Obama and Playin’ Possum

April 12, 2008

Black people have always played possum with whites. It is born out of the daily struggle against white supremacy. It is a coping technique that was developed during slavery. The vast majority of slaves hated their masters but many masters did not believe that. They thought slaves were grateful to them for taking care of the most basic of their sustenance requirements even though they were little more than property and not considered human. Whenever master showed up the demeanor of the slave became less threatening so that master could be made to feel comfortable and in control…….so that master could be master. It was and still is a ruse that whites predictably fall for because of their massive egos but apparently some of them have learned how to use it against blacks.

The overwhelming black support of Obama has many roots. The most obvious is that he’s a black man so blacks want to vote for someone that looks like them, talks like them and acts like them. Obama may be black on the outside but he’s all corporation on the inside. When and if Obama becomes president blacks feel that his loyalty to whites will diminish because he will no longer be courting their votes. That is sadly mistaken. Obama has promised nothing to the black community because blacks are hoping that Obama is just pretending to care about whites so he can get elected. Obama is pretending to do many things but none of them has to do with caring about the black community.

Black people used to be a monolith and we still operate under that paradigm. We think that when we obtain power, wealth and status that we will help lift the less fortunate of our people but that hope has repeatedly led to broken promises. Obama is not going to make an about-face after his inauguration, if he does secure the nomination and beat McCain. He is being exactly what he was bred to be, a master politician. Besides this false hope that blacks have of Obama becoming militant or progressive when he no longer needs white voter support overlooks one very important fact. If Obama did start acting like Malcolm X or Marcus Garvey then he would be killed, plain and simple.

Obama is playin’ possum but it’s not so that he can use his power as president to remedy the injustices of the past and present. It isn’t so that he can heal the racial wounds that still scar this country. His game is the preservation of corporate power and maintenance of the status quo. He is fooling whites and blacks with his change rhetoric, while corporations fiendishly giggle in the background. He deserves an Academy Award.

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