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Freemasonry and Futurism in Spielberg’s “Falling Skies”

August 8, 2015

Stephen Spielberg’s “Falling Skies” is some serious social engineering Jew bullshit. The Mason family is the central to the whole series……as in Freemasons. Everyone in the 2nd mass has to be sacrificed to keep the Masons alive. Hal is the male heir to Daddy Mason. His son Ben with the spikes is the transhumanist genetic superior of the regular Gentile losers. His other son Matt is the feminized male that permeates society these days. They are all Mason brothers. Their father Tom is the 33rd degree Mason who can never die. Ann and Tom’s daughter Lexi is the immaculate conception with God-like powers. She is an alien hybrid. More futurism that has already happened a la X-Files, which is why they are bringing it back.

Recently Tom has been having visions. He has become a clairvoyant since he destroyed the Aspheni control system, at least temporarily. My favorite character is Pope. You gotta love that name. They are showing you that the Pope is not the one really in charge. The Masons will destroy the Pope in the end. Of course they make him look like an erratic, dumb, oversexed, crude biker and now they even shaved his head like he’s a Nazi going to exterminate the Mason Jews. Get it now? It’s all programming folks. Our collective thoughts dictate reality but thinking about winning the lottery will not make you win the lottery. It doesn’t work that way.

They even had the time to include the race-mixing or race-dilution agenda. Tom is with Ann, an Asian. Ben and Hal are fighting over a femi-Nazi. Even Matt is getting sweet on a biracial chick and he’s the poster child for metrosexual Justin Bieber. Clearly feminism and race-mixing are part of the programming. The more you see it without knowing what they’re doing the more it’s in your subconscious. When it’s there it’s only a matter of time before it sprouts to the surface just like a germinating seed.

I started watching this brain filth from the beginning so I have to finish it or I’ll go insane from wondering and hoping that the Masons died before their NWO came to fruition. Also we all need to know what they are really planning and they only admit it through the media. No doubt will end up becoming the anti-Christ and leading us all to one world government. Great………..


Why The Holohoax Is So Effective On Whites

July 19, 2015

It’s very frustrating in the “truth movement” or at least the small part of it that hasn’t been compromised by Jewish infiltration, to see people who still believe Hitler had an orchestrated agenda to mass exterminate the Jews and no one else in Germany at the end of WWII. It is a true testament to the power of the Big Lie. Once people get a thought form hammered into their brains, especially at a young age, not even science or a mass consciousness awakening can help many of them. They are stuck that way for the rest of their deluded lives. I feel bad for people that live in an alternate reality where Hitler was the worst man who ever lived. Personally I’m pretty sure that’s Henry Kissinger.

Anyway by the time Stanley Kubrick had faked the black and white footage of ditches of Jewish bodies that were really just Polish bodies, the mindset of fear of genetic annihilation was already being established in line with the Protocols of Zion, the Jewish elite document outlining the destruction of mankind and creation of global slavery. The Federal Reserve had already been commandeered and so Americans were already chasing their stupid dream which was nothing but a Jewish dream and American nightmare. Soon after the Second War began the indoctrination into sympathy for Jews and the so-called “survivors”. Forget the other millions upon millions of all races that died. Forget the Jews that actually served Hitler. Only the Jews matter or so it is framed historically. Then lie that Jews are God’s chosen people to buttress the other lies and it appears that Jews deserve to be rich because Hitler killed them all. Wrong. Didn’t happen. They lied. Less than 1.5 million Jews from the Holocaust. There were never even six million Jews in Europe at that time so how can you kill more than are alive. Lies. Even today the Jews control the NEA and keep printing textbooks with the six million figure even though the Holocaust Memorial has been modified to 1.5 million.

Now that whites had been terrified at the Phonycaust, they started thinking to themselves the same thing could happen to them, except through race-mixing. The Jewish elite refused to repatriate the ex-slaves back to Africa because he knew he needed them to racially dilute European Gentiles and that is why blacks are still in America today. We have been a tool since slavery and still are to this very day. Now you see all the racial incidents in the media and all the race-mixing on TV and the internet. They are fomenting racial hatred using the white fear of being racially annihilated. Whites already only exist in large numbers in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. They have a genetic fear of annihilation just like albinos in the animal kingdom but whites haven’t realized it until now. Jews are using that fear and magnifying it by tying it back the Holohoax. Whites are never the wiser.


Charleston Shooting PsyOp: Blacks Have No Idea Jews Still Own Their Minds

June 29, 2015

Black people just don’t get it. We believe every lie we are told and taught by this phony matrix reality we inhabit. We don’t get that there was no organized plan to exterminate Jews at the end of WWII. There was a lot of racism but Hitler wanted to deport the Jews, not kill them. The camps were worker camps not death camps. Black people don’t get that 9/11 was orchestrated by the Neocons (including Michael Chertoff) and carried out by Israeli Mossad. Most blacks really believe that Al Qaeda is real. Al Qaeda is the CIA people. ISIS is the same under a different name. Jewish elites have an plagiarist affinity for Egyptian gods. There are no real Islamic terrorists that can actually harm America unless it is allowed by the government and its Israeli controllers. Black don’t get that elite Jews started the NAACP and the KKK to foment racial division. Black people don’t get the elite Jews own 100% of the media so they control what you think and your behavior as well depending on how susceptible you are to the programming. Blacks don’t get that FDR was a Jew and that he created welfare to destroy the black family by mandating that benefits were dependent on the black father NOT living at home. Blacks don’t get that Jewish elites started slavery and also owned the vast majority of slaves on huge plantations. 3% of whites owned slaves and usually only one or two. The cruelty done to black slaves was almost always on massive Jewish slave plantations. Blacks don’t get that AIDS was created by Jewish elites to destroy sub-Saharan Africa so they could steal those natural resources once it was depopulated. Blacks don’t get that Jewish elites blocked all legislation pertaining to slavery reparations but they are still receiving reparations for a holocaust that really didn’t happen. Blacks don’t get that George Soros, a Jewish elite, funded most of the “Black Lives Matter” campaign to keep the racial disharmony growing.

What really happened in Charleston? It could be completely computer-generated imagery. They have the technology to make that happen. It doesn’t really matter though just like it doesn’t matter if 9/11 was video fakery. What does matter is that Jewish elites are fomenting a race war as a distraction so they can continue robbing the Treasury and eventually confiscate everyone’s guns. Jews are only 3% of America’s population but if they get the guns and maintain control of the police and military we cannot stop them from completing their agenda, which the total enslavement of mankind via their central banking system of fiat currency. Most blacks just don’t care about that though. We are busy blaming the white man for all of our problems…..problems which almost every single time have been created by Jewish elites.

Did anyone see any of the nine bodies that Dylan Storm Roof (that name doesn’t even make sense) supposedly shot? I haven’t and I don’t believe anyone will because there either aren’t any or they were quickly disposed of. There is no way this 21yr old was such a marksman that he could take out nine people without any of them resisting. He had to reload at least once or twice. People would have been hiding under pews and fleeing from to other rooms or even jumping out through windows. This was a psyop and it was highly effective on most Americans just like the recent police shootings. Jewish elites are behind all of this. The relatives of the supposed victims couldn’t even shed a tear on CNN. They were crisis actors paid by Jewish elites to pretend that the shooting actually happened and to demonize whites. Who cares about a goddamned Confederate flag? A flag is a symbol and people are free to interpret it any way their emotions dictate. Taking it down won’t change a thing. Jewish elites will be craft our reality and take advantage of us until we are all either dead and permanently re-enslaved.

How can you fight a battle when you have no idea who your enemy really is? Many whites are under the same delusion. They believe blacks, Latinos and Arabs are the enemy. All of this is media and historical disinformation and propaganda. Jewish elites provide the text books that are used to teach your children lies in mandated public education. The best gift you can give to anyone is teaching them how to think critically and question authority. Blacks and many whites do not do that and that is why we are so easily led astray by these continuous lies.

Let me be perfectly clear. JEWISH ELITES ARE OUR ENEMY……….NOT WHITES!!!


The Holocaust Hoax Exposed – Steven Anderson

June 1, 2015

How Jews Ruined Your Life

April 4, 2015

Jews expelled from over 100 countries in Europe for usury.

Christopher Columbus the Jew comes to America with financial aid of Jews King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Slaughters indigenous peoples.

Jews start Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Jews get Lincoln to end slavery to keep their US Corporation intact as military base for future Israel.

Jews assassinate Lincoln for trying to use greenbacks free of charge instead of debt dollars.

Jews start civil rights movement using blacks as a front for their agenda.

Jews use a Hitler trick and get flourinated water approved by bribing FDA.

Jews (Steinem and Freidan) start the feminist movement  well funded to destabilize the family institution and create single female consumers.

Jews create Federal Reserve in 1913 and begin charging Americans to print our own money, a violation of the Constitution.

Jews fake the Holocaust at the end of WWII using Stanley Kubrick as director of staged footage.

Freud and Kinsey tell us we’re all sexual psychos who want to have sex with our parents, which is really them.

Jews consolidate media through sayanim infiltration and self-promotion by excluding Gentiles.

The New Atheist movement started. The new God becomes money through consumerism and manufactured needs. Women targeted.

Jews takeover legal system and overturn all sodomy laws. NAMBLA created by a Jew.

Jews own the porn industry and use internet to spread it everywhere creating rampant masturbation.

Jews promote filth on TV and Hollywood. Thugs and metrosexuals replace real man.

Men made to appear as violent and oppressive while Obama pushes the Jewish gay agenda and Biden the feminist agenda.

Gays replace blacks as front for civil rights.

Gay marriage promoted by Jews.

Jews control interest rates (Alan Greenspan) and purposefully destroy the American dollar.

Jews capitalize on resulting crime by trading prison stocks on Wall Street making more billions.

Jews create political correctness and identity politics to further fracture families and friendships.

Jews takeover NBA (working on NFL) to keep Americans distracted and give them outlet for anger Roman gladiator style.

Jews take over pharmaceuticals and start selling us toxic medications that don’t work.

Jews takeover Monsanto and start selling us GMO toxic food.

Jews takeover military and get them to start dropping toxic chemtrails on us.

Jews did 9/11 to start War on Islam.

Jews get Congress to leave borders open to promote race-mixing and drive down wages.

Jews fake shootings starting with Gabby Giffords to get Americans’ guns and overturn Second Amendment.

Jews get US military to invade Afghanistan to steal the opium to keep Americans drugged on prescription painkillers.

AND HERE WE ARE……..ALMOST DEAD…….STUPID……..The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was real.




How To Stop The Jews…..Now and Later

January 26, 2015

Many people think the Jews are unstoppable. They are not. No one but God is invincible. Only love is indestructible. Some say we need to take back the media. That won’t work because Jews own almost all of it including the alternative movement on the internet. They pit the alternatives against each other so they forget about what they all have in common: STOPPING THE JEWS!!!!!!!!

So how do we stop the Jews? Well you can do it actively or passively.


1) Learn how to astral travel and attack them in the 5th dimension when they sleep. You can see what’s in the Vatican. You can see where they put all of our gold. You can locate undeniable proof of 9/11 like the tower debris that was shipped to China or documentation of meetings with Mossad with Cheney and Chertoff. Learn astral travel and go find the proof!!!!!!!

2) Set up a international private fund for providing money to whistleblowers and their families so they can survive once they are labeled an anti-Semite…..and they will be! It would be even better to move them out of the country and establish new identities for them like a Jew Witness Protection Program. This would be great for the police and military since they have access to many of these secrets.

3) Undermine the Jew the same way they do us. Infiltrate them with sayanim and move our people into positions of power and influence over them.

4) Create a secret international group of highly trained freedom fighters to counter Mossad and handle those nasty little details that we won’t mention here.

5) Use astrology to determine to weak points and times in the birth charts of the elite and then exploit it with a public scandal gone viral.

6) Put the video “911 missing links” everywhere you can on the internet along with the holocaust videos that show they were worker camps not death camps.

7) Listen to the archives of Charles Guiliani on the no longer active web site for Oracle Broadcasting.

You can also listen to John Kaminsky or read his ongoing essays about Jewish exploitation of mankind.


1) There is a cosmic awakening happening. The Great Sun at the center of the universe is now rising but it will take thousands of more years to reach its peak. We just turned the corner on the darkness. Not a good option.

2) Wait on the Jews to make a major mistake that will be undeniable except to the most hardcore Zionist or Christian conservative. The Jews fuck up all the time. Remember Larry Silverstein saying they pulled WTC7 and no one did anything about it? How about the dancing Israelis that got sent back home after filming 3000 Americans die by the hand of Mossad?

3) Wait on the Jews to implode from all the infighting. It is happening but no one knows when they will collapse.

4) I believe a mammoth natural disaster is going to occur in early 2022. We can wait on that and see what happens. Again not a great idea.

5) Hope that aliens take pity on mankind’s brute savagery and stupidity and help us eliminate the reptilian, inbred Jew from our planet Mother Gaia.

6) Hope that nature herself can filter out the Jew parasite somehow without killing the rest of us.

Clearly we can hope all we want about the passive stuff but we need to take action right now to undermine the Jew and its influence.


Donald Sterling and the Fear of the J-Word

April 28, 2014

Donald Sterling is a Jew. So are almost ALL of the NBA owners. Does it matter? Yes. Why? Because Jews control 98% of the media. Those reporting on the recent story know they can only refer to him as a white man or a racist man. Yes his skin is white but he is no ordinary European Gentile. He’s a Talmudic Jew. That means he believes he is one of God’s chosen people and that all other races should be subservient to him. Blacks and Jews have a sordid history in this country. I believe Jews hate blacks in general because they still have some African genes (like every other race as well) and they would rather not because it would be easier to blend in with Gentile whites. Crypto-Jews can hide their name but they can’t hide their nose. Blacks haven’t done anything to these phony Jews. They are the ones that started African slavery. They started the NAACP and the KKK to keep blacks and whites divided. They faked the Holocaust and they perpetrated 9/11 to start their War on Islam among other things. That’s why an anti-Semite is not someone who hates Jews. It’s someone who Jews hate.

So what do reporters fear will happen if they mention the J-word? Loss of livelihood. In short they fear going broke. Guess who prints our money and charges us a fee to do so? The Federal Reserve….run by Jews. The media and most Americans willfully and foolishly choose money over morality every time. This is a cardinal sin and one which will bear much negative karmic fruit in the very near future. If you don’t believe that God will watch over you for speaking truth then you have no faith at all and your religion is empty. What did the Clippers players do in response to this outrage? Turn their warmups inside out and then go right back to the plantation to make their Jewish master more money. They are money worshipers….plain and simple. They should not have played. This world is not some random series of events. Every effect has a cause. Americans worship money and still pretend to believe in the first of the Ten Commandments that you shall have no other Gods before you. Voltaire said to find out who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize. That’s Jews and gays….basically the same thing. I’m not against any group of people. I’m for God because with God no one can stand against you.

America is finished. The karma is too heavy. The Jewish coup of this government after the JFK assassination is complete. They own us lock, stock and barrel and have Christians actually believing that they are God’s chosen people. Guess it depends on who your God is. I know some of you are thinking “What about the good Jews?” There is no such thing. Talmudic Judaism is a mindset. It is religious racism. It is Jewish supremacy. It is atheism and plagiarism. Anyone that claims to be Jewish is also claiming to be superior to all non-Jews, whether they know it or not. There is no Jewish race either. There are some racial similarities amongst the Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews but the mindset supersedes all else. Those of other races who convert to Judaism do so out of ignorance, whether it’s Madonna, Colin Farrell or Amare Stoudamire. There will be no benefits for you. Once a Gentile always a Gentile to Jews. You have basically condemned your soul.

It took a disgruntled, vengeful, greedy woman to record this conversation and leak it to the media. How much more happens that is never recorded or revealed? Jews are not your friends….none of them. And yes the new NBA commissioner Adam Silver is a Jew too. So is the former commissioner David Stern. They are ALL in it together. That’s why Sterling was never reprimanded for any of his previous racist conduct. It is tacitly condoned. That’s why you heard little from other NBA owners. They’re almost all Jews. They are all a sadistic group of money changers, perverts and sexual deviants. That’s why they control the porn industry. Remember the Penn State controversy. Sandusky is a Jew. Noam Chomsky is a Jew. The astute MIT professor of linguistics says 9/11 was not an inside job. Jerry Springer and Maury Povich are Jews pouring filth into your childrens’ minds. Remember representative Wiener the sexter? Jew. He didn’t get caught sexting his tiny penis to a female. They covered up what really happened. He was texting it to little boys. They own, run and control everything except any free will you are lucky to have left. Get it now? Probably not. You still feel guilty about a Holocaust that never happened. You still fear that you might be oppressing God’s chosen people. Go back to making them more money.

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