SBF iso SWM (Shallow broke females iso Suckers with money)

October 5, 2009

More and more black women are willing to entertain the possibility of dating white men these days. I don’t care who anyone chooses to date but I tend to notice the motivations of anyone doing anything. Chris Rock said it best when he said that one of the reasons white men hate black men dating white women is because black women don’t date white men. That’s not exactly true. Black women will date white men. The problem is that I have only seen three types of black women willing to date white men and none of them are genuinely interested in forming lifelong, meaningful partnerships with them.

The first type is the black woman who has been hurt by black men. They usually have one or more kids and receive no financial assistance from the father, assuming he is even employed. They hate him so much that they would rather the kids suffer. The father usually feels the same about the mother and is never around. All black are not in prison despite the exaggerated claims by the media to keep blacks divided and outside of stable family relationships where we would pose a formidable opponent to this system of exploitation. Black women believe the lies the media tells them and then give up looking for good black men when they are just looking in all the wrong places, including church for most part.

The second type is the black woman who is just tired of being broke. We can call her the consummate consumerist. They are also often single mothers but some are single and they just want a man with money because they have dated broke men in the past. Since money is synonymous with whiteness in America it is a foregone conclusion that desperate black women will at least experiment here to see what happens, although they are usually disappointed. The one thing white men in their favor is that black women don’t expect you to be a thug so you can be yourself. If you are a black man and don’t at least exude the thug image to some extent your dating choices are going to be limited. That is a testament to how powerful the media is in conveying these images not only to whites but blacks as well.

The last type of black women that tries dating white men is the type that is attracted to power or at least the illusion of power. It is the same thing that attracts white women to white men. There is a certain stability being with men who are “in charge” and have the societal and cultural means to enforce their will upon others. They have not necessarily given up on the black struggle but the power represented by white skin is an aphrodisiac to these women. These women also have usually been betrayed by black men. Black women are beginning to become white supremacists in America. They are taking one or a few black men and them lumping us all into the same category. It is reminiscent of the black monolith that white people still assume in is effect when in reality it ended when slavery ended and blacks being to obtain economic opportunities in the following decades.

It’s as if black women cannot stand a polite, stable black man with morals and a good income because they associate that with whiteness. The only thing they want from a black man is the thugs that remind them of their favorite musical artists on BET. Neither the fantasies women have about their favorite stars nor the real boyz in da hood will ever satisfy the deep longing and yearning that women have for an emotionally fulfilling relationship. Thugs look for their manhood in sex only from being raised themselves by single mothers but women these days are willing to settle for an orgasm and they cannot get them from polite, stable black men with good morals. Most want thugs and bad boys but most thugs and bad boys have no money, or inconsistent income at best, spending what they have on frivolity instead of responsibility. This leaves women in a Catch-22 situation. Should they put the welfare of their children first and live a stable life with fewer, less intense or no orgasms with a good man or should they forgo a life of financial stability in favor of endless, mind-blowing orgasms  from non-committal, immature bad boys who stay broke? It is not this simple for everyone but for many it is. The thugs are way ahead in the score and I mean that in every way.

From what I’ve seen personally black male, white female relationships are almost always largely based on sex although some go a little deeper. Black female, white male relationships are almost always based on finance. It’s like “Monster’s Ball” where Billy Bob Thornton rescued single mother Halle Berry from abject poverty. In the process the black father is executed and Thornton gets his freak on with a fine black woman. The result: an Oscar for Halle Berry. Meanwhile Denzel Washington plays a corrupt thug of a cop who gets his comeuppance in “Training Day”. He also wins an Oscar and we call that black progress?!?! That is all you need to know about America, the land of race fantasies produced by the childhood traumas of white men. The end is near.


  1. sounds racist to me… black women have the same right to date white men as black men do white women,…. this is the reason why black women dont date out side ther races and have to deal with bum black men beating them and cheating on them because of sites like this… black women need to open ther minds to new things

    • If anything it’s sexist, not racist. Black women will never be physically attracted to white men no matter how much conditioning they receive from the Jewish media. There are plenty of good black men out there, including myself, but black women don’t want us because we don’t appeal to the thug image crafted by BET and the media. Let’s keep it real. Some women put money first and some women put orgasms first but most women want both. The men who make money are usually NOT the “bad boys” who give women lots of powerful orgasms. Black women choose who they date. Most of them choose bums so it’s not anyone’s fault but their own for allowing themselves to be brainwashed by the TV to date thugs who are no good for them or their children. That’s why many black women are angry……because they did it to themselves. Of course, like the average irresponsible American, they project it onto someone else because they are too weak to own up to their own shortcoming.

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