The Racial Symbolism in Avatar

May 9, 2010

I know I’m late to the party, because I refuse to go to the movie theater and get sick just to pay for overpriced everything or give any more money to the filthy rich Zionists in Hollywood, but I put off seeing the movie  “Avatar” for months because I really didn’t think the 3d graphics of the native Pandorans called the Na’vi were that impressive in the previews and commercials. Eventually when it came out on DVD I figured I should take a look as matter of research to see what message the Hollywood Zionists were attempting to convey this time. As a general rule if most people like it then I hate it but I will admit that I enjoyed the end watching the military industrial complex get its bloody comeuppance. It was nothing short of justice.

However the film was not without its racial stereotypes. One obvious I’ve seen critics comment about is that fact that a white man who was a paraplegic saved a bunch of savage natives from extermination. Super Whitey is so passe but apparently Hollywood Zionists still think its good to keep the races divided and quibbling plus they are not creative in the least as you can tell from all of the recent sequels and remakes. (They are already discussing two sequels for Avatar.) While I was watching the film I couldn’t help but think of “The Last Samurai” with Tom Cruise the the plethora of other white paternalistic tripe that keeps slithering out of Hollywood. How can I say this more clearly than non-white people do not need whites for anything. Whites have stolen almost every form of technology and idea from Asian and African civilization. White people are good at improving upon technology but, like Zionists themselves, they are not creative in the least. Creativity takes spirituality so perhaps that is what is lacking.

It is clear at least to me that the Na-vi represented Africans as Europe’s colonized them during the “Scramble for Africa” after slavery had been abolished over most of the globe. The fact that they fought back and actually won reminds me of Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. Only two Africa nations have never been colonized by Europe. Ethiopia is one of them except for a brief three year period by the Italians. Liberia is the other but that land was set aside to repatriate blacks from the African diaspora. Naturally most of us chose to stay where we were born to the chagrin of America.

The military for me did not represent America per se. To me it represented corporate America. That’s not just Anglo-Saxons. Zionist Jews run much of corporate America and they certainly control our military and have us dying in several wars at present as a result. The regular white people were the white hero and the female scientist played by Sigourney Weaver. I’m surprised we didn’t get a chance to see her in one of those Mech Warrior droid outfits like in Aliens.

What I did find interesting is the symbolism of white people actually taking over the bodies of black people. We all know that blacks in general are superior athletes but just like in professional sports blacks are usually referred to only as athletic and not as smart or intelligent or as great leaders. That same theme was present in Avatar. A white man took one of our bodies over and then outsmarted his so-called “own” people. I would even go as far to say there was some “penis envy” going on as white men have always been jealous and fearful of the black man’s sexuality. Black men on average has 20-30% more testosterone than other races.

The film started slow and from what I hear it it was really nothing more than a collage of other films with similar themes but the graphics helped. I was about to not finish watching it once the part came when the white man started mastering the customs of the tribe in a mere three month period. I felt like I was watching a Rocky movie. Whatever……White people have been copying blacks for thousands of years and they still haven’t gotten it right. I know they couldn’t do it in a three month period but now that I think about it the Na’vi may have also represented ancient Egypt. The Na’vi certainly had Egyptian features and Zionist Jews are obsessed with Egyptology because they have partially figured out some things about the Book of the Dead. Their Jewish Kabbalah fails flat when it tries to explain the mystical phenomena of the Egyptians but the Zionists keep trying fully unlock the secrets of the black magic while they keep the rest of us in the dark so they can use their advantage to continue to enslave mankind. They have almost succeeded so let’s not get overexcited about a movie when reality is a very different story.

The Na’vi could also symbolize the Annunaki that David Icke speaks about. You have to be careful with Icke though because he says a lot of things that cannot be physically substantiated. He thinks the moon is really a planetoid like in Avatar as well and that aliens live inside of it and beam a signal to Earth that creates this false reality that has man enslaved much like “The Matrix”. Anything is possible if their technology is advanced enough but why would they need Earth? Icke says maybe they need our minerals but why would they not be able to synthesize their own if they were that advanced? Icke may be a fraud is all I’m saying and 2012 may bring nothing except another false flag attack, except this time from a phony alien civilization so the Zionist Jews can declare global martial law.

Oh and I before I go mannnnnnnnn I love Michelle Rodriguez. I wish she would stop dying in everything she’s in though (for those of you that watch Lost).

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