The Evil Genius of the Farrakhan Fraud

November 23, 2012

Most Black people love Brother Minister Louis Farrakhan, the head of the Nation of Islam. Why? Because he speaks the truth bare and plain. I love the truth myself and I love hearing it spoken but even the devil tells the truth when it suits his purposes. Farrakhan is a divisive figure and that is useful to the powers-that-be. The racial divide in America is the main tool of the elite for maintaining control. Farrakhan is a key player in that agenda and he is rewarded handsomely for his services. He has covered his trail extremely well so it will not be easy to convince many people that he actually works for the same Jews that he denounces but ask yourself these two questions:

1) Why does Farrakhan live in the lap of luxury while speaking against other blacks who do the same on the Jewish payroll?

You can see his mansion in Chicago here:



2) Why did Farrakhan come out with that extended quasi “mea culpa” on the death of Malcolm X? He knows who killed Malcolm because they were hired by the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan may not have known them to keep his distance legally but psychologically he is riddled with guilt. His words during that speech oozed with guilt. Now what would he have to feel guilty about if he had nothing to do with Brother Malcolm’s death?

Farrakhan is a liar…….a really good liar. He’s a conman. He’s a thief. Above all he’s a Jew ass-kisser. Don’t fall for the okeydoke brothers and sisters. The Jews always play both sides because they know the average dumb ass will choose one of them just like America’s rigged elections. Don’t be lame. Don’t play that game. Even Malcolm’s children have come out against Farrakhan. Black people need a true leader so bad that we are willing to settle for anything. Look at how we have been betrayed by Sharpton and Dyson. We are a spiritual people but we need intellectual spirituality or else Satan can and will deceive you.

Obama and Farrakhan are two sides of the same coin. Farrakhan praised Obama at first but then eventually claimed Obama to be compromised by his Jewish handlers. Sounds more like he was talking about himself to me.


  1. Blacks support Farrakan? Really? Joining for one million man march does not conclude a supporter.

    • Most blacks do in fact support what Farrakhan says about white supremacy, 9/11 and this corrupt government. They just don’t want to be affiliated with Islam because blacks were proselytized to be Christians during and after slavery. They’re still doing it in Africa today. Blacks will never support the NOI financially because they already have their own pimps in the pulpit stealing their money but when Farrakhan speaks the truth about the injustices in America and abroad it resonates with blacks except for Uncle Toms like Clarence Thomas. Blacks, however, do not believe the Jewish elite are bad people. They are afraid of Jews because they falsely believe them to be God chosen people. Blacks also believe the six million Holocaust lie. The NOI will never drastically increase its black membership for those reasons. Besides most Americans now worship money so God is really not part of the picture, a very unfortunate circumstance for one’s soul.

  2. Will someone please update Farinthequran backside k a n, that his coreligionist are still enslaving black people, and have continued to do so for the last 1500 hundred years.

    Muhammad was the greatest enslaver, but better, farinthe quan backside khan would be castrated because all black men was see as a threat in Muslim household.

    When will those black Muslim learn.

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