The Morning Elemental Routine

September 28, 2015

I haven’t tried this yet but while my natal Mercury is conjunct Uranus I may as well post it. All of us are combinations of four elements. Our bodies are earth. The body is 95% of different types of water, not just H20. We breathe air to oxygenate and stay alive, although it’s really prana. And our food is converted to electricity or ATP so we can actually move. The vital body in the 4th dimension takes care of keeping us animated. That’s why frankenfood kills because it is NOT food that God created. Man almost always fucks up.

Anyway I digress. Feel free to modulate or modify this in whatever way suits you.

15min Water – drink water, shower, steam

15min Earth – Tai-chi, yoga exercises, rites, ground barefoot outside, crystals like jasper, onyx, tourmaline

15min Air – mantras, prayers, incense, pranayama

15min Fire – meditation, transmutation (ham-sah)

I could think of a lot worse ways to spend the first hour of every day.

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