The Dangers of Biblical Parenting

July 27, 2008

As a preacher’s son I am uniquely qualified, along with other pk’s, to comment on how being raised by brainwashed black Christians inAmerica can and does negatively impacted the lives of those unfortunate children. I don’t seek to blame my problems on my parents. My father is dead and my mother is still brainwashed and spewing this make-believe garbage that has kept black people enslaved literally and figuratively since we first arrived in America by force.

There is a sayng that preachers’ kids always turn out the worst. Why is that? It should be obvious to anyone with even a high school knowledge of psychology. We resent authority. We are raised by people that believe the Bible is the holy word of God. It is no such thing. It is the word of Constantine and all the other credulous fools that showed up several times at the Council of Nicea centuries ago to decide what they would include and exclude from the Bible. Many Christians don’t know this but for many it wouldn’t matter if they did. They would just say those men were divinely inspired by God so the Bible still qualifies as the word of God.

These men were all white so you mean to tell me they were divinely inspired to write a book that would allow white people to justify slavery for 400 years? Christianity and most religions are basically plagiarism. Most of them make use of the Immaculate Conception and other ideas that were created in Africa and Asia way before Christianity. When Europeans conquered people in Africa and Asia they simply stole their knowledge and much of their culture, giving the characters in their stories new names. It is the cheapest form of plagiarism. Now I’m supposed to believe that this fairy tale nonsense is the word of God?

Black baby boomers went through hell in this country during the post-slavery and Jim Crow periods. It is well documented in mostly black and white footage and in print but that is no reason to continue to believe a lie that was constructed to enslave our minds. Black people still suffer today from marginalization and this is still our excuse for believing a pack of lies handed to us by whites when we were enslaved. To our credit we did manage to maintain some of our ancient African traditions and practices but over time we completely capitulated to the lies of Christianity. Now my own mother thinks I’m going  to hell for eternity because I don’t believe in the equivalent of the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

Once a religion has brainwashed someone it is next to impossible to reverse it. Sadly those people just have to get old and die. Younger generations will eventually come to their senses. There is no reason to believe a just and loving God would allow slavery to happen. It is clear that God, assuming one exists and it is omnipotent, doesn’t give a damn about humanity or this planet or this solar system. It may not even care about the entire universe. We don’t know but what we do know from casual observation is that if God does care about us then apparently it cares to harm us. Most black peopel spend their lives in waiting mode, waiting on their heavenly reward in recompense for their earthly suffering. There will be no such reward. The Bible is fiction.

But back to my point, the Bible states clearly that if parents spare the rod they will spoil the child. In other words children have to be physically abused and assaulted if they are to grow up to be moral and responsible adults. Nothing could be further from the truth. Beating someone does one thing and one thing only: creates resentment. The Bible is replete with examples of God unleashing his fury on humans for disobeying his commands. Why destroy all of humanity out of anger and then start over? Wouldn’t a perfect God have created perfect people. Wouldn’t a perfect God demonstrate kindness, compassion and forgiveness? The God of the Bible is a vengeful, evil sadist more akin to Satan than anything.

Black parents in particular, due to the racism we live with daily, adopt this biblical mindset that children must be physically punished if they are to grow up to be good people. It’s as if they really believe they are beating the demons out of their children. It doesn’t work. In fact it has quite the opposite effect. It causes children to grow up with low self-esteem, anger and intimacy issues and who knows what else.

Black Christians tend to strictly interpret the scriptures unlike most of their white counterparts. My parents used to say “If the Bible said it, then God said it and that’s it.” No questions asked. What type of mentality are you creating in a child when you tell them never to question anything of religion? That same mentality almost always permeates other parts of their lives and they end up accepting every negative circumstance of their lives without as much as lifting a finger to change things for the better.

God would not want people to suffer. Suffering happens because humans want it to happen to gain advantages over each other. There are human sadists that live amongst all of us that take great pleasure in seeing others in constant agony. If anything humans should be trying to marginalize those elements of society. Then and only then will religion become the relic of the past it is destined to become as it will have worn out its usefulness, hopefully forever. We need to raise children to question authority, not capitulate to it just to be good worker drones for the elite. Parents need to let go of their egos and their brainwashing so we can enjoy a brighter future under a new system of living void of this European carnage.

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