Ariel Sharon Dead and Buried…..Finally.

January 13, 2014

All I have to say is that this evil piece of crap has descended into the lower kingdoms where he will suffer intensely as an animal, then plant and finally mineral before his soul can be purified and freed from its wretched egoistic prison to return to God. God is truly merciful if it can salvage this monster.


Banks and the State by John Kaminski

December 22, 2013

In the Soviet Union, it was the state that swallowed up all the property, as well as tens of millions of lives, in its insane drive for total power and control. In the United States today, it is the banks who are fulfilling that function, seizing property on the premise that they are the impartial arbiters of financial power, just as the Soviet government pretended it was a legitimate authority of benefit to its people. It is no coincidence that both endeavors — these twin nightmares of capitalism and communism — were Jewish frauds, mocking all known morality with their conscienceless mayhem and mass murder that they called both legal and necessary.

Karl Marx’s dictum that religion was only the opiate of the masses spelled the final end of religious authority that kings and dictators long pretended was what motivated their efforts to organize societies into coherent and secure wholes. Looking back on all this noble history we can’t help but wonder if moral codes and holy writs were not just deceptive justifications for the undisguised plunder we see at work today, the snake of profit consuming everything in its path and the pleasant world as we knew it disappearing into ruin right before our eyes.

All these things, of course, are dependent upon ordinary people not knowing what is really happening to them. Could an entire population really believe that sending most of their neighbors into icy concentration camps to be killed as happened in the Soviet Union really be a healthy national policy? Who could be made to believe such a thing? Only the ignorant.

And in the same vein, who could believe that they should pay a small group of arrogant Jewish men calling themselves the Federal Reserve for the right to spend their own money, resulting in ever rising prices and debts that can never be repaid? These same people who call themselves citizens of the greatest country that ever was, that’s who. That is to say, Americans.

When we endorse a system we don’t fully understand, we guarantee our own exploitation. We guarantee our own unfair doom. It is what we are facing now. And I think, in all times and places, it is what we have always been facing.

A clever government imposes a scaffold of fraud on the minds of its citizens, and eventually, with time, lies, debt, and constant media lying we have been conditioned to rely upon, the scaffold becomes real, the noose tightens, and the people bleed. The Russian peasants were wired to the czar in naive devotion, so when that power was hijacked by Jewish bankers from New York, the peasants had no way to disconnect themselves from their reliance on that system, and many millions suffered a cold electrocution in those icy gulags.

Today in America, the parallel is people losing their homes to the debt they were encouraged to accrue, and starving in the streets.

That’s what the FEMA camps are for, they say. Connected to a poison government by an umbilical cord of cash, when the cord is severed, we perish.

Banks and the state. In each case, by not fully understanding the mechanics that drives our societies, we have authorized them — whether we know it or not — to murder us. It is happening today. It has always happened that way.

There is no longer any reason for Americans to acknowledge our government as lawful. Our young people are sent overseas to die for nothing in senseless wars that benefit only the rich international bankers and their weapons manufacturers who are joined with them at the hip. No benefit from any of these immoral wars has accrued to the American citizenry as a result of these immoral and unjust wars.

Criminal stooges are elevated to public offices through phony elections to implement what the bankers tell them to do. The food we are forced to eat is no longer checked to see if it’s healthful, the medicines our doctors dispense to us are proven to cause new diseases, and the media, bankers and government are all connected in a malevolent cabal to rob the people of all they have worked for.

Furthermore, unrestrained immigration encouraged by overly generous benefits which are free to aliens but withheld from genuine citizens have exploded the budgets of every state, city and municipality in the country, and allowed the election as president of a person who is in all likelihood an alien himself.

The police seem to be following a policy to kill as many people as possible over trivial or contrived offenses, lawyers conspire with each other to fleece their own clients, and judges feel motivated to honor the contracts with privatized prison operators to keep their jails at maximum capacity.

President Clinton, many of whose bodyguards were killed to coverup his illegal and immoral activities, supervised NAFTA, the shipping of most American jobs overseas, and the gutting of America’s industrial base. President Bush the second signed the Patriot Act destroying the Bill of Rights and criminalizing honest dissent over corrupt government policies. And President Obama signed an executive order authorizing him to detain or kill anyone he chooses without explaining why.

The United States no longer has a justice system capable of identifying criminal behavior by its own government, and at the same time authorizes the jailing of innocent people who have done nothing but object to unlawful laws that deprive them of their property and their freedom.

Due to the vomitous collusion of the government, the media, and the educational system, the United States of America has fallen into an inescapable trap in which  crimes against its own people cannot be redressed by ordinary procedures, owing to the utter corruption of the judiciary, the illegality of its laws, and the wool that has been pulled over everyone’s eyes by the media and educational harlots, shaping a ruthless and criminal police state where a serviceable democracy used to exist.

Why does the government insist upon knowing every detail of our lives, when we know absolutely nothing about the secret history of the president of the country, or the corrupt dealings of the people holding elective office who get richer and richer while everyone else in the country gets poorer and poorer?

Why does the entire Congress bow down in slavish obedience to the leader of a foreign country merely because his operatives control the federal treasury through illegal and immoral means?

Why are all the top officials in Washington dual Israeli-American citizens?

Why are Jews allowed to own all the media, and then prohibit any discussion of Israeli atrocities, and the Jewish manipulation of the American mind?

When are all Americans going to realize that they have been robbed by clever Jewish pitchmen throughout the 20th century, and now that that robbery has been concluded, that their lives are being taken from them — by radiation, by chemtrails, by poison food and by murderous doctors — as we speak?

This sadistic security state that was ushered in by the false flag operation of 9/11/2001 set a trend that enabled the criminals in power to declare other countries enemy combatants even though there was no evidence — only manufactured false propaganda — to enable them to do so.

Worst of all, the very enemies America has supposed to have been fighting these past dozen years were created by the American intelligence establishment itself, by Zbigniew Brzezinski and Donald Rumsfeld, who turned the Mujaheddin of Afghanistan into Al-Qaeda, with substantial help from the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad, all of whom are controlled by the international bankers who illegally take your money to fund them.

This observation was confirmed for all the world to see when alleged Al-Qaeda operatives turned up on the side of the American monsters while destabilizing Egypt and Yemen, and destroying Libya and Syria. Yet Americans somehow have been too debilitated to realize that the people our government still claims knocked down the Twin Towers on 9/11 are now working for the American government in ravaging those Middle Eastern countries who refuse to be bought off by the Jewish bankers.

The debilitation is real, and the American people are largely comatose, helpless against this kosher massacre.

As the birds and the bees are falling from the skies due to electronic smog, poisoned jet trails, and toxic fertilizer that is killing our forests, so the people of the world are being anesthetized to death by a cornucopia of poisons that diminish our ability to think and resist.

As with the 9/11 puzzle which defies solution, we don’t need to know every technique that was used to create this worldwide terror paranoia that has been exploited to rob us of our freedom. We know who did it — it was the banks and the state, both undeniably run by Jews.

And it’s the same with money. We don’t need to know every method of capital use and creation to devise a new method of controlling our own currency without the criminal hijacking of our own wealth by a clever cabal of very sick and ruthless men.

We can invent any number of functional financial systems, but the key ingredient is the absence of the Jewish criminals who run it now, and are running the world into the ground.

Banks and the state are one and the same.

Banks and the state are enemies of all living things. They must be destroyed, before they destroy all of us, our planet, and everything that lives.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.






Meet Noam Chomsky: Academic Gatekeeper (In Other Words Professional Liar)

December 8, 2013


Why Cancer Isn’t Cured Yet (And Never Will Be)

August 1, 2013

Americans are so naive. We actually think a disease that barely existed 30-40 years ago is now actually genetic. Not that scientists don’t blame other things too like smoking, a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet but these things alone didn’t cause the rate of cancer in the recent past. If cancer was genetic then we would have seen similar rates of cancer back during the early 1900′s and before. We didn’t. That means one of two things: 1) It’s caused by toxins and other changes introduced to our environment and/or 2) It’s a spiritual imbalance that is manifest physically “as above so below”. It is almost certainly a combination of both factors but since western medicine is allopathic and not homeopathic doctors ignore what they cannot detect with the five senses. Are there cures for the physical symptoms? Yes I will discuss some of those and why they have been marginalized to the fringes of nutball pseudoscience, as if modern medicine could ever know everything about anything absent the spiritual aspect of it. Are there cures for the spiritual symptoms. Yes but Big Pharma and the AMA don’t get paid to tell you how to fix yourself for free.

First let’s discuss the real cures for cancer. Actually these “cures” do not all work on all people. Each person has their own vital body that animates their physical body from the 4th dimension. Don’t ask me to prove it. You have to awaken your consciousness and then when you astral travel during sleep you can see it for yourself. Gnosis, which is really a religion of true hidden knowledge, is all about direct experience and not bullshit stories made up by the priest class millenia ago and regurgitated by your parents when you were a child, unable to mentally resist or decide for yourself. No proof is necessary when you see it for yourself. Seeing truly is believing and truly seeing leads to truly believing. Aligning this vital body energy properly requires different methods for each individual depending on your karma, anatomy, etc. In the end these real cures cause changes in the vital body which, in turn, causes changes in the physical body….”as above so below”. The laws of correspondence cannot be broken nor bent.

Here are just a few cures for cancer:

Kanzius machine (www.kanziuscancerresearch.org)

grape seed extract

vitamin B17

marijuana/hemp oil

various types of berries

35% peroxide

essiac tea

black salve

I’m sure there are many others. So it’s clear these have been marginalized for profit and the global depopulation agenda. Who even knows if there are seven billion people on the planet? They lie about everything else. Maybe it’s more. Maybe it’s less. What matters is that there is plenty of everything to support life. Their scarcity arguments are all about fear. How come every time someone puts a dent in the NWO agenda they suddenly come down with a fast-acting form of cancer? Because the elite know how to cause it and also how to cure it. They keep the secrets of humanity hidden from us at all times so we think we have to get up every day, go to work, have casual sex, get drunk and high, get married, buy a bunch of shit we don’t need, raise some kids you really don’t like, grow old and fat and finally die broke. It’s a win-win-win-infinity for them. The sickness of the global elite should clearly demonstrate the psychological side effects of generations of inbreeding. It makes you a psychopath……literally. Forget about the urban legends about birth defects from incest. I’m not endorsing incest but that rarely happens. What screws you up is when you do it for hundreds and hundreds of years…..generation after generation and that is what our government is…..a bunch of British royal inbreds.

Americans have to stop thinking government exists to help us and protect us. Government exists to hurt you, contrat ol you, steal your money and kill you if you don’t go along with the program. What are the odds the guy who invented the car that runs on water died the same week in a freak accident? Now when they kill people they always say it was a drug overdose….like everyone in the entire world gets high, although getting high does temporarily enhance your creativity so I’m not knocking it. I won’t even go into the slow-locaust being perpetrated on mankind right now with cell phones and smartphones. In ten years from now we are going to see brain cancer as common as the common cold. You’re killing yourself by frying your brain with those stupid homicidal gadgets folks. People say you have to have one in today’s world. Really? You have to kill yourself in today’s world. I’ll take yesterday’s world then. Americans have completely lost the ability to reason through chemical and mental dumbing-down. The IQs of almost everyone, yours not included, are plummeting. Now we can’t even think well enough to figure out we’re being screwed over, poisoned and murdered before it’s too late.

Simply put (since Americans need simple) cancer is a scam. Western allopathic medicine uses the cut, poison and burn approach to cancer. That means they either amputate limbs, administer chemotherapy which is poison or burn you with radiation which kills both healthy and cancer cells. Why do you trust your doctor? He works for criminals. He routinely violates the Hippocratic oath by accepting bribes to promote new medications and prescriptions from Big Pharma that he knows don’t work, barely work or cause other issues up to and including death. Your doctor is a liar unless he or she is a homeopathic physician. To top it all off they make you pay for this shit. That’s right. You have to pay to be murdered in America. It’s like hiring a hitman to kill yourself. Is it possible to be this stupid? Apparently so because we continue to pretend all of this is normal. Fuck bedside manner folks. Your doctor is a power-tripping, greedy asshole. Why do you think Congress is almost 100% doctors and lawyers? Because those are the people who fuck us all over the most. They may as well run for office and continue doing it.

These benefits, telethons, races for the cure and other such non-sense are just rackets folks. They take your money and then do research on things that they know won’t cure the disease. Of course most of it doesn’t even make it that far. They just bank it and blow it on more crap for themselves…..more houses, cars, whores, drugs, yachts, mansions, little boys to molest and sodomize and whatever else takes their fancy. It’s a legal form of theft just like the federal tax system. Yeah that’s right. You don’t owe taxes on wage labor America. It’s a voluntary tax. Why did Lauryn Hill and Wesley Snipes go to jail? Because they don’t know the law and they let Jews manage their money and legal defense. Read Peter Schiff’s “How Anyone Can Stop Paying Income Taxes”. Federal taxes are voluntary. If you pay them not only are you throwing away your hard-earned money you are also financing death and destruction around the world. That’s bad karma in case you didn’t know. Just because your parents pay federal taxes doesn’t mean you should. Stop being a carbon-copy of what got us into this mess in the first place. Your parents, like mine and most, were oblivious idiots, no offense. Income is capital gains, not wages. Wages are an exchange of currency for your labor. There’s no income to that. Get it?

Of course there are ways to truly cut your risk for developing cancer so the medical community doesn’t lie about that part. They know most people won’t do it anyway. Exercise, smoking cessation, healthy diet, etc all decrease the risk of cancer but some people still get it just from sitting in front of computers like this one all day. What a shame. Each of us had the potential to become a god. Instead we’re just going to end up another species of primates as we slowly but surely descend into the infra-dimensional abyss. Why do you think anal sex is so popular these days? That’s what apes and monkeys do. Humans didn’t evolve from apes. Apes devolved from humans. In the words of Yosemite Sam…..”Say your prayers varmints!!!”.


Robin Thicke “As Thieves” Stealing From Marvin Gaye

July 29, 2013

It’s clear as crystal. The phony.

Now the real deal.

I hate Jewish control of Hollywood and the media….of and of course all Vanilla Ice phonies.


Javari saw this on Tufts Now and wanted to share it with you

July 24, 2013

Whites Believe They Are Victims of Racism More Often Than Blacks

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. — Whites believe that they have replaced blacks as the primary victims of racial discrimination in contemporary America, according to a new study from researchers at Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Business School. The findings, say the authors, show that America has not achieved the "post-racial" society that some predicted in the wake of Barack Obama’s election.

Click here to read more on our site


I Still Don’t Get It….Zimmerman Is Latino, Not White

July 11, 2013

I don’t have a lot to say on this because it’s a pretty straightforward issue to me. We all know the Jewish media uses “race” to keep various groups at each other’s throats, particularly blacks and whites. It’s a useful distraction while they continue to plunder the coffers of the American Treasury via their private Federal Reserve Bank. Anyway, Zimmerman is a Latino. Yes he is a light-skinned Latino but he isn’t so light that he looks white to me. So why are we behaving as if this is a white-black issue? Did I miss something and light-skinned Latinos declared themselves to be Caucasian? I know the Census Bureau is trying to do this and I’m sure most of them wish they were white since it would confer most of the benefits of white privilege upon them but Latino is not white. The only Hispanic whites are people from Spain. Latinos are from Latin America which includes Central and South America. That means the only qualification for being Hispanic is speaking Spanish. If you are a Latino then you speak Spanish because Spain colonized your country a long time ago and forced your people to drop their local dialect but you are not Spanish.

The media continues to beat the drums of race war as if this is OJ Part II. Don’t get me wrong. Some Latinos and Hispanics that immigrate to America hate black people because of how they related to them in their homeland before coming to America. Most Americans period fear ANY black male who is dressed in street gear, especially if he has dreadlocks. They have been conditioned and brainwashed by the media and their local news to see every black male in the same light, namely that of suspicion and criminality. But Zimmerman is not white so this is NOT OJ Part II. Now the police are on standby as if blacks are going to start a riot if Zimmerman is acquitted. Huh?

I honestly don’t care either way. If he did it and it wasn’t self-defense then he should get life in prison. I don’t believe in the death penalty. If he didn’t do and Trayvon initiated the scuffle then he should walk. The thing is I wasn’t there and I don’t believe any of these so-called witnesses one way or another. Hence I have no ability to decide one way or the other. I refuse to take Trayvon’s side just because he’s black and I refuse to condemn Zimmerman just because he is a light-skinned Latino. If the evidence is overwhelming and beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman overreacted from a racist viewpoint then he should get some time. I haven’t been following it that closely because frankly things like this happen every day. We only buy into the Jewish programming when they sensationalize these episodes and then continue to ignore the plight of everyday blacks across this country and planet.


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