Chris Rock bombs: Someone please “Kill the Messenger”!!!

September 28, 2008

Every subsequent Chris Rock stand-up gets worse. That’s what typically happens with talented people when the money and fame starts to get to their heads. I give him credit for not succumbing to it sooner. It’s hard to identify with black people when you have millions of dollars and live down the street from Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige. I still love Chris Rock but this latest show was a mockery of comedy, no pun intended.

The show definitely got better toward the end but from the outset Rock was pissing off the audience. That’s not always a bad thing but he never really scored big enough to dissipate the boos and hisses. He demonstrated a complete bias for Barack Obama, which is fine, but then he told almost ten age jokes about John McCain, who doesn’t even deserve the attention in my opinion.

Rock fell flat on his bit about when it’s ok for white people to use the word “nigger”. The story was too long and not very funny. Americans have “nigger” fatigue thanks to Imus. The implications of saying that it’s ok for whites to ever use that word are well-known. It’s never ok for whites to use that word. I don’t care if you’re rapping a real song or what. Apparently Rock disagrees.

Rock also sounded like a homophobe during his bit about using the epithet “faggot”. It’s never ok to use that word either but apparently Rock disagreed again. Calling a heterosexual a faggot does not make it ok. The implication is still that you are gay and you like gay male sex. It’s an insult to homosexuals regardless. How would straight people like it if gay people went around calling each other “straight” as an insult? I can’t think of an epithet for straight people because there aren’t any. If there were straight people would up in arms.

Even after virtually bombing in all these areas Rock still had the nerve to go where no black man should go: insulting black women and women in general. I give him credit for his guts. He basically said that women are shallow and materialistic because once they get used to a certain lifestyle they are unable to readjust to a lesser one after they break up with the provider of that lifestyle. First of all, that assumes that the only people making money are men. Wrong. Black women make much more money than black men because they graduate college at a much higher rate. Rock then contradicted himself later saying that modern women have their own money. Which one is it?

Good comedians know that one of the most effective comedic techniques is repetition of a phrase or idea. Politicians use it all the time to our brainwashed detriment. The only thing that Rock did with his constant repetition was irritate me. His over-enunciating speech also became annoying after a while and I was drinking! He repeated the lead up to many jokes several times before the actual punchline. Without all that wasted time the show would have been fifteen to twenty minutes shorter. It was like he didn’t have enough to say but he wanted the show to go on. I didn’t. I couldn’t wait for it to end. There were awkward silences filled with gratuitous profanity. That is the stuff of D.L. Hughley and not what I expected from one of the greats.

It wasn’t all bad but this was definitely a substandard performance by a great comedian. He scored big on race and sex as usual but his politics was severely lacking. Maybe he’s been too busy to keep up with the news but that is what we need from Rock, especially now, not the same bullshit we hear parrotted daily on CNN. I was waiting for him to endorse the NIST report on the collapse on WTC7. He is still one of the all time greats but this effort will definitely lessen the lustre of his legacy.

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