Middle Class Mythology

August 8, 2008

A lot of so-called experts and political pundits have written books talking about the shrinking middle class but is that really the case? Does a middle class really exist? The answer is no. There is no middle class and never has been. There is only the upper and lower class. The elite have bifurcated the lower class to quell dissent through division and that is we have in America. Let’s take a closer look.

If there were really a lower, middle and upper class then there would be roughly the same amount of all three classes. Is that what we see? Nope. We have one percent with over half of the wealth and the top five percent with ninety percent of it. We have a lower class that is divided between have somes and have nones but they are all have nots from the perspective of the elitist haves. What many people do not understand is that the American dream of having a home, a car and a good paying job does not qualify you for the upper class. The upper class is hereditary membership only. Even if you win the lottery you are not welcome because membership is purely inherited.

I don’t want to wax Marx but he was and is still correct. This is a power dynamic between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie or “faux middle class”. It is human nature to want to distance yourself from the less fortunate under capitalism. In this society, except for those few lottery winners, athletes, muscians and entertainers, people usually make small incremental gains. Many these days are actually making less than what their parents made but as long as people make gains relative to others in some way then they feel as though they are on the right track. No one making 50k/yr is going to try to make 50 million/yr overnight. Those people shoot for 80k or 100k/yr first. Their power dynamic has a local proximity to their income. They scorn those who earn less and praise those who earn slightly more.

This is the psychological operation of the elites that divide the lower class. They allow the bourgeoisie to haave just enough to emulate being one of them but always keep full membership out of reach to keep them working harder and harder for less and less. They give them power over the have-nones and have-littles with whom they share the lower class. This class warfare has always been what has kept this nation divided. For good measure, the elites throw in race, religion, homosexuality and other divisive issues that obfuscate what is truly happening. Sadly the average person is just that. Americans will not awaken until it has become far too late and there is plent of evidence to suggest that we have long ago crossed that threshhold.

What then will become of America? We will become a Second or Third World nation for sure. For globalization to work, those at the top have to come down and those at the bottom have to rise until they share the global economic fortune. This is what we are seeing currently in Mexico and with the constant influx of undocumented workers, many of whom send most of their money back home. This is all part of the North American Union through the Security and Prosperity Partnership (they always give their lies such appealing names don’t they?). The North American Union will replace what is Canada, the US and Mexico. This is just one piece of the elite’s plan for a global fascist police state. In 50 years no one will recognize this country. The dollar will soon be replaced by what will probably be called the Amero, sort of like the Euro except for America. There are simply not enough Americans willing to invest in collective remedies. Most of us have chosen hyperindividualism over collectivism. We believe in the “rat race” and that one make can make a difference. Not in this world. Not today folks. Our only weapon against the elite is the one we refuse to arm ourselves with: each other. History never lies. All empires fall.

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