Here’s What Probably Happened on 9/11……..

September 14, 2014

The 9/11 attacks were planned for decades before they actually happened starting largely when George Bush Sr announced the New World Order on 9/11/1991 during this State of the Union address. There were many reasons for 9/11 despite what most people think. Here are most of them:

1) Start a global phony War on Terror so Israel can exterminate all Arabs and Muslims.

2) Destroy the three towers so Larry Silverstein could get the insurance and the contract to rebuild them. He did.

3) Theft of gold in the basement vaults the Twin Towers.

4) Cover for insider trading happening in the lead up. See http://911research.wtc7.net/sept11/stockputs.html

5) Destroy the Office of Naval Intelligence in the Pentagon because they were investigating these illegalities.

6) Create a fear-based mindset to erode the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

7) Cover for 2.3 trillion dollars missing from Pentagon funds, which Rumsfeld announced days before the attack.

It is rumored that Aleister Crowley is George Bush Jr’s grandfather and that he was conceived by Barbara Bush. That explains why the Jewish elites chose flights 11, 77, 93 and 175. Those were all significant occult number to Crowley. Also Bush’s brother Marvin was in control of security at the Twin Towers up until 9/11 when his contract ended. He obviously had private contractors or the military plant the explosives and nanothermite for the explosions.

Around 9:11am they started blowing up the foundation where people heard explosions in the basement. Then they made phony cell phone calls to relatives of passengers from the manifests using voice morphing technology. Planes did not have cell phone capability back then because a transponder is necessary for signal strength at that height. Then the military fired a missile dressed like a plane into the building guiding it with a laser pointer you can clearly see in the footage. No one credible heard actual planes. They heard a whistle like an approaching missile. With a seven minute delay they were able to doctor the live footage to make it appear as the buildings had been hit by planes. They were hit by missiles, just like the Pentagon. A few minutes later they detonated the charges in the above ground floors and the building soon imploded. You don’t need remote controlled planes when you have pinpoint accurate missile technology. That’s phony opposition bullshit planted on the internet by the Jews. Rinse, lather, repeat for the second tower.

Where did the actual people go that boarded the real flights? They killed them and disposed of their bodies God knows where or how. They probably had them cremated to minimize evidence after shooting the actual planes down off radar. They may have even given them new identities and relocated them. Several of the so-called 19 hijackers have turned up alive overseas. It’s not just identical names either. It’s the EXACT same people folks. The FBI is a liar.

WTC7 was where Rudolph Guiliani monitored and managed all of the chaos from. It was the 911 headquarters so to speak. It had to be destroyed after the Twin Towers. Nothing ever hit it of significance and yet it came down into its own footprint at freefall speed. The same people under Marvin Bush’s command also wired WTC7 for controlled demolition, except without the plane-like missiles to confuse everyone. BBC reported the building had come down too early as you could still see it standing in the background on live TV.

Most of the buildings were pulverized into dust, impossible for planes to do, but any debris that could be used for evidence was quickly loaded into trucks and shipped to China for destruction and/or safe keeping.

The Pentagon was simply hit by a missile in the section housing the Office of Naval Intelligence for prying into the government’s financial crimes. That section had recently been reinforced to prevent the missile from penetrating into other sections. One man survived and he and his family disappeared shortly thereafter after being threatened multiple times. Eyewitness testimony confirms this. There was NO plane…..period. Commercial airliners cannot skim the ground because there isn’t sufficient wing resistance for flight. They also cannot travel at the speed of missiles. Once again the debris was quickly gathered by the FBI and personnel from the Pentagon.

Shanksville was a joke. There were no heroes that supposed stopped the plane from heading to DC for the Capitol or the White House. They just used some debris from a military junkyard somewhere and spread it out over an inappropriately small area of land after digging a small hole to make it appear it fell from the sky. The hole should have been much deeper and the debris spread over more than a mile. It wasn’t. The real plane was diverted elsewhere and disassembled or sent out to sea and shot down by the Air Force or NORAD, which had of course been stood down before the attacks by Dick Cheney, who had assumed command from Bush in the days before. Norman Minetta pointed this out in official testimony and the criminals ignored him and refused to put it in their reports. What a perfect time for military games to confuse air traffic controllers!!! There were no people in the planes because the planes were missiles. Of course 3000 people did actually die from the collapse or jumping to their deaths to avoid burning to death from missile fires. Their body parts have been found and identified using DNA.

Chertoff coordinated much of the attacks working with Israeli Mossad. Jews were warned not to fly that day by an Isralei company called Odigo, that specialized in instant messaging. It had since merged with Comverse, another Israeli company. Odigo is Greek for “steer or lead”. Seth MacFarlane was one such person who was warned away. He’s real tight with the Jews since he’s so flamingly gay. Of course Israel sent the “dancing Israelis” to document the event by the dancers own admission. They were arrested but sent back to Israel because Jews can do whatever they want in America. Larry Silverstein clumsily admitted that they destroyed WTC7 on purpose when he said they “pulled it” but that comment was ignored by the powers-that-be since they are complicit. Current Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu commented after the attacks that they were goof for Israel.

Why hasn’t anyone come forward? Anyone that knew anything and might reveal it had been murdered, including most credible eyewitnesses. Many are afraid for themselves or their families. Some were no doubt paid off. Most just didn’t know what they were doing because the operation was very well compartmentalized. Everyone was on a “need to know” basis.

There you have it folks…..an imperfect crime. It didn’t have to be perfect as long as it had to shock factor to create fear.  The Jews have been feeding off it ever since. That’s why they bring it up every year on the anniversary. They now control America lock, stock and barrel. Our parasite has compromised its American host. Millions have died since then in phony false flag wars so that Israel can have a base and a headquarters for the NWO, even though some of it still runs in the Square Mile in London under the inbred British royalty, the same lineage that all of our presidents belong to, including the present gay one Obama and his first tranny Michelle (Joan Rivers the Jewish comedienne was killed for revealing this). God knows who those two girls really belong to or what their real names are. I’m sure it’s not Sasha and Malia Obama. Sickness abounds.





Astrologically Speaking……Goodell is Finished……..

September 14, 2014

Take a look at Goodell’s birth chart. He’s a Pisces-Aquarius cusper 2/19/59 with Gemini rising and Midheaven in Aquarius in western astrology. I don’t know the exact time of his birth so I didn’t pay much attention to the houses but clearly House I, II, III, VI  and XII would figure prominently. Those are self, money, communication, career and subconscious, respectively.

He’s got a lot of squares and oppositions in his natal chart above.  The inner planets in black are natal and the outer in green are transits:

Here’s his current set of hard aspect transits. It’s a shitload……………….

Moon Square Sun
Perhaps a sense of challenge or blockage just now. You may not find the support you flowing to you. Some sort of temporary obstacle may appear. You may feel frustrated.

Moon Square Mercury
Others may cut you off or make it difficult for you to express yourself today. You could find that you lack depth and feeling and the ability to move or communicate with others. Your ideas may not find the support you need.

Moon Opposition Jupiter
Not perhaps the best time to make important decisions that affect your living situation or life circumstances. Others may challenge your authority or the direction you are taking. Events could conspire to make it difficult for you to act.

Moon Square Pluto
You may find yourself at odds with those around you or with your life situation regarding issues of great sensitivity — very personal. Difficulties, blocks, and all manner of hot spots may be discovered and have to be worked through.

Sun Opposition Venus
You may come face-to-face today with someone who has very different values than you do. You could find yourself cast in an opposing position, and this might require compromise and understanding on your part. You may not appreciate authority now.

Mercury Square Moon
You may find that your ideas and thoughts run counter to what is going on around you, resulting in a lack of support or respect for what you think. There could be arguments, especially with younger persons.

Venus Opposition Mercury
You may not like the ideas or thoughts of someone who confronts you. What they say may seem inappropriate or be unappreciated.

Venus Square Mars
You may not feel like being very emotional and might tend to ignore any emotional needs that you might have. Your sense of values may be in conflict with your feelings.

Mars Square Sun
Emotions may flare up or arguments occur that work against your own best interests. Be prepared, and walk softly.

Mars Square Mercury
Excessive emotional energy could produce flare-ups, harsh words, and arguments. Your mind is very sharp (on hair trigger) during this time and can cause as much harm as good.

Mars Opposition Mars
You could have an emotional eruption with someone, an old-fashioned standoff. Tempers may be hot, as push comes to shove. Self-control might be in order.

Mars Square Pluto
Intense emotional drama is available if that is what you need. Your emotions are not in tune with the more sensitive and private areas of your life. Push on now and you risk some very turbulent emotional scenes.

Jupiter Square Neptune
Continued success on the career level may point to your abandoning some of your hopes and dreams, your ideals. While success is important, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Your ideals got you where you are. Try for a good compromise.

Saturn Square Uranus
This may not be an easy time, for events and circumstances may conspire to block your sense of freedom and independence. Someone challenges your ideas, finds them unconventional. It may not be easy to find new and suitable solutions to problems now.

Uranus Square Moon
An urge to change and try new things may challenge and upset your domestic scene or support system. In this case, your tendency to rebel acts at cross-purposes to those who care for you. A no-win situation that requires treading a fine line on your part.
Neptune Square Mars
Your current crop of dreams and ideals may not feel right to you or may seem to go against all that normally motivates you. It may be easy to be misled and to find yourself pouring energy and effort into directions that will bring no return.

Neptune Square Jupiter
A time when false optimism and high-falootin’ ideals may wind up affecting your career. It could be easy to make career moves now that are the result of deception, yours or somebody else’s. Your imagination carries you in a wrong direction

Neptune Opposition Pluto
Your dreams and ideals may conspire to ignore and push aside the need in you for real inner growth and transformation. If you get too carried away or lost in the dream world, you can expect to be hauled back by some very personal inner confrontations.

Pluto Opposition Moon
Your tendency to analyze, to probe, and generally to get at the heart of things finds itself at loggerheads with your living and support system. Others may resent your persistent prying and digging, and confrontations can be expected.


In short………….he’s out. Nobody can withstand all of this at once. They’re already talking about appointing Condi Rice……..yup………no joke………What a country.


We’ve Already Seen the Face of Abuse…..It Just Wasn’t Domestic……

September 14, 2014

Forgot this already? Come on people. This is wayyyyyyyyy worse than what Ray Rice did. Americans love to watch women get their asses beat…..even many women. Sick fucking country…….We deserve the next false flag terror attack from Israel.


911 Inside and Outside Job (Get off the Fluoride and Save your Country!!!!)

September 12, 2014

Covert Origins of ISIS

September 9, 2014


Joan Rivers Murdered By Jews For Outing Michelle Obama

September 8, 2014

Comedians are dropping like flies these days…..and that ain’t no joke. Robin Williams was recently sacrificed as the sad clown. He was killed on 8/11 the 223rd day of the year. 223 is 322 backwards, the Skull and Bones moniker. Clowns are known as a Satanic symbol. Children instinctively fear them for good reason. Now Joan Rivers, (aka Joan Alexandra Molinsky), or what was left of her after all that Botox, was pronounced dead on 9/4 after a minor elective procedure. I guess the elite are tired of using the old overdose excuse. The cover story for Williams was that he hung himself. Yeah right. Rivers was, is and always had been a tranny……..a Jewish tranny at that but Jews will sacrifice their own when they feel betrayed and Rivers/Molinsky wouldn’t shut her mouth about Obama being gay and Michelle being a tranny. Joan is the feminine form of John or IAO Isis/Apophis/Osiris and Rivers are water the last time I checked. That’s what they call a sacrifice folks. You can’t speak their language when you don’t know it…….kabbalah.


Michelle Obama Is A Tranny Manny……100% Proof For All Black Deniers

September 8, 2014


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