Gays vs Straight Chasers

October 24, 2008

Before I delve into this sensitive topic let me say I have no issue with gay people, real gay people. What a person does sexually should not define who they are. Gays are humans who feel the entire gamut of emotions just like straight people but there are a few misconceptions out there that need to be straightened out, no pun intended.

First, I think it is quite clear that some people are born gay. It is also equally clear that some people become gay later in life from environment factors. They may have had a predisposition for gayness but not enough to make them gay until they put themselves into the right environment to push them over the edge. Whatever. I happen to know for a fact that there are many people who live the gay lifestyle that do not fit into either of these categories. What are they? Freaks? I know men and women who were in straight relationships that ended painfully and now they only sleep with people of the same sex. Why are psychologists not looking at the impact of emotions on people’s sexuality? Perhaps it’s not politically expedient because conservatives need everything in black and white, meaning you’re either born gay or you’re not. The truth is rarely black and white. It’s usually gray.

Another common phenomenon is gay people chasing straight people for sex. It’s happened to me before. The last time I checked gay people like having sex with other gay people. Why do some gay people pursue sex sex with someone who is heterosexual? That is not gay. I don’t know what to call that but gays are supposed to like other gays of the same sex. The lines blur with the transgendered and transvestites who may or may not also be gay but this group of people just looking to have gay sex with straight people are a separate entity altogether. I suspect that they are so ashamed of being gay, from being raised religious or simply in an anti-gay society like we have, that they still cling to or envy people who are straight because society considers that normal behavior. Whatever the reason it needs to stop. How would these quasi-gay people like it if straight people chased gays for sex?

What people do sexually is their business but not when it interferes with my life. Some of you are probably saying this is simply a case of bisexuality. I disagree. I do not believe in bisexuality. Everyone prefers one sex over another. You may like to dabble in the other and your preferences may change over time but there is always one sex preferred over another. In that sense everyone is either gay or straight except for this group of straight-chasers. I find it offensive that men would attempt to get sex from other men who don’t want to give it to them. That has the characteristics of rape or pedophilia. It’s almost as if these people want straight men to know that sex with a man is so good and that they’ve been missing it their entire lives. I’ve never seen a straight man turned gay from having sex with one of these people or a gay man. Straight people are straight. I was born straight, am still straight and will die straight. There is no way to convince me to become gay or prove to me that being gay is better than being straight.

Straight-chasers give gays a bad name. I have had friends that are gay before and I didn’t even know it. It doesn’t matter because like I said their sexuality is just one part of them as a person. Gay bashers and homophobes, particularly in the black community and the neo-nazi movement, target all gay people with their vitiolic hate. In fact what most straight men hate is not gays themselves. it’s these people who pretend to be gay and try to recruit straight people into the gay fold. Leave people to their own sexuality. If a man or a woman really wants to experience sex with a member of the same sex they would pursue that on their own and we have seen plenty of conservatives doing just that.

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