No one should love America

August 22, 2008

I’m tired of people saying that despite all of its fault that they still love America. What has America ever done out of altruism? America never does anything for anyone unless it’s a quid pro quo so what exactly are all these false patriotic, ahistorical people talking about? I’m sure someone will bring up the Monroe Doctrine but we only did that to fill our own coffers as well. Someone will bring up foreign aid but it’s a fraction of what it should and we determine exactly how that money gets spent which means it will benefit corporations. Just like the abstinence education that came with the 48 billion dollar AIDS package. Everything is America comes wrapped with conditions and that usually means allowing corporations to exploit the masses so the elite can wrest what little the have from them.

Loving America goes all the way back to slavery and the genocide of the native Americans. This nation was born in white supremacy and white supremacy has sustained it to this day as it slowly crumbles under the weight of its own shame and disgrace. If America has treated the native Americans fairly and had paid reparations for descendants of slaves then we could talk about some of the good America has done expecting nothing in return but that is not our reality. Loving America is nothing but a euphemism for white nationalism. It doesn’t even make sense for nonwhite people to utter such a phrase. What it usually means is that they are glad to have escaped harsh living conditions in their country and don’t care about racism as long as they have can maintain a higher standard of living here. Most immigrants to this country know nothing about its history and don’t care. They are in it for the money. Whites get the additional benefit of white privilege from just setting foot on US soil. I don’t consider a country great when it confers unearned privilege on certains groups simply because of where they were born or the color of their skin.

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  1. Have you listened to any of the speakers at the Democratic Party’s convention this week?

    If yes, did you hear Michelle Obama’s speech? She couldn’t shut up about her looooooove for America! Egads!

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