The Complete Infestation of the NBA by Jews

December 25, 2011

The NBA is a modern day joke, and a bad Jewish one too. Hardly anyone even cares about who is playing or who wins anymore. Free agency has ruined the entire sport. Players are drafted straight from the nursery after birth by greedy Jewish owners who cannot wait until the players to get a diploma or degree so Jewish owners can stuff their overflowing pockets with another few million bucks. They use their power over us through the worship of money (what I call moneyism or talismanic black magick). They say that the NBA is synonymous with Christmas. Actually that isn’t far from the truth. Both of them are huge consumer affairs. The problem is that while Americans are consuming crap we are also being consumed by them.

Here is the list of the Jewish owners of NBA franchises:

Atlanta Hawks – Michael Gearon Jr 2004
Boston Celtics – H. Irving Grousbeck, Wycliffe Grousbeck, Stephen Pagliuca, The Abbey Group    2002
Chicago Bulls – Jerry Reinsdorf 1985
Cleveland Cavaliers – Dan Gilbert, Gary Gilbert, Dan Katzman, Usher Raymond, Gordon Gund 2005
Dallas Mavericks – Mark Cuban 2000
Denver Nuggets – Stan Kroenke 2000
Detroit Pistons – Tom Gores 2011
Golden State Warriors – Peter Guber, Joe Lacob 2010
Houston Rockets – Leslie Alexander     1993
Indiana Pacers – Herbert Simon     1983
Los Angeles Clippers – Donald Sterling     1981
Los Angeles Lakers  – Jerry Buss     1979
Memphis Grizzlies – Michael Heisley 2000
Miami Heat – Micky Arison 1995
Milwaukee Bucks – Herb Kohl 1985
Minnesota Timberwolves – Glen Taylor 1995 ???
New Jersey Nets – Mikhail Prokhorov, Bruce Ratner, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter 2010
New Orleans Hornets – Dell Demps GM (NBA looking for buyer)
New York Knicks – James Dolan 1997
Orlando Magic – Richard DeVos 1991
Philadelphia 76ers – Ed Snider 1996
Phoenix Suns – Robert Sarver 2004
Portland Trail Blazers – Paul Allen 1988

I could not find any info to substantiate the Jewishness of the four owners below but cowardly crypto-Jews are everywhere so it doesn’t mean they aren’t. Many times they change their names or even occasionally breed with Gentiles to throw us off the scent.

Sacramento Kings – Joe Maloof, Gavin Maloof, Phil Maloof, George J. Maloof, Jr., Adrienne Maloof-Nassif, Robin E. Hernreich 1998
Oklahoma City Thunder – Clayton Bennett 2006
Toronto Raptors – Richard Peddie 1998
Washington Wizards  – Ted Leonsis 2010 (Greek but could still be a Jew)

That means only the Charlotte Bobcats, owned by Michale Jordan, the Utah Jazz, owned by Mormon Greg Miller, and the San Antonio Spurs, owned by Peter Holt, are definitely not completely dominated by Jews. Of course I would be remiss to omit the head honcho parasite himself the NBA commissioner David Stern. That means there are 30 teams in the NBA and 23 of them definitely with Jewish owners or GMs. Jews are 2-3% of the American population. Anyone think that’s a bit out of whack?

Why do Jews only want to dominate sports, media, porn and the Federal Reserve? Because money is their religion and the media controls the mind. It’s that simple. They distract and corrupt. They actually own all religions as well. Americans are such dumb asses. We could end all of this tomorrow but we believe that we have to continue spiraling down this chasm in the hopes of saving our individual asses while everyone else perishes. Divide and conquer always work on Americans who have absolutely no sense of unity on anything except buying more useless shit.

We think that we can beat the system if we work hard enough and kiss enough asses. Well you can’t. It’s all rigged by the Jewish elite and their asskissers so you may as well stop trying and wasting your time. If you are not one of them you don’t get it. Get it through your thick skull. They don’t care if you won a hundred million in the lottery. Jews promote Jews and Jews only, and not even those that convert like dumb-ass Amare Stoudamire, only the European Askhenazim from the proper inbred bloodline. That’s why they’re so damn butt-ass ugly too. With all that money you would think they would get some plastic surgery but that’s probably some depopulation technique reserved solely for Gentiles.

In conclusion FUCK THE NBA!!!!!!! Every American should just turn it off. These owners are the subhumans destroying the world and the players are ok with it as long as they get paid just like Hollywood stars and just like the federal government and most likely just like you for your paycheck. We did it to ourselves by taking orders from them and bowing to their Satanic money god.


  1. hehe mate I just checking how many owners of NBA are jewish. See that you had same thought. Check the agents… and stern already said that he sees silver as the next commissioner.

    • Ohhhhhh but Jews are God’s chosen people and Hitler (a Jew himself) put them in ovens and made soap didn’t you know?……haha…..these subhuman Satanic creatures are influential in every facet of American life that controls our minds. They admitted they control 98% of the media. They control the banks. They control porn. They control public education. They control religion. They control music. Now they are controlling our bodies too with GMO foods, engineered diseases, chemtrails, vaccinations, the water supply and on and on. They are only 3% of the American population but I guess their god (Satan) has blessed them. Forget the fact that they did all of this to us. No god would even have to lift a finger. Why would a good God bless only the Jewish elite (and their servile consorts) and let everyone else suffer? Religion is some sick shit especially their Old Testament god Moloch. It makes you believe that your suffering has been ordained by God. If Americans won’t fight back then we will die or remain as slaves for the rest of our miserable, empty lives of revenue generation for Talmudic Judaism. We could reverse all of this in one day if people would stop participating in this fictional system but we both know Americans won’t do it don’t we? We love our slavery.

      • I thought I was the only one who knew about metatron. I shall write a post on this entity this week.

        Moloch is also the owl that they pray to.

      • Hahaha….our research has quite a bit of overlap. That’s good. I like people who are thinkers instead of those constantly bemoaning their current vacillating emotional state in self-pity. Your blog is fascinating. You are in tune with the Divine to see the things that you do so clearly and able to express them in the same way.

        Yes Moloch from the Bible is the Jewish demon God. That’s how they control the Federal Reserve and the Satanic symbols printed on the money. Moloch is the god that the Jews sacrificed their babies to in pits of fire and then played drums loudly so they wouldn’t hear the screams as they writhed in agonizing pain. Real nice god huh? He is the God of Money. Prosperity gospel (go-spell) is the worship of Moloch. Black people are giving their very soul energy to the devil inside each of us, the Satanic “I”, the “ego”. We are also sacrificing our children in a similar manner. Sick…..sick……sick……==> 666.

        Duane Willing wrote about this in Money: The 12th and final religion.


        Money has become God in America and that is why America is going to fall. Next China and Brazil will fall after the infestation there is complete. The Jewish elites always drain everything, as parasites are wont, and move on to the next host. They’re the vampires and we’re the zombies. That’s why they keep making those movies and stupid Americans keep going to see them thinking it’s only entertainment. They tell you what they’re going to do and already are doing in the movies. That’s why they are so closely aligned with the CIA.

        It’s good to not be a zombie even though I may not be completely awakened yet ;-) God is our refuge. Of who shall we be afraid? Truth can never be silenced. Israeli Mossad did 9/11 and every other recent false flag. We know it. They know it. They just hope everyone else either doesn’t wake up or is too afraid to be labeled an anti-Semite. It only takes a few to make a huge change, not the millions that most people think. They label a problem too big so they have an excuse to give up.

        http://www.911missinglinks.com ==> This group is racist but they nailed the evidence. http://alqaedadoesntexist.com ==> Bin Laden died in Tora Bora in 2001. Give it a rest Jewish media. Every major Middle East leader confirmed it and Fox News even ran a story on it.


        I love Garvey and Douglass (even though Douglass married a white woman later in life) but Malcolm is my brother extraordinaire sister. I never get tired of hearing him speak. I draw strength from him every day.

        For your listening pleasure………..

        http://malcolmxfiles.blogspot.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENHP89mLWOY&playnext=1&list=PLB64C1ABEE3B5C33F&feature=results_main

        He saw way back then what we see right now as clearly as you see it yourself. We are in the midst of a genocide and don’t even know it.

        Also these brothers are way extreme but they don’t tell no lies either. If it was a battle of words we would have already won.


        Jabari http://racerules.wordpress.com

      • Well spoken. I have a vampire post due out soon. Also good to listen to is Amos Wilson and the Rev. Barashango.

      • Thanks…listening to Barashango now.

      • And Farrakhan is apparently ok with gays now. Huh? Yeah we know who killed Brother Malcolm and Brother Khalid. Farrakhan bought and paid for by the Jews.

  2. Glen Taylor ISN’T a Jew.

    • Are you sure he isn’t a crypto? Many Jews hide it by changing their name. Either way it’s still a complete infestation. One less doesn’t change that fact. This indicates collusion meaning Jews are sitting behind doors without Gentiles and deciding how to distract us with breads and circuses. That should be a crime if it isn’t.

  3. […] San Antonio Spurs owner, Peter Holt, is one of the few non-Jewish owners among NBA teams. Even the NBA commissioner David Stern is Jewish. Peter Holt is one of the largest […]

  4. Tom Gores isn’t Jewish, he is Lebanese and Catholic. Devos is a gentile. Buss gentile. Dolan is Irish/gentile. Indeed, I do think it is absurd that given the labor force and product of the NBA is overhwlemingly black and it is run by old rich white guys, many of whom, are Jewish, that there should be more black guys in management positions but you should get your facts straight before going on some racist, anti-semitic diatribe. Is there possible Jewish biased self-promotion involved? Probably. But again, get your facts straight.

    - A white atheist gentile

    • Have you heard of a crypto-Jew? Not all JEws keep their Jewish names. Some of them disguise themselves. I did the research on it. The fact remains that 3% of US population is Jewish but they are over-represented in every influential walk of life. They’re not God’s chosen people. No race is. If you’re an atheist you basically are Jewish yourself.

  5. It’s the Jesuits .

    • Finally!!!!!!! The voice of reason.

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