The Four Types of Jews

September 10, 2010

The only reason there is any confusion about whether being Jewish is a religion or a race is because there are really four different groups of Jews. The Jewish elite want there to be confusion about who is Jewish because Judaism is just a front to them for their Luciferian agenda. These people wrote all of the religious texts that suckers hold dear. They think that a good Good brought forth light and an evil Satan brought forth darkness. The truth is there is no God nor Satan. There is just a ancient group of evil spirits that want to control all of us so they used thought to create the 3d world we live in and imprison our minds in a system of duality. Nothing is real but your bodies only have five senses, until you hone the sixth sense, so most people simply cannot fathom that we live in a real world Matrix. If they can touch it then that means it’s real to them without understanding how light, thought and energy are all tied together. In short people are stupid.

The first group of Jews are the descendants of the Ghanaians who left Africa to translate the Bible for the Greeks.  They intermarried with Europeans for four hundred years so many of them have white skin even though they all still have African facial features and names. Many of these people call themselves Hebrews. There are white Hebrews and black Hebrews.

The second group of Jews are those that most people think of as Jews today but are really just Yiddish. These are the Ashkhenazi Jews from the ancient kindgom of Khazar that converted to Judaism around 420 AD. Obviously you cannot be an ethnic Jew if you are of a different ethnicity that converted to Judaism but that is what these Jews would have us believe and most Americans do in fact believe. Most of these Jews adhere to the writings of the Torah and the Tanakh. They will also defend the phony Jewish elite because they are brainwashed from childhood to believe that the Holocaust really happened and that they are God’s chosen people. They are taught that all Gentiles or non-Jews are their enemy and that they must stick together no matter what which is how Jews have consolidated power so quickly and efficiently in this country. These Jews are used by the Jewish elite to generate the guilt and sympathy needed by the elite to advance their agendas. The Jewish elite inbreds will never let anything happen to themselves. They also use these lower level Jews to continuously bilk the world out of billions and billions in reparations. Germany just finished paying reparations a few years ago and Hitler was a Jew!!!

The third group of Jews are those of different so-called races that convert to Judaism. Anyone can convert to Judaism but there is still disagreement over who is really a Jew within the orthodox Jewish community because it is normally determined by matrilineal descent. If your mother is not Jewish then you cannot be a Jew according to orthodox Jews but people still convert and call themselves Jews, albeit unorthodox. I’m always suspect of people that do this because they probably are just a bunch of sycophants who want to reap some of the bounty of Jewish wealth accumulation via infiltration, subversion and insularity.

The last type of Jew are the really dangerous ones. There are only a few thousand of them in the entire world. They are part of a Luciferian cult that practices Kabbalism and Talmudic Judaism. These are the descendants of the sick souls that invented religion, history and science to control people’s minds via this 3d delusion and illusion we call reality which is actually only sustained by the collective enslavement of the human mind. These people have no respect for the lives of Gentiles. They will do whatever they have to do to maintain the power they have attained and increase it. That means they need fear and propaganda to keep us locked in this mental state. They orchestrated 9/11. They orchestrated the attack of the USS Liberty and they are soon going to kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans with a false flag nuclear attack in a major American city. It’s coming soon and it could be tomorrow with the “9th” anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow and with the phony catharsis of Rosh Hashanah upon us.

Americans have been literally brainwashed by history, and now the television and movie screen, to provide the spiritual energy this group of psychopaths, perverts and pedophiles need to maintain their authority over us but despite how bleak things are we still don’t need a mass uprising in the streets. We don’t need to hunt these people down and kill them. What we need is an uprising of the mind to realize that sometimes in history very unusual things happen. What we need is for people to stop agonizing about the past and worrying about the future. They do not exist. We are all trapped in these false bodies in this false 3d realm. Time is irrelevant. The only reason we age and die is because we believe that is supposed to happen. Our true selves never age or die but we have to wake up in the present moment so that the filth that is forced into our brains has no power over us. We have to see the real reality, not the false construct. We have to stop “inception” whereby this elite cult of Jews and non-Jews are able to basically program our brains like computers by planting thoughts using words, symbols and numbers. Where do you think they got the idea for computers from? We are nothing but computers of flesh in their domain. We have to release ourselves as individuals and then the collective humanity will manifest itself. Live in the moment and take your power away from these egomaniacal megalomaniacs who stole the Kabbalah from Egypt and used it to enslave all of us in this finite and meaningless existence of physical and emotional suffering. This is not who you are. This is not what you are. You know it deep inside. Just breathe and let it come to be……thus.

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