Six Things Blacks Got Wrong With Donald Sterling

April 29, 2014

1) The NAACP should not have given a lifetime award to this animal.

2) Again….the NAACP was going to give this bigot another award but now withdrew it.

3) It never should have come to this because blacks as a whole should have put more pressure to have this cretin removed a long time ago. He is a repeat offender racist.

4) The bi-racial ex-girlfriend should not feel she should have to change her skin color for anyone, let alone this pathetic subhuman.

5) Overlooked amongst the controversy, Donald Sterling is also cheating on his wife of over 50 yrs with sugar babies. He’s a sugar daddy. haha……even more pathetic.

6) The LA Clippers should not have played any more games. In addition every team in the league should have refused to play. Black people have no collective conscious when it comes to money. It’s every man for himself.

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