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Why Whites Can NEVER Defeat The Jews

March 7, 2018

Whites in the know are pissed off at the Jews. They want them all dead and who can blame them? They ruined everything for whites by rigging this entire country and world. Jews are only 3% of the American population and whites are still at slightly over 50% according to the latest census (which is probably a bunch of lies like everything else). With those numbers and growing awareness of the Jew parasite on mankind why can whites not easily remove these reptiles from power and restore relative stability to the world in some form?

Simple. Too many whites are dumb ass Christians that believe Jews are the chosen ones when it’s really blacks and Africans that were chosen from the beginning because we are God in flesh.

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Whites also buy the whole bullshit Holohoax. Did Jews die? Yes. Did six million die? No. Did Hitler kill other races? Yes. Was Hitler a Jew himself? Yes. Did Jews exaggerate what happened to them to garner world sympathy but then ignore all the other races of people that were killed in far greater numbers? Yes.

Whites fear the Jews because they know the Jews are well connected to scumbags like Mossad, CIA, MI6 and they will not hesitate to kill you and your family if you cross the line. At they very least they will have you blacklisted as an anti-Semite and ruin your livelihood/income. Look what they did to James Trafficant before they finally killed him and blamed it on a freak tractor accident. Really? Nahhhh man…..nahhhhh……..that was murder….period.

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Lastly most whites only care about money and the Rothschild Jews print the damn dollar. Whites do not want to jeopardize their income and end up poor because that would make them appear stupid and who wants to be poor like a black person living in the projects? Whites are used to their lifestyle and do not want to give it up for justice. They only desire JUST-US so putting up with the wretched Jew has become a staple in their bullshit diet.

Finally we must understand that white male self-esteem is based upon 3 things and only 3 things:

  1. Keeping the blacks and other people of color at the bottom
  2. Appearing highly intellectual to everyone (PHDs, Senior Fellows, Thinktanks, book deals, etc.) so they can have some legacy since they are soulless and only live one life.
  3. Amassing wealth at any and all costs to nature and the entire planet.

dollar god

When the Jews have you by the balls like this…..well….they have you by the balls. Actually whites have themselves by the balls because they are greedy cowards. That is why they can never defeat the Jew…..period. The Jew owns them lock, stock and barrel. Pathetic. And I thought chattel slavery was bad.


Spielberg’s Hoax: The Last Days of the Big Lie

February 3, 2018


The Top 20 Lies Of All Time

January 5, 2018
  1. The Earth is round. Nope it’s a damn dome just like those stupid snowdomes we used to love as children.
  2. We went to the moon. Nope we cannot escape the dome. God knows whites are crazy and won’t open it until they’re all dead and gone.
  3. We can explore space in spaceships. Nope. There is no space so we don’t need spaceships. You can walk or fly to any other planet right from here.
  4. 911 was done by Al Qaeda and now that has become ISIS. Nope. Proven Mossad/CIA job. Check out and ISIS is just Israeli Secret Intelligence Service plus they love to degrade black women and Isis from ancient Egypt/Kemet was the black queen of Osiris. They have to keep blacks asleep or the jig is up and we awaken to supernatural that can destroy them instantly.
  5. Gravity keeps us on the ground. Nope. We are not pulled down. We are pushed down. The core is not molten or solid because there is no core. Hell is below.
  6. Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves. Nope. It transferred them as property from the Jewish plantation slavemasters to the Jews in the Federal Government. Blacks are not citizens and still 3/5 slaves. Whites can kill us whenever they want because property has NO rights. Also we have to be granted voting rights because property has none.
  7. The Holocaust really happened the way Jews moan, groan and whine for more money. Nope. Hitler killed millions of all races but there was NEVER a concerted attack specifically to eradicate Jews. None. It’s a lie. Hitler wanted them out of Germany because they always rig the financial system and steal everyone’s money. Look what they have done to America and the world now under their Rothschild central banking. Jews even had to change the Holocaust Memorial to say 1.5 million Jews because they found out from the census at the end of WWII that there were not even six million Jews alive in Europe. hahaha……….Liars!!!!!! Just like their father the Devil.
  8. America became independent on 7/4/1776. Nope. America is still a British colony……..nothing more. They own everything…..even you on paper.
  9. TV was created for entertainment. Wrong. It emits frequencies that entrain your brain to alter your behavior toward unhealthy activities like homosexuality, narcissism, drug use, overeating, become a shopaholic, etc. Unplug and save your brain.
  10. Microwaves are harmless. Wrong. They kill the nutrients in healthy food so basically you get empty calories after about 30 seconds in there.
  11. Owning a home is part of the American dream. Wrong. More like nightmare. Mortgage means dead pledge. When you sign it Britain owns you, your land and your house just like a tenant in an apartment. They pretend that you own it because the interest is 300% and it goes to them in a yearly tribute to British Jewry on 4//15 affectionately called Tax Day.
  12. Jesus was a real person. Nope. Ptolemy I invented Serapis from Osiris and Apis to unite the people he had conquered. Later on the Romans stole the myth and converted it to Jesus Christ aka Julius Caesar. Jesus is late as hell because Hebrew has no J in it people. Get real. Where do you think the word Jew came from?
  13. You owe taxes. Nope. The IRS is the collection agency for the IMF. You owe nothing but Pope Boniface and his papul BULL say that the Vatican owns all souls. From that  false assumption they convert your birth certificate into a bond at birth and monetize your ass on the stock market using the all caps version of your name. You have accounts with tons of money in it they will never allow you to access although you CAN discharge debts of the strawman they created. Look at your license and passport and Social Security card. All caps right? That’s your strawman!!!! (or straw-woman for the femi-nazis). The real person is the mixed case but you are held responsible for the debts of the strawman because you have the compelled benefits of using dollars, Social Security, etc. They force you to use their system and then illegally apply implied consent that you are ok with it when in reality most people just don’t know shit about it. In 1929 FDR (a Jew like his cousin Teddy) stole all the gold and put all Americans up as collateral to pay the interest on the debt every year in that 4/15 tribute to British Jewry and Rothschild. You are property….just like blacks but at least whites used to have some rights. Those are gone too. We are under unannounced martial law (Walmart backwards and sort of forwards too). It basically started when they shut down those Walmarts for military use.
  14. Whites were in Kemet ( falsely called ancient Egypt by stupid Greeks). Jews and the Hyksos stole everything from Kemet and so their Hollywood movies lie that whites were a huge part of the peak of Kemet civilizations. Lies. The devil always lies unless telling the truth would conceal a larger lie. Kem means black. Kemet means black community……not black land or black silt. Kemites were purple black and could simply eat the Sun as a race of solaroids in the early periods. The Sun kills demelanated people aka whites. Melanoma is drastically under-reported.
  15. Dollars are money. Wrong. They are debt notes and legal tender for goods and services. They are not backed by anything….no gold, no silver, no platinum….no nothing. Fiat currency is basically worthless unless we agree that it isn’t. Dollars are also black talismanick magick which is why Kemet/ancient Egypt is all over them and why people worship them. “In God we trust” means in Satan we trust. God does not come from the word “good”. God is a German word that means the Devil. It’s all Kabbalism folks. Learn some.
  16. Lone gunman. haha……It’s never lone gunmen. It’s always the CIA, FBI, Mossad and MI6 who take out high value targets like JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcolm X. The Jew News is a damn lie.
  17. Pizzagate is a conspiracy. Wrong as hell. It’s a global child sex trafficking ring run by the global elite including the Rothschilds who abduct children, sodomize them, torture them, murder them, drink their blood and then cannibalize them often as well. They think it helps them stay young and in power. These people need to die……NOW!!!!! The Vatican is at the front and center of all of it. Catholics are seriously deluded.
  18. Chemtrails are another conspiracy. Wrong. They’re real as fuck and they’re not contrails either. The government has already admitted that the military is spraying them on us. The reason is where the stories diverge. They say it’s to cool the Earth because the Sun is making us too hot. Bullshit. The Sun knows what the Earth needs. They’re lying. The spray contains heavy metals like strontium, barium and aluminum. We get sick when we inhale this crap or eat food contaminated by it. In short they’re killing you and culling the herd because they’re terrified we’re going to figure out how to get rid of these parasites.
  19. Jews are the chosen people. haha…….Chosen by whom  may I ask?? They stole everything from Kemet/ancient Egypt and then did a Trading Places on black people. Now they pretend to be what blacks really are. It’s in the Jew-vies. It’s on their magick money really just debt/death. It’s everywhere with those with an eye to see. Your public miseducation is 100% lies.
  20. CERN is not just a hadron collider or particle accelerator. It opens portals to other planes or dimensions and now negative entities are flooding this plane and possessing people….as if we didn’t have enough of them here already. It’s not just you noticing this global strange behavior. People are acting strange as fuck. They’re possessed. I’m staying home and burning sage.

Freemasonry and Futurism in Spielberg’s “Falling Skies”

August 8, 2015

Stephen Spielberg’s “Falling Skies” is some serious social engineering Jew bullshit. The Mason family is the central to the whole series……as in Freemasons. Everyone in the 2nd mass has to be sacrificed to keep the Masons alive. Hal is the male heir to Daddy Mason. His son Ben with the spikes is the transhumanist genetic superior of the regular Gentile losers. His other son Matt is the feminized male that permeates society these days. They are all Mason brothers. Their father Tom is the 33rd degree Mason who can never die. Ann and Tom’s daughter Lexi is the immaculate conception with God-like powers. She is an alien hybrid. More futurism that has already happened a la X-Files, which is why they are bringing it back.

Recently Tom has been having visions. He has become a clairvoyant since he destroyed the Aspheni control system, at least temporarily. My favorite character is Pope. You gotta love that name. They are showing you that the Pope is not the one really in charge. The Masons will destroy the Pope in the end. Of course they make him look like an erratic, dumb, oversexed, crude biker and now they even shaved his head like he’s a Nazi going to exterminate the Mason Jews. Get it now? It’s all programming folks. Our collective thoughts dictate reality but thinking about winning the lottery will not make you win the lottery. It doesn’t work that way.

They even had the time to include the race-mixing or race-dilution agenda. Tom is with Ann, an Asian. Ben and Hal are fighting over a femi-Nazi. Even Matt is getting sweet on a biracial chick and he’s the poster child for metrosexual Justin Bieber. Clearly feminism and race-mixing are part of the programming. The more you see it without knowing what they’re doing the more it’s in your subconscious. When it’s there it’s only a matter of time before it sprouts to the surface just like a germinating seed.

I started watching this brain filth from the beginning so I have to finish it or I’ll go insane from wondering and hoping that the Masons died before their NWO came to fruition. Also we all need to know what they are really planning and they only admit it through the media. No doubt will end up becoming the anti-Christ and leading us all to one world government. Great………..


Why The Holohoax Is So Effective On Whites

July 19, 2015

It’s very frustrating in the “truth movement” or at least the small part of it that hasn’t been compromised by Jewish infiltration, to see people who still believe Hitler had an orchestrated agenda to mass exterminate the Jews and no one else in Germany at the end of WWII. It is a true testament to the power of the Big Lie. Once people get a thought form hammered into their brains, especially at a young age, not even science or a mass consciousness awakening can help many of them. They are stuck that way for the rest of their deluded lives. I feel bad for people that live in an alternate reality where Hitler was the worst man who ever lived. Personally I’m pretty sure that’s Henry Kissinger.

Anyway by the time Stanley Kubrick had faked the black and white footage of ditches of Jewish bodies that were really just Polish bodies, the mindset of fear of genetic annihilation was already being established in line with the Protocols of Zion, the Jewish elite document outlining the destruction of mankind and creation of global slavery. The Federal Reserve had already been commandeered and so Americans were already chasing their stupid dream which was nothing but a Jewish dream and American nightmare. Soon after the Second War began the indoctrination into sympathy for Jews and the so-called “survivors”. Forget the other millions upon millions of all races that died. Forget the Jews that actually served Hitler. Only the Jews matter or so it is framed historically. Then lie that Jews are God’s chosen people to buttress the other lies and it appears that Jews deserve to be rich because Hitler killed them all. Wrong. Didn’t happen. They lied. Less than 1.5 million Jews from the Holocaust. There were never even six million Jews in Europe at that time so how can you kill more than are alive. Lies. Even today the Jews control the NEA and keep printing textbooks with the six million figure even though the Holocaust Memorial has been modified to 1.5 million.

Now that whites had been terrified at the Phonycaust, they started thinking to themselves the same thing could happen to them, except through race-mixing. The Jewish elite refused to repatriate the ex-slaves back to Africa because he knew he needed them to racially dilute European Gentiles and that is why blacks are still in America today. We have been a tool since slavery and still are to this very day. Now you see all the racial incidents in the media and all the race-mixing on TV and the internet. They are fomenting racial hatred using the white fear of being racially annihilated. Whites already only exist in large numbers in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. They have a genetic fear of annihilation just like albinos in the animal kingdom but whites haven’t realized it until now. Jews are using that fear and magnifying it by tying it back the Holohoax. Whites are never the wiser.


Charleston Shooting PsyOp: Blacks Have No Idea Jews Still Own Their Minds

June 29, 2015

Black people just don’t get it. We believe every lie we are told and taught by this phony matrix reality we inhabit. We don’t get that there was no organized plan to exterminate Jews at the end of WWII. There was a lot of racism but Hitler wanted to deport the Jews, not kill them. The camps were worker camps not death camps. Black people don’t get that 9/11 was orchestrated by the Neocons (including Michael Chertoff) and carried out by Israeli Mossad. Most blacks really believe that Al Qaeda is real. Al Qaeda is the CIA people. ISIS is the same under a different name. Jewish elites have an plagiarist affinity for Egyptian gods. There are no real Islamic terrorists that can actually harm America unless it is allowed by the government and its Israeli controllers. Black don’t get that elite Jews started the NAACP and the KKK to foment racial division. Black people don’t get the elite Jews own 100% of the media so they control what you think and your behavior as well depending on how susceptible you are to the programming. Blacks don’t get that FDR was a Jew and that he created welfare to destroy the black family by mandating that benefits were dependent on the black father NOT living at home. Blacks don’t get that Jewish elites started slavery and also owned the vast majority of slaves on huge plantations. 3% of whites owned slaves and usually only one or two. The cruelty done to black slaves was almost always on massive Jewish slave plantations. Blacks don’t get that AIDS was created by Jewish elites to destroy sub-Saharan Africa so they could steal those natural resources once it was depopulated. Blacks don’t get that Jewish elites blocked all legislation pertaining to slavery reparations but they are still receiving reparations for a holocaust that really didn’t happen. Blacks don’t get that George Soros, a Jewish elite, funded most of the “Black Lives Matter” campaign to keep the racial disharmony growing.

What really happened in Charleston? It could be completely computer-generated imagery. They have the technology to make that happen. It doesn’t really matter though just like it doesn’t matter if 9/11 was video fakery. What does matter is that Jewish elites are fomenting a race war as a distraction so they can continue robbing the Treasury and eventually confiscate everyone’s guns. Jews are only 3% of America’s population but if they get the guns and maintain control of the police and military we cannot stop them from completing their agenda, which the total enslavement of mankind via their central banking system of fiat currency. Most blacks just don’t care about that though. We are busy blaming the white man for all of our problems…..problems which almost every single time have been created by Jewish elites.

Did anyone see any of the nine bodies that Dylan Storm Roof (that name doesn’t even make sense) supposedly shot? I haven’t and I don’t believe anyone will because there either aren’t any or they were quickly disposed of. There is no way this 21yr old was such a marksman that he could take out nine people without any of them resisting. He had to reload at least once or twice. People would have been hiding under pews and fleeing from to other rooms or even jumping out through windows. This was a psyop and it was highly effective on most Americans just like the recent police shootings. Jewish elites are behind all of this. The relatives of the supposed victims couldn’t even shed a tear on CNN. They were crisis actors paid by Jewish elites to pretend that the shooting actually happened and to demonize whites. Who cares about a goddamned Confederate flag? A flag is a symbol and people are free to interpret it any way their emotions dictate. Taking it down won’t change a thing. Jewish elites will be craft our reality and take advantage of us until we are all either dead and permanently re-enslaved.

How can you fight a battle when you have no idea who your enemy really is? Many whites are under the same delusion. They believe blacks, Latinos and Arabs are the enemy. All of this is media and historical disinformation and propaganda. Jewish elites provide the text books that are used to teach your children lies in mandated public education. The best gift you can give to anyone is teaching them how to think critically and question authority. Blacks and many whites do not do that and that is why we are so easily led astray by these continuous lies.

Let me be perfectly clear. JEWISH ELITES ARE OUR ENEMY……….NOT WHITES!!!


The Holocaust Hoax Exposed – Steven Anderson

June 1, 2015
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