Voting for the winner (makes you a loser)

October 17, 2008

Americans love being part of the winning team. We are a nation of fairweather, shallow fans. As soon as things start to go sour Americans can be counted on to bail as quickly as possible. We run from struggles and turn a deaf ear to everything except instant gratification. Sports and politics are probably the best two examples of this perverse behavior.

I’ve always been a Cowboys fan but it didn’t matter to me whether they were 1-15 or 15-1. I was still always a Cowboys fan because I enjoyed watching the building process over the years. It made victory that much more sweet. With all the free agency in sports these days few players are affiliated with a team for life anymore. It’s like musical chairs with rich white men trading big black men like a slave auction. I’ve noticed recently that there are a lot of Pittsburgh fans. Where did they come from? Probably the most recent SuperBowl win when Jerome Bettis retired. They sure didn’t exist before that. Americans have no loyalty to anything. We change our identity to fit in and cling to superficial trends all out of fear that our real selves will be rejected by the masses of bandwagoners.

I am a non-conformist and I can attest to the trials and tribulations one will be subjected to when you choose to think for yourself. Most people hate me. Really. I’m not kidding. And what for? Because they believe I choose to be different. They think I really want to conform but that I want to stick out by pretending to be a non-conformist. It’s not pretending with me and I don’t choose to be different. I believe television has done more to create these masses of trendy, ephemeral, pop-culture losers who have no idea who they really are. It’s why Americans become bored so easily. They look for corporations to provide 24/7 entertainment to titillate and envigorate their senses. Of course this is usually combined with drugs, sex and alcohol as well.

The fear of not fitting in is probably rooted in our genes and exploited by corporate psychologist who prey upon our primitive instincts for profit. Imagine what would happen to someone in a hunter-gatherer society who did not fit in. They would die of starvation most likely because back then it took cooperation to maintain the group. What we overlooked or at least underestimated was the social component of human interaction. We have overcome our daily struggle for food and clean drinking water. We have overcome many diseases and the many time-consuming tasks that used to occupy our time. Now what do we have? Not much from what I can tell. We spend our time trying to find things to do. There is little mental stimulation from what I can tell. Even when I joined Mensa I realized the standards for admission had been lowered so far that almost anyone could get in if they paid the admission fee.

And that’s what America amounts to: profit. People say they want change in this country but have no idea what change represents. Americans want to maintain our privilege lifestyle at the expense of the other 95% of the planet so change to us is undoing or preventing anything that allows other countries to raise their own standards of living. Yes we Americans are a selfish bunch. We believe that we deserve everything we have simple because we have it and that’s the way it is. Of course our exceptionalist attitudes are rooted in white supremacy but even nonwhites embrace it when the enemy is foreign.

When people ask me who I’m voting for, Obama or McCain and I tell them neither their inevitable next question if “Who then?”. That in itself demonstrates how the media blacks out third parties and how uninformed and lazy Americans are. The Green Party is not some ragtag, startup group of treehuggers. They hold major political clout all over the world except in this country, where the corporate duopoly routinely breaks the law to exclude them from the political process. The next thing the sheeple say is “I’ve never heard of them.” Then they say “They don’t have a chance of winning” and then finally “You are wasting your vote.” Of course no one has a chance to win without getting votes but whose fault is that when Americans willfully choose ignorance and the same system of capitalistic exploitation that has them literally on their knees today? So having voted for the political winner in America means a lot to the sheeple indeed. They may not have healthcare but goshdarnit they voted for Obama and he won so in their twisted delusional minds they won too right? Wrong. Whenever a Democrat or Republican wins another election it is always a loss for the people and a win for corporations and the elite.

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