There Is No Fork Either!!!!

September 17, 2019


Afroism of the Day!!!!!

September 17, 2019



The Acquittal of Amber Guyger

September 16, 2019

Afroism of the Day!!!!

September 15, 2019



The Darketype

September 14, 2019


Afroism of the Day!!!!!!

September 13, 2019



The ARRM Technique for Self-Transformation

September 13, 2019

I’m keeping this one short fam. A lot times when we are becoming conscious we get lost in the sea of flurry of techniques that different people are using and recommending. This cannot really be avoided but what everyone needs to know are four basic things:

A. You must learn how to astral travel or lucid dream so you can become more familiar with the higher realms to which you are ascending. Grab a book off greedy ass Amazon with excellent ratings. There are may of them. The one by Ophiel is pretty good but there are others. Find the technique that works for you and use it. It may take a few days, weeks or even months but persevere. The results are well worth it. It’s like being in the advanced classes in school while everyone else is getting the normal garbage.


R. Relaxation techniques are also essential. I prefer yoga nidra myself where you focus your awareness on each part of your body front and back. At that point you can usually do anything astral travel to meditation to goetic rituals…..whatever floats your boat. Without this your mind is usually too distracted from the day’s activities. Why meditate for an hour when you can relax first and then do 15 or 30 minutes instead with the same effect?


R. Rituals are an essential tool of self-transformation. The pink skins and Jews are always doing them on us to stay in control of the melanoid masses. It’s actually the fuel for this Matrix although it may not seem that way. Anyway get you an altar with all the four elements represented. Get you a statue or figuring of your favorite gods and/or goddesses. Then either follow established techniques for making requests to demons, angels, ancestors, your higher self, etc or develop your own. When you’re new at it the best way is the follow an established practice and then tailor it and tinker with it until it has your own flavor to it. The gods love that because they know it’s YOU!!!!!!! This is one of my altars dedicated to the divine feminine. I don’t even have a girlfriend. haha….


M. This cannot be overstated. A mind that does not daily meditate is a mind of mayhem. Like I said above do the relaxation technique first, then sit up, close your eyes and put your hands on your legs facing upwards. Some people like to use mudras to calm the mind so do that if it helps you. It takes 7-10 days to form a habit, good or bad, so you must persevere even if the results are disappointing at first. Consider it a successful relaxation and not a failed meditation.


The only two of these are required every day: relaxation and meditation. Do the others when you have time to focus on it alone in whatever private location you have set aside for yourself. None of these take long periods of time and time is of the essence. Most importantly don’t think of these as chores. That takes all the fun out of it. Experiment with it and develop your innate creativity that the Creator has given each of us. Good luck…..although we always make out own luck!!!!!!!

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