Serena Williams Is A Man……..100% Proof Positive

September 2, 2015


No More Male Friends For Me

August 20, 2015

As bad as most women get on my nerves because of their excessive materialism, shallowness and obsession with image, I’ve finally decided that I don’t want any more male friends for the rest of my life. Why? Two simple reasons: 1) They are haters over pussy and 2) They are haters over money. Maybe if I meet my moral and financial equal or greater I will rescind this policy but from now on MEN STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!!!

Hateration has always been rampant in the black community since we spend the bulk of our brainwashed lives trying to get rich like whites while maintaining our hood swag “street” cred. Ghetto and rich do not belong together. They never last long either way because ghetto people blow their money and invest it in stupid things that go bust. Black guys I know ain’t about shit. When I say about shit I mean about helping other people improve their lives, not making money and fucking strippers.

Guys all think that they own women just because they had sex with them. NO YOU DON’T!!! Very few pussies in this world are brand new. Someone fucked your sex partner (because she ain’t yo girl) in the past and someone will fuck her in the future. Your dick can do nothing about it. In fact I may fuck her. You do not own women. We do not use chastity belts anymore you insecure bunch of fuckboy losers. If yo girl throws the ass at me I’m taking it. If you got a problem with that then go ahead and do something to me because then I have the right to whip out my Desert Eagle and AK47 to take you off the planet. BTW I never miss.

I’m tired of meeting all of these women in these abusive relationships because some loser makes his living by recreating the traumatic childhood of the vulnerable woman. Then they have the nerve to call themselves men. Men don’t take advantage of people, especially vulnerable women. You’re a sick fucking joke with a tiny ass dick.

Furthermore these joke ass broke ass fools never have any money. Somebody always buying them a drink because they can’t even afford penny fucking draft. Get a job loser……and not pimping women. I’m done with men. The Jewish media has turned 99% of them into punk ass pussies. With all that pussy why do they even want a woman?

So in summary I will fuck any woman on this planet that is fine as hell that wants to fuck me. I don’t care if it’s your girlfriend, live-in sex toy, sister, aunt or even wife. Why fuck someone’s wife? Because if she is cheating she doesn’t want you anymore which means the marriage is null and void in God’s eyes anyway. Get a job and go jerk off you pathetic bunch of control freaks. I’ll take care of satisfying the women myself and send them back to you so you can pay their bills.

YOU CAN’T COCK BLOCK A HOE FOOLS!!! WHAT THE FUCK YA’LL BE THINKIN’?!?!?! I’m fucking all ya’l’ girls. Let’s see who survives. And don’t let me get a few drinks in her. I’ll bang ya fuckin’ mom too. Real men love and protect women…..not beat em, cheat on em and steal all their shit. Instead of hating successful for what they have why don’t ya’ll love yourself and then go do the same.




Why I Don’t Want Children

August 9, 2015

I don’t envy the job of parents these days. It is impossible to protect them from the onslaught of poison and brainwashing filth that has consumed the planet at the hands of the Jewish elite. Let’s take a look at why they have no future. Having children today is tantamount to giving birth to a corporate slave that will beg for minimum wage when the Federal Jew-serve is done with them.

  1. Before your kids are even out of the womb they are already being poisoned by chemicals the mother has ingested. The father’s sperm has also been genetically altered. Who knows what the hell will come out at birth anymore?
  2. At birth doctors are informed to get a name for the birth certificate. Why? So they can give your baby a Social Security number and start trading their brand new asses on the stock market against their will. Of course the baby would be against this if they could speak but most parents don’t know about it or call the people that tell the truth nutjobs and conspiracy theorists. You can even look p your account and see how much money you have in it. Some have millions or more but if you try to access you disappear for good. Yup……dead.
  3. As soon as the baby seems pretty stable they get pumped full of toxic vaccines. This permanently stunts brain development.
  4. Men are circumcised…normally. That permanently traumatizes them sexually in ways we do not even fully understand yet.
  5. If you live where the water is fluoridated and you don’t filter it now your child’s brain function is already being suppressed. Regular toothpaste won’t help. Oh that’s right flouride is good for your enamel……..hahaha…..
  6. Children love sweets and processed food. Most parents just give it to them to shut them up. Even if you eat fruits and vegetables most are laced with toxic chemicals. This further stunts brain development at this crucial stage. Fast food is even worse.
  7. Children used to love to play outside. Now if they go outside mostly likely they will be inhaling chemtrails that turn them into mindless drones ready for public education.
  8. Public education teaches them everything that didn’t happen. It promotes groupthink consensus whereby the lies we all learn reinforce themselves. People don’t read much anymore and when they do most of them read lies. That’s not helping.
  9. As soon as they are old enough to get on the internet they will be bombarded with porn that permanently alters their view of the opposite sex or, in effect, brainwashes them into the gay lifestyle like what much of TV does.
  10. By the teens most children are already too far gone to save unless they have some of the best karma in the world. That’s about the only thing that can save them. I’m sorry but a mother’s love cannot do it.
  11. By high school graduation they hear the news of no jobs but go to college anyway and amass massive debt in student loans to learn a bunch of shit that isn’t even true.
  12. Frustrated and depressed from the seemingly insurmountable odds many turn to drugs for temporary relief. Of course most jobs drug test so now they can’t even get a job for multiple reasons. If they do get a job 1/3 of the funny money goes to the Feds so they keep killing brown people overseas and funding military and NASA misadventures for the Jewish elite.
  13. By the 20’s and 30’s many people will be sick. Their bodies have been accumulating toxins their whole lives. Cancer and diabetes will be rampant. There will brain tumors from excessive cell phone exposure.

This list could go on forever but you get the point. I stopped at 13 for a reason. It sure as hell ain’t no lucky number. Your children are doomed in America. Even if they have two parents one or both will be working to death which means they will be consuming more media filth. A single mother cannot teach a man how to be a man and cannot teach a woman how to properly relate to men. Same goes for single fathers in reverse. That’s if you’re lucky enough to even have a family since we’re all under attack. Do your kids a favor and wait until we reset this mess before bringing them into this Jewish-made disaster called life.

Stand up and stop the Jew. Save your children.


Freemasonry and Futurism in Spielberg’s “Falling Skies”

August 8, 2015

Stephen Spielberg’s “Falling Skies” is some serious social engineering Jew bullshit. The Mason family is the central to the whole series……as in Freemasons. Everyone in the 2nd mass has to be sacrificed to keep the Masons alive. Hal is the male heir to Daddy Mason. His son Ben with the spikes is the transhumanist genetic superior of the regular Gentile losers. His other son Matt is the feminized male that permeates society these days. They are all Mason brothers. Their father Tom is the 33rd degree Mason who can never die. Ann and Tom’s daughter Lexi is the immaculate conception with God-like powers. She is an alien hybrid. More futurism that has already happened a la X-Files, which is why they are bringing it back.

Recently Tom has been having visions. He has become a clairvoyant since he destroyed the Aspheni control system, at least temporarily. My favorite character is Pope. You gotta love that name. They are showing you that the Pope is not the one really in charge. The Masons will destroy the Pope in the end. Of course they make him look like an erratic, dumb, oversexed, crude biker and now they even shaved his head like he’s a Nazi going to exterminate the Mason Jews. Get it now? It’s all programming folks. Our collective thoughts dictate reality but thinking about winning the lottery will not make you win the lottery. It doesn’t work that way.

They even had the time to include the race-mixing or race-dilution agenda. Tom is with Ann, an Asian. Ben and Hal are fighting over a femi-Nazi. Even Matt is getting sweet on a biracial chick and he’s the poster child for metrosexual Justin Bieber. Clearly feminism and race-mixing are part of the programming. The more you see it without knowing what they’re doing the more it’s in your subconscious. When it’s there it’s only a matter of time before it sprouts to the surface just like a germinating seed.

I started watching this brain filth from the beginning so I have to finish it or I’ll go insane from wondering and hoping that the Masons died before their NWO came to fruition. Also we all need to know what they are really planning and they only admit it through the media. No doubt will end up becoming the anti-Christ and leading us all to one world government. Great………..


10 Ways Trump Is Better For Blacks Than Clinton/Bush/Obama

July 23, 2015

Can someone please explain to me why blacks don’t support Donald Trump? And don’t say it’s because he’s a Republican or because he’s loud or because he’s rich or because he wears a toupee. Be a grownup for once.


1) Trump wants to close the borders……permanently. That means more jobs, less crime and less strain on healthcare.

2) He’s pro-life which is the godly position to take.

3) Against gay marriage the way the Bible implies it should be.

4) He wants to downsize the federal government. That means less taxes and more in your paycheck.

5) Favors the complete legalization of drugs.

6) Supports overhaul of public education.

7) He knows climate change is a hoax and another way to tax Americans more.

8) Supports strong families. Destruction of family by feminism destroyed the black race.

9) Welfare to work to get poor people off government dependence and on to independence and motivation. Also he knows unemployment rate is really 20% overall and 35% for blacks.

10) No cuts whatsoever to Medicare or Social Security…..ever.


Think about your programming people. The enemy of your true enemy must be your friend.


The Astrology of the Ashley Madison Hack

July 22, 2015

Some people just never learn. Why in the hell would you put your personal information on an affair web site knowing full well ahead of time that it would never be deleted. That’s what millions of Americans have done on ashleymadison.com. The CEO said they have secured the web site and no further leaks should occur. Ummmmm isn’t that a little late. They’ve already been hacked to 37 million users….that’s right….1 in 9 Americans is at least attempting to cheat on their spouse. Of course the CEO is a Jew so this may all be another media stunt but let’s see why the planets said differently on that day July 15 last week.



Mars conjunct Mercury in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn.

Mars is passion and Mercury is communication. Whoops….things are already heating up.

Moon conjunct Sun in Cancer square Uranus in Aries

Moon is emotion and mother. Sun is ego. Cancer is the home. Uranus is chaos and Aries is the self. Whoops again.

Jupiter and Venus conjunct in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio

Whoopsie daisy. Jupiter is expansion and Venus is relationships. Leo is the house of short romances. Saturn is about restriction and Scorpio is about sex. Geting the picture?

T-square with Pluto, Uranus and stellium in Cancer.

That Pluto Uranus square is still in effect folks. Astrology is about planetary transitions. They build to a peak and then they fade. They don’t just come and go suddenly. Lookie here a stellium of four planets in Cancer the home.

Hahahaha……what a bunch of morons. I hope the hackers release every single name. They already started with a few thousand. This could get juicy. Cheaters never win. I paid and then never got laid. If your wife isn’t enough for you then get divorced assholes. You’re pissing off God.


Why The Holohoax Is So Effective On Whites

July 19, 2015

It’s very frustrating in the “truth movement” or at least the small part of it that hasn’t been compromised by Jewish infiltration, to see people who still believe Hitler had an orchestrated agenda to mass exterminate the Jews and no one else in Germany at the end of WWII. It is a true testament to the power of the Big Lie. Once people get a thought form hammered into their brains, especially at a young age, not even science or a mass consciousness awakening can help many of them. They are stuck that way for the rest of their deluded lives. I feel bad for people that live in an alternate reality where Hitler was the worst man who ever lived. Personally I’m pretty sure that’s Henry Kissinger.

Anyway by the time Stanley Kubrick had faked the black and white footage of ditches of Jewish bodies that were really just Polish bodies, the mindset of fear of genetic annihilation was already being established in line with the Protocols of Zion, the Jewish elite document outlining the destruction of mankind and creation of global slavery. The Federal Reserve had already been commandeered and so Americans were already chasing their stupid dream which was nothing but a Jewish dream and American nightmare. Soon after the Second War began the indoctrination into sympathy for Jews and the so-called “survivors”. Forget the other millions upon millions of all races that died. Forget the Jews that actually served Hitler. Only the Jews matter or so it is framed historically. Then lie that Jews are God’s chosen people to buttress the other lies and it appears that Jews deserve to be rich because Hitler killed them all. Wrong. Didn’t happen. They lied. Less than 1.5 million Jews from the Holocaust. There were never even six million Jews in Europe at that time so how can you kill more than are alive. Lies. Even today the Jews control the NEA and keep printing textbooks with the six million figure even though the Holocaust Memorial has been modified to 1.5 million.

Now that whites had been terrified at the Phonycaust, they started thinking to themselves the same thing could happen to them, except through race-mixing. The Jewish elite refused to repatriate the ex-slaves back to Africa because he knew he needed them to racially dilute European Gentiles and that is why blacks are still in America today. We have been a tool since slavery and still are to this very day. Now you see all the racial incidents in the media and all the race-mixing on TV and the internet. They are fomenting racial hatred using the white fear of being racially annihilated. Whites already only exist in large numbers in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. They have a genetic fear of annihilation just like albinos in the animal kingdom but whites haven’t realized it until now. Jews are using that fear and magnifying it by tying it back the Holohoax. Whites are never the wiser.


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