Obama: The First One-Drop President

January 6, 2010

There has never been a black president and by all accounts there never will be. That’s why it was so unbelievable for so many people when Obama won even though he had already won when the Zionist elite selected him for our election. The elite have always elected our presidents. We merely choose from amongst those they find acceptable and they choose only Manchurian candidates that possess personal charisma and proclivity to take orders. If that doesn’t work then they set them up and then blackmail or bribe them. Whatever it takes. Whatever works. Obama was made by the Chicago Jewish mafia. Look it up. Much of it is documented and freely available on the internet.

The race “black” in America means you have slave ancestry. Obama does not. Obama’s mother is half Jewish.  Technically that makes him a quarter Jewish but his foreign policies are 100% Zionist. Obama is half-white by American standards and half-African. That’s not black. It’s biracial. That means black in America according to the one-drop rule but that rule only applies to people who are NOT famous. Maybe being Zionist should be a new race since none of the others make any sense either. I guess that fits nicely with a bunch of Jewish convert Khazars claiming to be something they aren’t either. They are all frauds but vultures of a feather scavenge together I suppose.

The only first that Obama is is the first president with non-white skin. Big deal…you can do the same thing with a tan. It’s the same political machine just more effective at brainwashing blacks most of whom could care less about the carnage he causes around the world and at home, even to blacks, because it’s payback for the hubris of forty-three white guys previously plus in the end Jesus will fix everything anyway so back to spending and worshiping false gods, which are basically ALL gods.

Black women voted for him not so much he’s black but because he appears to have a stable family and they imagine that he doesn’t cheat on Michelle. In other words they fantasize about being in Michelle’s position because most of them are in the opposite position either with no man or a loser of their own choosing. What a bunch of non-introspective, emotional baggage nonsense.

Most black people have become political morons and anti-humanists. Religion is anti-human and the civil rights movement, along with black progressivism, died with MLK and Malcolm X.  Racism has jacked us up beyond recognition. Now it’s every man for himself. Get rich or die tryin’. End of story. Perhaps since racial categories are so fluid I can have myself officially classified as non-black if I petition the Census Bureau.

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