Ten Things Glenn Beck Wants Whites To Believe

September 16, 2009

1) Obama wants revenge on whites for slavery. Whites feel everything from anger to sadness to guilt over slavery because they know it’s not slavery but the legacy of slavery that blacks blame them for continuing.

2) White skin is superior to all others so a black man can never deserve to be president. This means don’t listen to anything Obama says regardless of whether or not it actually benefits you. It’s voting against your interests like in “What’s the matter with Kansas”. It’s race loyalty and more importantly white incredulity that the elite could ever be racially disloyal.

3) Black men want to have sex with your white women. The reality is that white men want black men to have sex with white women because white men hate their own women because of the Oedipus complex.

4) All black people are liars because only whiteness provides truth. A white lie is not a real lie.

5) Obama wants to tell you how to raise your children.

6) Universal health care is socialism and socialism is communism. One of the few times whites actually turned against other whites in recent time is during the McCarthy era and Cold War. It was capitalism against communism.

7) The time for uprising and organized violence has come. Use your US majority and generational accumulation of wealth to buy guns to forcibly maintain white supremacy and permanently put Negroes and other nonwhites back in their place as the projected feces of your subconscious.

8) Black and Latino success comes at the expense of white success (even though we all still live under white supremacy with white privilege). How can shit possibly deserve anything that is worthy of whiteness?

9) Obama is not a citizen. Here citizen is a code word really meaning he’s not white (even though his mother is white) and therefore can never be deserving of holding a position of authority over whites.

10) Blacks are violent so whites have to be more violent to counter it. That means buy as many guns and as much ammunition as possible. The elite are hoping we destroy each other rather then them or at least keep each other distracted while they pick us off. It’s classic Art of War.


  1. I watch Beck everyday. He has never said these things. You seem to be the racist noy Beck.

  2. Just by the very fact that you watch Beck tells me that you’re the racist. Black people cannot be racist. Black people are the victims of racism created by the white elite so that working class whites would not ally themselves with working class blacks. All Beck does is stoke the flames of hatred in whites to exploit their insecurities in the hopes that they will take their aggression out on blacks or other nonwhites and further divide America. The elite want America as divided as possible so that it will be easier to subdue all of us because we’re distracted and venting on the wrong group of people. White people are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

  3. I never said that Beck said any of these things. He would be thrown off the air for doing so. His actions goad whites into believing these things just like Reagan’s “welfare queen” comment and the Willie Lynch story. White people are just tools of the elite like the rest of us. Whites still think whiteness matters above all when it is all about greenness now.

  4. Item #3 is soooooooooo true.

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