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Black Eumelanin Deactivation Makes You White and Soulless

March 28, 2018

A lot of black people think that just because they have darker skin that it makes them black. Wrong. Black people are different from every other race on the planet because in our natural state we have the largest amounts of eumelanin and the least  calcification of our pineal glands. That puts us in touch with the cosmos and the Divine in ways that other races will NEVER be able to achieve in their present state as humanoid animal hybrids.

However when we eat crappy, inorganic or GMO food, get no sunlight, drink fluoridated water, use cocaine, get vaccinations, eat processed sugar like high fructose, etc our pineal gland eventually calcifies to the level of the Europoid Caucasian and we cannot hear the voice of the Universe and the Creator anymore. We still produce pigmentation but we are not producing levels of eumelanin anymore that give us our special powers. All of these superhero movies from Marvel and DC Comics are about black people’s superpowers. As usual whites want to be like us so bad that they pretend that whites can actually have powers like we do. They can’t. That’s a really bad joke. Whites know we have the powers and they do not. This is why they are always using whatever they can to keep us asleep and ignorant so their little fantasy charade can continue.

Christianity has proven to be their best weapon because it has comatized blacks and Africans on a global scale. They are shutting down our eumelanin people so then they can analyze it in their labs. They are going to interface AI with us to try to simulate our eumelanin in their futile attempts to synthesize the Creator. The Creator will always adjust to anything the Europoid does so no formulas and equations will ever be able to quantify or qualify the Supreme. They are wasting their time and all they have is time because most of them are soulless beings. They do not reincarnate like blacks and Africans do. They have one life of materialism and then they die……returning to the hell from whence they came. I celebrate their deaths because honestly something made in a lab is never really alive anyway if it never got its spark from the Origin. It’s just animated like a totem or a puppet. That’s what they are…….not human. They want to get rid of the black males or make them gay so white males have unfettered access to the womb of the black woman. (The Pope still worships the black Madonna in the basement of the Vatican.)

That is where they believe the secret to eternal life lies. It does live there………..for us………not them. They will never decipher it because it is not decipherable by a bunch of labrat monkey savage brutes. What they will meet is their complete and utter destruction.

When in Rome do not do as the Romans do. Get your ass out of Rome!!!!!


How The Sun Kills Whites (Vibranium Is Melanin)

February 20, 2018

Pheomelanin is sulfur based just like a demon devil from Holy-wood. Our melanin is EU-melanin which is probably why we named their land Europe because we had to “rope” in those without EU. It turned out they used ropes on us instead when they got assistance from some hating ass moron with their toxic technology.

lack of melanin

Eumelanin is selenium based. It’s God vs Satan as usual people. Everything is dual in nature in this 3D realm. It’s black people’s job to keep everything in Ma’at which is harmony, balance, justice and reciprocity or else everything collapses back into the void of Nun and we start all over again…or not. Enjoy. I included the link below to the entire article for those more technically inclined.


International Journal of
Molecular Sciences
ISSN 1422-0067

The amount and type of epidermal melanin is the main factor that determines skin complexion and UV sensitivity. Melanin is a large bio-aggregate composed of subunits of different pigment species formed by oxidation and cyclization of the amino acid tyrosine [10,25,26] (Figure 2). Intriguingly, the intermediates of melanogenesis may have important regulatory roles in the skin [27–29]. Melanin exists in two main chemical forms: (1) eumelanin, a dark pigment expressed abundantly in the skin of heavily pigmented individuals, and (2) pheomelanin, a light-colored sulfated pigment resulting from incorporation of cysteines into melanin precursors [30].


Eumelanin is much more efficient at blocking UV photons than pheomelanin, thus the more eumelanin in the skin, the less UV-permeable is the epidermis [31]. Fair-skinned people who are almost always UV-sensitive and have high risk of skin cancer have little epidermal eumelanin and therefore ―realize‖ much more UV than darker-skinned individuals. Therefore, the fairer the skin, the more damaging UV exposure will be. In fact, pheomelanin levels are similar between dark-skinned and light-skinned individuals, and it is the amount of epidermal eumelanin that determines skin complexion, UV sensitivity and cancer risk. Data suggest that pheomelanin may promote oxidative DNA injury and melanomagenesis by generating free radicals in melanocytes even in the absence of UV [32–37].

sun then and now

It’s getting hot out there white people. Time to pay the fiddler and the goddamn piper!!!!! Don’t ask me to do shit when you can’t go outside during the day. Tough shit!!!!!!!!!!!!




February 1, 2018


What Jesus Has Done For Blacks

January 26, 2018

jesus lie

Since so many blacks persist in worshiping the white supremacist maggot faggot pink skin devil concoction known as Jesus let’s just take  fucking look at what Jesus has done for us and allowed to happen to us.

  1. Slavery
  2. Prison
  3. Diabetes
  4. Police brutality and racial profiling
  5. Capital punishment
  6. Poverty
  7. Miseducation
  8. Satanism masquerading as Christianity
  9. AIDS (not a real disease but they kill you with the so-called treatment)
  10. Destruction of family unit via feminism
  11. Gay agenda
  12. No land
  13. Empty promises from pink skins
  14. No citizenship just empty words
  15. Crappy housing in the  projects
  16. Low wages
  17. No bank loans
  18. Gerrymandering
  19. No reparations
  20. Taxes we cannot afford to pay
  21. Terrible medical care
  22. Poisonous food and water

I could go on……….DAMN that Jesus is something else!!! He been so good to us worthless Negroes!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!! With friends like you who needs to worry about pink skin devils.


Tom Meyer: Impeach the President

October 22, 2017


William “Bill” Cooper – Behold A Pale Horse

June 27, 2017

Listen now if you haven’t. Their plan is almost complete.


Where AIDS Really Came From

June 27, 2017

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