The Guilt of Giving Back

January 19, 2009

Obama is very big on giving back to the community, while at the same time voting for measures in Congress that have eviscerated community, the economy and the public trust. The only reason Obama was involved in community organizing in Chicago was so he could get to this point and say he was involved in community organizing. He is a genuine fraud, a charlatan, a mountebank and a fop for the elite. Americans need to realize that these phony puppet leaders are chosen long before they actually appear on the national and global stage. They are part of an ongoing ruse by the elite to keep us confounded because we operate in the present while the global elite continue to operate in the future…..but I digress.

When you give back to something or someone doesn’t that make a huge assumption that you actually received something in the first place? I don’t see too many Americans receiving anything. In fact what I see taking place is mostly robbery, fraud, ponzi schemes and the like by those who already have plenty. It is one thing if your community raises money to get your child a kidney transplant. Ok. Then you did receive something from the community but what do most of us get? It ranges from very little to nothing.

We get a crappy public education that is designed by the elite to keep us dumbed-down. We get taxes, taxes and more taxes taken out of paychecks. We get terrible healthcare that we pay that costs too much. We get high gas and food prices. We get stagnant wages. We get disappearing jobs. On top of it all we get inflation which means the money that is left is actually worth much less. Am I missing something here?

I’ve worked to get everything I have and I don’t have much so what the hell am I supposed to be giving back for? I know it sounds selfish but the elite are always trying to play on the guilt of Americans, especially pseudo-Christians, who already feel guilty about not being worthy enough to go to heaven when they die, which won’t happen anyway because it doesn’t exist. I refuse to allow the powers that be to turn this around and make it a “me” issue. It’s not us. It’s them.

We cannot give back to a community that has only taken from us in most cases but we can just give to the community for no other reason than to make it a better place without worrying about reciprocity. Christians have a hard time with this concept because they expect to be rewarded in the afterlife for good deeds in this life. That is not the path to salvation in any afterlife. It is a path to damnation in this one.

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