Fentanyl Abuse Is Not An Epidemic….It’s a Cracka-demic.

February 27, 2017

Whites love to include people of color whenever they are discussing their own problems as if we someone had a say in creating them. There is no epidemic of elephant tranquilizer in communities of color. It’s ONLY whites. Calling it an epidemic makes it sound like the use is rampant among all races and that is a outright lie and a misrepresentation of the facts. Now whenever it’s just blacks then whites make sure they point that out like when the CIA unleashed crack on the black community while whites did much more of it as crack and cocaine as well. Then they had the nerve to make the sentencing guidelines racially disparate in their favor despite the fact that crack and cocaine are the same chemical prepared slightly differently. Are you starting to see what a bunch of a jackass, psychopathic assholes we have allowed to take over this planet? God is not happy.


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