10 Things Black Americans Must Understand

March 19, 2018



The New Black Code

March 13, 2018
We do NOT steal from one another.
We do NOT kill one another.
We do NOT sell or offer drugs to one another.
We DO combine Our dollars and buy collectively, as a group.
We DO protect Our own, women and children first.
We DO educate Our own, at every chance We get.
We do NOT fight one another.
Brothers, protect and build up one another.
Sisters, protect and build up one another.
Brothers, protect and build up sisters.
Sisters, protect and build up brothers.

51 Things White People Love…The Redux

March 10, 2018
  1. Killing black people.
  2. Pretending to hate black on black crime.
  3. Ignoring white on white crime.
  4. Groupon.
  5. Anything overpriced.
  6. Fungus.
  7. Fireworks (reminds them of war)
  8. War movies.
  9. Horror movies.
  10. Scifi (because they know their race won’t be there)
  11. The GAP…..still…….
  12. Disney (global pedophilia network)
  13. Not being reminded of slavery
  14. Flip flops
  15. Mayonnaise
  16. Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Guns (because they’re shaped like black dicks)
  18. Skiing
  19. Flying
  20. Boating
  21. Training animals (because they’re training themselves)
  22. Dogs (because they share DNA)
  23. Dairy (normal people are lactose intolerant)
  24. Pretending cow’s milk is for humans
  25. Not feeling racist while being racist.
  26. Big Ass White Lies
  28. Pizza
  29. Snorkeling
  30. Ziplining
  31. Making blacks appear dumb
  32. Bestiality
  33. Incest
  34. Opioids
  35. Cannibalism (consuming any raw meat)
  36. Viagra
  37. Cocaine
  38. Alcohol (necessary for white metabolism)
  39. Complaining about immigration
  40. Extreme sports (anything close to death)
  41. Goofiness
  42. Electric Slide….still……damn……
  43. Getting melanoma at the beach
  44. Using the word “unfortunate” to hide corruption and racism
  45. Pretending to be black
  46. Dancing off the beat (actually they can’t help it)
  47. Cultural plagiarism of Ancient Egypt
  48. Pretending Egypt/Kemet is in Europe
  49. Raising their children with nannies and boot camp
  50. The Dow Jones (even with no investment)
  51. Trailer park

Why Whites Can NEVER Defeat The Jews

March 7, 2018

Whites in the know are pissed off at the Jews. They want them all dead and who can blame them? They ruined everything for whites by rigging this entire country and world. Jews are only 3% of the American population and whites are still at slightly over 50% according to the latest census (which is probably a bunch of lies like everything else). With those numbers and growing awareness of the Jew parasite on mankind why can whites not easily remove these reptiles from power and restore relative stability to the world in some form?

Simple. Too many whites are dumb ass Christians that believe Jews are the chosen ones when it’s really blacks and Africans that were chosen from the beginning because we are God in flesh.

serveimage (2)

Whites also buy the whole bullshit Holohoax. Did Jews die? Yes. Did six million die? No. Did Hitler kill other races? Yes. Was Hitler a Jew himself? Yes. Did Jews exaggerate what happened to them to garner world sympathy but then ignore all the other races of people that were killed in far greater numbers? Yes.

Whites fear the Jews because they know the Jews are well connected to scumbags like Mossad, CIA, MI6 and they will not hesitate to kill you and your family if you cross the line. At they very least they will have you blacklisted as an anti-Semite and ruin your livelihood/income. Look what they did to James Trafficant before they finally killed him and blamed it on a freak tractor accident. Really? Nahhhh man…..nahhhhh……..that was murder….period.

serveimage (1)

Lastly most whites only care about money and the Rothschild Jews print the damn dollar. Whites do not want to jeopardize their income and end up poor because that would make them appear stupid and who wants to be poor like a black person living in the projects? Whites are used to their lifestyle and do not want to give it up for justice. They only desire JUST-US so putting up with the wretched Jew has become a staple in their bullshit diet.

Finally we must understand that white male self-esteem is based upon 3 things and only 3 things:

  1. Keeping the blacks and other people of color at the bottom
  2. Appearing highly intellectual to everyone (PHDs, Senior Fellows, Thinktanks, book deals, etc.) so they can have some legacy since they are soulless and only live one life.
  3. Amassing wealth at any and all costs to nature and the entire planet.

dollar god

When the Jews have you by the balls like this…..well….they have you by the balls. Actually whites have themselves by the balls because they are greedy cowards. That is why they can never defeat the Jew…..period. The Jew owns them lock, stock and barrel. Pathetic. And I thought chattel slavery was bad.


Science Agenda to Exterminate Black People Worldwide

March 5, 2018


Dr. Phil Valentine On Over-Analyzing Panther and Whites

March 5, 2018


Conscious Beginnings : Transformation Into A Dark Matter Paradigm – Dr Phil Valentine

March 1, 2018

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