What is real change?

October 26, 2008

Obama has been largely successful at painting himself as the change figure in this election and the opposition as more of the same. I propose they are both more of the same but Obama slightly less of more of the same. Bush and Cheney have so mentally damaged Americans over the past eight years that Americans don’t even want real change anymore. They just want to go back to the Clinton days and start over from there. You can’t go back though. Obama may provide some relief to the middle class but he has never agreed with decreasing military spending. He is another imperialist president like the forty-three white men that came before him. So I guess he’s the forty-third and a half white man to do this and the first half of a black man. Here is what real change means to me.

1) Real change means slashing the defense budget in half or more. Obama will not do it. He wants to expand it.

2) Real changes means dismantling our over 500 military bases worldwide. Obama won’t do it.

3) Real change means mandating a federal “living” wage. Obama won’t do it.

4) Real change means a single payer universal healthcare. Obama won’t do it.

5) Real change means ending the occupation of Iraq. Obama won’t do it.

6) Real change means ending support for Israeli apartheid and genocide. Obama won’t do it.

7) Real change means getting the US off foreign oil and investing in renewable energy. Obama won’t do it.

8) Real change means penalizing companies that send jobs overseas. Obama won’t do it.

9) Real change means stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into the country by enforcing existing laws. Obama won’t do it.

10) Real change means ending influence of lobbyists and special interest groups in Washington. Guess what? Obama won’t do it.

11) Real change means rolling back all of Bush’s tax cuts for the rich. Obama won’t do it.

12) Real change means decriminalizing marijuana possession. Obama won’t do it.

13) Real change means opening a real investigation into the events of 9/11. Obama definitely won’t do it.

You can’t turn to the Republicans for the answers. They won’t do any of this either. Only Ralph Nader as an independent or McKinney/Clemente running with the Green Party can and will bring the change Americans need. In other words get ready for another four years of corporate malfeasance at our expense. We fell for the okeydoke once again. I just hope Nader and McKinney have the good sense to run together on the Green Party ticket in 2012.

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