2012 Doomsday Another Jewish Hoax

December 22, 2012

Wow….what a surprise?!?!?!……nothing happened on 12/21/2012 at 11:11am UTC (at least in the physical plane of existence we inhabit where such things can be detected without the sixth sense). It’s amazing that after the whole y2k fiasco how many people actually bought into the 2012 doomsday hoax. Anytime something like that is promoted in the Jewish media you know it has to be a lie. When the movie “2012” starring Danny Glover and John Cusack came out that should have been a huge wake-up call that it was all lies. Now some people have wasted the past few years feeding fear and money into the Jewish control matrix.

If the planet was doomed the elite would have been gone a long time ago. I’m sure they have technology to travel to other inhabitable planets but they’ll never reveal it to us. We have to take it back from them by force but most people just believe that our technology is limited to a degree but slowly advancing nonetheless. That’s easily disproved just from observing how the military releases their old technology to the general public for mass consumption so corporations can make even more money after the military industrial complex gets something better. It’s also easily disproved when you know a little German history and how 88 (also the number of Ptolemy’s constellations, the number of days of Mercury’s orbit around the sun and the number of keys on a piano) of their rocket scientists were shipped over to America as part of Operation Paperclip to further their advanced research at NAZI…….I meant NASA.

2013 will likely going to be another terrible year for America, probably the worst since the Jewish-concocted Depression in 1929. 2013 is also exactly 80 years from 1933 and we know how fond the Jewish dark occultists are of numerologically significant dates and astrological events. In 1933 Hitler was coming to power while FDR (A Jew) destroyed the gold standard. Herbert Hoover said “The only we have to fear is fear itself.” Really? Thanks for the advice asshole. 3000 people also died in Honshu, Japan in a massive earthquake in 1933. Japan already perfected their version of the machine gun. The Loch Ness monster was first sited in Scotland. Prohibition was repealed and construction began in San Francisco on the Golden Gate Bridge. Gandhi went to jail. Term limits were established by the 20th Amendment. Marijuana was outlawed and 117 people died in Long Beach from an earthquake. Alcatraz opened. The game Monopoly was invented, possibly hinting at Jewish control of everything. Last but not least the Holomodor famine that killed 10 million happened in Ukraine. That was a very busy year but I would expect no less with it being 1933 and the fondness that the Freemason front of Jewish elites possess for that number and its occult significance. You can expect similar events in 2013. The number 8 indicates infinity but particularly infinite chaos to the Jewish elite. 8 times 10 is just a more powerful 8 with 10 as a magnifying factor. 2012 was a red herring. The real fireworks may be about to start.

For now it’s back to normal (or should I say abnormal?) for those who have been suckered into believing this media nonsense, minus the money they wasted on it and the despondency they now must feel that this sick way of life will continue. Honestly all of these web sites that made money on these lies should be prosecuted for fraud but we know the so-called Justice Department would never do it. I’ll bet these nutjob 2012-believers can’t wait for the Jewish New Age movement to come up with some new bullshit so they once again can have something ridiculous to believe in. At least those who got suckered can still hold on to their survival supplies. I don’t doubt you will eventually need them, not because of Nibiru, Planet X or the Earth’s magnetic field reversing. You’ll need it because the Jewish elite want you and your family dead. Their Talmud says so and so do the Protocols of Zion in exhaustive detail. Funny how Americans believe the real hoaxes but then don’t believe the truth when Jews tell them it’s a hoax. If it’s wasn’t 2012 I’d swear it was still 1984. The Gregorian calendar we currently use doesn’t even really align with the sun or the moon so who the hell knows what year this really is anyway? The Jews have near complete control for now and humanity is still sitting back fighting with each other waiting for them to finish us off. Nothing happens by mistake folks. If the Jewish elite don’t cause it themselves then it’s karmic imbalance being corrected by the cosmos. How could a year with the number 13 in it ever be lucky anyway?

The astrological ages are transitions. Transition means it doesn’t happen suddenly. No one knows the exact time when we cross over from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. It’s not 12/21/2012 at 11:11am UTC though. The Gnostics, of which I am a member, believe we are already in the Age of Aquarius and that it began on February 4, 1962. I wasn’t even alive then. Some even believe we are actually in the Age of Capricorn, which follows Aquarius, due to the procession of the equinoxes from the Earth’s wobble. Whenever it already started or will start it will take hundreds of years for the Aquarian changes to go into full effect and for the Piscean age to fade away. There may be catastrophic geological events that occur on Earth at some point because of our collective negative karma but there is no evidence those would be related to the change of the astrological age. Get used to it. You may be dead before anything substantive happens. Jews control the New Age movement so it’s not part of any Aquarian change. It’s just meant to pacify you so you don’t go out and start killing Jews, just like the New Testament says to turn the other cheek and forgive seven times seventy instead of the Old Testament vengeance of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Can the Bible please make up its mind? It’s obvious Jews just change it to fit their current agenda and Christians believe every bit of the lies.

Aquarius is the water bearer so many people believe it’s a water sign. Wrong. It’s an air sign. Pisces is a water sign. I know because I am a Pisces and an astrology hobbyist. The water of Aquarius represents truth. The truth will be poured out on mankind. That means the Jewish media’s effect will be drastically diminished and they will not be able to hide the historical lies of the Holocaust or pretend that Al Qaeda is a real Arab terrorist organization anymore. The propaganda will slowly stop working. The Jewish elites know a lot of black magic but they are still bound by the laws of the universe just as we are. They can bend the laws but they cannot break them. Nothing can override God’s laws but they will try out of arrogance and blasphemy of course. The Jewish elite use the same playbook over and over and over. They never come up with anything new because creating anything requires a connection to God. They worship Satan, which is the ego, and are completely separated from the Divine for all eternity. That means eventually their twisted agenda will become revealed to all of mankind and their threat will be neutralized forever, or at least for another 26,0000 years. The Jewish elite cannot win. This is all just an holographic emanation from Source. We exist only in the mind of God. The ego of Satan will be destroyed, which explains why Jews want their heaven now. They know what awaits them in the lower realms. Karma never forgets.


  1. I felt it too, fellow piscean. Great post. Did you hear that Russi got hit with a meteor?

    • Yup. Oh you are Piscean as well. Pisces can see things others can’t. It’s a spiritual gift. God had blessed both of us.

      That “meteorite” was no meteorite. It exploded in mid-air before it hit the ground. Why? It’s more testing of some technology they don’t understand. All white can make is weapons. They were probably aiming for Africa.

      • Jabari

        I am solar-powered. I feel things that I can’t even begin to explain. Did you know of this brothers website:


        His name is Verbs. You’ll LOVE him.

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