What black support for Obama means

August 9, 2008

Recently on Blackcommentator.com (shout out to the man Glen Ford)  I read a piece stating that presidential hopeful and presumed Democratic nominee Barack Obama believed that race neutrality and placation of whites was key to moving past the racial strife in this country. Obama certainly does believe that. We hear nothing but talk about diversity these days, a code word for exclusion of black males. Obama does whatever whites want whenever they want it, however they want it and as long as they want it. He cannot deny that he has not addressed the plight of the community but he has spoken about it, which is meaningless without taking a moral position. Yes he has mentionned these blatant atrocities against the black community but that is not the same as addressing them. Anyone can talk about Sean Bell, Katrina, predatory lending, racial profiling and police brutality but Obama has never, and never will, come out against the government on these events unless it is politically expedient for him to do so. Black people have been suckered hook, line and sinker. The only change Obama represents is a change of skin color for the frontman of corporatism and totalitarian democracy. Watch him squirm and stammer as whites defend him against the Uhuru presence at the back of the crowd no less.

I am not surprised by Obama’s apathetic and antipathetic treatment of blacks. No one should be. It is to be expected if he is to garner the white vote and there are many more white votes than black ones in this country except in a few chocolate cities that are still overruled by the racist and outdated electoral college (where there is no proportional or national popular voting). What surprised me if how black people continued to embrace Obama despite his obvious and complete rejection of any of our causes. The problem for Obama is that anything pro-black is by the very nature of American racism, anti-white, at least in the minds of white people. Every white person in this country owes a debt to every black person because the day you set foot on US soil you are pigeonholed into one of two roles dictated by the legacy of slavery. The white role benefits whites unjustly and to the detriment of blacks and the black role which destines millions of blacks to a life of abject poverty and destitution from the financial, generational and racist accumulation of wealth by whites over centuries.

So why do blacks continue to pour support to a man that patently loathes them? The answer is not as complicated as one might think. It represents the cumulative mental effect of racism on black people over the centuries. Black people are so desperate for any hope or true leadership that Obama seems to be the Black Jesus in the Second Coming to them. Black people have never before voted against their material interests, unless you count Bill Clinton. I will admit that many black people are uninformed about Obama’s policies but those same black people have no interest in learning about them either. They want a black man in the White House period.

Malcolm X warned black people about house niggas. The problem is that when you fail to examine Obama’s imperial policies you fail to classify as exactly what he is: a house nigger. Some say that we should allow Obama to do whatever he must to get elected but at what cost? How can we stand by as he maligns black fathers and ignores injustice in the Sean Bell case just so we can have “one of us” in the White House? Obama is just what Al Sharpton called Clarence Thomas: our color but not our kind. Obama is taking advantage of black people by accepting their votes without representing them, a tactit of the Democrats for decades. The Green Party is exactly what this country and, particularly the masses of black people, need to gain influence over the political process and our lives by giving power to our votes. MLK would shake his head in pity if he saw us throwing our votes away on a man that supports the genocide of the Palestinians.

It is a true testament to the depth of mental and emotional damage white supremacy as a whole has done to blacks when blacks are ready and willing to support a man that, for all practical purposes, hates them. It is true that blacks should not espouse anyone based on race, just like whites, but it poignantly demonstrates how thorough our damage has been at the hands of this government. That damage alone should show white America how much reparations are needed to restore sanity to our community. The problem in America for blacks is that our issues are compounded with those of whites. We also have to deal with hypercapitalism, hyperindividualism, rampant consumerism and the like, all on top of non-stop racism and discrimination. Frankly it is too much to bear. Whoever said that God would never give you more than ou could bear was wrong. This is too much for black people and it shows in our nonsensical support of a corporate lackey in blackface.

Tremendous, and maybe irreversible, psychological damage has been done to the black race over the centuries. Reparations is more about repairing that than stuffing our pockets with money. It is about education and self-determination, not about bling bling or phat rides with rims. Whites are only able to view blacks through the lens of capitalism in which they thrive and poison themselves and others. They cannot possibly fathom what blacks have gone through and still go through day to day as we try to survive in a country where the status quo equals whiteness. It is anathema to them.

Obama’s day is coming. Rev. Wright’s chickens will come to roost for him as well. Whether it’s his children, his wife or a legacy of failure, Obama will fail. He has betrayed himself and an entire race of people for whom he has no empathy or sympathy. His personal ambitions have blinded him in his narrow-minded quest to make a name for himself in the history books. Whenever I listen to his deep but stammering voice I cannot help but think of it as a man trying to piece together a puzzle of pieces that do not fit together. It’s like someone mixed the pieces of an African jigsaw with an European one and now Obama cannot figure out how to put them together without jettisoning the very people that propelled him to this point. He is a traitor of the worst kind. At least Clarence Thomas admits he hates black people. Obama claims to love us and then does us nothing but harm. The Bible is a manmade book of lies but if any part of it is true it is the part where we are warned to beware of false prophets.

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  1. Does Obama loathe Black people? I don’t think so. He is simply a man who happens to be Black and whose path in life has taken him to literal and figurative places that are not the norm for most Black people in America today. He is not particularly concerned about the Black community, and if he is, his resume does not show his works directed towards us at all. While he is not a black man who would be the Black people’s president, he is a man who could be President who happens to be Black. He is a man, or at least has strategically lived his life so that he could become, one who will be for all people, not just Black people. His non-devotion to the Black community should not be read to the point of loathing Black people. Just my opinion, and there is plenty more of it on Obama at http://www.mulloverthis.wordpress.com.

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