Why Jews Love Anal Sex

April 17, 2015

As soon as Jews commandeered the American media one of the first things they did was overturn existing sodomy laws. The second thing was pushing the “gay agenda” where children are being taught that being homosexual is normal. That’s what the Jewish elites do……normalize their own sick and deviant behavior. I’ve see a few porn flicks in my day before I discovered  I was helping the Jews to destroy me and quit. Twenty years ago you couldn’t find any anal/greek sex in the porn industry. Then the phony disease HIV/AIDS was created to scare the hell out of everyone. It worked. Porn stars started dropping like flies so porn became mostly safe sex. Now look at what’s out there. It’s butt-fucking galore with no condoms whatsoever. It’s normal for women to swallow semen and perform “cum-swapping”. If AIDS is real and the gestation period is 60 days then how the hell could any of that sex possibly be safe?

When you think Jew think gay. Gay isn’t the new black. Gay is just the same old Jew. Every body part is associated (no pun intended) with a particular zodiac sign. The ass is Virgo. Virgo are known as anal, critical people who are into bedroom fetishes. They have to get it out of their system somehow. Anyway I’ve never met a Virgo that didn’t love anal. I did meet one that lied about it but she was totally into it. Virgo is about the virgin but not a sexual virgin. It’s about purity of purpose. Virgos are very reliable people. They are very dedicated in their relationships to the exclusion of others. I like that but we all know about their insecure dark side as well.

The sick and degenerate Jewish elite know that anal sex is very powerful. When a man inserts his penis into another person’s rectum the root chakra, also known as muladhara or coccygeal, is drained of its life energy and it flows back into the man. Straight or gay sex doesn’t matter. They both work the same way. The older we get the less energy we have in our vital bodies. This is why the Jewish elites always sodomize little boys. The masculine energy is more potent because they represent fire and air in the zodiac. Anal sex creates an unnatural link between the two participants. The man giving it is able to dominate the receiver after that. All sorts of demonic energies are transmitted back and forth. Now think for a second. If you have a bunch of people butt-banging then they are spreading powerful demons all over the place. That is one reason the Jewish elite love it. They steal energy from children to extend their lives and perform their black magic rituals that keep us all in fear. That should scare the shit out of everyone. The penis has to be inserted at a certain angle that is only known in esoteric circles of Aleister Crowley fans. Does it really work? Look at the state of the world. I’d say it works pretty well. If it didn’t then it wouldn’t be the dominant theme in modern porn.


Cop In Cruiser Just Runs Over Black Suspect

April 15, 2015


Sorry for killing you !?!?!? Fuck Your Breath!?!?!

April 13, 2015

Cops are animals……only animals react with this savage type of instinct.


Why Black Women Are Polite To White Men (But Not Black Men)

April 7, 2015

I find this practice by black women sickening. Normally I wouldn’t even care because black women are so demonic and narcissistic from watching reality TV and thinking it’s them that I just thank God I’m not dating one or have a baby by one. I’m not really into the race thing but since it is an active social construct it would be silly to ignore it at your own peril. Isn’t being nice to white men and dissing black men just a modern version of the plantation? The white and usually Jewish slavemaster would often beat the male slaves and rape the black women in front of him to emasculate the black male. So began the destruction of the black family. It lies in tatters today after feminism and welfare finished it off. Black women know that a white man will never put up with their ridiculous behavior. They also know most white men have far more money than black men so they better keep their traps shut if they want to keep getting it. Most black women are not physically attracted to white men, even the ones they choose to date. That’s just a straight up prostitute. Once black women get hurt enough by black men they pimp themselves out to white men. It may piss off a few black men when you go out in public with your white slavemaster/pimp but most of us don’t care. We’re happy you don’t want us. It’s really pathetic. They can have you……..all of you. Good riddens to bad rubbish. Interracial dating between whites and blacks is just people who have been rejected by their own people.


Why I Believe Women Are Naturally Evil

April 5, 2015

If you know anything about astrology you know there are 12 signs, half masculine which are fire and air signs and half feminine which are water and earth signs. Water signs are very emotional. Their feelings move like water to and fro. Earth signs are practical in a good sense but in a bad sense can be extremely materialistic. This is what we see with American women. They define themselves by what they own. They are consumerists and nothing more really. They base their entire lives on the acquisition of more goods. When they marry a man it is largely because of his job or how much money he already has amassed. When they have a child they know it’s a meal ticket for them as well. This is why the current generation is so debased. Mothers no longer nurture children. Most fathers are absent because the mother is too difficult to deal with, too greedy, too selfish to withstand. Women want to enter the workforce and party even after having children. The children are just something that happens along the way, many times by mistake with no planning for their future welfare.

Women are usually assigned the electron when speaking of mankind atomically, atom meaning Adam. Men are assigned the proton and God or the father is the neutron. The proton and electron are attracted to each other but the electron or female is negative. It is this negativity that I believe is built into the very nature of women. The electron is always flying hither and thither just like a woman who wants to go out all the time and travel the world, at someone else’s expense.

I do not believe the Supreme God created women at all. In Gnosticism it is thought that a demiurge named Yaldabaoth created this flawed world. Anything that emanates from the Pleroma must do so in male-female pairs called syzygies. Yaldabaoth descended without his female pair from Sophia. This is how this world ended up in patriarchy. Sophia repented and in so doing sent a spark of Light into Yaldabaoth’s Adam. There were other Adams before this one though. The Bible is written as if it is the first creation by the Supreme. In fact it is one of several creations by the demiurge emanation. By definition emanations are flawed. Perfection only exists in the Pleroma. Therefore this demiurge believes itself to be God even though Sophia has told him many times that there is one above him. The demiurge instinctively mimics the creative principles of the Divine. It follows the law of three and seven but nothing it ever creates can be perfect because it descended plus it descended without the female principle.

So where does Eve come into play? Yaldabaoth became jealous when Sophia sent a spark of Light from the Divine into Adam. He wanted to steal it and so he created woman. In other words women have no Light within themselves except the Light that is imparted into them through the sexual act. In other words they steal it from Adam and then they give it to Yaldabaoth. This is why tantra is so important and avoiding the animal orgasm with females. They are completely under the control of the demiurge and have no idea what they are doing. They are basically demons. They do not have seven bodies like males do. They have only the physical and the vital body. This is why women are so cold-hearted and vengeful. They are like the God of the Old Testament who is Yaldaboath. The few females that have some decency are those that practice tantra or those who perhaps have stolen enough Light from Adam to realize what is right before Yaldaboath snatched it away from them. These women will destroy man if men do not prevent them from gathering the remaining Light from Sophia and giving it to Yaldaboath. They are like prostitutes and he is their pimp. This is why women are ruled by the moon. Their menstrual cycles confirm this. Anyone ruled by the lunar force is called a lunatic. One out of four women will be on antidepressants at some point in their life.

Think about it. What is the true purpose of women outside of family? There is none but they reject family entirely these days except for the company on holidays or when they think they might get presents on Christmas and their birthday. Women have no purpose so they parade about endlessly mimicking men because their purpose now is to destroy men. They have forgotten what they really are and there is no hope for the vast majority of them. When we have animal sex instead of tantric sex with women we are absorbing all of that negative energy from them and they absorb the male positive energy. They are like vampires but they are also like zombies because they are mindless and soulless servants of Yaldabaoth and this material world. Men would do well to contemplate this. It doesn’t matter how you slice it. Women only care about themselves. To the extent they pretend to care about men is only a reflection of how much money he has procured for their disposal. They will deny it course but they are born liars through and through.



All Females Should Watch This ( The Jews Tricked You )

April 4, 2015


How Jews Ruined Your Life

April 4, 2015

Jews expelled from over 100 countries in Europe for usury.

Christopher Columbus the Jew comes to America with financial aid of Jews King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Slaughters indigenous peoples.

Jews start Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Jews get Lincoln to end slavery to keep their US Corporation intact as military base for future Israel.

Jews assassinate Lincoln for trying to use greenbacks free of charge instead of debt dollars.

Jews start civil rights movement using blacks as a front for their agenda.

Jews use a Hitler trick and get flourinated water approved by bribing FDA.

Jews (Steinem and Freidan) start the feminist movement  well funded to destabilize the family institution and create single female consumers.

Jews create Federal Reserve in 1913 and begin charging Americans to print our own money, a violation of the Constitution.

Jews fake the Holocaust at the end of WWII using Stanley Kubrick as director of staged footage.

Freud and Kinsey tell us we’re all sexual psychos who want to have sex with our parents, which is really them.

Jews consolidate media through sayanim infiltration and self-promotion by excluding Gentiles.

The New Atheist movement started. The new God becomes money through consumerism and manufactured needs. Women targeted.

Jews takeover legal system and overturn all sodomy laws. NAMBLA created by a Jew.

Jews own the porn industry and use internet to spread it everywhere creating rampant masturbation.

Jews promote filth on TV and Hollywood. Thugs and metrosexuals replace real man.

Men made to appear as violent and oppressive while Obama pushes the Jewish gay agenda and Biden the feminist agenda.

Gays replace blacks as front for civil rights.

Gay marriage promoted by Jews.

Jews control interest rates (Alan Greenspan) and purposefully destroy the American dollar.

Jews capitalize on resulting crime by trading prison stocks on Wall Street making more billions.

Jews create political correctness and identity politics to further fracture families and friendships.

Jews takeover NBA (working on NFL) to keep Americans distracted and give them outlet for anger Roman gladiator style.

Jews take over pharmaceuticals and start selling us toxic medications that don’t work.

Jews takeover Monsanto and start selling us GMO toxic food.

Jews takeover military and get them to start dropping toxic chemtrails on us.

Jews did 9/11 to start War on Islam.

Jews get Congress to leave borders open to promote race-mixing and drive down wages.

Jews fake shootings starting with Gabby Giffords to get Americans’ guns and overturn Second Amendment.

Jews get US military to invade Afghanistan to steal the opium to keep Americans drugged on prescription painkillers.

AND HERE WE ARE……..ALMOST DEAD…….STUPID……..The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was real.




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