Killed On The 17th Of July: The Slaughter of Eric Garner

December 7, 2014

Ferguson and the shooting of Michael Brown was nothing like what happened to Eric Garner in New York. The Michael Brown incident is debatable from many different aspects. This is just cold-blooded murder. Why are blacks peacefully protesting? I think we know now that MLK’s non-violent protests ushered in many economic gains for some of us because of the white guilt and international attention it garnered but now we are right back to square one in an uncertain economy for all races: Black lives don’t matter…….all over again. This is the family he left behind.

garner family

It has been said that blacks have no rights the white man is bound to respect. Now we know it’s true. Chris Rock said whites have gotten better since slavery. As far as lynching and Jim Crow he’s right. Economically whites have gotten worse in their treatment to blacks. Intelligent blacks give up from frustration trying to help poorer blacks because they insist on “keepin’ it real” all the time, no matter the consequences of that. Why do we have to prove we’re tough by being loyal to the hood? Is there some prize from da hood once you do a 20yr bid? “It’s like Chris Rock said about OJ after his criminal acquittal. “What the fuck did we get? Every day I check my mailbox for my OJ check and nothing.” Loyalty to race is loyalty to skin color which is nothing. It’s tribal nonsense and brutish Neanderthalism. That is what whites and Jews do to us. Why do it back to them?

Blacks have to reclaim the moral high ground and stop trying to get revenge on whites. Then God will let his grace, mercy and divine providence flow back to us the way it used to do. Sometimes you fight fire with water and not fire. Now Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley are having a few civil words because Kenny is “down” and Charles is a “sellout”. This is why I had to give up on blacks: the divisive self-hatred. I have to work on my own soul and hopefully that will uplift humanity in some small way. These phony factions based on the nonsense-du-jour don’t even deserve consideration from sane, moral people.

Any rational person can see Eric Garner was murdered in plain sight and broad daylight. No indictment against Daniel Pantaleo should have been the expectation, not the rationale for looting. We already know many Italian males call us “moolie” all day and night long behind our backs especially in Jew York. Eric Garner really did die as we saw so that should not be minimized. The larger issue, however, is the divisive politics being spread by the Jewish media to foment the race war that will send us all spiraling into martial law. We all lose then……..all of us……whites included……just no Jews.

Watch Pantaleo smile and wave at the camera in glee while Eric Garner is driven off to die at at nearby hospital. He’s happy he did it.

In case you didn’t know the police aren’t the only ones wiping blacks and poor whites off the planet at will. The Jew Bill Gates has taken it a step further with this global vaccination program which will ensure death and/or sterility in much of the Third World. Now you have an even better reason to not like that shitty software Windows that Microsoft calls an operating system. Go ahead and get your free vaccination. Ever wonder why they’re free? We have work to do people, if anyone out there still cares and wants to know the truth outside of reactionary politics designed by the crafty Jew.


Strippers Don’t Have Boyfriends……By Definition.

December 7, 2014

I used to go to the strip club quite a bit when I was younger, even before it became popular from rap and the Jewish media’s purposeful planting of it into almost every movie, TV program and web site. I can remember when it really used to be a way for women to make quick money. Back then women would lie and say they didn’t have a boyfriend to keep the money coming in because most guys figure they have a chance if they can outbid everyone else. That’s stupid as hell of course because women like who they like and it’s never the guy with the most money. Thugs finally figured that out. Women respond to machismo, even though feminism makes them ashamed of it and they’ll deny it in public in the light of day.

Today is different. I live in Tampa FL now, strip club capital of America with over 60 of ‘em….yup over 60. Of course less than half of them are popular like Mons Venus and Scores. The rest are holes in the wall with single moms barely getting by. I’ve noticed that the average stripper today is either gay or on drugs. They say they have boyfriends and men believe them but men are thinking with the wrong head again. A boyfriend is a man who cares about the well-being of his girlfriend and is protective of her first and foremost. So how could they be boyfriends when they allow their women to go get molested and licked on by pervs at a filthy, germ-infested strip club for crumbs? The amount isn’t even important. In the end it’s the woman’s decision to strip or not. That’s when a real man leaves when a woman decides she is going to strip anyway.

What strippers have at home are one of a few things: 1) a pimp 2) a drug/fuck buddy or 3) another woman 4) a worthless baby daddy or 5) nothing at all. None of them have boyfriends because that is a contradiction in terms. I had one tell me once that she was getting married. Really? To what? What type of loser would allow his wife to be a stripper in unholy matrimony? He must be like the guy who likes to date porn stars. You can’t listen to what strippers tell you. They lie as a way of life, many times without even realizing it. They are paid to entertain, not to bankrupt customers. All the other games they play is just bad karma on them, which is likely why many of them end up trapped in that dead end lifestyle for the rest of their lives. It’s not good to be an idiot and get played but it’s even worse to take advantage of an idiot. God takes care of babies and fools. Get another job girls and I do mean girls. Strippers get the respect they deserve….none. Your goodies are intended ONLY for your husband or life partner if you’re gay….no one else.


Why I Don’t Give A Damn About Ferguson

December 4, 2014

I almost never agree with black people, whether they are the liberal black masses or the few conservative sellout success stories like Oprah and Clarence Thomas. Why? Because blacks just digest information without considering the source of it and or what the ultimate intent of it really is. Our thinking is far too shallow and emotionally driven. We are too moved as a community by emotional ups and downs which lead us nowhere over and over. Those highs and lows allow the global elite to easily control and manipulate our thoughts and behaviors. Ferguson will be a distant memory in a week or two and what did we accomplish once again? Nothing………

There has been a consistent onslaught of racial incidents in the past few years ranging from Sean Bell to Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown now. What has changed? Nothing. Exactly. Despite all of our pleas and marches and demonstrations whites just ignored it. Why? Because they can. Blacks have no power because we stand in solidarity on nothing. Even when we stand in solidarity for a week or two it’s over soon enough and we go right back to killing each other. Somehow we think it’s worse when whites kill us than when we kill each other, another serious sign of post-traumatic slave syndrome.

I come not to criticize only. I have a solution to this problem, although I know it won’t be embraced because it has always been available to us. First we have to understand that the Jew is NOT our friend. They hate us more than they hate whites because they still carry African genes that give them curly hair and big noses. They hate looking in the mirror and seeing that reminder every day even though they managed to mix with whites long enough to lose their African skin tone.

Two, we have to stop believing every thing we see on TV. TV is a lying machine. The Jews control 100% of it. Divide and conquer is not just a fancy phrase. It’s how the Jews get and maintain control. They divide everyone into little groups and then pit those groups against each other: blacks vs whites, straight vs gay, pro-life vs pro-choice, Republicans vs Democrats, men vs women and on and on. While we are all fighting each other they send our military overseas to continue the conquest of the Earth under the phony premise of a War on Terror. The Jews are the terror. Whites and blacks got along reasonably well in America until the Jew intervened. Many of these racial incidents are timed perfectly when something illegal and dastardly is being done so that Americans pay little attention. A perfect example of such a distraction was the Kramer “nigger” incident. Michael Richards is not a racist. The Jews paid his a serious lump of cash to ruin what was left of his nearly dead career and he accepted it. Then for the next week it’s all we talked about while they got away with murder overseas from Americans barking up the wrong tree. Jews started slavery, not whites. Most slaves were owned by Jews on massive plantations, not by whites who rarely owned slaves but when they did normally had only a few. It’s the Jew folks. Blacks kill whites every day. Whites kill blacks every day. It’s not racism every time, although racism does still exist because most people don’t realize their true enemy is the Jew.

Three, we have to dump the current literal version of Christianity. It’s all lies made up by Jews when they mistranslated the Bible on purpose. This has been proven. You are NOT reading the original version of the Bible. The only true way to read the Bible is in Hebrew, the original language it was written in. If you cannot read Hebrew then the next best thing is to jettison the literal crap that your preacher spouts every Sunday because he is paid to do that and look for the deeper symbolic meanings within the scriptures. Ask God to help you understand what it really means and God will help you do just that. Some things in the Bible may be literal but not many. The vast majority is metaphor and allegory so blacks and other Christians are missing out on almost everything you need to know.

Every man has three brains 1) emotional 2) intellectual and 3) motor/sexual/instinctive. It is each individual’s task to keep the three brains in balance. If you are overwhelmed emotionally then do something intellectual or get some exercise. That will balance the energy of the brains. If you are feeling physically drained then do something intellectual or emotional. You get the idea. The problem is that the three brains are not of equal strength in man. The emotional brain will stampede the other two if it is not brought and kept under control. This is the problem of the black race. We have to control our emotions and use our intellect and physical strength to rein in these impulses. If we do not we will be here for eternity under the thumb of the Jew that enslaved us for hundreds of years and still enslaves us today.


The Signs of the Zodi-Addict

November 26, 2014

It should surprise no one that certain signs of the zodiac are more predisposed to drug and sex addiction than others. First and foremost are the water signs. Water is emotional and when our emotions are in turmoil we often turn to alcohol, drugs and sex for temporary relief rather than confronting the issue head on. Of course that always makes things worse but many of us persist in the addictive behavior because it’s the path of least resistance.

First and foremost are the water signs: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Pisces is mutable as well which means it flows a lot more easily than cardinal Cancer and fixed Scorpio. Pisceans are known for being hardcore drug addicts. Many of us are psychic, telepathic or empathic and while these abilities are a gift they can feel like a curse when unfocused. Pisceans are also hypersensitive which means we spend a lot of time in our heads wondering what other people meant by something they said earlier. I’ll bet if they gathered the statistics of people in jail or prison for drugs or alcohol abuse half or more of them would be Pisceans. Doesn’t seem quite fair does it? We go to jail more often just because of when we were born. Free will only works when you use it. Otherwise the planets direct your life.

Cancers are the emotional leaders. They are strong but also quite emotional. They tend to have very sharp, erratic tempers as well. If you hurt or offend a Cancer in any way they are most likely never going to forget or forgive it and many of them DO exact a painful revenge on those who do so. Cancer is the sign of the 4th house which is all about home. They are always trying to build and maintain a family, a base, a solid foundation of love and support. When it goes wrong watch out!!! Some of the most hardcore drug addicts I’ve ever met are Cancers. The crab has that hard shell so they keep their feelings inside where they believe they will be protected. The flip-side is actually true. If you don’t let them out and express them n a healthy way you end up exploding from the inside out. Crabs don’t have claws for nothing.

Scorpio is the fixed water sign. That means stubborn basically. Once they’ve made up their mind they are not likely to change it, even to their detriment. They are passionate lovers ruled by Mars and Pluto. They are also very dedicated normally. The problem is that their jealousy and paranoia often drive their mates away. Think of Scorpions as the private investigators of the zodiac. They analyze every nook and cranny of everything, ferreting out information and inventing theories along the way. It’s a useful skill in the world of business for sure but when it’s not controlled outside of the workplace then your mate being five minutes late home from work can turn into a full blown argument if the Kool-Aid stain on their shirt resembles lipstick. Yeah……it’s like that sometimes. Regardless Scorpions remain my favorite sign. I just have to watch out for those stingers. OUCH!!!!!!!!

Capricorns feel cursed. Many times it seems that way to me as well. They are ruled by Saturn exoterically and esoterically. Saturn can be a real pain. It’s the God of Time. He can give you great persistence and focus or he can drive you insane with eagerness and anxiety. I have yet to meet a happy Capricorn. That means people in general do not deal well with the saturnine energy. They are usually melancholy people with few friends who are obsessed with power, money and control. Needless to say that is a recipe for sexual deviance and material obsession. Some Capricorns take it to the extreme and actually sell themselves for money to get the power and control they seek. You have to look at what the sea-goat symbol of Capricorn represents. It’s sexual to be certain but it also represents the climb the goat must make to top of the mountain. It takes time….period. Capricorns are just late bloomers. All the stress from waiting drives many of them to the world of drugs and addiction.

Librans are the most beautiful people in the zodiac in my opinion, inside and outside, but only when they are in a happy, healthy relationship. They are very sensitive and diplomatic as the sign of balance of harmony. They are the peacekeepers and the only sign represented by a non-living entity, the scales. It is the sign of partnership and marriage so when there happiness is disturbed or their love betrayed chaos ensues. They become hateful, passive-aggressive, resentful, bitter, backstabbing demons. They turn to sex and drugs with ruthless abandonment. When the Libra scale tips….watch out. They are going full tilt. They intrigue me and terrify me at the same time. I have yet to meet one happy, balanced female Libran and I know plenty of them.

Aquarius is near and dear to my heart because my Moon and Mercury are in Aquarius. I think and feel the way they do. Poor Aquarius. We should be celebrating their uniqueness now that the Age of Aquarius is upon us but what we normally do is label them as outcasts for being so outspoken, direct and different. They are the sign of truth and humanitarianism and once again I have yet to meet a single happy one. Aquarius values friendship as the sign of the eleventh house but their quirkiness frightens people away many times. I call them Aquary contrary because many times they disagree for no other reason than to just be different. They need to find the balance between being themselves and allowing others to be themselves regardless of how sick conformity makes them feel. We all have a choice and it wouldn’t be fair to take that way from others because of their strong opinions. Once they give people that freedom they will make lifelong friends. Until that time their lack of genuine connection will leave them lonely and loneliness can lead to sexual compulsion and drug abuse. When Aquarians go bad they go really bad. At least they are already used to not being accepted.

Any sign can have problems with addiction and I’ve seen examples of all twelve signs but these six have a serious predisposition for disaster when they don’t channel their energies toward a higher cause. Maybe I’ll figure my own out one day.


Thank A Veterinarian Instead Please…….Not A Mercenary.

November 11, 2014

If I see one more commercial thanking military vets for their service or one more person asks me to thank a vet I’m going to actually go smack a vet. First of all veterans and all paid military personnel are mercenaries for the elite. Their service and loyalty is to the elite and only the elite, not the average American. They do NOT protect freedom. They destroy it. When the mercenaries (because that’s what they are) return home they are treated like crap most of the time not only by the government but most of us as well. Walter Reed is a perfect example of such government negligence. I’m sure it’s happening all over the country.

Now enter karma. I am not God in this earthly lower form but I can tell you that karma is real and karma is universal. Many of these merciless mercenaries have it coming. I recently met an Iraq vet, I forget which tour, that killed a small child because he felt he had to do it. He wasn’t even ordered to do it. I asked him why he did it and he said the boy was a future terrorist. Surely each enlistee doesn’t have such an extreme horror story but just by signing your name on the dotted line of elitist treachery to steal, kill, rape, pillage and plunder you have made yourself complicit in their crimes. The unstated agenda of the US military is to kill and steal for the elite to keep them rich and richer while you get a measly paycheck and terrible benefits.

I know it sounds good to honor the vets and support the troops but in so doing you are honoring and supporting evil from the top down. Ironically when these men and women return home they get better care from a veterinarian than the actual doctors for humans. These people are war criminals plain and simple and that goes for Israel as well since most of our troops die for their malevolent causes. I would appreciate it if people would stop telling me to thank a vet as if I owe them something. Life in America has become shit and it’s largely because the military and the police keep enforcing illegal laws that continue to funnel huge loads of cash to the elite who don’t need it. They only want it because it means we don’t have it. Then they accuse us of not spending money to fuel the economy? Really?

So I propose that we DO thank a vet……..just make it a veterinarian. They don’t go kill innocent animals for a paycheck. They actually save animal lives. Clearly the animals in our military do not deserve saving. They have sold their very humanity for Federal Reserve debt notes. Karma must be paid.


Barkley Was Right: Black Thugs Hate Intelligence and View It As White

October 30, 2014

First of all let it be said that there is no actual black and white in reality. Race is a social construct invented by the evil elite to divide the working class to make them more easily controlled and manipulated. Black people do not have black skin. White people do not have white skin. It is just a way to label groups of people as opposites of each other to incite hatred. Clearly it has worked far beyond the expectations of the so-called ruling class toward the detriment and destruction of ill-fated Americans.

Listen to Barkley’s statement from a few days on a Philly radio station:

This is where the confusion starts. Too many people equate black with thug. Thug is a word that describes negative behavior. Any race can do that but white racism, the Jewish media and black self-hatred makes most of us apply the label exclusively to blacks, many of whom are mixed or not even ethnically black at all but are labeled as such black because of the historical one-drop rule, which is still in effect today.For those that don’t know, during slavery it you looked any part black then you were considered black and hence a slave and not free…..one-drop of African or black blood in effect, although many light-skinned blacks were able to “pass” as white.

This is how the elite keep us at each others throats, with phony enemies at home and abroad while they sit back on their private, pristine islands laughing at us and having someone count their money which is really ours. Race has become so convoluted that the only way to fix it is to get rid of the elite and then just ignore everything they created before that because it was all propaganda anyway. Without control of the media there is no way to reverse the damage that has been done to minds of Americans on race. You can wait on that generation to die but you never know how much of it will get passed on the next generation. Beside the media onslaught is nonstop so there is no guarantee another media campaign won’t sustain the drama or even worsen it. The elite get desperate when they see us waking up because they know it doesn’t take all of us, just about 10% historically.

So now let’s return to the definition of a thug or more specifically a black thug. First for most people it has to be a black male. Women don’t count. Most whites and other non-black races don’t count either because the Jewish media has created the image of a thug as a black male, usually dark skinned and usually bald or with dreadlocks. That is the image from rap videos and that is the image from the local news every night that keeps whites and many others terrified of walking down a dark alley at night. It’s also the same the image that titillates young women of all races who need more excitement in their lives because they have been brainwashed by sitting around watching too much TV and can no longer discern what they actually prefer from what they have been programmed to prefer.

A thug has to have certain characteristics. Some of the most common ones are below:

1) Uneducated and no desire to become educated.

2) Swag – The “cool” way of talking, dressing and walking

3) Baby mammas….at least two

4) A current or past felon

5) Unemployed

6) Usually a drug dealer

7) Violent to some degree or in a gang

The wannabees just copy the swag and that’s usually enough to trick women into bed since anyone that would fall for it is obviously shallow enough to fall for it. The vast majority of thugs are not really thugs at all…..just wannabees. They want pussy that’s easy to get. Women should be insulted by this approach but the ones who fall for it are not. The problem with the Ray Rice incident was that people get confused with who is a true thug when the thug is rich. True thugs are usually drug dealers or criminals, not NFL players. So what determines which black males are thugs and which are not? Basically white fear. If white people fear it then it will be labeled a thug so that’s usually a black male with dreads, baggy jeans, a white tee, a gold chain and boots. So is Ray Rice a thug? Nope. If he wasn’t rich he probably would be. Thugs get public defenders. Rice has a real attorney and a damn good one. Thugs are not usually famous either, although Suge Knight is one rare exception.

Now let’s talk about hood because thug and hood are two different terms. Black people in the hood love to embrace their love for the hood because they have nothing else to embrace. No one in their right mind given a choice would choose to live in the hood. Being broke and fearing for your life is a horrible way to exist. That’s why people leave as soon as they can afford it. The dirty dark secret that Barkley is referring to is black duplicity on our own wretchedness. On the one hand we think the hood is cool and we wanna be down wit real niggas because it sounds tough and women like that macho nonsense because it’s built into animal DNA. Since women are turned on by it men continue to emulate it. It’s that simple. Thugs are faking a damn thing. That’s really who they are and women often realize too late that they are dealing with a real thug and not a wannabee. The result is usually death or a severe ass-whooping that leaves them maimed and paralyzed. Thugs don’t play. Women need to learn the difference between the too or just stop playing with them altogether. If you want to play with little boys it makes you a little girl. If women stopped preferring macho thug idiots over real men then men would stop emulating thugs but women are brainwashed by the media so change is highly unlikely.

So to all the black women (and ghetto women of other races ) who keep having babies with thug losers, thanks for ruining the human gene pool. You’re accelerating your own extinction as a species. You have a mental disorder if you cannot get turned on by a real man that treats you good, has a job, no felonies and takes care of his kids. Think about it. When most black women say “REAL” man they mean a macho thug that turns them on in bed. It’s the only way they can “bust-a-nut” according to many. In the words of a friend of mine “Ya’ll need Jesus”. If it turns you sexually to be treated like shit you either need a hobby or a self-esteem workshop, probably both. Women hate to be alone so much that many of them will take anything over nothing. A thug is as close to nothing as possible. You are literally having sex with a mental infant. It could be considered mental rape. I guess this is what happens when the end of the world is approaching at light speed.

In the end blacks as a whole have to stop criticizing each other back and forth. What does it accomplish to point out someone else’s fault and then not work on your own. No one on this planet is perfect unless Jesus made an unexpected visit. Our collective negative behavior is ours alone but Barkley can’t address this with black people at large because we would skewer him, point out his faults and then go right back to ignoring his point which is true. How does it make it ok for women to have babies with thugs just because Barkley put on a dress, married a white woman or got a DUI? That’s his problems. Stop projecting your anger at yourself onto others. That’s what being a grownup should be all about…..being grown enough to know you’ve been fucking up and fix it. We’re talking about issues bigger than Barkley’s indiscretions and I applaud Barkley for having the guts to bring it up. He loves to get people talking but if more anger, hatred and resentment is all that comes from it, then we’re basically right back on the plantation all over again.

I’ve been told by hood niggas that I have no love for da hood. Damn right I don’t. I also don’t have no love for anybody that loves da hood. Da hood may have thrills but in the end da hood kills. Do you wanna die?


Psychological Exploitation By Jewish Media Is A CRIME!!!!!!!

October 28, 2014

I remember the movie “Minority Report” starring Tom Cruise where thoughts of a future crime became detectable and were made illegal. Of course you can never predict what someone will do since we all have at least a fraction of free will. Most people think they have 100% free will but that is impossible with only about 3% of the consciousness awake in the average person. That’s not the 10% of the brain that they say we use. People use far more than that in reality. There is confusion in the conflation of consciousness with the intellect. They are not the same.

While we cannot predict future crime we can detect present and past crimes based on the the behavior of society. The global elite spend billions of dollars studying human (we’re not really humans but for the sake of simplicity) behavior in order to create methods to manipulate all of us toward their own ends. Some people are clearly more easily controlled and more susceptible to their evil techniques. Some people like myself are very resistant to their plots. It really depends of several factors like genetics, your consciousness and how much of their brainwashing filth is consumed. It also depends on what your mindset is when you consume the media, whether it’s TV, internet, print or 3D movies. If you are aware that the material presented has propaganda in it then you are more likely to filter some, most or all of it. Most Americans, however, think the media is purely for entertainment and deny any conspiracy by the elite to manipulate their thoughts and behaviors. They are sadly mistaken. It’s almost ALL that the elite do……well besides spending your money.

The reason people deny that the media programming works is because they don’t detect when it’s delivered into their subconscious. They expect it to be detectable by their conscious mind which of course it isn’t because that would defeat the whole purpose of doing it in the first place. The subliminal messages and neurolinguistic programming are delivered directly into the subconscious using sophisticated behavioral techniques, logos, different frequencies of light and sound, etc. No one except a fully awakened human could block them all.

So what happens over time with all of these messages piling up in your subconscious? Based on the agenda of the elite the messages eventually sprout back into your conscious and then begin to influence your actual behavior. That’s why there are so many gays on TV now. Obama is a staunchest supporter of the gay agenda as president and a gay himself. (Yes Michelle Obama is a tranny and that’s why they killed Joan Rivers for speaking it publicly on camera and no those two girls are not the Obamas’ children.) These messages over time actually change heterosexuals into homosexuals. If you don’t think it works just look at how feminized men have become. Look at how many women now consider themselves bisexual. This is a direct result of media programming, much of it from internet porn, but from regular TV programming as well.

This is only one example of how they can modify behavior. They use it in countless ways to keep Americans afraid of everything that moves and addicted to sports. Of course painkillers, fluoridated water, chemtrails, BPA and other toxins in our environment make it much easier for the programming to take effect. They also increase the efficacy of it and the speed with which it takes effect. The elite are getting impatient but they already control most of the American populace. Any mention of conspiracy these days generates anger in response from most people because they would rather go back to sleep with their head in the sand in complete denial. That is how America will die…..with most of us in denial and projecting anger onto others who tried to help because we are too stupid and embarrassed to believe that the elite are really this devious behind closed doors. They are……and this is just the beginning. In a hundred years most of us will be chipped and sterilized by government mandate. I’m not having kids…….at least not in America. They would have no future at all, except one of a brainless mindslave. I guess the elite’s depopulation program works on many fronts. We should really do something nice for Bill Gates since he is heading the global depopulation program with all of those toxic sterilizing vaccines for third world countries……coming to a CVS and Walgreens near you…..if it hasn’t already.


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