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Whites Are Not Dying Out. They’re Killing Themselves Off.

May 28, 2017

Look at all the things that whites have done technologically but with zero regard for the toxicity of them on the human body. People of color have melanin that can overcome and resist most of this stuff, especially darker people, but whites have no such defense. So then it begs the question why the fuck do whites toxify everything and then expect not to die from various diseases? I believe that without dark melanin you actually want to die because you are so distant from God that the most you can hear is a faint whisper.

Whites make guns that kill many whites.

Whites make sunscreen that doesn’t work.

Whites eat huge amount of raw meat and pork which is know to cause heart disease and cancer.

Whites put addictive poison in cigarettes that used to just be organic tobacco.

Whites fry everything in trans fatty acids.

Whites put silicone into  their women’s breasts and expect to not get breast cancer.

Whites destroy their women’s ankles with high heels.

Whites made tight bras for females which cuts off circulation to the breast.

Whites made formula for babies instead of using the mother’s milk.

Whites drink cow’s milk. Why?

Whites invent processed sugar and then wonder why everyone is dying from diabetes.

Whites invent sugar substitutes that are worse than sugar because they give you cancer.

Whites love dangerous sports that often result in their deaths.

Whites love bungie jumping and it kills them sometimes.

Whites love hang gliding and parachuting. It kills them sometimes.

Whites invent diseases for biowarfare and then it ends up killing them instead.

Whites drop nuclear bombs on people and then are killed later by their own radiation.

Whites pollute the air with oil and coal based products and then get asthma and lung disease.

Whites create prescriptions that don’t work so they can give you another prescription for what the first one created. The original problem remains.

Whites charge usurious interest on everything and then wonder why so many people are broke.

Whites use plastic for everything (more oil) and then dump the refuse into the land and the water which not only kills sea life but us as well.

Whites spill oil into the ocean killing more sea life and us too since we eat it.

Whites overdose on opioids all the time.

Whites spray chemtrails in the air and poison us as we breathe it and then later when we drink it from the ground water.

Whites filter out a few contaminants in water but leave the rest and call the water safe.

Whites invent the microwave and it destroys all the nutrition in most foods.

Whites invent GMO which has 25% of the nutrients of organic normal food.

Whites charge more money for organic food. Yes more money to be healthy.

Whites put chemicals and preservatives in everything knowing full well they have to eat it and it causes cancer.

Whites put mercury in tooth fillings and wonder why they get Alzheimer’s later in life.

Whites put toxins into vaccines and then take the damn vaccines along with their children.

Whites subsidize farmers to not grow food when children, including whites ones, are starving all over the planet.

Whites think it’s ok to execute people even when DNA evidence has proven they did not commit the crime, sometimes even when the person is white.

Getting my point?!?!?!?!? They cannot feel alive without death. They are seriously deranged and out of balance with no ability whatsoever to alter their destructive course because their egos are so humongous that they can never take an honest look in the mirror. Of course they’re going to die out, not from race-mixing as much as the fact that they won’t stop killing themselves. Anything for a buck I guess.


What Is American Culture?

March 16, 2017

What is American culture?

Well let’s just make a list:


White supremacy masked as Christianity








Media brainwashing and propaganda

Toxins in food (GMO and additives), water (fluoride, lead) and air (chemtrails)

Prescription painkiller addiction

Degradation of women

Feminism which is misandry and destruction of the family

Taxation without representation

Religious brainwashing

Vaccination to destroy children

Sugar poisoning

Poor body self-image

Prison industrial complex

Military industrial complex

Gay agenda

DNA manipulation

Central Banking fiat currency with no gold backing

And people are proud of this?!?!?!?! U!!!! S!!!!! A!!!!! Whatever……we’re doomed because Satan always loses. Apparently they don’t teach that part in catechism.


Hippocratic Oath vs Hypocritical Oath

September 29, 2015

Original: I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:

Translation: I will take this oath to obtain my license and then refuse to adhere to it because it is financially expedient to do so.

Original: I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.

Translation: I will kowtow to Big Pharma and the allopathic mainstream to lines my pockets with fat wads of cash and then get angry when people find out that I really became a doctor to become rich instead of actually help people.

Original: I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures which are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism.

Translation: I will promote new untested drugs approved by the FDA and prescribe antidepressants where counseling should be used. Also I will promote prescription painkillers we got from invading Afghanistan illegally and use them to turn whites into drug-addled zombies ripe for destruction. I will promote amputation, radiation and chemo over homeopathic treatments options for cancer that actually work. We will silence any progress towards cures and bury any that already exist.

Original: I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.

Translation: I will use my bedside manner to make patients believe I am infallible and to convince them to do things that are ultimately harmful to them. I have to make money somehow since PPOs and HMOs have decreased my income. Once people are out of money we will pull the plug on them.

Original: I will not be ashamed to say “I know not,” nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient’s recovery.

Translation: I will pretend I always have the answer via prognosis/diagnosis. I will only promote those doctors in network who tow the same company line. I will pontificate and misdiagnose because I have a God complex hence I can never not know or be wrong.

Original: I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty. Above all, I must not play at God.

Translation: I am God. We will adhere to HIPPA standards only as much as is required. If hackers are able to obtain data because it was insufficiently protected then so be it. Also if the government needs it for any reason they may have unfettered access.

Original: I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person’s family and economic stability. My responsibility includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick.

Translation: People who cannot afford should be allowed to die. Poor people ruin my practice. Maybe they should get a second or reverse mortgage. Ultimately I must get paid because I have to send my children to Yale. Once again I will use my bedside manner to make patients believe I care about them beyond their ability to pay.

Original: I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.

Translation: I will make homeopathic doctors appears as quacks who promote pseudo-science. I will ignore the spiritual aspect of medicine and only embrace that which science can prove or disprove. I will give people vaccines that cause disease and autism. Whatever the federal government asks of me I will do it lest I ruin my career and waste all of those years of medical school, internship and residency. I will promote sickness because it is profitable and keeps me employed at the expense of others I do not care about.

Original: I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.

Translation: I will play God and take advantage of the ignorant who believe anything I tell them. Even though I know alternative therapies work I will never bring them up as treatment options because those are not as profitable.

Original: If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter. May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.

Translation: Of course they have already violated this oath so the rest is moot.


33 Things I Would Do If I Ruled The World……..

May 27, 2013

1) Disband the state of Israel

2) Outlaw royalty and secret societies under penalty of death.

3) Outlaw chem-trailing and other forms of geo-engineering like HAARP.

4) Outlaw wireless wiretapping.

5) Legalize all drugs and prostitution.

6) End the Fed and allow the government to print greenbacks for free.

7) Impeach the president and vice-president, arrest all former living presidents and vice-presidents for crimes against humanity and try them at the ICC.

8) Remove fluoride from all drinking water.

9) Remove control of the media from Jewish hands.

10) Ban brainwashing music that fuels violence and crime for the prison industrial complex.

11) Eliminate the prison industrial complex and prison stocks.

12) Revert to organic foods for everyone.

13) Disband Monsanto, Goldman-Sachs, the IRS, the FBI and the CIA.

14) Remove all Supreme Court Justices and all Congressmen from office and try them for crimes against humanity.

15) Forbid lobbying and ban special interest groups from Washington DC.

16) Make it a punishable crime for police to racially profile.

17) Create a living wage at 10 dollars per hour.

18) In-source jobs back to America from India and China.

19) Revamp public education so the truth is taught instead of historical revisionism.

20) Make Malcolm X birthday a national holiday as well.

21) End the federal income tax since it is voluntary anyway but Americans don’t know or are afraid of IRS.

22) Rename Reality TV to Fictional TV since that’s what it really is.

23) Ban antidepressants until long term testing can be completed.

24) Ban microwaves and teflon.

25) Ban vaccines. (They cause autism in children)

26) Ban chemical food additives until a long term study could be completed.

27) Redesign cell phones so that they don’t bake your brain.

28) End fracking.

29) Mandate gas mileage minimum to 50 mpg.

30) Ban high fructose corn syrup, sugar substitutes (besides xylitol and erythritol)  and trans fats. (Watch diabetes disappear).

31) Track down Mossad for the murder of 3000 Americans on 9/11.

32) Eliminate soft money and political contributions over 1000 bucks.

33) Arrest all doctors (removing their license) and lawyers (disbarring them) that have violated their oaths.


Top Twelve Toxins Destroying Your Brain (But You Don’t Believe It)

April 27, 2012

1) BPA (Bisphenol A) – This is a chemical in plastic that neuters men and women by destroying your reproductive system. It’s in the interior lining of almost all canned goods. Eat up. It’s also on almost all receipts you get from the store which means it’s also all over paper money since those two usually come in pairs. Spend up.

2) Chemtrails – These aluminum and barium sulfates are being sprayed all over the country and world using military planes. Why do they want us to breathe this or what are they trying to hide in the sky? They don’t care about blocking solar radiation unless that radiation is actually good for us and there are theories that espouse the belief that the solar wind is actually the battery of the human soul.

3) Microwave ovens – These devices destroy nutrients in food in seconds. If you put vegetables in there all you get back is fiber with most of the nutrients zapped away into something else. Even cooking vegetables on the stove for too long can do much of the same damage. If you’re one of those who like those microwavable veggies and dinners don’t say you were not warned when you contract cancer in ten years. All of this stuff has a cumulative effect over time.

4) Non-stick cookware – They leech toxins from the non-stick chemicals like Teflon and PFOA causing a host of maladies from thyroid disease and low sperm count to cancer and high cholesterol. Look it up for yourself.

5) Pesticides on non-organic fruit – We’ve known about DDT for ages and its negative  health effects. Monsanto is ensuring that although DDT is gone there are still plenty of invisible toxins on and in your non-organic fruits and vegetables.

5) Hormones in red meat and milk – This is the main reason why women, especially white women, are reaching puberty so fast these days and men are going to jail for having sex with them because they are 15 and look 25. White women in general used to have no ass at all to speak of and now they have bigger butts than many black women. Ask yourself how did that happen in the span on 20 years? It’s chemicals folks…….the same ones dumbing you down and slowly altering your DNA to become whatever the elite want us to be.

6) Nitrates and Nitrites in processed deli meats – I always wondered why those obese Italian gangsters in the movies died so young from heart disease and cancer. It could be all the processed deli meats they eat (plus lack of exercise except when they are strangling someone). I know those are all stereotypes. The real mafia/mob is the Jewish one but these preservatives are bad for you and the FDA knows it. Someone got paid. Then you get sick. Money wins.

7) Prescription drugs – Remember when they took Vioxx off the market because it killed thousands of people. Well that’s nothing compared to the epidemic of prescription pain killers. Honestly I don’t know one single white person that is not taking either an antidepressant or abusing painkillers like Xanax, Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycontin or whatever. Now they have a new more powerful version of Oxycontin being released soon called Zohydro. Gentile whites just don’t get it. Jews test these depopulation/control techniques on blacks and other people of color. Once they have it perfected or close to it then they release it on whites. Jews fear whites still have the ability to wake up and stop them because whites have done it nearly a hundred times in the past. I hope whites have one more in them because people of color are just way too stuck on Jesus and the Holocaust load of crap to be of much assistance, not that many whites would want our help anyway.

8) Wireless devices/Cell phones – If you don’t think cell phones and other wireless devices like Blackberrys are bad for you or can cause brain cancer with long term exposure just look at the little insert that came with your device if you still have it. It clearly says on each and every one of them that you should NEVER hold those devices directly against your head. I think that speaks for itself. We are going to start seeing a massive increase in brain cancer within the 10-20 years because young people fry their brains all day with these devices. Bluetooths are no better. In fact some studies show it’s worse. If you have to put a phone up against your head at least switch sides once in a while when you feel the side it’s on warming up or sweating. Use the speakerphone when you can. Send an email. Write a letter. I don’t know. Stop frying your damn brains people. Every study outside of the US (where people are not so easily bought off en masse) has shown correlation between brain cancer and significant long-term cell phone use. Is your conversation really that important?

9) HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) – They changed the name of this to just corn syrup but it’s still the same toxic cheap crap that your brain cannot handle because it’s an unnatural substance and foreign to your body. You have to read the labels on the food you buy now. Most breads and condiments also have tons of HFCS. It makes you fat and it clogs your veins just like a Big Mac does. Diet soda is not the answer because the sugar substitutes, except for the ones like erythritol, are carcinogens. That includes sucralose. Avoid them at all costs.

10) Vaccines – Most of us have little control over this because our stupid parents let the doctors and nurses inject us with mind and DNA altering crap from childhood. Thanks mom and dad for not being more informed and then using the excuse that you did the best you could. Sometimes your best isn’t good enough. Our good buddy Bill Gates is also pushing global vaccination so that the Jews don’t leave anyone out by mistake. Our bodies can fight off most diseases by themselves with antibodies. We don’t normally need this crap and much of it doesn’t work anyway, at least in the way they tell us. If you eat healthy and exercise your body’s immune system can pretty much take care of itself. If they tell you your kids have to be vaccinated or they cannot attend the school that’s a lie. Sue them. The same applies to booster shots for college students.

11) Flourinated and bottled water – If someone had told me twenty years ago that people would pay for bottled water I would have laughed them off the planet. Guess the joke’s on me now huh? Everyone should know by now that fluoride is bad for you even in small doses. It’s a neurotoxin even as a chemical compound like sodium flouride. Hitler had it put in Germany’s drinking water to keep the people docile during his reign. The problem with this and everything else is that people don’t feel an immediate effect so they think there is no effect. That’s typical American myopia. We never see beyond two feet in front of us from the corporate media fog that has enveloped us. Many believe bottled water is the solution. Wrong. See #1 above. Even worse many bottled water are simply tap water which means they still have fluoride in them anyway. So you basically paid extra money for the same result. Not too smart but then again that’s the whole idea.

12) GMO foods – Thank you Monsanto for destroying the nutritive value in our food supply with genetically modified organisms. Thank your for terminator seeds so that farmers can only grow one crop and we all become dependent on the government to supply our food. Thank the police for arresting people for growing their own food and trapping their own rainwater. Thank the elite for Codex Alimentarius that will someday ensure that most of us remain in a nutrition-deprived state that prevents us from physically overthrowing our global oppressors. I’m still waiting on those GMO labels on my food since most of them have no warning whatsoever at this time. I may be waiting a while. Of course most Americans don’t read the labels or know what they mean anyway so people would probably think GMO meant something good and buy even more of the shit.

The point here is not to turn everyone into hypochondriacs. We have enough of those people known as Virgos. The point is that when you combine all of these toxins into one they accumulate in the body and cause all sorts of physical, mental and emotional illnesses. If you refuse to believe it like most then just keep killing yourself. It’s your choice to poison yourself, whether you do it quickly, slowly or not at all. We all are being poisoned. It makes sense to minimize, not just to extend your life (if that’s what you want because I don’t) but also to improve the quality of your life so you don’t spend whatever time you have left in a hospital bed bankrupt from the medical bills the Jewish insurance industry refused to pay as part of their depopulation agenda stated loudly and clearly by Henry Kissinger.


It’s the Jews folks…….just the Jews…..and no one else.

May 18, 2011







Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn


Knights Templar

Club of Rome





Holocaust lies aka holohoax

Public education aka indoctrination





Planned Parenthood







Trilateral Commission

John Birch Society

Council of National Policy

World Bank/IMF/BIS

World War I and II



Tectonic/Scalar Weapons

Bohemian Grove







Seventh Day Adventistism

Jehovah’s Witnesses





Central Banking/Federal Reserve


Weather Modification

Fluorinated Water

Media Ownership and Consolidation

Social Engineering



Artificial Sweeteners

Yup……..all of it. You don’t have to believe it for it to be true. Believe and save yourself. Doubt and perish.


Global Depopulation 101: Killing Us Softly

June 22, 2010

How are the elite killing you while you don’t know. Here are just a few ways.

1) BPA – This is a chemical used in plastics that leeches into whatever you are eating or drinking and causes all sorts of health problems including cancer. Del Monte is just one company that uses it of many so I emailed them about it. They basically tried to convince me that it’s safe (see previous blog entry). They use it to line the inside of the cans for their fruits and vegetables. Guess who approved its use before thoroughly testing it? The FDA as usual, just like did when they killed all those people with Vioxx. Even the non-stick coatings on your pans are toxic when heated. Don’t use them. Buy stainless steel only.

2) Chemtrails – These are sprayed by the military directly into the upper atmosphere. They are usually aluminum and/or barium sulfates. The government says they’re protecting us from radiation or that it’s weather modification. Either way no one has the right to play God, especially the psychopaths in power. The symptoms of exposure can cause anything from allergies to zombie-like behavior to death.

3) Prescription Drugs/Antidepressants – America has been dumbed-down literally with prescription drugs. I know so many white people who abuse pain medications. Their children usually end up doing the same. Antidepressants don’t work because it falsely assumes that everyone’s biochemisty will respond in the same manner to the same stimulus. Of course this is no mistake. It’s killing two birds with one stone because the elite destroy your ability to think and at the same time take your money.

4) Pseudo-foods/Food Chemicals/Pesticides/GMOs/Factory Farms/RBGH – See the Meatrix ( Everything in the middle of the grocery stores is poison folks. Much of the outside is too if it’s not organic because the meats are packed with RBGH, a growth hormone injected into cows, pigs and poultry. My home state North Carolina is number two in the country in hog farms and they have been polluting the water for Smithfield (#1 pork product producer) for decades with hog waste. Now organic doesn’t even really mean 100% organic anymore because the FDA is up to its old standards lies again. You can’t even believe many of the labels anymore. Read about Codex Alimentarius and how it’s being used already in the European Union.

Buy locally grown produce only to avoid the pesticides or at least wash the fruits and vegetables. Monsanto doesn’t care if you die. They even have terminator seeds now that only grow one crop so that they control who grows food. Our topsoil is losing the ability to actually produce healthy foods so much in fact that we won’t even be able to eat enough to stay healthy. Vitamin supplements help some but are not the answer because the body needs nutrition in its natural form, not processed. GMOs (genetically modified foods) have been banned in Europe but the US is still munching away on death. Take nutrient deficient food and nuke it in the microwave and you’ve got almost no nutritive value left at all. Never eat microwave food. It’s toxic.

This is pure evil folks and it’s being done largely on purpose, not by negligence or incompetence. The government wants us to rely on them for everything so they can take it away at will.

5) Feminism – Ah yes this one always sends the females into an uproar, especially those who have read Betty Friedan’s load of crap “The Feminine Mystique”. Womens’ rights has nothing whatsoever to do with feminism. Feminism was a Jewish attempt (Gloria Steinem) to destroy the bedrock of society which is the family by forcing women into the work force by making them feel like losers as housewives. It worked and it’s still working. Now our gender roles that sustained us for centuries are gone or backwards. Now we have rampant single mother households and soaring divorce rates. Is that what the feminists wanted? no equality and a broken society? Now you can feel bad about having a career instead of feeling bad about being a housewife. You can’t fool evolution but it CAN make a fool of you!

6) Gay Agenda – Obama continues to push the gay agenda. Not only does this destroy even more families it also confuses children who are in sexually impressionable phases of life. The whole gays in the military issue is just to make gay people feel like they are the new oppressed minority which the Jewish media is more than willing to give more airtime. A study showed that the chemicals in our air, food and water are actually turning men into women slowly over time. One day there may be one gender only and reproduction would become privatized. Only the rich would be allowed to have children. The rest of us would basically be drones grown to work for subsistence wages.

Look at all the Hollywood filth and internet porn that kids have easy access to. Why are they doing this? Two women cannot produce a child. Two men cannot produce a child. Like I said it’s global depopulation 101. Jewish Zionists are parasites on the rest of humanity and parasites have no appreciation or use for gender. All they want to do is survive at the hosts’ expense. They also have a huge fascination with anything anal which you will see plenty of in the Jewish-dominated porn industry.

7) Privatization of Water Supply – Fluoride has been proven to dumb down a population. Hitler used it during WWII. It does not protect your teeth. That is a lie plain and simple from the American Dental Association. They got paid off to bury the damaging effects of it. Most fluoride comes from fertilizer plants as waste and is dumped into your drinking water. The stuff in your toothpaste isn’t nearly as bad but it still has a similar effect. Sodium fluoride is a toxin people. If you already consume a lot of fluoride like from drinking black tea the extra dosage can be fatal, especially in babies. You’ve been warned. Filter your water. Most bottled water is tap water so it still has fluoride in it by the way so that won’t save you plus the plastic chemicals leech into the water. See how it all works in their favor?

8) AIDS Hoax – People can decide for themselves. There are some terrible diseases that can be sexually transmitted but AIDS isn’t one of them. You are tested for AIDS and when you get two false positives in a row then they put you on the cocktails which DOES actually kill you, not the virus which probably does not exist at all. The question is who is responsible for returning the false positives and who is engineering the drugs to kill people since there is no virus in the first place? A lot of black people think AIDS was engineered to kill blacks. If you want to call the treatment AIDS then they are correct.

9) Vaccines – After that last swine flu nonsense I think more Americans are becoming aware that most vaccine benefits do not outweigh the risks. Also they can be used to disable your immune system which means you will basically become a carrier of whatever they put in it and spread it to everyone you come into contact with including your loved ones. They can use booster shots to re-enable your immune system which kills you when your own immune system over-responds to the virus inside you from the first vaccination. Get it? Vaccinations are especially dangerous the babies, pregnant women and older people. They actually didn’t like about that.

10) HFCS High fructose corn syrup – Here is death in acronym. The number one killer in America is heart disease. Why? Everything has high fructose corn syrup in it. Don’t believe me? Go to your pantry right now and look at the ingredients in your bread, in your ketchup, in your mayonnaise, in your salad dressing. They use it because it’s cheaper than sugar and they don’t care about the bad side effect because only profits matter, not people. What HFCS actually does is this? Your brain does not know what to do with HFCS because it is unnatural. The human body’s response to this is to clog your veins just like you just spent a month eating McDonalds like the guy in Super Size Me. We all know too much sugar can make you fat but most people don’t know that HFCS clogs your veins which gives you heart disease and/or diabetes and then you die.

11) Artificial Sweeteners (not Stevia) – The elite didn’t sugar-coat this one. They just kill you outright with these. At least they tell you on the packaging that it may cause cancer in lab animals. I won’t even go down that animal cruelty trail but this is very bad stuff. Use unrefined sugar, stevia or nothing at all. An occasional soda never hurt anyone but avoiding them entirely is best. Other drinks like Gatorade, Powerade and Hawaiian Punch are just as bad and some say even worse. Aspartame has literally killed thousands (Yes Nutra-Sweet) and people are still drinking Diet Coke trying to lose a few pounds. What does that matter if you’re dead?

12) Lack of Universal Healthcare and Allopathic medicine – Now that they’ve made you sick they can make a buck off of you with the cure right? Wrong. They have no cure. The West practices allopathic medicine. That means if something goes wrong with one of your body parts then we basically cut it off. Homeopathic medicine, which the Chinese get credit for but actually originated in Africa and then Africans took it to China, is the so-called alternative medicine. It should actually be the only alternative. There is a cure for everything in nature folks……..everything, but corporations and Big Pharma cannot maximize profits with cures, only with diseases. How do you feel about your precious capitalism now? If you feel sick I hope it’s not from one of the aforementioned items.

If you think these facts are conspiracy theory then just go back to sleep and don’t do any research yourself. You might never wake up again, figuratively or literally.

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