The Conspiracy Against Serena Williams

September 17, 2009

It is now obvious there is an organized effort to keep Serena from winning more Grand Slam titles. She already has eleven of them. Nothing else besides outright racism can explain the fact that she has been cheated three times since 2003. The first time was Henin at the French in 2003. The second time was against Martinez at the French Open as well earlier this year. This time it was a lines woman at the US Open semifinals calling a foot fault at 15-30 with Clijsters leading 6-5. Serena lost her temper and shouted some expletives and threats at the lines woman and then the tournament was ruined from that point. Clijsters went on the defeat Wozniacki in the finals to complete her comeback.

I wholeheartedly agree with Serena being over the top. In the press conference she even said that McEnroe was a role model of hers. Of course we all know what that means and McEnroe was tight-lipped in commentary from that point forward. How many second chances did McEnroe get before they finally instituted the two strikes rule? Even McEnroe got burned by it one time at the Australian Open against Mikael Pernfors, a favorite of mine. You cannot berate Serena’s conduct without addressing the call first. The call is the chicken that came before the egg. Yes Serena should have reacted better but this crap has happened to her two other times and it costs her the match and the championship twice.

What this article ignores is the racial component that plays a part with Venus and Serena. White people simply will not root for them in America. They prefer the friendly and docile Clijsters (despite her monstrous and powerful game). They prefer American newcomer and upstart Oudin, their new Great White Hope. They even prefer Wozniaki over their own black Americans.

This is why America is crumbling from within right now. Whites cause so much division over race, religion, guns, abortion and everything else because we all are being socially engineered to do exactly just that. The more divided a people are the less resistance they can offer to the powers that be. When will we learn? especially whites?

Serena is not some monster just because she gets mad. I’ve been playing tennis for 27 years and I get mad all the time too but in America there is a negative stereotype that black people are angry all the time, as if we don’t have a reason to be. This is the same stereotype of having a bad attitude that was applied to former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, the champion of truth and justice, when she had an altercation with Capitol police. You know that whole incident was planned by the elite who wanted her removed for revealing the truth on 9/11 and other ongoing conspiracies. We need people like her but because of racism we let the media kick her to the curb. She ran for president with the Green Party but of course all third parties are marginalized.

I won’t get off topic here. Venus and Serena have very dark skin and that dark skin excites negative subconscious beliefs in the mostly white tennis crowds. If they were light skinned like Tsonga or even educated at Harvard like Blake that is more palatable to white people. Monfils also suffers from this problem because he is very dark with a natural hairstyle. Whites love his athleticness but in reality would be terrified of him if they saw him on the street.

The problem here is not so much Serena’s behavior or the lines woman’s bad call. The problem is racism in America. Re-arrange the letters in America and it spells I-AM-RACE.

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