The Argument Against Procreation

October 24, 2010

I’m really tired of parents who underestimated how hard it is to be parent and now long for days of single-hood, labeling people like myself who choose not to have kids as selfish egoists with no concern for anyone or anything but themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the truth is much closer to the opposite as I will demonstrate. The act of having children is the ultimate act of egoism by people who care only about preserving and promoting their genes in some vain attempt to vicariously corrects their own personal mistakes up to that point in life.

The problem with Americans is most of us do not think about what is best for us beyond media-induced celebrity culture of mimicry and shopaholic consumerism. Americans have no idea who they are at their core. They just do whatever they have to do to conform and hide all the ugly truths from people who do the same and would judge them harshly if the truth ever came to the light of day. Needless to say people who have no idea who they are have no business having children. Bad parents usually make bad kids.

People who decide not to have kids usually have done so for a reason. They put some thought into it. Many of them have personally seen friends and relatives struggle with their own children and became turned off at the prospect of rearing children who get most of their values from their peers and the media these days instead of parents. Ironically these are the very type of people that should be having children because they actually care enough to plan ahead. They care about whether their unborn child will have two parents, a good home and be able to attend good schools.

Most parents ended up conceiving out of being horny, drunk or high. They put no planning into it at all and as a result children are born into the world into an environment where they cannot possible succeed or flourish. Once again bad parents make bad kids. I would much rather be unborn because someone gave it careful consideration than to be born to a couple of horny drunks who have no idea how to raise children because their own parents didn’t know either. People like myself realize the huge responsibility and have the maturity and foresight to not take it while most others keep churning out kids to lives of misery and mediocrity. That’s not love. That’s wanting to see what your genes will look like when mixed with someone else’s. It should be a crime punishable by law but the elite love it when idiots conceive because it makes their job of controlling us that much easier.

Where do babies come from? is a question we used to hear a lot. I don’t know but if I had to guess it’s probably a better place than America. Why rip the unborn from wherever they exist prior to birth and force them to live this life of birth, suffering and death which in emerging scientific opinion is nothing but a 3D illusion? Parents often say they conceive as an expression of their love. Balderdash and ballyhoo. Men have kids usually because they hope it’s a son and to make the woman happy. Woman want kids because it’s instinctive for most of them and they want to make the man happy. Only later do they realize it’s more than they both bargained for. By then it’s usually too late to salvage the emotional health of the children and they end up perpetuating this cycle in adulthood that has all but destroyed America.


  1. love this writer, specially the thought of bringing unborn babies from better world to bitter world like America or Earth in general. I believe in same school of thoughts but how do you help your female counter part understand the same concept? in my case, I think, my wife has tried her best to concieve with me, just because she wanted to make this bond stronger.. which is completely idiotic. FGS, let these unborn souls rest in heaven and don’t bring them to experience nothing but confused world around. No men or women has ever figured out why we are here then how come we are so bent on bringing new ones? may be to add more confusion!

  2. My argument is simple. How many kids in the world today don’t have families or anything at all, and how many kids are being born? I’m pretty sure the answer is way too many. The obvious solution here is to adopt. That solution, however, would require a tremendous leap in human wisdom and compassion. People are way too selfish with a strong attachment to the success of their personal gene pools, and a weak grasp of humanity as a whole family. People confuse the functioning of hormones and pheromones with love and are slaves to their own biological processes. Unfortunately the only way I can see this changing is for humanity to experience tremendous suffering as a result of irresponsible procreation (well underway), or for the continuation of our species to encounter an imminent threat, banding us together, or my personal favorite solution: practice universal energy cultivation, meditate and pray for human wisdom. Whatever exists tends to succeed itself and I’d like that to be wisdom. With wisdom we will be better able to decide how to utilize more wisdom, which I don’t think can be said for say, intelligence which can easily lead to corruption. “Give a man a fish, he can eat for a day, teach a man how to fish, he can eat for a lifetime.” I believe praying for wisdom is like teaching humanity to fish.

    • It sounds cliche and goofy but it starts with the individual. We’ve been successfully divided and conquered using the phony concepts of race and religion. We’ve also been brainwashed by the Jewish media that all foreigners want to destroy America when it’s really Israel and their elite handlers at the Vatican and elsewhere. If Americans don’t believe in conspiracies they will soon. It should be common knowledge at this point that Israeli Mossad pulled off 9/11. They’ve done everything short of admitting it. That began America’s sudden decline but it really began when Jewish Europeans decided to come over here, kill every living human and steal all of the land for themselves. Another thing Americans don’t comprehend is karma and causality. When you throw the universe out of balance with an evil action it has to correct itself eventually. Just because it may not happen immediately doesn’t mean it won’t. It will because it has to. That is God’s design and none of us are allowed to deviate from it in this plane of existence. I guess what I’m really saying is that Americans are woefully ignorant and they will remain that way because they love their breads and circuses. You can wake up 5-10% but the others must perish. They are not ready. It’s sad but true. Their awakening will come, just not in this life. We have to accept that and help those that can be saved.

  3. Wasn’t conception, what was meant by taking of the fruit in the paradisal garden?

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