Thoughts on traffic court today

April 22, 2010

I went to traffic court yesterday for a ticket and I couldn’t help but make a few observations. Things probably operate similarly at other cities across the nation, especially cities with large numbers of blacks and Mexicans.

First I noticed the high numbers of blacks and Mexicans and the relative low numbers of whites present. White people are still 60% of the US population so at least half of the room should have been white if motorists are being pulled without regard for race. Maybe white people just paid off their tickets or maybe they just didn’t show up for court. That can compensate for some but not all. The fact is that police officers routinely racially profile blacks and Latinos and that leads not only to greater arrest numbers but greater numbers of tickets. If unpaid those tickets will lead to arrest and then they have you just like if you had been detained and arrested on the spot.

Second I noticed that the assistant district attorneys that were processing these tickets didn’t care if the people even knew what their options were. I only heard once one of them explain that they could take the case to trial and represent themselves. Of course most judges will laugh at blacks and Latinos that do that and simply convict you of the offense. That isn’t the point. If the Constitution is supposed to protect everyone then nonwhites are also entitled to the full protection of the laws. I know it’s all rhetorical ethic because white people say one thing and mean another but there should be no equivocation when it comes to the law. The law’s the law. What most people end up doing is just paying the ticket which is what they want you to do to generate money for the state. It’s not about driver safety at all. The court costs are always two or three times what the cost of the actual ticket is as well. Take my ticket for allegedly running a red light. The cost of the ticket is $50 and the court costs are $130. This is ridiculous. Poor people cannot afford this. All of the assistant DA’s were white except for one Latino for translating and I could tell a definite change in their demeanor when dealing with blacks versus whites. They had a look of fear and anger on their faces when dealing with blacks. Not my imagination folks. This is happening all over the country right this very moment.

Last I noticed how the judge isn’t even really necessary anymore. For the more serious cases he basically just read the mandatory sentence from the statutes. We don’t need judges for that. A computer can do that. Hell a monkey or a parrot can do it. We need judges that take personal and mitigating circumstance into account. Mandatory sentencing is often not even applied when it comes to whites. Somehow many of them still manage to avoid it (and white people still say there is no such thing as white privilege?!?!?!). I guess that makes it minority mandatory sentencing. The so-called criminal justice system is a major piece of the puzzle in America’s imminent and present destruction. It is a replacement for slavery. Latinos don’t understand why many whites hate them so much when they come to this country but like Paul Mooney said “Mexicans are getting their nigger wake-up call!!!”. They should read some history books. Yes it matters somewhat if you are lighter skinned but ultimately if you’re not white then you may as well be black in this country and most of the world too now thanks to globalization. All these traffic tickets do is make poor people even more poor, create a slush fund for the state and prepare people to be arrested and thrown in jail when they fail to pay them on time. The immorality of that is just egregious beyond comprehension but I’m sure Rome and Greece had similar disrespect for humanity on their way into the dustbin of empire history.

I can’t wait for some angry white male to read this and reply with their usual empty sentiment “Well you darkies shouldn’t be breaking our laws!!!”. That mentality warrants no consideration here and such comments will be immediately deleted.

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