Zionist Hitchens Dying From Esophageal Cancer

August 23, 2010

This speaks for itself. Hitchens has been parroting Zionist propaganda ever since he became a US citizen and even before. I pity him but he brought this one himself from chain-smoking and excessive drinking. While I do admire his stance on anti-theism he is an outright liar on 9/11. He has consistently been on the wrong side for a paycheck. Whatever happens to him will the judgment of the universe. I have no wish to create bad karma by celebrating his impending demise. It just goes to show that our actions, whether good or bad, have consequences and we never know when the real chickens will come home to roost, instead of the fake ones we see on tv. Hitchens is a brilliant man albeit a drunk and a blowhard. He could have used that to bridge divides. He chose to create them instead.

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