NBC Mistakenly Reports Nibiru Eclipsing Venus (Moon Behind Earth and Unseen)

May 21, 2015


May 29th 2015: The End Could Be Here…..NOW!

May 21, 2015

Some people are afraid of fearmongering. I’m not one of them. There is a good chance that much of America will die in the next week. We are an evil species and country and deserve every bit of it. The good will be saved as usual but we all know there are not many of those. Most of us want money, fame, sex, houses, cars, drugs, etc. It’s bad energy and that energy gets reflected (as above so below) in solar activity which then manifests (notice the man part) here on Earth. Man is the bridge between the spiritual and material realm and we have polluted the Earth too much for her to sustain us any longer. The Earth will be fine. We are the ones going away.

I’m experiencing synchronicities about Japan. I’m seeing 311 when the Japan 9.0 quake happened back in 2011. I’m seeing 22 and 69 everywhere. 22 is the end being the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet and the last card of the Tarot deck which represents the cross, a symbol of sacrifice. 69 is just the yin yang symbol of duality. It means a cycle. So we already know we are in Kali yuga and approaching the final Shemitah in mid-September when Jade Helms is supposed to end. Actually that’s when it really beings and goes into full swing….not a drill. 22/69 therefore means the end of a cycle….the end of  us.

This universe was a mistake. Our egos of seven deadly sins cannot be allowed to continue to expand. We are the laughing stock of the entire  universe because we are so evil spiritually blind. We refuse to love. We refuse to listen. We refuse to be humble. We brag all the time. We think we are the things that we “own”. It’s always about us all the time. We only care about our own family and never anyone else’s. We watch mind-numbing filth all day on TV and the internet and never work on freeing our souls from monetary, sexual and pharmaceutical enslavement. It’s about to be over and I for one am ecstatic. I knew I never belonged on this rock with seven billion soulless golems. God bless the Starseeds that tried to save you. Every Pisces knows what is coming. We can all feel it. My birthday fell on Purim this year 3/5 and it rocked my world. I got my first migraine out of the blue. I was not drinking or doing anything that would cause one. Carpal tunnel happened on my right wrist out of nowhere and the 4th toe on my right foot inflamed. I am still in pain. That was also a full moon in Virgo, the sign opposite to Pisces. Do you see what is going on? It’s over folks.

My only brother died on 5/29/1992. His name was Fred and he died at 26yrs old by a drunk driver. 29 is the number of death. More people die on the 29th of each month than any other day…..by far. My brother died 23 years ago and I’ve been seeing 23 a lot too. Remember the movie about 23 with Jim Carrey? 23 is one short of 24, as in hours in a day. It also represents 11pm. That is when this quake is supposed to hit California UTC time. Japan is also going under. A lady at work out of the blue talked about how she grew up in Japan in Okinawa. They are currently still fighting the US air base there. We always think we have the right to put bases on other people’s land. We don’t. The night before I couldn’t sleep so I turned on the TV and there it was…….Kill Bill with Uma Thurman going to Okinawa to get that special sword to kill David Carradine. He was murdered in Bangkok back in 2009 under suspicious circumstances. These synchronicities are increasing to the point where I cannot focus on a damn thing.

The people of this planet are doomed. From the moment the Federal Reserve was created and Jews took control of the media it was countdown to death. Only Cuba, North Korea and Iran don’t have a central bank and we are trying to topple their governments so a puppet do the bidding of the Rothschilds. For all the naysayers who think we’re crying wolf again just sit back and watch. Earthquake activity is skyrocketing all over the planet. Yellowstone is the largest caldera on the planet and it’s about to blow. The Earth has been destroyed four previous times but never by the element earth. It’s time. Five is the fifth root race, the Aryan race, not whites. It’s all of us from the Iron Age who never worked on their souls and kept returning (not reincarnating…that is for masters only because it is by choice) in different bodies never remembering who we were before. The metal iron governs Mars the malefic planet of passion and violence. Aryan means Aries which is ruled by Mars. We’re a bunch of warmongering Martians who have been devolving for thousands of years to this point. We do not come from apes. Apes come from us. They are previous races of man that degenerated through the abuse of sex. We thought we were evolving because technology seemed to get better. The aliens laugh at our technology because it is so simple and toxic. We destroy our own Mother Earth digging up her body of minerals to build silly trinkers like iPhones. We run her oil blood in our cars…..We frack her circulatory system of water that feeds the planet. We chemtrail her air which poisons the ground too when it falls. I can only imagine how much they are all laughing at us. The joke really is on us………and our souls.

Go back to your regularly scheduled death, which is already in progress.


Exodus Didn’t Happen. Al Nakba Did.

May 15, 2015

Today is Al Nakba. The Bible is symbolic. No physical Exodus ever happened. The Johnny-come lately phony Jews are liars. Jews are people who incarnate Israel which is Isis, Ra and El. It is NOT race-specific. That would make the true God a racist but the real God didn’t write the Bible or reveal it to anyone. It was written by the evil forces that enslave spiritual beings in this material realm.

Look at what the phony Israel did to these people. Show respect to the people who deserve it.

Information on the depopulation of Palestinian towns and villages (1947–1949)
Phase: No. of destroyed/depopulated localities No. of refugees Jewish/Israeli lands (km2)
29 Nov. 1947 – Mar. 1948 30 >22,600* 1,159.4
Apr. – 13 May 1948
(Tiberias, Jaffa, Haifa, Safed, etc.)
199 >400,000 3,363.9
15 May – 11 June 1948
(an additional 90 villages)
290 >500,000 3,943.1
12 June – 18 July 1948
(Lydda/Ramleh, Nazareth, etc.)
378 >628,000 5,224.2
19 July – 24 Oct. 1948
(Galilee and southern areas)
418 >664,000 7,719.6
24 Oct. – 5 Nov. 1948
(Galilee, etc.)
465 >730,000 10,099.6
5 Nov. 1948 – 18 Jan. 1949
(Negev, etc.)
481 >754,000 12,366.3
19 Jan. – 20 July 1949
(Negev, etc.)
531 >804,000 20,350.0

Richard Pryor on Blacks and the Police

May 11, 2015

Notice what he says at the end. Black parents take out racism on their kids with physical abuse. Amazing how much nothing has changed except the general standard of living. All the socioeconomic gaps from largely institutional racism are still there and widening. White people loved Richard Pryor because he made them laugh at their own sickness but whites didn’t understand that he wanted things to change instead of just making a buck to give them a feelgood to continue in their apathy.


The Real Reasons Behind Chemtrails (They Are NOT Contrails)

May 7, 2015

All over the country and world people are looking up (well at least the few in the know) into the sky to see military planes spraying white substances into the air at low altitudes. Supposedly one of the pilots who fly these missions for huge sums of money released an anonymous interview on Youtube.com. In it the interviewer asked him why these pilots do this to Americans knowing full well the repercussions. Know what most of them said? “Fuck Americans. We don’t give a shit about them.”

I believe chemtrails are being used for several purposes. The main one is to blot out the sun during times of the day when “Nibiru” or “Planet X” or whatever they call it this week could possibly be seen. This is why most spraying is done during the day because you can’t see much at all at night. Second I think the chemtrails block the rays from the Sun, not to ease the fictitious global warming but to prevent the Earth from getting the proper energies it needs from coronal mass ejections. We need that stuff folks. It’s not hot and it’s not going to burn us up. The Sun is not hot at the surface and we’ve already seen many different objects directly in front of the sun that didn’t burn up. Man’s science is a bunch of nonsensical lies and the elite know it. They are the ones who fund this damn pseudoscience bullshit and then make it part of NEA’s standard curriculum for children.


Another major reason for chemtrails is obvious. It’s poison. These heavy metals like barium and aluminum causes brain damage and asthma. They have also been reported to contain nanoparticles which could contain nanobots that are used to program us or otherwise affect our behavior. This is in line with Kurzweil futurism agenda of melding machine and flesh into one. Don’t believe it? Few do but after heavy spraying and a rainstorm legitimate scientists have taken rainwater/groundwater samples and found all of these toxins to be present in extremely unsafe amounts, sometimes five times higher than safe levels or more!!!


Americans think they are being protected when they are actually being sickened and killed. Who needs toxic vaccines when you have chemtrails? If you are one of these people that thinks these are just contrails please have your head and eyes examined. Contrails dissipates in a few minutes because they are just icicles from commercials airplanes. Chemtrails linger for hours and create an opaque haze that diffuses the Sun’s energy. They are spray them in criss-cross patterns so they cover the entire visible sky when they diffuse.


Now think about it. Chemicals affect your hormones and your hormones affect your health and emotional state. You have chemicals in your water. You have chemicals in your food. You have them in the air. You have them in medications. You have them in your nonstick cookware. You have them in plastic containers which contain BPA or bisphenol-A, which by the way has been banned in baby bottles overseas. I guess they want to at least leave babies enough brain function to become fully efficient corporate slaves by the time they grow up but not here in America. Don’t forget about the mercury in those CFL bulbs. The list goes on and on. Cancer rates are skyrocketing and children and adults alike are being diagnosed with ADHD. I won’t even go into the brain-frying that we do on smartphones everyday. Of course the conclusive European study was ignored in America.

Do you really think you are thinking clearly when your entire body is under this chemical assault? Highly doubtful folks. Highly doubtful. Here in Tampa we went from clear blue sky to yellow haze in a few hours a few days ago. Those toxins are now on the ground in our locally grown foods and will be dispersed into the drinking water during the next rainstorm. Gotta love this Jewish government and the Americans who serve them. They hate you. Nothing is a conspiracy theory when it’s been proven. Even the government admits it. They just lie about the true purpose. Don’t worry. When they come for us you’ll be so toxified you probably won’t even resist or realize it.


Countdown To White Cop Acquittal and Race War

May 5, 2015

The blacks will be convicted and the whites will be acquitted. Then a complete race/civil war will begin. It’s not up to the black DA. She will be forced to do what they tell her. She’s brand new and has masters over her head. Americans always put themselves and/or their families first and says screw the rest of us. There can be no justice when money is god. America is the Great Harlot from Revelation. She is the beast 666.


Get some survival supplies now!!!


Clockwise from top left, the six Baltimore Police officers who were charged Friday in the death of Freddie Gray: Officer Caesar Goodson; Lt. Brian Rice; Sgt. Alicia White; Officer Garrett Miller; Officer William Porter; and Officer Edward Nero


Stuffy CNN Bitch Gets An Earful of NIGGER!!!!!!!

April 30, 2015


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