Mutts with Butts and Traits that Dominate

September 5, 2010

Maybe it’s just me but in the past ten to twenty years or so I’ve noticed a lot of white women with huge asses. They may not have the classic bubble butts that black and Latina women have but they definitely are in the competition now. What is even stranger is that many black women today have the butts that white women used to have, flat with no hips. A lot of people attribute the expansion of white females butts to hormones and other chemicals in our food that supposedly cause puberty to happen much earlier. I can buy that but that should affect all women, not just white women. Maybe it’s because white women had the most to gain so the change seems so drastic in a short period of time. Maybe it’s because white women tend to exercise more than other races too so they are able to shape what they have to look even better.

You can’t make lemonade from oranges though. White women in the past had nothing to work with genetically. Big butts are African. Whites and blacks have been mixing all over the globe for centuries now. Of course whites only include the Europeans in their family trees but it is clear that there is a pronounced African effect from centuries of race-blending. Yes many white women are also getting breast implants, butt implants, lip impants etc. but many white women just have all of this naturally. It would be interesting if there were an easy and full-proof method of determining the genetic makeup of an individual by ethnicity since race is just a social construct. White women with big butts are so proud of their badunkadunks. They’re always showing them off and getting much attention from brothers. White guys are even starting to get into the whole bug butt phenomenon that finally has gained acceptance because of Latinas.

The whole time I was growing up it was all about bony white, blonde blue-eyed women with big fake breasts. Of course black guys never really went for it but we damn sure took it when it thrown our way, especially with the myth of the huge black male penis still thriving after four hundred years of slavery. And when I say myth it is a myth because it’s not always true. Black males do have larger penises on average than all other so-called races. We also have twenty percent more testosterone than males of other races. That should tell people a lot on its own. It also explains a lot of black male behavior in my opinion even minus the plague of single mother homes and negative media brainwashing. Blacks are just not physically or spiritually built to live in the same way as other races. The more African is in your blood the more sexual and spiritual you will be. You cannot fight your genes. The mistake that we make these days is thinking that white on the outside cannot be black on the inside. These big booty white women are like reverse Oreos. Every time you see one with a huge natural butt you know there is a little bit of Africa wandering around inside her which means pretty soon there will be an actual African wandering around inside of her. It doesn’t take much for dominant African genes to have a pronounced effect, especially when it’s in spandex.

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