Jews Hate Blacks……and Jesus Christ Too!!!!!!

October 24, 2014

Israelis Chant “NIGGERS GO HOME!!!!!!!”

October 22, 2014


More Chomsky Left Gatekeeper Bullshit At UN

October 22, 2014

Voters Are The Ones With No Right To Complain

October 12, 2014

Americans love to complain about how the Constitution has been shredded by Obama and the previous Bush/Cheney debacle. Truth be told Americans allowed it to be shredded. We spend so much time watching NFL football that they could literally do anything to us during the season and we wouldn’t notice a goddamn thing. I don’t vote and for good reason. Voting tells the elite that we are ok with this corrupt system of financial enslavement. They give us two choices, both which are funded by the same corporations. The Republicans pretend to care about conservative whites and rednecks. Democrats pretend to care about blacks, Mexicans and Jews. They’re both liars and have proven it time and time again. Yet still Americans turn on CNN and MSNBC and swallow the lies and propaganda hook, line and sinker.

That’s how you know when a peoples’ minds have been damaged. Americans at large have very little cognitive ability left, if at all. It’s not complex to understand how both sides are funded by the elite. It’s not hard to understand how they play both sides and how politicians are really just actors playing a role. Their tactics of division keep the US military a well oiled machine for Israel. Jewish Hollywood makes movie after movie with Arabs, Russians, Chinese and North Koreans as the enemy. Why? Because those are the only countries not on the Federal Reserve system under the control of the Rothschilds.

In the end Americans don’t care about America. They are about money. They care about TV. They care about their physiques. They care about payday. They care about painkillers. They care about alcohol. They care about weed. They care about vacation (if they can find a job). They care about porn. Almost anyone in America would take a suitcase full of money and then leave another suitcase nuke to blow up a bunch of people without even knowing why. We don’t give a shit about each other. It’s all empty words. Love of money is the opposite of love of God. We have made our god money. In so doing we have become Satan incarnate without even realizing it.

So go ahead and tell me I don’t have a right to an opinion since I don’t vote and lend credence to this phony system of manufactured debt and worldwide savagery. The only ones with no right to an opinion are the ones who vote and perpetuate this global system of tyranny which is destroying the very Earth itself. There is no duopoly. It’s a lie. There is only one monopoly of evil and money. If you vote at the federal level you are committing treason. It’s that simple. The penalty for treason is a lifetime in prison or death. Think about it.


What Women Mean By “REAL MAN”

October 8, 2014

A lot of women are always spewing that they want a “real man”. They never say what their definition of a real man is. They just keep repeating “real man” over and over as if there is some accepted definition. Actually there is an accepted definition within the female psyche but women are embarrassed by it so they just keep it to themselves and lie about it publicly. What they say publicly is that a real man takes care of his kids, or that he has a good job, or that he respects his mother……..blah blah blah. None of that has anything to do with what women mean by “real man” because it really means one and ONLY one thing to most women. “Real man” means a man that keeps his woman in check….period. In other words a real man is dominant and makes all or most of the decisions for the woman. Most straight women prefer it this way but clearly it’s embarrassing to admit it publicly so as usual women just lie about it in sheer duplicity.

I’m not saying that keeping a woman in check means beating her. Many times it DOES go that far. I don’t think a woman ever enjoys the actual ass-whooping even for a few masochist sickos. What they DO enjoy is the rush of adrenaline in the lead up during the argument to the actual fight. It turns them on big time because it makes them feel desired. Feminism has taken so much power from men in public with political correctness that in private women instinctively give it back to the man with demureness and subservience because our hunterer-gatherer minds have not caught up with the modern mind of feminist bullshit. It benefits women financially to pretend to be feminists publicly because otherwise women would publicly consider them traitors to the cause plus women’s rights affords women all sorts of opportunities to become the breadwinner, stable bachelorette or even stable single mother. At that point they can take their money and give it to the macho broke loser thug or whoever they are bangin in private that gets them “off”.

Women know that love is dead in America (because they killed it) so they have adapted. Most men still falsely believe in love because we still want to take care of a family but it doesn’t work unless the love is reciprocated. Women love money and orgasms. That’s about it……unless you count drugs too. Drugs help women forget about love so I wouldn’t leave them out either. The problem becomes when women start making money to buy drugs so they can have an orgasm that feels like love even though it isn’t. More of that happens that people know and women are always looking for love substitutes whether it’s drugs, thugs, dildos, vibrators, porn or whatever. So there you have it. A “REAL MAN” is a man that dominates his woman in and outside of the bedroom because it allows her to have multiple orgasms from macho caveman shit that is still built into women’s minds. Facts are facts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. No one is entitled to their own facts. That would be like saying Israeli Mossad didn’t do 9/11. Get a grip.


The Only 3 Things Men Need To Know About Women….Period.

October 7, 2014

Yes it’s true ALL straight women can be narrowly defined and controlled by three small facts that I am about to present. It doesn’t matter if they’re fat, ugly, beautiful, rich, famous or whatever……..not one iota. It doesn’t matter if you yourself are fat, ugly, poor, dumb and useless. All that matters is these three things and you keep them in your mind in the presence of women then you will eventually understand how to shape your words so that they resonate in the minds of females to your advantage. In order of importance to women……..

1) Women hate nothing more than being alone. That means they will take any loser on the planet and tolerate any behavior if given no other choice. Women hate silence. It drives them insane because they don’t want to do any inner work where they look at their own lives and try to improve it. They just want to keep riding the wave………even if it’s leading to a tsunami that kills them.

2) Women hate to be thought of as a slut. Even women that are sluts hate to be called a slut or thought of in that way. It’s part of the whole double standard thing where it’s macho for a guy but it’s also the fact that women care more what other people think of them than they do themselves. Think about it. How many women immediately start talking about what someone said about them or did to them (at least in their minds) when they walk into a room? Almost all of them. Women are terrified for people to know their dirty little secrets…….whether it’s a gangbang that happened while they were on molly or tricking some naive guy into taking care of someone else’s child. Women have BIG secrets and they will die before they let them get out. Many women leave town when it happens. They can’t bear the embarrassment of what happened in the past and they constantly fear someone is going to bring it up and spread the word.

3) Women have to have orgasms. That means if you can’t give her any then you aren’t getting any. Women value their vaginas more than life itself. They treat it like it’s the only part of themselves that is worth anything. That’s really sad. The problem is that men are becoming more feminine and women are becoming more masculine but women are raising most of the kids. Marriage is a bum deal for men so pretty soon there will be no more marriage. That’s fine with me. Gay people can have it. I’m keeping my money for myself and still getting laid for free. You have to remember that so-called humans are really instinctive animals. Women react to machismo whether it’s a deep voice, tall stature or anything that is considered masculine in their community. For many women these days gangsta rap, drug dealers, dreadlocks, grills and other dumb shit keys their animal instinct so all men have to do is dress the part and play the role and you get nonstop pussy. Women don’t care if you’re a real thug. They just want it to seem real enough so they can “cum” really hard.

Personally I would rather go sexless than pretend to be a lawless moron so I aim higher than those types of females but it still applies to other types of males. Being mean, inconsiderate or just ignoring women altogether usually is enough to turn them on and get them into bed. From that point you can decide on whether you want to keep them around or not. Usually it’s a big NOT. Just remember don’t spend any money on women or you will negate all the work you’ve done. Either go dutch or make them pay for you. It’s that simple. It’s not that nice guys finish last. It’s that they never even get started.


Black Violence Just Another Jewish Ploy

September 27, 2014

I’m no peacenik. I believe humans have a duty to beat the hell out of evil people and kill them when necessary. The problem arises when you try to define evil. When does normal self-interest cross over into aberrant behavior or psychopathy? Jewish psychology has no answer because they are most of the psychopaths themselves. It is a fact that black people commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime in America but what about the corporations who poison us everyday with toxins? What about chemtrails? What about painkiller abuse? Corporations kill far more people than any other group in America but they kill us softly. They brainwash us into poisoning ourselves or do it us themselves clandestinely. This is not a debate about whether whites have killed more blacks or vice versa. Our enemy is this phony system that people pathetically rely on and trust but since people prefer to project onto the perceived weak instead of confronting the root cause let’s look at why blacks are more violent. We already know that black on white crime is not reported as much as white on black crime. Why? Because Jews own the media and they want to keep blacks and whites at each other’s throats. That’s why blacks, assuming any of us are really from Africa, were never sent back except a few repatriated to Liberia.

1) Blacks have 20% more testosterone on average than other races. This is a fact and it contributes to excessive emotionality that can and often does lead to violence. This extra testosterone occurs early in life and tapers off in the 20’s and 30’s.

2) Blacks did not swim to America. At least some of us were brought here by whites and Jews. We didn’t ask to be here. We came because Africa sold us and whites and Jews were too lazy to do their own manual labor.

3) Regardless of whether it’s manufactured by Jews or not, many whites do hate blacks. That leads to discrimination. Discrimination leads to joblessness. Joblessness leads to poverty. Poverty leads to crime. It doesn’t matter which race it is. The poorest people always commit the most crime, violent or otherwise.

4) America nurtures a culture of violence. It affects all of us including blacks. Jews desensitize us with Hollywood violence and sexual violence in porn. Video games do the same. Our military and police routinely slaughter people who have done nothing to us or them. This violent mentality is stamped into the minds of young black men who live in urban communities. Even the NFL condones violence as long as it is entertaining and someone gets rich from it.

These are not excuses for black violence but they are valid reasons, none of which can be attributed to blacks. The truth is that not all blacks are from Africa. At least some of us are from here and many slaves were actually sold from America to Africa. No one ever talks about that. It was not a one way slave trace. Blacks have been conditioned to hate themselves and self-hatred always leads to forms of self-defeating behavior. Blacks don’t only deserve reparations. They need reparations…….to repair their minds and to repair their families. Then and only then would we see a decrease in black violence, including black on black crime.


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