Lies, Myths and Propaganda in America

September 17, 2009

12) Chemotherapy, radiation and amputation are the best ways to treat cancer. All three of those can and many times do kill you. There are natural remedies like grape seed extract and others that can cure cancer. Your doctor works for the medical industry and Big Pharma. We didn’t have nearly as much depression before antidepressants.

11) AIDS came from green monkeys in Africa. That explanation is laughable. AIDS is a cancer that you get from the drugs they give to you once you are diagnosed with AIDS. HIV has never been isolated. That’s because it’s a set of 26 symptoms that classify you as HIV positive due to a weakened immune system. That means you either are either malnutrition-ed from the famines like many in Africa or you use drugs and party too much like many gays in America and worldwide. Why do you think AIDS first appeared in sub-Saharan Africa and in the New York gay community. Both of those populations had just taken “experimental” vaccines. Once they diagnose you with this false positive (since the disease does not exist) then the so-called anti-viral drugs kill you just like with chemotherapy. Vaccines are a lie folks. They kill you, not save you.

10) We are running out of oil. Simply not true. Everything we’ve heard and seen is lies, propaganda and false statistics designed to keep the price per barrel high for profits.

9) Global warming is caused by humans. Global warming is cyclical and the human contribution to it negligible. Perhaps it’s Planet X/Nibiru, our sun’s binary returning from its 3650 year elliptical hiatus from our solar system as well. There is no way to know for sure because the government lies about everything and keeps the technological truth from us so they can manipulate us for their gain.

8) Life in the universe is rare. Wrong. Life in the universe is abundant and there is plenty of it very close to us from a astrological perspective. Once again the government is lying so they can steal alien technology and weaponize it to further enslave us. I hope the aliens are smart enough not to fall for that one.

7) 9/11 was done by Al Qaeda. Not even close. 9/11 was done by Cheney, the CIA and Israel’s Mossad with help from China and Pakistan. If you don’t believe it then you don’t know the facts and need to watch 911 Missing Links for free on the internet. Better get it while you can because the Zionists may pull the plus on it soon if it suits their goals.

6) Obama is a socialist. Good God people. Do you hear yourselves? Obama may be the first black president on the outside by JFK was the first black president on the inside. Obama is the first Jewish president on the inside. A cursory review of his political history reveals all to the naked eye.

5) You should take the H1N1 vaccine. I can’t stop anyone from doing what they want but if you take this vaccine not only will you kill yourself you may also kill hundreds or thousands of other people. This is the way it works. There are three shots total for the vaccine, not one like most people think. The first one disables your immune system so that you can get sick without even suffering any symptoms. The second shot actually floods your system with the pathogens. At that point you are like a trojan horse spreading the disease to the people who did not take the vaccine for whatever reason. Not taking the vaccine will not save you from infection unless you stay away from everyone that has but how can you possible know? The third shot kills you by re-enabling the immune system so that your body over-responds to the pathogens. You actually die from your body trying to kill the disease. Don’t take the vaccine folks.

4) We go to heaven when we die if we lead a good life. No one knows what happens when we die. No one. The odds are that it is not heaven and it is also not nothing. We just don’t know. What we do know is there is no way to accurately guess.

3) Black men have greater sexual prowess that other races. Nope, not all of us. Black men have a higher testosterone level than other races and a slightly large penis on average. There are plenty of whites, Asians, Latinos, etc. that outshine us brothers in the bedroom. That lie is based upon the aphrodisiac of black males as a beast metaphor promoted during slavery and even still today by the Jewish controlled media.

2) The Kennedy curse. Come on now folks. If you think that an entire family can just mysteriously die then you must be a religious person because you are definitely not a statistician. The Zionist Jews and the international bankers are responsible for the murder of every Kennedy starting with JFK to this very day. Their most recent victim was Ted of course.

1) Flouride in your drinking water protects tooth enamel. Not so. Fluoride in drinking water causes brain damage in children and dumbs down adults. It’s a medical fact. And you wondered why Americans were so stupid and stricken with attention deficit disorder. There are physical and psychological reasons because our social engineering.

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