white men and women has made white men overly aggressive toward everyone. It has made them focus excessive on technology. This technology is destroying the world but its roots lie in them trying to prove that they are good enough for their white woman. White women don’t give a shit of course as long as they have money, food, clothes, shelter and a steady supply of prescription painkillers from Afghani opium but white men refuse to end this pointless pursuit. White women will never be loyal to anyone. They are only loyal to themselves. They recognize no God, soul or higher power. That includes the hippie chicks who pretend to be different just so they can get laid by dudes who are tired of the ones who don’t pretend. Remove the white woman from this equation and you would see a totally different white male and a totally different mankind. White female narcissism has infected the entire planet and it’s time someone called it out. I just did.


White Women Paying Karma for Perversion of Yoga

November 4, 2015

I hate yoga studios. It’s almost always a bunch of white women aged 20-45 who are bending their bodies into a bunch of postures called asanas. They think this is everything that there is to yoga because they get stress relief and then can go pick up some dude half their age as a MILF or cougar. “Yoga” as it is taught in America is just exercise. There is excessive talking in the studio. There is no meditation. It is just another big business to sell yoga mats and tights.


No one will deny that the asanas provide good exercise and good exercise provides stress relief but it divorces yoga from the other 99% of it which is spiritual in nature. Yoga means union because it seeks to re-unite us with the Divine. It is a 24/7 process, not an hour session twice a week. There is no break from it. It is a lifestyle and a form of spiritual technology. It is ancient and sacred and reducing it to this is sick.

serveimage (1)

White women and others who adopt this shallow practice will continue to pay karma for this sacrilege. Yoga does not belong to Indians or Hindus. It is universal and belongs to all of mankind but true yoga………not the Western bastardized perversion. There are even porn movies now with women doing asanas in their tights while performing sexually degenerate acts.



Thank A Veterinarian Instead Please…….Not A Mercenary.

November 11, 2014

If I see one more commercial thanking military vets for their service or one more person asks me to thank a vet I’m going to actually go smack a vet. First of all veterans and all paid military personnel are mercenaries for the elite. Their service and loyalty is to the elite and only the elite, not the average American. They do NOT protect freedom. They destroy it. When the mercenaries (because that’s what they are) return home they are treated like crap most of the time not only by the government but most of us as well. Walter Reed is a perfect example of such government negligence. I’m sure it’s happening all over the country.

Now enter karma. I am not God in this earthly lower form but I can tell you that karma is real and karma is universal. Many of these merciless mercenaries have it coming. I recently met an Iraq vet, I forget which tour, that killed a small child because he felt he had to do it. He wasn’t even ordered to do it. I asked him why he did it and he said the boy was a future terrorist. Surely each enlistee doesn’t have such an extreme horror story but just by signing your name on the dotted line of elitist treachery to steal, kill, rape, pillage and plunder you have made yourself complicit in their crimes. The unstated agenda of the US military is to kill and steal for the elite to keep them rich and richer while you get a measly paycheck and terrible benefits.

I know it sounds good to honor the vets and support the troops but in so doing you are honoring and supporting evil from the top down. Ironically when these men and women return home they get better care from a veterinarian than the actual doctors for humans. These people are war criminals plain and simple and that goes for Israel as well since most of our troops die for their malevolent causes. I would appreciate it if people would stop telling me to thank a vet as if I owe them something. Life in America has become shit and it’s largely because the military and the police keep enforcing illegal laws that continue to funnel huge loads of cash to the elite who don’t need it. They only want it because it means we don’t have it. Then they accuse us of not spending money to fuel the economy? Really?

So I propose that we DO thank a vet……..just make it a veterinarian. They don’t go kill innocent animals for a paycheck. They actually save animal lives. Clearly the animals in our military do not deserve saving. They have sold their very humanity for Federal Reserve debt notes. Karma must be paid.


Americans Are Mostly Mercenaries and Treasoners

July 19, 2014

What is a mercenary? Someone who takes money usually to perform some immoral task who distances themselves from any emotional involvement. What is the American federal tax system? It is a way for the government to steal income from workers and then use that money to perform immoral and illegal acts of violence against other countries and their inhabitants. We dare call it the Department of Defense when it is really a Department of Offense.

What is treason? The offense of acting to overthrow one’s own government according to Webster and similarly for the Constitution. The Declaration of Independence, however, states the following:

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

So which is it? The answer is the second one…..the Right to Revolution. Treason is defined absent any moral compass. It basically says that if the US is evil and you try do good by stopping your government from doing evil that you have committed treason. It basically assumes that anyone against the US is evil, when in fact we know the truth to be the complete opposite. The only way America could be considered good is if we completely reverse the definition of good and evil. The Jewish media is good at doing that.

So Americans are basically mercenaries from a job and tax sense. Most of us are hired by corporations to earn barely enough to live on and provide our services while the Federal government parasites off of us with illegal taxes to conquer the world at the behest of Israel and the global elite. Isn’t that why Americans fought the British in the first place? We are right back in the same mess because we never really won the first time. Jewish financiers won because they financed both sides of all major conflicts and then force the winner to pay the debts of the vanquished. Get it? They don’t teach it in public school……..the truth that is. The military and police willingly take their jobs to murder, torture and enslave the people for a small paycheck or a sign-up bonus so their treason is that much more egregious because they lie to themselves that they are doing good.

So are Americans treasoners? I would argue yes. It is not only the right of the people to abolish abusive government but a duty. Americans believe voting effectively addresses the ills of society with a two-party system. That is insane. That has never worked in the history of mankind because it cannot work. Voting legitimizes the corrupt system that Americans refuse to believe is un-salvageable. That means voters are complicit in keeping two corporate political parties in power so they can keep taking bribes and kickbacks as career politicians to promote the agenda of the global elite. Voters are complicit in these crimes against humanity and hence also guilty of treason.

The only ones who do not fall into this category are tax resistors and those who never vote. Americans fear the IRS will audit them and throw in jail. The federal government is soon going to do much worse than that to you. We fear being fined or going to prison like Wesley Snipes or Lauryn Hill, who were merely scapegoats used to continue the ruse that taxing wage labor is legal. In other words we are cowards who claim to be patriots when in fact we cringe like scared kittens when we need to stand up to unjust authority. Voting makes us believe we are doing the right thing and then we lambast the nonvoters and tell them they have no voice. The only ones with no voice are the voiceless voters who falsely believe that two corporate parties operate independently of each other when in reality they both serve the corporate elite.

There you have it. Most Americans are treasonous mercenaries who don’t even realize it. You’ve been bought with phony, funny money and your soul sold to Satan compliments of Israel. Good luck in the afterlife when you have to explain this to God and karmically atone in hell or future lives of misery for the collective injustice America has wreaked on the world.


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