2011 Will Be Death Knell and Kneel of America

January 1, 2011

Every new year Americans wax rhapsodic about hopes for a better year and every year things get worse, not because of bad luck or incompetence at every level of government but because the elite spend billions of dollars bribing and blackmailing us to do it to ourselves. We are our own worst enemies. The elite are few in number but control the vast majority of the wealth in all currencies globally including the oil. Americans have no loyalty to America. We are loyal to ourselves and ourselves alone. This is the by-product of social engineering that has bred rampant hyper-individualism in America. Corporatism has replaced tribalism and collective interests have been displaced in favor or every man for himself.

How did they do it? TV. Americans simply refuse to turn off the tv and remove themselves from the 24/7 brainwashing that keeps us divided along race, religion, sexuality, gender and anything else that is useful to the elite. This lack of unity keeps us slaving away at corporate jobs that barely pay our expenses, if at all. One fifth of Americans are now on food stamps. One fifth of children live at or below the poverty level. All this because Americans choose to project their anger and frustration at the wrong people. We feel powerless to effect change because not only do we fear the famous and the powerful. We respect them. We want to be one of them.

If ten percent of Americans would just stop doing what corporations want then that would be sufficient to create the groundswell we need to awaken many others but we can’t even muster that at this stage. We are at less than one percent of an informed citizenry who want to radically alter the landscape of America. Technology has taken over our lives because it is the medium by which false information is transferred into our pliable brains but technology is not evil. It’s the few elite using it to reach the masses who are evil. Many Americans even defend the right of the elite to fleece the masses and steal every penny we have through corruption of the economic and legal processes. Corporations own all branches of government and yet Americans still show up at the polls to pull a lever and poke a touch-screen, not for the lesser of two evils, but for the most palatable of the same evil.

We’re finished. All you can do at this point is hope the elite take mercy on you and keep you around as a slave instead of killing you. Either that or move overseas where the people don’t eat crap, watch tv, never exercise and drink fluoridated water all day. There is still a real chance of democracy in those places like South America but honestly I doubt it because the hand of the elite reaches every corner of the globe. It may take time but the elite are patient because they know this is their world. They know what we want and that we will sell out every human on the planet to have it. They know they will be reincarnated to come back and continue this carnage over and over again so time means nothing to them. They’ve been at this for thousands of year already. Their goal is to keep humanity reincarnating here forever unable to escape to higher realms of consciousness through permanent enslavement of our spirits in these fragile bodies. We’re in the Matrix people. It was not just a movie. You just thought it was because you’re in it.

Americans never believe in any conspiracies even when there is overwhelming evidence to support them. 9/11 was an inside job by this government, the dual citizen Jews within this government and Mossad. There is more than enough evidence to support each and every one of those claims but what do Americans do? Go back into their comfortable world view shell and deny that the government could be that evil. We see the government kill people in other countries all the time and we’re ok with that because we equate that with supporting our bloated lifestyle but we’re so drugged up, mal-nutritioned, out of shape and dumbed down that we cannot see that we hold no special favor in the eyes the global elite. If we did they wouldn’t be destroying the middle class right now. It’s almost as if we’re on fire and we’re trying to ignore it despite all of the physical pain we’re feeling.

Whether you want to believe it or not there will be a major false flag attack on this country this year. Eleven in Jewish gematria is the number of total domination. The elite want to cement our minds in this 3D realm and form their global fascist one-world government of Communitarianism and one-world religion of Luciferianism. If you don’t believe me then sit back, watch and die because you will and painfully too. The signs of the coming phony apocalypse are all around us in the words, the numbers, the music, professional sports, shit-coms, Hollywood, buildings, the physical geography of the planet and on and on. We don’t see it because we have been blinded. We think that we actually originate our own thoughts while ignoring the influence of subliminal messaging. We think that we are special somehow and that our brains could not be vulnerable to such Pavlovian attacks. I’m not like the rest. Well you are. You are just like the rest.

Thought is merely perception and perception is what shapes reality. If everyone on the planet believed that the global financial crisis had ended and that there was no climate change of concern then there would be none. The elite sneak suggestions into our collective subconscious and then are able to actually cause the events to happen using the fear that resides just beneath the surface in all of us. Without fear they have no power but Americans provide a never-ending supply of fear to the global elite. We are their breadbasket of fear. We watch tv shows like 24 and think that all Arabs really do want to kill us because we have big screen tv’s, cars and houses and they don’t. We buy into whatever brand of fear is required to keep the diabolical agenda moving forward. For that we will suffer. We will suffer now. We will suffer after death and we will suffer upon return to this world or a similar one for not snapping out of the trance.

None of what you see is real folks. This is just a very sophisticated computer program that is able to trap your soul inside a body for a lifetime and then do it all over again after death. Do you seriously think that we are the most civilized lifeform in all of reality? There are forms of thought that do not physically exist that are eons and light years ahead of us. We are nothing to them except clay to be molded according to their desires. If you wake up from your slumber you can go free when you die. If you don’t then you come back over and over forever. It’s that simple. All of us have already been back so many times already that it is clear we do not remember. Scientists dismiss deja vu as correlation of recollection of similar events. Bullshit. It’s your mind trying to remember a past life. Science is merely seance. It is the religion of the elite.

It is impossible to fully recollect previous lives until you awaken. The program prevents it and it’s why babies don’t form memories until the age of  three or four. They can still see what is real and not real during the formative years so they would pose a danger to the elite if they were able to retain those memories and verbalize them once they learned how to speak. This has all been planned out carefully by advanced lifeforms who wish to create their own version of heaven on Earth for themselves. They don’t want to leave this realm because they believe they can create heaven right here. The only problem is that it’s hell for everyone else. That’s us. Now return to your slave duties and prepare to die.

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