Service to the Country = Service to the Rich

November 27, 2009

We always hear how we should honor the troops for their service to the country. Service? The only service most military personnel make is to enrich corporations by killing the people who have lived there for centuries and then allowing corporations to come in and steal whatever resources are available. Sometimes it’s just a strategic location for a military base but ultimately it all comes back to theft of natural resources to enrich global corporatists. These few and filthy rich scumbags are the ones that the soldiers die for, not for our freedoms nor for Americans nor the cause of liberty. People are free when they are willing to die for their freedom. Americans haven’t been willing to die for anything in centuries except a Hardee’s ThickBurger. We are mere pawns of their government. We do as we’re told and ask no questions. The media is completely compromised and complicit in this coverup of reality and murder of innocent, poor young people who join the military mostly to earn a consistent paycheck and a name for themselves. What is the honor in that?

Many enlistees want to serve their country but you don’t do that by killing people that are different from you whether they’re communists, Muslims or nonwhites just so rich people can become richer. When these kids come home in boxes no one cares. When they come home injured the government turns their back on them and drops their benefit coverage. If they come back in one piece they are likely to redeployed for a second tour of duty. The whole time the next generation of soldiers are being trained with Xboxes and PS3’s to kill and maim innocent people vis a vis games like “Tour of Duty”.

That is not service to your country. It is service to the rich. Neither is it service to the country for American civilians to honor this behavior with feigned allegiance to God and country. What we’re really saying is white nationalism and Manifest Destiny are still in effect and ok. It’s wrong for the elite to give young people no other choice but to commit evil to earn a living. They have ruined most of those young minds forever but I also submit that the military is not the last option for many of these poor rural white youths. I believe many of them are simply racist and jump at the opportunity of blowing up some “darkies”. That is wrong. It is also wrong for Americans to sit back and watch this happen right under our noses and give support to it with our tax dollars when it has been PROVEN beyond any doubt WHATSOEVER that 9/11 was a controlled demolition with ties back to Israel’s Mossad. We are all wrong.

We dishonor and disgrace the dead and the living when we Pollyanna ourselves to death with visions of patriotism that are nothing but fawning obeisance to global white supremacy. We are not protecting anyone’s freedoms. We are destroying our own and those of people all around the world. This federal government is pure evil. I don’t care about the crumbs they may drop here and there to cover their tracks or make it appear that we are the good guys. We are the bad guys. We have been the bad guys since Europeans arrived in America, slaughtered the native American population, enslaved and lynched Africans, interned the Japanese, etc. The little good we do for image control can never outweigh the carnage we have and continue to cause and promote in the false name of freedom. As long as the elite control the media and most Americans are unwilling to seek alternative forms of information, as well as putting aside petty differences of race, religion, sexuality, etc., this country will country the long and treacherous slide into oblivion. Honestly, we deserve it……….but I don’t.

And HELL NO!!!!!! I’m not leaving the country or going back to Africa because black people have been in America even before the native Americans. Africa, South and North America were all once joined. This is OUR land and I will stay as long as I feel like it’s safe to do so even though it’s not worth saving any more. It’s almost time to find a new homeland and allow the Great Beast to fall on her hideous face. Who knows what will emerge from the carnage?

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  1. Brother you are a breath of fresh air. I’ve discovered your site this past summer and I have read a lot of your articles since then. Sometimes I’m thrown back because I feel and see the same things you do. Keep up the great work, we need you!

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