The Myth of Peak Oil

September 4, 2009

Americans are suckers for propaganda. They eat it up like candy. Much of it is part of white nationalism, the reason this country was founded. White people just don’t believe whites in power would ever do them any harm. They believe that their skin really does join them at the hip with white upper class and elites. It doesn’t of course. The rich of all races hate the middle class and poor, especially if they cannot exploit you for cheap labor and zero benefits.

I can remember being taught in school how the dinosaurs’ rotting flesh was the source of most of our fossil fuels and that eventually we would run out. I remember debates about peak oil and whether or not we had reached that point of no return. I’ve seen videos of the long lines during the 70’s when supplies were low, another contrived false shortage, under the Carter administration. My parents trusted Jimmy Carter but black people always trust the ones that aren’t lynching them. Carter was another liar. He was a hard working liar but a liar nonetheless and this man won the Nobel Peace Prize. White people cannot get enough of giving themselves rewards for one thing or another.

The Earth is constantly replenishing its oil supplies. It spews up all over the planet. Oil fields go dry and then a few years later there is more oil. We can never possibly run out of oil unless we start eating it of course. OPEC and the Saudis simply play this game of supply and demand economics for money and power. Every president knows it’s all lies but Americans are told nothing because the elite believe we are too stupid to know what is best for us. Obama is no different and that is becoming clearer and clearer with each passing day as blacks continue to make the excuse for him that he has not had sufficient time to make any positive change. The term of office is only four years. Should we give him five years to make change? Idiots………..You can go anywhere on Earth and, much like water, if you dig deep enough you will be the next Jed Clampett. Believe nothing the government says and even less from CNN.

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